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All the Pretty Faces ─ II. Absolute

chapter image by Ande!


"I"ve seen this one before,
the girl she gets away
Everybody knows it
but no one tries to stop it"

Her definite perfection troubled James, it bothered him to no end that he could have anyone he wanted, but the one person he did want was the one person who never even spared a glance in his direction. This was not easy for James to accept; he was after all adored by many, and his ego was easily bruised, he did not take well to rejection.

Her auburn hair, gently waving at the middle of her back shone brightly and her large, almond-shaped, emerald green eyes sparkled ridiculously tauntingly whenever she spoke to him. Her red, full lips were always set into a smile besides when she was addressing James. Amazingly, James always felt entranced by her presence.

James felt a rather sharp nudge from his side and turned towards Remus Lupin inquisitorially. Remus shook his head and rolled his golden eyes, returning to his notes. He then realized his mistake: he had been staring again; it had come to the point where he didn’t even notice anymore. He looked up to meet the annoyed eyes of Lily Evans. James sighed.

‘Mister Potter? Would you be so kind as to tell me why you have been neglecting your notes and staring at the back of Miss Evans’ head?’ inquired Professor McGonagall.

James looked from Professor McGonagall to Lily Evans who had one eyebrow arched as if to daring him to say something.

‘I’m terribly sorry, Professor. It is just that Miss Evans’ very being entrances me, so much so that I could not keep from staring at her.’ replied James; he after all had his Head Boy position to uphold. This earned a snicker from his best mate and fellow Marauder, Sirius Black.

Lily Evans looked positively flustered. And James smiled in her direction. He loved it when she got mad.


‘Honestly, how do you lot expect to beat Ravenclaw? Wood, your swings are too weak, you’ll need to hit harder. Andrews, I don’t want to see you laying low, you need to focus more on the game,’ said James, addressing his team. He glanced at his team and his gaze stopped short on his best mate. ‘For god’s sake, Sirius, will you stop fixing your hair? You’re worse than Malfoy.’

Sirius Black looked up, startled. ‘Merlin, James, your almost as bad as Evans,’ replied the devilishly handsome boy. He was of course referring to the fiery redhead’s temper. He returned a high-five from his teammate and grinned at James.

James rolled his eyes, ‘All right, Gryffindor, practice is over.’

The team separated and started towards the dressing rooms. James ran a hand through his untidy raven-coloured hair and sighed, picking up his broom. He turned to his left to see Sirius lying lazily on the grass. He kicked him lightly. ‘C’mon, mate.’ Sirius groaned and got up slowly. ‘So, how’s being Head Boy, captain of the amazing Gryffindor Quidditch team and second best-looking boy in the school, Golden Boy?’ asked Sirius, smirking.

‘Fantastic,’ replied James. This was of course a lie. It was the hardest thing he had ever gone through. He had always been used to being at ease, getting what he wanted. Never had he ever needed to set a good example for an entire school or have so much responsibility.

Sirius snorted. ‘My arse, you look like shit, mate.’

‘Probably because I haven’t slept in days,’ replied James.

‘Why? Has someone been thinking a little too much about a certain redhead?’ laughed Sirius, punching James on the arm.

‘Sod off,’ said James. ‘She’s just so unbelievably frustrating!’ He sighed, running a hand through his sweaty hair.

‘Ah, yes, the one girl who can’t stand the irresistible Golden Boy, our own Romeo and Juliet,’ said Sirius, grinning.

‘Whatever, mate.’ The duo had reached the changing rooms. ‘I’m just gonna head back to the Heads’ Dorms. I’ll see you later,’ Said James.

‘All right, mate,’ replied Sirius, turning towards the changing rooms.

James walked past the changing rooms and continued past the lawn to the school doors. Upon reaching the third floor Lion painting and uttering the password, James found himself in the Heads Dorm staring at the gorgeous redhead. James forced himself to look away from her sitting form by the fire. He walked past her and up the staircase to his room.

James tiredly removed his uniform and reached for clean clothes. There was a knock on the door and before he could answer, Lily Evans herself walked in. Upon catching sight of his less than appropriate appearance both were too shocked to make any movement. Lily Evans stared soundlessly at the boy before her and James too uncomfortable to ask her to leave reached for any item of clothing, effectively covering his naked body. She squeaked and covering her hand with her mouth turned and rushed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

James groaned, if things weren’t awkward enough, they’d definitely be now. And somehow her embarrassment would turn to anger towards him. But, he couldn’t help his thoughts: she didn’t exactly look away, had she? No, she hadn’t, she’d stared, yes, she definitely had.

James smiled, even if she didn’t like him, she was definitely attracted. He reached for a shirt and slipped it on and for good measure pulled some pants over his boxers.

He needed to tell the Marauders about this. Remus would know what to do, Sirius would encourage him and Peter would, well, follow whatever the other said. But, before any of that, he needed to speak to Lily.

He walked down the stairs and came from behind where she was standing by the fire and cleared his throat because he couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say. Hey, so, you know about before when you walked in on me and ogled my…? Yeah…

Lily spun around startled. She glanced around uncomfortably and James raised an eyebrow at her. ‘I’m sorry for walking in on you changing.’ She said quickly.

‘It’s all right.’ He said evenly.

She stood there blushing furiously, the red hue of her cheeks matching her trademark red hair. ‘Well, see you later.’ She said hurrying out of the room. A minute later he heard the portrait door slam.

Jesus, this he really hadn't expected. He sighed and ran a hand through his trademark untidy dark hair for what seemed like to umpteenth time that day.

Author's Note
So, what'd you think? I'd really appreciate feedback. And the lyrics are from absolute by the fray. (i love them!) I couldn't think of any other song for James... and I still don't think its the best choice, but... i like it :). review please!

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