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The returning feast was a little awkward. I was trying to pay attention to whatever Dumbledore was saying; but that was hard with my growling stomach and the glares I was getting from the girls around me.


“Are you okay?” Sirius whispered when I was practically toppling over. My stomach was growling so badly it was starting to hurt.


“I’m so hungry,” I said. Sirius chuckled; he leaned his head onto my back while watching Dumbledore. I got more glares from the girls around me.


“And with that let’s eat,” Dumbledore said. Food appeared onto the golden plates. I yelped with joy. Sirius chuckled.


I began piling mashed potatoes and a pork chop onto my plate. I started eating as much as possible. The candy from the train didn’t help much.


Alice came over and sat next to Lily. “This is weird,” She said.


“What’s weird?” Lily asked.


“Sitting with the Marauders,” Alice said.


“Than go sit with Frank,” I said stuffing more mashed potatoes into my mouth. She blushed bright red. We all laughed.


“Hey Alice, come over here,” Frank called.


“He’s beckoning you,” Terri said. We laughed more as Alice got up and went over to sit next to Frank. They apparently hooked up while we were gone.


After I finished my pork chops and mashed potatoes I began piling spaghetti onto my plate. I slurped the last bit of my noodles and began pulling chicken onto my plate.


Terri and I fought for one of the legs. “It’s mine!” I yelled.


“Back off of the chicken,” Terri said.


“You want to go Pick?” I asked as I tugged on the chicken.


“Let’s go Mitchell,” Terri said.


Sirius pulled the chicken leg from our fingers and ate all the meat off of it. Terri and I stared at him as he threw the meatless leg onto his plate.


“Stop fighting over food,” He said.


“He…he…he,” Terri said.


“How dare you!?” I yelled.


“What?” Sirius asked.


“You just ate her food Padfoot,” James said. “She’s a little angry,”


“A little?” I asked. “Little is an understatement,”


Remus chuckled. Sirius looked at me. “What are you going to do?”


I squinted my eyes at him. “Alright I’m sorry,” He said lifting up his hands in defeat.


“Sorry doesn’t give me back a chicken leg,” I said crossing my arms and turning away from him.


He hugged my waist. “I’m truly sorry, but I didn’t want you and Terri to kill each other.” He gave me a peck on the cheek.


“He was just looking out for our lives,” Terri said grabbing a chicken wing that appeared on the plate.


“Alright, I forgive you,” I said. He smiled and gave a peck on the cheek. The girls around me scoffed. “What?!”


A girl sitting a few seats away looked over me, rolled her eyes, and scoffed.


“Scoff again bitch,” I said.


“I’d listen to her if I were you,” Sirius said to her. I clenched my fists. She looked away afraid.


I turned back to my plate and ate some more chicken wings. Sirius leaned his head on my shoulder. He was obviously done eating; I was almost there.


Sirius yawned. “You can’t be serious?” Remus asked.


“But I am Sirius,” Sirius said. Terri and I laughed.


“You’ve slept practically all day,” Remus said ignoring Terri’s and mine’s laughter.


“So? What’s your point?” Sirius asked.


Remus rolled his eyes. I turned to Sirius. “I have to at least have one thing for desert.”


“Yeah,” Sirius said. “Until than,” He wrapped his arms around my waist and kept his head on my shoulder.


“You two are so cute,” Alice said as she and Frank walked by.


“Way to go Sirius,” Frank said. “You got the keeper with the rocking body.”


Sirius and Frank high fived; I rolled my eyes. Alice slapped Frank playfully on the arm.


“What?” Frank said. “I’m not going to lie to you; I think Tori has a rocking body. If I recall correctly; you think so too.”


Alice nodded. “Yeah,” She said. I laughed.


They left the Great Hall. I was so happy for them. The desserts showed up on the golden plates.


I grabbed a piece of chocolate cake and put it on my plate. I dug in and the chocolate melted in my mouth. It was so delicious. Sirius took a piece of my cake and took a bite. I was horrified at first; but I let it go.


I finished the cake and looked over at Sirius.


“Come on Padfoot,” I said pushing him slightly.


“Are we going upstairs now?” Sirius asked.


“Yeah,” I said. He yelped with joy and stood up.


“I’ll see you guys later,” I said standing. “Terri; I’ll be in the boys’ dorms.”


“I’ll tell you if the girls are plotting anything,” Terri said.


James gave Lily a perplexed look. Lily told him what we discussed in the compartment.


“Come on Bushytail,” Sirius said grabbing my hand. We walked out of the Great Hall. I got tons of glares from girls; I just smiled back.


We left the Great Hall and headed upstairs.


“So, no one is done with dinner yet.” Sirius said. “Except Frank and Alice; but they’re probably off somewhere.”


“What’s your point,” I asked. Sirius said the password as we came up the portrait of the fat lady.


“My point is,” Sirius said as we walked into the common room. “We’ll be alone,”


He sat down on the back of a couch and he wrapped his arms around my waist.


I gave him a kiss, “I have to get some pajamas,” I said leaning my forehead on his.


“Quickly,” Sirius said.


I laughed and climbed up the girls’ dormitory stairs. I pushed through the seventh year door; thankfully no one was there.


I opened my trunk and quickly got changed into some sweats and a tank-top. I brushed through my hair and put back into a pony tail.


I headed downstairs and Sirius was still sitting on the back of the couch; his arms were crossed.


“Anyone come in?” I asked.


“No, everyone is still enjoying dessert,” Sirius said standing from his spot on the couch.


“Come milady,” He said offering his arm. I linked mine with his and we headed upstairs.


Sirius pushed open the seventh year boys’ dorms. It looked exactly the same as the other boys’ dorms. I knew that Remus’, Sirius’, and Peter’s beds were right next to each other.


“May I show you to our bed?” Sirius asked.


“Sure,” I said.


He walked over to the bed right by the window. He plopped down and patted the spot next to him.


“You got the window bed?” I asked. This was the first time I’ve been in the seventh year boys’ dorms. We usually had our sleepovers at James’ room.


“Of course,” Sirius said. “Never need an alarm clock,”


I smiled. “I love your smile,” Sirius said. I blushed. “You just light up the room when you smile.”


I turned away to try and hide my blushing. He pulled me back to face him. He leaned in close to me; I closed my eyes as I connected our lips. Just like the first kiss we had on the dance floor; this kiss was so sweet and full of bliss.


He pulled away; I didn’t want him to. I whined. He laughed. “I have to get changed,” He said as he stood. I groaned and fell back onto the bed.


He chuckled and grabbed a pair of sweats from his trunk. “I’ll be right back.” He said giving me a kiss. This was so backwards. Sirius walked into the bathroom.


I stared up at the ceiling. Making pictures in the cracks; like I always do. Before I knew it Sirius was crawling on top of me.


“Hello,” I said as his face came into view.


“Hi,” He said. I laughed. “Hey, I’m trying to be seductive here!”


“Well you’re not going to get too far.” I said. His face fell.


“I know, but it’s still fun,” Sirius said. I laughed as he kissed me again.


His tongue slipped into my mouth and roamed every inch. He broke the kiss and kissed down my jaw line and down my neck. He kissed my soft spot; a moan escaped my lips. He smiled into my neck and began sucking on my sweet spot.


I shivered and moaned loudly. He chuckled. “I probably shouldn’t give you a hickey.” Sirius said. “The girls will probably kill you on the spot.”


I nodded. “I don’t want to die,” I said. My voice was ragged and uneven.


“No that would be bad,” Sirius said. I laughed.


“But,” I said flipped him over and straddling his hips. “They won’t kill you,”


I kissed him deeply and passionately. I went down to his neck kissing everywhere before I finally made it to his sweet spot. I kissed and sucked as he moaned loudly.


I laughed into his warm skin. He pulled me back up to his lips. He moaned into the kiss. I broke the kiss and plopped next to him.


“What are you doing?” Sirius whined. I put a finger to my lips and shushed him.


“Hey Padfoot,” Remus said as he walked in. “Bushytail,”


Sirius smiled at me and kissed my nose. I giggled and buried my head into the crook of his neck.


Remus grabbed some clothes from his trunk and walked into the bathroom.


“We never get enough alone time,” Sirius said.


“I know,” I said.


“Are you saying you want alone time?” Sirius asked pulling my head up so he could see my face.


“No, I’m saying that we don’t get enough alone time.” I said. “And it’s not like I hate it,”


He laughed and kissed my forehead.


“Hey guys,” Peter said as he came into the dorm.


“Hey Peter,” I said. “Long time no see,”


He jumped slightly, “Tori,”


“Yeah, we’ll tell you later,” Sirius said.


Peter got some clothes from his trunk and walked into the bathroom just as Remus left. Remus looked very nice in his sweats and close fitting tank-top. He never wore anything like that during our sleepovers; usually he wore t-shirts instead of tank-tops.


I wolf whistled. “Wow Mooney,” I said.


He posed; I laughed. He crawled into the bed on the left of Sirius’ bed.


“No funny business,” Remus said.


“Right,” Sirius said. He winked at me.


“I forgot a shirt,” Peter said as he walked out of the bathrooms. He was wearing a pair of sweats and no shirt.


He went over to grab a shirt from his trunk; I watched horrified as he walked back into the bathroom.


I looked over at Sirius and Remus; they didn’t look horrified or disgusted; just shocked. Sirius looked over at me. “Are you okay?”


“My eyes; they bleed!” I said covering my eyes with my hands and moving into Sirius’ chest.


Remus and Sirius laughed, “Come on let’s get some sleep,” Remus said.


“Yeah, we have boring classes tomorrow,” Sirius said. I groaned. He chuckled.


“Good-night guys,” Remus said as he closed his curtains. Sirius and I pulled our curtains closed and pulled the blanket over us.


Sirius wrapped his arms around me and I buried my head into his body. He smelt so good and he was so warm. I could stay like this forever if I could.




Classes went by slowly and painfully the next morning. I got wolf whistles from all the guys and daggers from every girl. Sirius got high fived by every guy on the Quidditch team; including Xavier. Even during lunch Ian said he was happy for me; even though I could see the hurt in his eyes.


It was just after dinner and Sirius and I always were the first ones to leave to get those few minutes of alone time.


It was nice. Just the two of us; it would’ve been better if we didn’t have to worry about anyone coming into the dorms.


After I had changed into my pajamas; Sirius and I climbed up the steps.


I sat down on the bed while Sirius went to get changed. I moved so I was lying down; I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. Sirius smelt so good.


I heard him chuckle; I opened my eyes and saw him leaning on the bathroom doorframe. He had a smug smirk on his face.


“What,” I asked.


“Nothing,” Sirius said walking over to me.


“Right, nothing,” I said as Sirius crawled onto the bed next to me.


He chuckled and pulled me into a hug. He gave me a sweet kiss and I leaned my head into his chest. He kissed the top of my head and kept his head buried in my hair.


“Why don’t you wear your hair down?” Sirius asked.


“It’s just easier to handle when it’s up,” I said.


“You should wear it down more often,” Sirius said pulling my hair tie out of my hair. I grabbed it and pulled it onto my wrist. He ran a hand through my hair; and closed my eyes; it felt really good. “It’s so beautiful and soft,”


I blushed crimson and Sirius chuckled. He ran his hand through my hair one more time and than moved his hand down my face. I moved and kissed the palm of his hand.


“I love you so much Tori,” Sirius said.


“I love you too,” I said and kissed him. We closed the curtains and got under the covers. I yawned as Sirius got comfortable; he was laying on his back. I moved so my head was on his chest and my arms wrapped around him. He wrapped an arm around me and I closed my eyes.


Remus walked in followed by Peter; than I fell asleep.




“Come on Tori,” Sirius said pulling my up the stairs.


“Sirius! Where are we going?” I asked.


It was Friday and I wanted to go eat dinner; but apparently Sirius had other plans.


“It’s a surprise,” Sirius said.


“Oh no, not another surprise,” I said.


“Hey, my surprises are good,” Sirius said as he stopped running. He pulled me into a hug.


“Yeah,” I said. He kissed me and began running again.


“We’re almost there,” Sirius said as we rounded another corner.


“Sirius, I’m really hungry,” I said.


He stopped abruptly. “Don’t worry,”


I looked around the corridor. Trying to figure out why it seemed so familiar.


“Have you figured out where we are?” Sirius asked.


I kept looking around and shrugged.


Sirius sighed and covered my eyes. “Think of anything you want; and not just food,” I laughed. That’s when it hit me.


“The Room of Requirement,” I said.


“Very good,” Sirius said. “Now, you can choose what the room is.”


“Why me?” I asked.


“Well, I don’t want you to get mad at me when you see what I think up.” Sirius said. “So, you can choose,”


“Why are you doing this?” I asked.


“Well; we need more alone time,” Sirius said. “And since it’s the weekend…” He trailed off.


“Okay,” I said.


Sirius uncovered my eyes as a door appeared in front of us. I’ve only been to the room of requirement once and the last time I was here it ended up being a broom closet. Good times.


“Come milady,” Sirius said. He gripped my hand and we walked through the door.


The room was very large with warm walls that had candle lights all around.


There were a few couches in front of a large fireplace; a table with two chairs and golden platters were in the middle of the room; and a large bed was in the back corner.


“Wow,” Sirius said. “You have quite an imagination,”


“Yeah, I know,” I said.


“And you got food,” Sirius said hugging me. “You think of everything,”


“No, I was just hungry,” I said. He laughed.


“What’s with the bed?” Sirius asked with a raised eye brow. I shrugged.


He laughed and led me to the small table. Candles were set and roses were in the middle. It was absolutely romantic.


“Wow, this is romantic,” Sirius said.


“I’m a hopeless romantic,” I said as I sat down.


Sirius sat down while laughing. Food appeared on the plates; steaks and mashed potatoes.


“Nice choice,” Sirius said.


I smiled and began eating. Sirius finished quickly and walked over to me. He pulled me up; even thought I wasn’t finished; and kissed me. I wanted to finish eating but didn’t care when Sirius started to take off my robe.


I pulled off his robe off as he slipped my sweater over my head. I slipped his over his head.


“We should’ve changed before we came here.” Sirius said. His voice ragged and uneven.


“You think,” I said. My voice was just as ragged.


“Are you saying we’re going to go further than just making out?” Sirius asked.


“Maybe,” I said. He gave me the smug little smile. I pushed him slightly.


He ended up tripping over his robe; that was on the ground; and fell onto the bed.


I laughed until my stomach began to hurt. “What are you laughing at?” Sirius asked. He was sitting on the edge of the bed.


“Your face! It was priceless,” I said falling to my knees; clutching my stomach.


He moved from the edge of the bed and picked me up bridal style. He carried me to the edge of the bed. He kissed me deep as he brought me down and pushed me onto the bed.


It was unnaturally comfortable. Sirius unbuttoned my shirt skillfully with his teeth. I laughed. “You have way too much experience,”


“I’m trained professionally,” He said as he brought his lips to mine. “Do not try these stunts at home.” I laughed. He kissed me again; I sat up unbuttoning Sirius’ shirt as I did. I pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and he ripped mine off.


He pushed back down and kissed me again. He moved down to my neck and kissed my sweet spot. I moaned. He kissed down my neck and went down past my chest to my belly button.


It tickled. I giggled slightly. He was at my waist line; he looked at me expectantly; weather I was going to say yes or no.


This time I didn’t stop him.




The next morning the sun woke-me up as it beamed through the window. I yawned and stretched out.


I looked up at Sirius who was still sleeping. I laughed and wrapped my arms back around him. I leaned my head onto his chest. The slow rhythmic beating of his heart was so soothing.


Sirius yawned and stretched. “Good-morning,” I said.


Sirius chuckled and kissed the top of my head. I smiled and moved my head up to see his face.


His hair was all over the place; I laughed.


“What’s so funny?” Sirius asked.


“Your hair,” I said giggling.


“How come your hair isn’t messy?” Sirius asked running a hand through my soft hair.


“Because my hair doesn’t get messy all that often,” I said. “It just falls back into place.”


“Lucky,” Sirius huffed. I giggled and pecked him on the lips.


He pulled me into a deeper one and wrapped his arms around me; pulling me closer.


He moved down to my neck and sucked on my sweet spot. I moaned loudly.


“Tori,” Sirius said in the crook of my neck.


“Yes Sirius,” I asked.


He looked up at me. “Tori, I love you,” He said. “And would you be mine?”


“What do you mean?” I asked. “I already am yours,”


He kissed me on the lips. “I mean after Hogwarts,”


“I’m not following,” I said.


Sirius sighed. “After Hogwarts; and not right after but whenever you’re ready,” He said moving up so he could see my face completely. “Will you marry me?”


I stared at him; those gray eyes seeing straight into my green ones. I think I forgot how to speak; he started to look down depressed. I pulled him back up and kissed him.


“So is that a yes?” Sirius asked after he broke the kiss. I nodded and kissed him again. “I love you Tori,”


“I love you too Sirius,” I said. 


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