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~A VERY VERY quick update. Sorry I havent posted for awhile. I've mostly been working on my other fan fic Survivors of the Darkness. If you dont have anything better to do, why dont you go check that one out!~ -Scarlet Fay Chapter Three Having no bed to sleep in that night, Harry slept on one of the Gryffindore couches. He hoped that no one would question him about his odd choice of sleeping arrangements. The next morning, Harry awoke by the force of someone sitting on his chest. “HGFF!” he grunted as he felt the weight. An older boy and girl, who looked to be about in there fourth year, jumped off him. Harry realized that the two had been about to make out. Now, they both stared at him in disbelief. “Umm…Hi?” Harry said as he pulled himself to a sitting position. The two other Gryffindores continued to stare. “Did you feel that?” The girl said sidelong to the boy. He nodded his face was white. “Do you think its one of the ghosts?” “Oh come on!” Harry practically shouted, “Don’t tell me you cant see me!” The boy turned to the girl, “Lets go to that empty class room in the eastern tower.” He leaned towards her and wiggled his eyebrows up and down. She bit her lip and nodded. Taking her by the arm, the two walked out the door, giggling. Harry was annoyed. “You mean to tell me,” he said to no one in particular, “that I’m trapped here, and cant get help from anyone?!” He stood and stretched, “Great, just great.” Judging from the light outside, it was about five in the early morning of a Saturday. Harry felt his stomach growl and realized that he would need food. This newfound time traveling thing did not exclude any of his bodily needs. He needed to find a way to get food without someone else freaking out about him. “Great,” he repeated. “Who are you talking to?” a voice behind him said. Harry turned around and saw Young Albus leaning against the wall that leads up to the boys’ dormitory. His arms were folded and he seemed a picture of pure mischief. “You slept down here on the couch?” he unfolded his arms and walked towards Harry, “I’ve only been here a few week’th with the re’th of the fir’th years but I know I haven’t th’een you before then. Who are you?” Harry knew how stupid it said before he said it, “I’m from your future. I don’t know how to get back and I really need you help.” Young Albus looked him up and down, then his eyes widened, “Your…you’re one of those th’psychos that they talk about in the daily prophet!” He backed away, “You stay away from me! Just stay right there until I-I find someone…” he ran towards the door, his long robes tangled up around his legs and made him stumble. Harry rolled his eyes, “Wait!” he followed the boy out the door and down the corridor. This chase thing was getting old. He didn’t have to go far though, soon Harry was stopped by the sudden form of the Ravenclaw boy and his cronies hovering over Albus. “What do we have here? Its Albus the frog eater!” they laughed. Another one of the boys crossed behind him, “Hey frog eater, had any good FRONG lately?” Harry scoffed, “Is that really the best you can come up with?” All the boys stopped suddenly and looked around. “Who said that?” the one named Jacob said, after a moment he smiled and looked at Albus, “Nice one frog eater. Lets see what else you can say while we hang you down the old well outside.” “That wasn’t me!” Albus protested, the boys were surrounding him now. “It was that older kid over there!” he pointed an accusing finger at Harry. The other boys looked at where Harry stood and then at each other and then back at Albus. “What do you think we are? Stupid like you?” The boys laughed again, “I want to hear you say the word, go on frog eater say stupid correctly and we’ll let you go.” They were ganging around Albus now. Slowly he stepped back until his back was against the wall. The small little kid looked terrified. “thh-thsupied…” Albus said timidly. The boys let out another howl of laughter. “I’ll give you one more chance. Say it again…” Jacob was egger to humiliate the small boy. Harry couldn’t stand it any longer. He tapped the first year on the back, “Stupid.” He said when the boy turned around, and sent a fist into the middle of his face. Jacob flew backwards. The other guys looked on in shock. Grabbing another of the boys by the collar, Harry lifted him and flung him off his feet. “Go pick on somebody your own size!” Not having to be told twice, the boys scattered off, leaving their leader Jacob Weasley where he lay. Harry grinned as watched them run. He wished someone had done that for him when his cousin, Dudley, and his cronies had bullied him. He looked at Albus, who was staring wide mouthed at him. “They…they couldn’t see you!” he stammered. He looked Harry up and down, “but I can see you.” He rubbed his forehead, “am I going insane?” “I told you.” Harry said, “I came here through your memory and now I’m stuck here and I want to get back.” Albus continued to stare at him and then shook his head, “Na-uh! No! I’m not falling for another prank.” He looked down at the writhing Jacob, “That’s not very funny Jacob.” He turned to go, but Harry quickly grabbed him by the back of his robe. “Its not a prank! I really am trapped here.” Harry said, “What do I have to do to prove it to you?” “Okay this is ridiculous!” Harry was standing in front of the girls bathroom. It happened to be the same bathroom that moaning Murdell would occupy in another sixty years or so. Albus stood, leaning against the other wall. His arms were crossed in a determined pose. “It’s the only way I’ll believe that no one can see you.” He said. Harry looked at the small first year, and then at the door in front of him. A moment before a group of girls had just walked into there, and truthfully, Harry felt extremely nervous about go in there. He knew that no one would see him, and he had been in there before, it was just…it was the GIRLS BATHROOM! He turned back to Albus, “This is really immature.” Albus smiled a buck toothed grin, “Well, if you don’t want to do it…” he turned as if he would walk away. “Alright, alright I’ll go!” Harry opened the door in front of him, “you really are tough for a kid that let people bully him around.” Albuses eyes narrowed, “You should mind your own business!” he snapped. He folded his arms again. “Are you going or not.” “I’m going.” Harry said as he walked into the bathroom. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He and his friends would never have thought of doing such an immature thing. But then again, they had never really had the chance to sit back and think of things to do in there first year anyways. Or in the years following for that matter. The bathroom looked much the way it had when Harry had been in it during his second year. Girls sat around the mirrors laughing and talking. None of them had noticed the door open and close by its self. Harry recognized those two girls from the day before. “He so handsome!” one of the girls was saying. “I love his red hair.” The girls all agreed. The girl names Kendal chimed in, “I know! And he asked Polly to walk with I’m next Friday night.” Polly’s face turned bright red. “We’re just partners in levitation class.” She said softly. Harry walked past the group of girls and into one of the stalls. Snatching up a small piece of toilet paper, he turned and headed for the door. He realized that the room that had been full of constantly chattering girls was now silent. Stiffening, Harry turned around and saw all the girls looking at him, or rather, the piece of toilet paper he held in his hand. Quickly he opened the door and stepped outside just as the squeals started. The girls who had been in the bathroom came spilling out after him. Bunching the toilet paper up in his hand, Harry leaned against the wall as they past him. “There’s something in the girls bathroom!” one of them was screaming. Albus walked forward. A huge grin was spread on his face. “They didn’t see me!” Harry said defensively. “I know” he said “Did you get it?” Harry held up the piece he had collected. “Alright then, I believe you know.” Harry sighed and rolled his eyes, “Thank you.” Young Albus looked him over, “If your from my memory, then why don’t I remember you?” “I’m from your memory from when you were older…or you get older…” Harry rubbed the back of his head, “Its sort of hard to explain.” Albus didn’t hesitate, “You mean, you have some through my memory from when I was older back to this time?” Harry looked at him, “That’s exactly it.” He had forgotten that this was Albus Dumbledore. “And now you need to get back to your own time.” Albus nodded. His brows furrowed, “I think I know someone who might be able to help.” He turned and walks away. Harry followed close behind him. “How is it,” he asked after awhile, “that you don’t hesitate to boss me around, but you let those other guys bully you.” For a moment, Harry thought Albus was going to snap at him, but he just pulled on his long robe and said, “Jacob Weasley is smart.” Harry looked shocked, “Your smart.” Albus shrugged, “No I’m not, I don’t get A’s. Jacob gets A’s.” The logic of this baffled Harry. He had never gotten strait A’s either, yet that didn’t make him feel that he was inferior to anyone else. Had this boy really set his mind to thinking that he needed to base his worth on a letter? “I don’t get strait A’s either.” Harry said. “I know.” Albus said frankly. Harry raised an eyebrow, “And how did you know that?” Albus stopped and looked up at him, “Its obvious. There’s just something about a person who gets A’s and a person who doesn’t.” “Getting strait A’s really isn’t all that important.” Harry shrugged as they continued to walk. “Yes it is.” Albus said flatly. Harry paused for a moment, “I’ll tell you want, You help me and I’ll help you. Lets find a way to get me home again, and I’ll help you get you’re A.” Albus smiled his bucktoothed smile up at Harry. “Deal!” Harry smiles and walked on with him. For the first time, Harry felt like he was looking out for a little brother, a little brother who bossed him around, but still a little brother. Now its my turn to teacher Albus Dumbledore. Harry thought as they walked. The thought made him glade we would be able to return the favor, but also worried. Would he live up to the job?

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