Chapter 15 Harry appeared just outside of his common room. He had decided to get ready for class, he knew the threat of his disappearance would be enough for Dumbledore to do as he had asked. Harry smiled as he went on his way to classes. He met up with Ron and Hermione as they were coming from breakfast. "So what's up mate?" Ron asked. "It looks like I convinced the Headmaster to let Sirius be my guardian," Harry said. His two friends stopped dead in their tracks. "Sirius who?" Neither of them knew that Sirius had been brought back from beyond the Veil. "Last night the Golden Mage resuced Sirius from beyond the Veil. He just woke up this morning. I think I'm going to get to live with him," Harry said. "Thats wonderful Harry!" Hermione said. "Wait. What did you do to make him let you live with Sirius instead of the Dursleys?" "I'll tell you later," Harry said as they entered the Potions classroom. After classes Ron, Hermione and Ginny followed Harry down an unknown corridor. "Hey mate, I'm hungry. I hope you tell us before lunch is over," Ron complained from the end of their single file line. "Oh don't worry, we're here," Harry said, stopping at the golden door. "That symbol, it looks farmiliar," Hermione said, pointing to the wand and sword crossed. "I didn't know if you could find it in a book," Harry said as he opened the door. "Wait, Harry are we going to get in trouble?" Ginny asked. "Oh don't worry. I won't be mad," Harry said as everyone gasped at the old fashioned room. Once in the room Harry lead them to the tapestry. "This should explain everything," Harry said as they followed the scences of the tapestry. "Harry, this is you, isn't it?" Hermione said, studying the tapestry closely. "Yes it is. And I did all those things in the course of a year and a half." The three looked stunned. "But how?" Ginny asked. "Please eat while I explain," Harry said, the table in front of them filled with food. They ate, ever tearing their attention from Harry while he told them his story. "You guys had better go. Professor Lupin thinks that I have disappeared and I don't want to be seen by him or Professor Dumbledore until Sirius is my new guardian," Harry said when it was almost time for Defense class. "You are going to skip DADA?" Hermione asked, looking shocked. "Yes. It has to look like I have disappeared. And so far it does. The only Professors that know that I have disappeared are Lupin and Dumbledore. Anyway, I don't really need DADA anymore after all my time with Merlin. You guys should get going. Please don't tell anyone about where I am," Harry said. Before they could protest Harry waved his hands and they were gone. They found themselves in an abandoned room near their classes. In defense class Remus was not looking very good. When he saw Ron and Hermione he went over to them. "Hey, have you two seen Harry anywhere?" "No, we didn't see him at all," Hermione said, looking at Ron. Ron nodded. "Wait, wasn't he with you during Potions and Charms?" Neville said from behind them. Hermione slapped her forehead. She had forgotten that all their classmates had seen them with Harry earlier in the day. "Hermione, Ron, my office. Now," Remus said quietly but sternly. Once they were in the office Remus turned to the two students. "Is Harry still in the school?" Ron and Hermione gulped. And then they vanished. "Great, where on earth did they go?" Remus said, putting his hand on his forehead. Ron and Hermione found themselves back in Harry's room. They both jumped at the sound of Harry's voice behind them. "Sorry about that. I forgot about our classmates." "Harry James Potter! Stop apparating us wherever you please!" Hermione yelled. "Alright, I'm sorry. If you want I'll send you," Harry said as he began to move his hand only to have both friends grab his hands. "Don't you dare, I don't want to explain this to Lupin without you," Hermione said. "Ok, but let's do something while we wait," Harry said as he led them to a second door. "There's that symbol again, what is it?" Hermione asked. Harry had not been able to finish his entire story during lunch so he had not been able to answer all their questions. "It is the sign of the Weapons Mage. Merlin gave me that name because I am an expert in both magic and sword play," Harry said as he opened the door to his large library. As soon as Hermione saw the inside of the room she fainted. "Wake up Hermione, there's too many books to read for you to faint," Harry said, waving his hand too wake her up. "Is this all yours?" Hermione asked when she woke up. "Yes and it's a completely self-updating library. You are free to read it any time," Harry said. Before Harry even finished his sentence Hermione made a beeline for the nearest bookcase. "And Ron," Harry said, looking at his other, less enthusiastic friend. "There should be a whole bookcase of Quidditch books over there." While Harry and his friends were in the library (Ron had nearly mowed Harry over to get to the Quidditch books) they decided it would be best to stay there the whole day. By now all the professors would have been told of Harry, Ron and Hermione's disappearance. Hermione insisted that the two boys study with her on subjects that they missed. At dinner time Harry conjured up a large meal for Ron, Hermione and himself. In the middle of their meal the door suddenly opened. Ginny burst in. "You guys are in deep trouble," Ginny said. Before the three could process that sentence Remus, Sirius and Dumbledore stormed in the room after her. "I'm sorry, I had no choice." "Hello Professor Dumbledore, what is your answer?" Harry asked. "The papers are signed and Sirius is now your legal guardian as your parents wished," Dumbledore said, sounding slightly apologetic. "Ok, I shouldn't have chast that spell at you. I'm sorry Professor," Harry said. "What spell did you cast Harry?" Hermione asked. "Everyone please have a seat and I will explain everything," Harry said, extending the table and conjuring more food. Looking shocked at another display of wandless magic, the three adults sat down. Once Harry was finished telling his story silence had taken over the room. Remus was the first to speak. "Wait a minute. The Harry Evans fortune. You're him. You are the one who gave us the two hundred million galleons," Remus said quickly. Everyone else who had received money snapped their eyes to Harry. "Harry, we can't accept it," Hermione said, Ron and Ginny nodded their heads in agreement. "I had one and a half billion galleons worth of old gold coins and rare jewels from Merlin, King Arthur and those who I saved from the past. I would never spend that much money so I gave a portion to each of you to thank you for helping me. Please accept the money," Harry said. "All right mate, you win," Ron said as the others agreed. "But Harry, you one and a half billion. What happened to the rest? If it was split between the five of us that is just over a billion with Gringott's fees included," Hermione asked. "You're right. I saved most of the more valuable jewels for myself and had the goblin sell the rest to the highest bidder. The money I get from the jewels will be split between the five of us. It will probably be over another hundred million each." Hearing this Lupin, as well as Harry's other friends nearly fainted. "So Golden Mage, what will you do now?" Dumbledore asked. "Well, I don't know enough spells to both take out and defend myself against anything Voldemort sends after me. Age wise I am seventeen and a half, because my soul spent a year and a half back in Merlin's time. I was wondering if I could take my NEWTs for DADA, Transfiguration, Charms and Potions becuase I learned all of those subjects very thoroughly already," Harry said. "I suppose that could be arranged. Many of the spells on the tests were based on Merlin's teachings so I am sure you would do well," Dumbledore said. "You could take the tests tomorrow. The ministry officials would not be able to test you so quickly so the Professors would have to test you." Harry nodded. "Then I had better get studying. Luckily I have a whole library filled with books. Want to help me Hermione?" Harry asked. Hermione jumped at the chance to get back in the library while Ron groaned but followed along with Ginny and the others. The group spent almost all night in the library. Even Dumbledore found books he had never seen before.

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