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I sighed as I slipped into my four poster in the Ravenclaw girl’s dormitories. I had pushed all thoughts worth of Scorpius back into my mind, hoping they’d stay there. I didn’t intend on even recognizing that Scorpius Malfoy even existed the whole year, and it would keep like that. I had no mutual feelings for the boy, and I was sure that he the same towards me. Tomorrow would be the first day of the new term, and I had Potions first, with Professor Alabastor. The old man was very stern, and he didn’t care who the student’s parents were. Even if they helped to overthrow the darkest man known to the wizarding world, he still didn’t care. I was underestimated in Potions. I was horrible, and of course, Scorpius chose that as another reason to annoy me. He had always asked if I’d like some help, but I always just left it alone and continued to fail the class. A letter had been sent to my parents saying that I was not doing well in Potions, and that I should get some extra help. Dad had jokingly suggested that I could try to find Uncle Harry’s old Potions book back from their sixth year at Hogwarts. Mum had just given him an evil glare and he immediately became silent. But I had no idea what that was – and I didn’t care. I would find a tutor, someone to help me through potions that year. Mum had threatened to make me quit Quidditch. I couldn’t quit! I was keeper! They needed me!


Dad had given me the inspiration to try out for the Quidditch team. I’d been so nervous that rainy day during third year. I remembered a flash of platinum blonde hair in the stands, but I paid no attention to him. The weather was horrible, and I was downright trodden with butterflies. But, to my utter surprise, I had saved almost all the goals except for one; the Hufflepuff chaser had caused a minor distraction (in which she was penalized for) and I had accidentally missed the Quaffle. After a week or so of anxious waiting, I had gotten a note saying that she made the Ravenclaw team. I was ecstatic, but she had nobody to tell. Melody was mad at me she remembered, for writing about her in that notebook.  Karma is infectious. I wished that there were no such thing. I finally drifted to sleep, Adeline’s snores finally slowing down. I would not, under any circumstances fall under the fateful charm of Scorpius Malfoy.



The weeks wore on, and I found my life becoming worse and worse. Adeline wouldn’t talk to me, for reasons that I knew not, and Scorpius wouldn’t leave me the bloody hell alone! I usually kept to myself, often escaping to the library whenever people were in the common room. I wasn’t all that social. Quidditch really didn’t help that much either, because nobody wanted to be friends with a bad tempered keeper. Well, they once did – that was my mum’s job. But she got her wish. I didn’t. One dreary rainy Saturday, a couple hours before practice, I found myself in the library. We had been assigned an essay on Vampires for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and I was having trouble with it. I had checked out almost all the books on the stupid beasts, and all I had was an intro statement. It was horrifying. My mum would be ashamed. That didn’t matter though. I just had to get this stupid essay done before practice. There was a match against Gryffindor on Wednesday, and it was a big one. The weather was getting bad; the end of September was drawing near. I placed my quill in the bottle of ink that I had on the corner of my desk and started to write on the mostly blank parchment.


All of a sudden, I heard some shuffling in the isles behind me. I had gotten some of the essay done, and I was nearly halfway through. Those books had helped a lot. I turned around in my chair and sighed when I saw him. “What do you want, Scorpius.” I said in a bland tone, maybe my sour attitude would make him sod off for once.


“I just wanted to wish you good luck with practice in a while and your game on Wednesday.” Scorpius said, and I glared at him. Why was he being nice now? These past few weeks he had been a complete ass. I had nobody, for some reason Adeline and I had drifted apart, and I lost another friend. Now Scorpius was coming on soft. Why?


“Well, thanks.” I said, and went back to my essay. Unfortunately, he didn’t go away. God, what was with this kid? “What do you want?” I asked, glaring at him. He simply took the seat that was next to mine and sat down like I was inviting him into a conversation, which I wasn’t.


“Listen, I heard that you were having trouble with Potions, so, err…if you’d like, maybe I could help you? You know, just get the basics down.” I looked at his face in disbelief. I couldn’t help but stare at his hair; it fell at just the right length of his forehead today. And his blue eyes were penetrating, they were so gentle. No, Rose! This is what you swore you wouldn’t do in the first place! Stop thinking about him! Tell him to go away! A small voice in my head yelled, but I couldn’t seem to ignore it…his voice was so sweet, and…


“Rose? Can you hear me?” The sound of him broke me out of my unrealistic wanderings.


“Um, yeah. Well, I guess…if you wanted…I’m free tonight.” I smiled, but when my mind was telling me no, my heart was telling me yes. It was so difficult. I used to hate Scorpius. But now, I was desperate. I needed someone. Just anyone – Adeline had officially ditched me. I knew that now. She couldn’t stand to be around me anymore…


Scorpius smiled. “Well, I’ll meet you in the common room at seven. Or would you like to meet in the library? Is that more suitable for you?” He asked. People were usually always in the common room on a Saturday night, or else just wandering the castle. Once, I walked into two seventh years snogging their heads off in an empty corridor. It was disgusting. The guy was really cute though, and the girl looked a lot like my cousin Roxanne…


“Alright. The common room is fine. I’ll bring the essay we’re supposed to have on Monday. Have you started it yet?” I asked.


“Already finished.” He answered with a sheepish grin on his face. Of course. Well, then I could hopefully use some of his pointers then. Mum would be ecstatic that I’ve finally found a tutor, and I could stay on the Quidditch team. I smiled as he left, feeling very odd. I never thought that I would be desperate enough to agree to have Scorpius Malfoy as my tutor. Well, here goes nothing.



Practice was great, I had saved pretty much everything that had come at me, and Fitzgerald got the snitch after about an hour into the game. We had to do laps afterwards, which did really suck in the rain, but I enjoyed the feeling of just plain old flying. I had first found my passion for brooms when I saw my Aunt Ginny play in one of her games for the Holyhead Harpies. She was seeker, and I had wanted to be just like her. She told me that whatever I put my mind to, I can do it. And I did. I practiced flying almost every day – despite mum’s displeasure. Aunt Ginny had given me the inspiration for trying out for Ravenclaw. I’d always wanted to be keeper like my dad had been in school, my mum even told me a song that the Slytherins made up when he was horrible at the beginning, but then when he got really good, the Gryffindors had made up a better version. I laughed while she sang it and smiled at my dad while he sulked in the corner by the fire.


I was in the locker room, hanging up my wet Quidditch robes when I heard someone approach me. I saw it was Adeline. I gave her a small smile, but she didn’t return it. I wondered why – I didn’t do much of anything to her. Unless if…no, she couldn’t have…


“So Rose, have you been writing in any notebooks lately?” She asked, and I groaned.


“Oh my God, not you too. Look, I didn’t mean to write that stuff about Melanie! I was angry at her!” I tried to defend myself, but she kept her sour look on her face, which told me that it didn’t help at all. Damn, this sucks. I was loosing another friend over something stupid.


“Yeah, Rose. I don’t believe you. Then what’s this all about?!” She waved a black notebook in my face, the same one that had the stuff written about Melanie in it. I thought it was thrown in the fire.


“I don’t know, Adeline. You tell me.” I said, getting frustrated. If she was just going to walk off and not be my friend anymore, to hell with her. I didn’t need anyone. I could get by perfectly well on my own. At least, that’s what I thought.


“You wrote this shit about me in here! Don’t play dumb! You said I was a slut who could get any guy she wanted! You wrote this! Look!” She shouted, and I took the notebook, tears starting to form in my eyes.


I read the things that were written on the paper. ‘Adeline Smith is such a slut, and she can get any guy she wants, she just has to smile her pretty little face off and flash her legs around the place!’ I couldn’t believe it! Who would write this?! I certainly wouldn’t. No way, not after what happened last year. Who would? Wait, I know. Melanie. She was still angry at me for writing that horrible stuff about her last year. She did this, I know she did.


“Listen, Adeline I didn’t do this! Melanie did, I know it. She’s still mad at me for writing that stuff in the same notebook when I was mad at her last year!” I cried, tears rolling down my cheeks. This can’t be happening, not again. No…


“We’re through, Rose Weasley. You may be smart, and the daughters of heroes, but you are in no way capable of keeping a true friend.” She yelled, and stalked off. I couldn’t believe this! I slumped to the bench, and put my head in-between my knees. My mum always said this helped when you’re angry. I cried, tears falling down my cheeks and onto the floor. I had lost a friend, again. I didn’t even write that stuff! It’s not fair, just not bloody…


“Rose? Are you alright?” Came a voice, a familiar voice. I whirled around. Scorpius.


I wiped my cheeks with my sleeve. “Yeah, I-I’m fine. Look, I’ll go get cleaned up and meet you in the library. No common room.” I don’t think I could stand to see Adeline’s face.


“Why not? I thought you said you wanted to study in the common room.” He said, and I gave him a sharp look. I couldn’t be angry with him, or let my temper get the better of me.


“I just – I don’t feel like being around people right now.” And it wasn’t like anyone felt like being around me, either.


“If you want to cancel, that’s fine with me.” He shrugged.


“No, that’s fine. We’ll just meet in the library, okay? I’ll be there in about an hour.” I told him, standing up and I headed for the showers.


“Wait, Rose. If there’s anything I can help you with, anything at all…I’m here.” He told me, and I smiled while running the wet sleeve over my nose.


“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” I turned and went to the showers to clean up, leaving him standing there with a bewildered expression on his face.


A couple hours later, I found myself sitting in the library with Scorpius Malfoy, my Potions book open to the vampires section, and various books around us on the same subject. We had been here for an hour, and I was about halfway done with my essay. We were also going to work on History of Magic, because we had yet another essay due for Professor Binns on Monday. I wanted to go to Hogsmeade tomorrow.


“Scorpius, don’t you want to stop? There are other things to do on a Saturday night…” I stopped there, because then I realized that I had no friends, no companion to do anything with. Scorpius however, had tons of friends that he’d probably rather be hanging out with now instead of tutoring me. I looked into his eyes, those cool, blue eyes…


He caught my gaze, and I quickly shrugged off that feeling. That feeling of an electric shock wave going through your whole body at the very moment he locked his eyes on mine…blue on brown…he must have felt it, because I heard him take in a short breath, and then he quickly went back to the essay that was in front of me.


“So, we could mention something about the Vampire attack on a small wizarding town in Wales in 1654…four witches were burned because they were accused of having something to do with the attack,” he spurred and I quickly wrote that down. I was now on the conclusion, which was good. Then we only had the stupid History of Magic essay. He was very quick at changing the subject. We both knew what happened.


“Alright. Well, I can do the conclusion. Thanks a lot for helping me Scorpius. My mum would have made me quit Quidditch if I hadn’t gotten my essays done, or my grade up. That would have been horrible.” Because then I wouldn’t have anything worth living for – I added in my head. It was true, I had no friends…no boyfriend, and my family didn’t even talk to me in school. I just wish my loneliness would end.

A/N: I hope you liked the second chapter! I gave a little more description and feeling to the story. Rose developes feelings for Scorpius... I hope it's not too soon. Let me know what you think in the small box below!! :D

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