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A/N I do not own Harry Potter or Twilight. In addition, in this story, Bella is a vampire and Renesmee was never born


“Come on lets take a break, why don’t you and Jasper go up to your old room, it is exactly the same as you left it” smiled Esme
Chapter five
**************** Hogwarts

Hermione looked at Esme, “I think I will”

Hermione stood up. Jasper grabbed hold of her hand for comfort and both walked to a room at the far side of the house.

It was the morning after Ginny had meet Alice up in the owlery. She, her brothers and Harry where sitting at the one table that was in the great hall eating their breakfast.

“Ginny I thought you said there was others here” moaned Ron as he filled his plate for the second time.

“Yes there is, they are properly sleeping or have…,” said Ginny before she was cut off by a hyperactive voice.

“Ginny” it shouted

Ginny turned around to see Alice bouncing to the table. Following Alice where four others.

“Alice, its good to see you again” said Ginny standing up to give Alice a cuddle.

“Yep it sure is” laughed Alice

“Oh Alice, I would like you to introduce you to my family” said Ginny walking back over to the table

“This is Harry Potter. He is like another big brother to me. Beside him is my brother Ronald. They both are still at school. Opposite them is Fred and George, they own their own joke shop. Bill is the long haired next to the twins, he works for Gringotts and opposite Bill is Charley who works with dragons.”

“Dragons?” asked Alice in surprise

“Yes that’s right,” replied Bill, “our dear little sister has also forgotten one of our brothers, Percy. But he is not here as he is working for our minister”

“Nice.” said Alice, “will these are my adopted siblings, this is Rosaline and her husband Emmet. And Edward and his wife Bella”.

“You lot are married!” gasped Ron

“None of you look like you are over 18!” added Harry

The five siblings looked to each other before bursting out laughing.

“We are no ordinary people,” said Bella doing her best to stop laughing, “this lot are a lot older than you think”

As the five Cullen’s, calmed down. Albus Dumbledore approached the group.

“Ah, I see you have all met one another.” he said

“Yes Professor. Alice demanded we should introduce ourselves before we go hunt,” said Rosaline with a smile

“Ah, well why you five don’t run along while I talk to this lot. Just remember to hunt in the muggle forest. Your father, is the only one whom knows what magical creatures you can feed upon,” said Albus

“Of course” replied Rose.

Before Dumbledore could even turn to face Harry and the Weasley, the Cullen family had all ready ran out of the school with their vamperic speed. Harry, Ron, Fred and George sat there with there mouths wide open

“What are they?” asked the four simultaneously

Albus smiled at the four boys, that familiar twinkle sparkling in his eyes.

“Boys, that is for them to tell you when they trust you. Bill, Charley I presume you have figure out what the Cullen family are?” said Albus

“Yes professor, although I gather, from their eyes that they are not like the others.” said Bill

“No, and most things you have learned about then are in fact myths” smiled Albus

“What? Really” replied Charlie

“Yes Chaz, in fact nearly all of it is myths. I know what they are and the truth about there kind. And what that family means to a certain friend of mine.” said Ginny standing up and leaving the table since she had finished eating.

All six boys watched as Ginny walked out of the hall, with a smirk that could beat even Malfoy on her face.

************ Cullen house

Hermione and Jasper had spent the night lying side by side on her bed. During the night, Hermione told Jasper about her life at home and all the adventures she had been in while attending Hogwarts. She also told Jasper about Harry, Ron and Ginny. By the time she had finished the sun was starting to rise. They both agreed that they should go downstairs. That was, after they got out of the clothes that they had hunted in, from the night before.

Hermione looked in her wardrobe to see what there was. Once she opened it she noticed that the clothes where sectioned off. Dresses at the left. Jumpers and tops came next. Skirts and shorts came after them. And at the right where trousers

At the bottom sat a unit of drawers that sat under her tops, in the unit was where her underwear had been stored. In addition, at either side of the unit were many pairs of shoes.

After looking through her clothes, Hermione settle on a pair of black skinny jeans, a blood red vest top, and a pair on black dolly shoes.

After putting her clothes on Hermione looked into the mirror properly for the first time since she had transformed.

Hermione gasped. Her hair now fell in dark brown silk curls, unlike the nest she once had. Her skin was pale white and smooth. Her lips were perfectly shaped, plump and a deep red colour… Her eyes look like they were on fire. A mixture of gold, red, orange and yellow. She then realised that she had grown in height, her body now slim, her breasts had also grown, and her legs now went on for miles.

As Hermione looked once more at the mirror, she was glad of what she now looked like.

Hermione, once finished made her way downstairs. As she walked into the bottom floor, she saw that Carlisle and Esme cuddle on the couch watching the TV.

“Morning Uncle C, Auntie E” smiled Hermione using the nicknames that she had used as a child

Both looked around and smiled at her.

“Morning child” said Esme getting up off the couch

“How are you feeling Maya?” asked Carlisle

“I feel much better, the burning is still there slightly.” replied Hermione taking a seat on the floor at Carlisle feet.

“Yes, it takes a while to get used to. Quite a tale you told Jasper last night” he smiled

“What you heard all that?” asked Hermione in surprise

“Of course we did Mai, we have excellent hearing remember” laughed Esme, Hermione and Carlisle them joining in.

Not long after Jasper came down the stairs.

“Erm Carlisle, what is today’s date?” asked Jasper in a serious voice

“Its Saturday the 15th….” trialled off Carlisle also realising what the date was.

Esme gasp too, realising what was going on.

“We need to phone and explain,” said Esme rushing to the phone in the kitchen.

Hermione sat on the seat confused. Just as Esme reached the phone, Hermione could smell a new scent coming closer to the Cullen house. To her it was a woody, musk scent; a scent that seemed to call to her.

“It’s too late,” said Jasper, whom was now standing by the front door.

“What is that smell?” asked Hermione looking at Carlisle, “It smells like being in the woods, all woody and musky.”

At this Carlisle, Jasper and Esme looked at Hermione in shock.

“Mai, did you say like in the woods?” asked Carlisle

“Yes”-said Hermione turning her head to the door and standing up.

As Hermione turned her head to Carlisle once again, Carlisle and Esme got a shock. Hermione’s eyes had changed colour, from their fire red-orange to midnight black- the colour of a vampire whom needs to feed.

Keeping his eyes on Hermione, Carlisle moved closer to her slowly. As he reached her, he grabbed hold of her arm. “Jasper we have a small problem”

At this Jasper turned back into the room to see what was wrong. He saw Hermione’s eyes.

“We have top get her out of here Carlisle, for his own safety,” said jasper not once moving his eyes from Hermione.

As the scent from outside grew closer to the house Hermione’s eyes grew darker and darker.

Everything in the house was silent. The doorbell rang.

Esme walked to the door slowly. Jasper made his way closer to Hermione.

Esme took in an unnecessary breath and opened the door.

Hermione’s head shot straight towards the door. She went to make a dash to the door.

However, was unable to. Carlisle gripped Hermione’s arm as hard as he could. Jasper had then ran to behind Hermione and grabbed her around the waist, holding her still. Therefore keeping her away from the door.

A voice from the front porch spoke. “What have I missed?” asked the rustic voice or Jacob black


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