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I watched my parents slowly disappear through the mist of the Hogwarts Express.  My dad held my mum while she was waving, tears flowing silently down her rosy cheeks.  She was always this emotional when I left for Hogwarts.  My first year, she broke down into hysterics.  It was very embarrassing.  It was a very good thing that my father was there to support her.  I loved my parents, but sometimes it was just nice to get away from them.  Mum was also pregnant; she’d announced it when I came home.  Nice surprise mum!  A little baby brother or sister to have when I came home for the summer holidays next year.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a little baby brother or sister.  A friend.  I found an empty compartment in the fourth year’s section, and sat down.  I was happy about going to Hogwarts.  I mean, despite the fact that I had very little friends, only two to be exact; I shouldn’t be thrilled, right?  Wrong. 

I’m all about going to Hogwarts.  Just one thing that always gets in the way, just one simple detail (or not so simple) that never seems to leave me alone.  Scorpius Malfoy.  We were both in Ravenclaw, and in the same year.  The train moved on, and nobody came to sit with me.  I didn’t expect them too.  I saw Melanie Crawford, my ex-best friend from first and second year.  I was wondering where Adeline was, she’d never taken this long to get to the compartment.  I would give her ten minutes, and then if she didn’t show up I’d go looking for her.  I really didn’t want to spend the whole trip by myself.  I looked out the window at the passing fields and the blue sky.  I wanted this year to be different, unlike my other three which were the same – I’d gotten so close to getting a friend, but then at the end, I’d loose them.  I remembered back at the end of second year, when Melanie broadcasted that she didn’t want to be my friend anymore; for reasons I know not.


It was nearing the end of the term, and I couldn’t wait to get out of Herbology.  It was my worst subject, and my parents were very surprised because they thought it would be good for me – knowing our relations with Professor Longbottom.  Finally, the bell rang and I raced out of the greenhouses towards the corridor where I was supposed to meet Melanie and Michael.  When I did though, I totally didn’t expect what was going to happen then.  I saw Melanie and Michael kissing, kissing!  They were full out snogging in the corridor – and I was witnessing.  I stormed over to them, and tapped my foot so loud that they’d have to recognize me standing there.

“A-hem!”  I shouted, and they broke apart. 

“What do you want Weasley?”  Melanie asked.  I was shocked; she had never called me by my last name before.  She must be mad.  Then I remembered – the notebook.  A girl in our year had started a thing; take this notebook and write what you don’t like about someone.  I was angry at Melanie that day and I took it all out on the notebook.  So stupid of me, I didn’t know it would come down to this, our friendship.

“Nothing.  We were going to go to the common room and then lunch, remember?”  I asked, hoping that she hadn’t found out about the notebook.

“I saw what you wrote about me in that notebook Rose.  And I’m never going to forget it.  You can find someone else to sit with at lunch.  We’re through.”  At first I didn’t know what she was talking about, but then…I realized.  When Melanie meant something, she really meant it.  We were done.  I watched them walk away, and heard someone come up from behind me.  

“Hey Rose, what’s the matter?”  Scorpius. 

“Nothing Scorpius, nothing at all.  Bye.”  I shouted, and pushed into him as I walked the opposite direction of the Great Hall.  I’d rather starve than sit by myself.

*end flashback*


After that, she practically told the whole year that I was in love with her boyfriend, which was so not true.  Everyone couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks and weeks.  I think it ruined my reputation.  Because after that summer when I came back for third year, nobody talked to me.  I was alone for quite some time, and the only company I had were my books.  Occasionally I’d sneak down into the kitchens and visit the house elves, and they’d tell me stories about when my mum was in school.  It made me feel a little better, knowing that my mum didn’t really have that many girlfriends either.  Just my dad and Uncle Harry.  The door to my compartment suddenly slid open, and Adeline sat on the seat across from me.


“Adeline!  I thought you’d never show up.”  I said, relieved.  She smiled a little.


“I had some business to take care of.” She told me, and I looked at her suspiciously.


“Benjamin?” I asked, smiling.


She nodded, and there was a bit of color that showed on her rosy cheeks. “He had to go and patrol, because he’s a prefect and all…but he said he’d see me after dinner.” She smiled and leaned back onto the soft seat.


“Sounds serious.” I giggled. It was nice to have someone to talk to. Usually I didn’t have many people to talk to, what with all the other Weasleys in Gryffindor. I was real surprised when I was told that I was in Ravenclaw.  I mean, I thought I would have been in Gryffindor, just like all my other cousins (except for Albus of course, who is also in Ravenclaw.) But Al has his other friends…and I only had Adeline. Thank God that I have her. She’s such a good friend. I wouldn’t do anything to ruin our friendship.


Suddenly the compartment door opened, and there stood the last person I wanted to see on earth, Scorpius Malfoy. Why was he bothering me now? He really couldn’t leave me alone. And it’s not that he’s so irresistible, he’s the total opposite of that. I mean, sure he has that flawless face, perfect blue eyes that he inherited from his mother…that toned jaw line, his broad shoulders. Even for a fourteen year old like myself, he was starting to mature pretty fast, well…looks wise. Not personality. I saved the best bit for last. His hair seemed to fall at the exact right length over his forehead, just above his light blonde eyebrows. Don’t get the wrong idea. I didn’t in any way possible like Scorpius Malfoy. He was the most annoying prat I have ever set eyes on, stupid bloody clone of his father. Holding a grudge against me for something I didn’t do.


“Weasley, just wanted to let you know that I won’t be in any regards with you this year. You may think I have grown onto you because of last year, but that was nothing.” He scoffed. Of course it was nothing! He was my Defense Against the Dark Arts partner! Yes, I may have grown on him a bit, but that was all. Nothing more – no mushy feelings for him or anything like that.


I sighed. “Scorpius, you very well know that I realize it was nothing. And I wouldn’t care if it did turn into anything. Don’t you dare even think that I would ever care about you! You no good,” he just laughed and left the corridor.


“Rose, that was really mean of you to say,” started Adeline, and I glared at her.


“Oh, not you too! I can’t believe this.” I chose to ignore her the rest of the trip, while looking out the windows into the setting sun. Scorpius Malfoy would never, ever become one of my priorities. Not in a hundred years.

A/N: This is my second Rose/Scorpius (and a challenge fic, i might add.) I hope you enjoyed it so far! It's a really short beginning chapter and sorry for that. The next chapters will be longer, I promise :) Please take a moment to tell me what you think in the tiny box below!

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