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“Oh yes you are” Harry said, the same mischievous look, still in his eye. “Just because you didn't immediately take to flying a broom, it doesn't mean you should give up altogether. You'll be safe with me.”


Hermione looked at the broom in Harry's hand. She did want to fly, she had always admired the skill and technique that Harry displayed, but she was slightly afraid. It was one of the only parts of magic that she wasn't immediately great at. Hermione moved her gaze to look into Harry's kind eyes and she knew that with him behind or in front of her...she would be ok.


Hermione began to nod slowly, thinking to herself....what have I gotten myself into now, but then Harry took her hand and all her fear melted away.


“Place you hands like this” Harry said, placing her hands around the broom handle. “Now you mount like this” and Hermione watched as Harry skillfully and gracefully mounted the broom. Hermione followed Harry's lead and swung her leg over the broomstick with a lot less grace, but she was on. Fear began to grip at Hermione as a thousand possible horrible endings flashed through her mind, but before it could completely take control, Harry reached around her and placed his hands on the broom, holding her tight between his arms.


“Hold on tight Hermione, I wont go too fast, not yet anyway.”


And with that, Harry kicked off and they were flying. Utter terror flowed through Hermione as they lifted off, her stomach still firmly on the ground...or so it felt. Her eyes were clenched shut as the cool afternoon air whipped past her, flicking her curls around her face. Hermione was fully aware of the warmth from Harry sitting behind her. His touch was gentle but yet so strong and slowly she opened her eyes to see her white knuckles tensed in front of her.


“Hermione, I wont let you go” Harry whispered in her ear, and so Hermione relaxed and looked down to see the pitch some 100 feet below. They were no longer rising, but were circling slowly around the pitch. She could see Hagrid's cabin from here and the lake, glistening in the sun.


“Thank you Harry” Hermione said, smiling. “This is amazing”.


“Do you want to steer for a while” Harry asked.


“No” Hermione replied quickly, “lets just take this one step at a time.”


They did just that, at least at first. As Hermione began to relax, Harry started to go faster, bank steeper and do sudden direction changes. Hermione screamed occasionally, but they were screams of pure adrenaline and excitement. Although Harry was sitting behind her, he knew that there was a huge smile on Hermione's face, and there was a huge smile on his as well. To be flying was one thing, but to be flying with Hermione was quite another. They had always been such good friends, but here with her so close, Harry couldn't help but begin to feel butterflies fluttering in his stomach. She had grown into a woman, and only now with the weight of the world off his shoulders, had he finally seen it. She had all the curves in all the right places, her hair was no longer bushy but fell in beautiful waves down her back and framed her gentle face. And her eyes, those deep brown eyes just sparkled like no one else's could. He didn't want to admit it but there was no other option available, Harry Potter had started to fall in love with Hermione Granger.


Hermione was having the time of her life. If you had asked her at breakfast if if she would go flying on a broom today, her answer would have been an emphatic no. But here she was flying in Harry's arms, and not just enjoying it, but loving it. All the trepidation she once had was gone. Here she felt safe, which considering she was tens of feet up in the air was slightly backwards to her minds rational thinking...But she was not thinking rationally, because she was with Harry, and with him holding her she knew no harm would come to pass. Harry was so much more carefree now, so much more relaxed and often dreamt about his future, due of course to the fact that Voldemort was no longer trying at every opportunity to destroy him. His arms were strong and his body well toned after years of quidditch, and his eyes shone with a new passion and love of life. She didn't want to admit it but there was no other option available, Hermione Granger had started to fall in love with Harry Potter.


Harry and Hermione spent the rest of the afternoon sun on the Quidditch pitch, enjoying each others company. The worries that Hermione had been carrying for the last few weeks dissipated as she laughed, tumbled and turned with Harry. 'I'm loving this' Hermione thought to herself smiling as she gazed out across the grounds, 'and I love who I'm spending it with'.


“Harry” Hermione said slowly, not quite sure that she really wanted to ask this question.


“Yes” Harry replied, urging her on.


“Could you maybe...teach me to fly” Hermione asked. Her initial fears gone, the feeling of flying was amazing, and Hermione couldn't resist the urge to learn how to fly, especially if Harry was the teacher.


“Sure” Harry excitedly replied, and gently and patiently, Harry began to teach Hermione all she needed to know about flying.


The day was wearing on and Harry's stomach started its nightly ritual of groaning for food. Harry took it as a sign that dinner was approaching and reluctantly he began the descent to the ground. He would have preferred to stay up there, holding Hermione all night, but his stomach grumbles would undoubtedly spoil any fantasies that Harry had been dreaming of.


Hermione felt the broom tilt down and knew that the time to go in for dinner had come. She sighed, she would have liked to stay here longer but dinner was calling her name. They landed softly and Harry sprung off and offered a hand to Hermione. She took it and blushed slightly, turning her face away in the hope that Harry didn't see it. She brought her leg over and tried to stand, but her legs immediately gave way. She closed her eyes and put her hands out waiting for the inevitable crash to the ground, but it never came. Instead, she felt Harry's arms grab her and pull her to her feet.


“Whoops. Steady on there Hermione” Harry said with a laugh.


Hermione couldn't hide her blushing this time. “My legs feel like jelly,” she replied, smiled shyly in complete embarrassment.


“Yeah, that can happen, especially after flying for a long time. We'll just have to get you up here more often, that's all,” Harry said, secretly hoping that Hermione would like to come out here again, but for completely different reasons than to remove her 'jelly' legs.


“I might just have to do that Mr. Potter, I just might. Come on, I'm starved.”


Harry ran to put his broom away and ran back to Hermione, then without missing a step, he grabbed Hermione's hand and together they sprinted to the Great Hall.

A/N Thanks for reading, I hope youe nejoyed this chapter.

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