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Chapter 21


Snuffles and Jazz




“You put my head in such a flurry… what makes you so special?” -Fall Out Boy, W.A.M.S.




If you take a right at the end of the Transfiguration corridor and walk down the left set of steps you will hit a fork in the hallway. If you take the right way you will come to a stone archway carved with runes, whose meanings have been lost for all time. Behind the archway, you will find a row of ancient, unused classrooms covered by layers of dust and a marble statue of a mermaid. If one whispers seashell in the mermaid’s ear she will giggle and move her fins away from a small, old oak door its grain smoothed by years of wear and tear. If you choose to open this door, behind it you will find a small closet lined with oak boards and an empty shelf. No one knows why the shelf is there, but it makes a convenient place to store your book bag when one is skipping class.


Which is what I’m doing at the moment, skipping class and hiding from Black and Lily and well… everyone. I can last for a while in here, I planned it all out. I stocked my bag with chocolate frogs, pumpkin juice, pumpkin pastries and , of course, jelly sandwiches this morning instead of books and I have my wand, as well as my newest hexing book to entertain myself. And I’ve locked the door with charms only Lily and maybe Flitwick can open.


I suppose I should enlighten you as to why I’ve locked myself in here, so here it goes. First of all, I have not done something completely moronic. I have not run through the great hall starkers, murdered Sirius, or accidentally transfigured McGonagall’s head into a carrot. And I have not done something suicidal such as let Voldemort into the castle or set a troll loose on the ickle firsties.


And no, I did not kiss Black. Nothing, and I repeat nothing of the sort has occurred or ever will occur… again. Ever Again.


So why am I locked in here? Well my dearies, it all began at dinner last night. Let me lay the scene for you. After a few long, torturous hours in the library with Lily last night; Mary and I finally managed to convince the red-headed slave driver (Note: when it comes to exams Lilers is just as psychotic as James when it comes to quidditch. Its one of the many qualities they share that makes them sole mates- that and the fact they both are insane sadists. I know, it’s so cute.) that it would be an excellent idea to dash to the great hall and consume mass quantities of food to fuel our brains so we could continue our enlightening discussion on transfiguration theory.


Flashback: the day before in the great hall at dinnertime


“Food!” Jessie said scrambling onto the bench. She grinned demonically as she piled mashed potatoes on her plate, “Yummy,” she stuck the spoon back into the bowl of potatoes and moved onto the dish of fried chicken to her left, “Pardon me Jimmy darling,” Jess sang as she leaned over James and grabbed five pieces and stuck them onto the plate in front of her. She continue to pile food on her plate. After sticking a few broccoli spears in between her macaroni and cheese and the thick slice of ham she had put on top of her rolls, she clapped her hands.


James looked over, “You sure you got enough on there?”


Jessie contemplated her plate for a moment. She picked up an olive and stuck it on the top of the pile, “There, perfect. Tada!” She shut her eyes and breathed in the fumes coming from her plate.


“You are the weirdest girl on the face of this planet.” Sirius stated, shaking his head as he spooned corn into his mouth. Jess rolled her eyes.


There-pause! It was at this point when I realized something fishy was going on. After rolling my eyes at the moron, I looked at him; and he gave me one of his “charming Black boy” smiles. And my heart started thudding against my chest. I dismissed it as the horror of seeing Black’s face giving me a heart attack, and continued with my meal.


James poked Lily in the side, and she giggled.


“What are you eating tonight my darling?” James asked teasingly looking at Lily’s plate.


“Macaroni and cheese, want a bite?” Lily laughed holding out a forkful to James. Jessie rolled her eyes as Lily spoon-fed James food.


“And the winners of the disgustingly cute couple award goes to Lily and James.” Sirius said. Lily looked at Sirius indigently, “We are not disgusting!”


Jess raised a finger, “Well, you both know how much I loathe agreeing with Black, but I must set aside our differences for a moment and say I concur.” She shoveled a spoonful of Merlin-knows-what into her mouth.


“See even Jess agrees with me!” Sirius shouted smirking in triumph. Jessie swallowed, “Don’t get used to it Buck-o.”




“Buck-o!” Jessie laughed, “It’s basically the most amazing word on the planet! Besides helter-skelter, which is fucking awesome…”


“And you using this oh-so-incredible word as a synonym for my name?” Sirius smirked, Jess opened her mouth to speak, “Ah, ah, ah, let me finish before you fume! So you’re basically indirectly calling me amazing? Gee Jessie, I feel so loved!”


“I was not calling you amazing!” Jessie gaped.


“What no witty retort for me darling?”


“I wasn’t!”


“Me thinks the lady doth protest to much.” Sirius said stirring his corn.


“I was not calling you amazing!”


“Yes, that’s what you think, but somewhere deep down inside you think I am the most amazing person on the planet.”


“I do not!” Jessie cried.


“Yes, yes you do love.” Sirius blew her a kiss.


PAUSE! Right then, due to Black’s last action, I am quite possibly scarred for life. You see (this disgusts me to even admit it) as he blew me a kiss (gag.) my stomach erupted into a flurry of (kill me please) butterflies. Once I realized what horrors of epic proportions were occurring in my abdomen, I shooed all thoughts of pretty butterflies away and dismissed my stomach’s actions as a reaction to the fifty trillion types of cuisine I had just consumed.


Jessie blue eyes bugged out of their sockets and she wrapped her arms around her stomach. Sirius looked at her curiously and Jessie shook her head. She looked back at Sirius and gagged, “Eww, Black! Never do that again you’re going to make me hurl!”


“But he wuvs you!” James teased.


“You, of all people, should really not be commenting.” Remus contributed, from behind his newspaper.


“Touché Moony.” James said turning back to Lily. James kissed her on the nose and Lily giggled, burying her head in his shoulder.


“Eww! Remus, they’re being gross again!” Jessie and Sirius yelled at the same time. Both looked rather nauseated.


“Hey!” they yelled looking at one another.


“Stop stealing my words!” Jess pouted glaring at Sirius.


“Stop stealing my words!” Sirius retorted.


“Oh why don’t you two just kiss and make up?” Remus commented.


“Yes, why don’t we?” Sirius asked in mock shock.


“Because I’m rather chew off my own arm!” Jess blushed.


Freeze it right there, please and thank you! I blushed, I fucking blushed. And my head was buzzing. After ignoring the smirk that spread across Black’s lips at the sight of my red cheeks, I took a deep breath and told my self it was due to how disturbing the thought was of Black and me kissing… again.


Lily looked down at her watch and sighed, “Come on James, we have rounds tonight.” she said as she reluctantly stood up. James groaned and slowly clambered out of his seat, “Why so early?”


“Because the Ravenclaw prefect who had them before us is in the hospital wing coughing up butterflies.” Lily said.


“Butterflies are evil.” Jessie announced stabbing her ham.


“So are you.” Sirius muttered and Jessie cocked her head to the side and smiled tenderly at him, “Aww, Black that has got to be one of the sweetest things you have ever said to me,” she said seriously.


What? It was so sweet. He called me evil. If I didn’t hate him so much I could have kissed him. But that would be wrong and entirely uncalled for. And besides its not like I want to kiss him. It just made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like how you would feel if you ate a kitten.


Sirius raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak when desert appeared on the table.


“Desert!” Jessie shrieked in a high pitched tone few humans can reach. She piled pieces of pumpkin pie and chocolate cake onto her plate and began eating. Sirius shook his head and put a slice of pie on his own plate. He turned his attention to the plate and began to eat. If he had happened to look up he would have noticed Jessie looking at him with a curious expression on her face. She took a bite and chewed slowly as she continued to stare at Sirius.


I couldn‘t figure out why he‘d made me so happy, okay? Or why I still felt so warm and fuzzy inside. Right shutting up now.


Jess scraped her plate, finishing off the last bits of her pie, “Well I best be off places to go people to kill!”


Sirius gaped at her and Remus even looked over his newspaper with a mixture of horror and amusement on his face. Jess swung her legs over the bench and into the aisle. She began humming to her herself and skipped out of the room.


Later that night, after I brushed my teeth and was safe in bed snuggled under my covers with the curtains closed I began to dwell upon dinner.


Jessie snuggled into her pillow and smiled contentedly to herself. A few minutes later her smiled turned to a frown and her eyes flashed open.


“Oh hell no!” She shot up and buried her face in her hands, he face steadily growing redder, “No fucking way!” she hissed.


You see I had just come to the disturbing realization that there was a reason behind my reactions to Black at dinner, and I did/do not like the conclusion that I would eventually get to. I spent something like three hours staring at my bed sheets in horror after that, attempting to ignore the metaphorical puzzle pieces that had fallen into my hands. Then I attempted to go back to sleep, and after waking up twice due to err… horrifying dreams I decided to hide from the world. I know I’m so rational. And so after making a trip to the kitchens and stocking up my bag I went looking for the perfect hiding spot.


And that’s how I ended up, curled up, in this lovely little cupboard.




You’re appealing to emotions that I simply do not have…” -Fall Out Boy, It’s Hard to Say I Do When I Don’t




“Where is she?” Lily yelled storming down the girl’s steps into the common room. She ran her fingers through her hair as she came to a stop next to James and Sirius. Sirius shrugged nonchalantly, but his eyes clearly stated he was more worried about the whereabouts of his lady love than he let on. James on the other hand was clearly distressed. He was twitching and kept glancing around.


“If Pete hadn’t lost the map,” James muttered as he craned his head towards the portrait hole as it slammed shut.

“Not her.” Sirius sighed shoving his hands in his pockets.


“Why would she do this? Does she ever think? I mean she could be dead!” Lily said, “We’ve checked everywhere! Unless there’s some secret passageway you lot,” Lily pointed at the boys, “ haven’t discovered, she’s disappeared!”


“That’s impossible! We’ve covered the whole castle!” James sputtered, “She doesn’t know more than us!”


“Are you sure there couldn’t be one place you haven’t discovered?” Lily asked.


“No! We‘re The Marauders!”


Lily raised an eyebrow, “Let’s go search again and if we don’t find her this time we have to go tell Professor McGonagall.”


Lily led the way to the portrait hole where she ran into Mary, “Did you find her yet?”


Lily shook her head no, “Where the hell is that demented little girl?” Mary exclaimed. The group shrugged.




“…Not a million fights could make me hate you…”- Secondhand Serenade, Broken




I do not like Black. I mean its bad enough that he loves me. It would be even worse if I reciprocated his feelings. He’s Sirius, I’m Jessie.



“Hurry Mummy! We’ll be late!” cried a blonde haired little girl as she pulled her mother to the open doors of a tall, marble building- Gringotts. Outside the building hung a purple banner with the words “500th Anniversary” inscribed upon it. Her mother let out a tinkling laugh as she slowed the curly haired child, “We have to wait for you father Jessie my darling.”


The little girl let out a sigh and crossed her arms over her black dress, “ I know Mummy. Daddy!” she yelled as a tall blonde man walked up to the group and slung his arm around his wife’s waist, “Daddy you took for-ev-er!” she said throwing her arms up in the air.

Her father laughed and removed his arm from his wife’s waist. He scooped Jessie up and she snuggled into his arms, “ I love you Daddy.” she said sweetly wrapping her arms around his neck, “ I love you to munchkin.”


Jessie giggled as they walked through the open doors; inside the wizarding world elite were socializing. Witches were dressed in beautiful ball gowns and Wizards were decked out in their best robes.


Jess’ father set her down and instantly the little girl stood up on a chair, “Where’s Jimmy?” she asked. He smiled down at her as he patted her curls, “What about Sirius.”


“Daddy,” Jessie said shaking her head, “ Sirius will be wherever James is. They do everything together!” she said emphasizing the everything.


“Mrs. Potter is over there, how about this, I’ll go ask where he is and then come back and tell you; but you have to promise me that you won’t go anywhere.” he said sternly.


“Cross my heart and hope to die!” she made an x motion over her chest, “I promise not to go anywhere with anyone unless its James or Sirius.”


“That’s my girl,” and with that her parents set off in the direction of Mrs. Potter.


“Boo!” Jessie let out a shriek and turned around to find Sirius grinning at her.


“You are a mean little boy Sirius Black!” Jessie exclaimed flicking her friends head, before hoping off the chair and flinging herself at the boy laughing.


“You grew.” Sirius pouted frowning at Jessie who was clearly now at least four inches taller than the black-haired boy. Jessie shrugged, “It’s not my fault you’re a shrimp.”


“Let’s go find Jimmy!” Sirius whined as Jessie climbed back up onto the chair and began waving her hands in the air. After a few moments her mother looked back over and saw the little girl frantically waving. Jessie pointed to Sirius and her mother nodded and waved her hand to indicate Jessie was free to leave with her friend.


“Have you seen James anyways?” Jessie asked climbing down and brushing off her dress.


“No, but I must say my darling, you look lovely tonight.” Sirius said kissing her hand and smiling. Jess rolled her eyes, “ Whatever you say.”


She poked him in the side as they began walking.


About a half hour later they still had not found the elusive James Potter.


“Where is he?” Jessie pouted crossing her arms. Sirius shrugged. Suddenly a wicked grin spread over his features, “ I have an idea.”


“Really?” Jessie smirked, looking at Sirius.


“Prank him!” they both shouted, high-fiving one another.


“There he is, put it on!” Jessie hissed as James began walking down the hallway in front of them. Jess and Sirius had hid in one of the connecting hallways after “borrowing” one of shiny white tablecloths and a pair of scissors from one of the desks. Sirius draped the cloth over himself . Jess giggled and moved it so the eyeholes they had cut were over his eyes. She shook her head at how silly he looked and peered around the corner. James was only a few feet away and completely absorbed in his thoughts. Jessie turned back around and nodded to Sirius, smirking.


“Ahh!” James screamed, reaching octaves Jessie wasn’t even sure she herself could reach. She jumped out from behind the wall and began laughing with Sirius and James sprinted down the hallway screaming, “The tablecloths are haunted!”


Sirius threw off the outfit and Jessie flung her arms around his neck, “That was brilliant!” she laughed. Sirius grinned and they walked down the hall arms around one another’s shoulders.




Fine, I’ll admit it. Black and I were a good team. Actually we were a great team, we made James cry a few times… But he’s Black now- the arrogant, pompous, womanizing bastard. But he used to be the bestest friend ever, back when he was simply Sirius. Note the lack of a list of derogatory adjectives before his name.




Jessie and Sirius stood together outside of a country manor. Jessie‘s curls were pulled back into pigtails and she had on a pink summer dress and white sandals. Sirius on the other hand was dressed in his pureblood finery, wearing black pants and a dress shirt despite the heat. He‘d tried to make the best of it though, by rolling up the sleeves and unbuttoning the shirt as much as he dared.

“Put it back Sirius!” Jessie hissed jumping away from Sirius who was holding out a green frog to the girl with a wicked smirk on his face.


“But you have to kiss it!” he insisted shoving the frog closer to her. The frog croaked and she shrieked loudly.


“Jessie! I want to see if it turns into a prince!” Sirius pouted, he looked at the frog sadly and then looked back at Jessie giving her puppy dog eyes.


“That face doesn’t work on me Sirius Black! You should know that by now!” Jessie huffed, “And just because you want to find your prince charming doesn’t mean the rest of us want to!” she ordered pointing to a murky pond filled with lily pads next to them.


Sirius gaped at her, “I do not want to find a prince charming!”


Jess giggled, her pigtails bouncing, “Put Arthur back!”


“You named it?!”




“But why Arthur?”


“Because Sirius, because,” Jess laughed kicking the grass.


“But I don’t want to put him back Jessie! He looks so lonely!” Sirius whined.


Jess put her hands on her hips, “If you don’t I’ll make you spend all day with your brother!” she sang.


“Bye bye Arthur!’ Sirius exclaimed bending over and placing the green froggie on a lily pad. Jessie giggled and began to walk away.


“Jazz! Wait!” Sirius cried running after her. Jessie looked over her shoulder and began running to the house.


“You evil girl! Wait!”




We really did have fun together. I miss that.


I miss that?


Bloody hell Jessie! What are you thinking? You do not miss…


Oi! Blondie! Stop right there!


What do you want? I thought you weren’t talking to me?


Yes, well I felt I had to intervene.




Because young lady, you are being ridiculous.


I am not!


No you are, and you are being a right pain in the ass by refusing to acknowledge you miss being friends with Sirius!


I don’t!










Say it!


Merlin, you sound like a bad movie.


I wouldn’t have to if you would just admit you miss him!




Jessie, say it!




Go on…


Fine, I miss being friends with Sirius.


There, see it didn’t kill you!


Oww, that hurt.


Hurt what? Your pride?


For starters, yes…


Now what are you going to do?


Go back to the tower.




Hide in the dorm.






I give up.




“Love is a promise, Love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.” - John Lennon




Spy style Jessie rolled down the wall to the fat lady’s portrait, “Sugarplums!” she hissed at the portrait.

“Hello? Who’s there?” asked the Fat Lady as she swung open. Jess scrambled inside and slammed the portrait closed behind her.


She let out a sigh of relief as she stumbled into the common room, but her breath hitched as her eyes fell on the figure sitting on the couches by the fire.


“Told them you were alive.” Sirius sighed crossing his arms as Jess sheepishly walked forward.


“Why are you here? I thought everyone was at dinner,” she mumbled.


“It was my turn to Jessie watch.” he stated.


“Jessie watch? Merlin, what am I some dangerous creature?” Jess asked shaking her head.


“Wouldn’t be surprised if you had some troll blood in you.” Sirius smirked.


“Ha-freaking-ha.” Jess said sarcastically rolling her eyes, “You’re so witty Black.”


Sirius grinned, “So where were you all day,” he asked standing up.


“You know, around,” Jessie shrugged, scratching her neck.


“Jessie,” Sirius warned.


“What is this an inquiry?” Jessie exclaimed blushing.


“No, I believe that’s what Lily has planned for you. Of course I could be wrong, she did mumble something about handcuffs.” Sirius said coming closer.


Jessie rolled her eyes and looked away.


“Where were you Jess? We were worried sick.” Sirius said quietly, looking down at her sadly.


Jess bit her lip as she looked at Sirius. The boy in front of her didn’t look a bit like the womanizing prankster she’d grown accustomed to, but rather a very sad version of the bubbly little boy she had befriended so long ago. Jess sighed and shrugged, “ I just needed to think,” she said quietly, looking at her toes.


“About what?” Sirius asked quietly, looking at her.


“About how much I… I miss being friends with you.” Jess mumbled looking up at Sirius.




“A partner in crime, a thief of time, you will always be there for me in the end, you are always my dearest friend.”- Anonymous



Hehehe, I know I’m evil for ending it there. Seems everyone has jumped on the cliffhanger bandwagon lately, and there was a little room left, so I thought I’d hop on too. So what did you think? I’m not sure how I feel about this one yet, so I’d love to hear your opinions guys! And I’m sorry, I know I promised a longer chapter…Thanks for reading! Review, please?


-pensive princess

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