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“Yes Mum?” Lily shouted down the stairs from her bedroom.

“Your friends are here.”

“What friends?” Lily queried, making her way to the landing, I don’t have plans tonight, do I? “Tia?” Lily stopped at the top of the stairs, her friend looked up at her with a grin on her face “What are you doing here?”

“Oh that’s nice, isn’t it?” she said, her hands going to her hips.

“Sorry.” Lily said, starting to descend the stairs.

“Don’t bother I’ll come up, we have to get you ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“We’re going out.”

“Out where?” Lily asked, turning to head back into her room as Tia reached her.

“A club, muggle, we did promise to take the boys at some point.”

“Wait, Mum said friends didn’t she? As in plural, oh my god are James and Sirius here too?”

“Yup, they went into the lounge with your Dad.”

“Oh no! Petunia and the walrus are in there! They came round for dinner.” Lily groaned as Tia cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Well this should be interesting.”

“I think you mean painful.”

“Here,” Tia grabbed a leather look miniskirt from the back of Lily’s wardrobe and a deep red halter neck top. “put these on and your black tie-on heels and…” Tia rammed her fingers into her insanely tight jeans pocket and pulled out a black suede thong. “put your hair up with this, I’ll go be damage control.”


Lily hovered nervously at the living room door, it wasn’t that she didn’t trust Sirius and James…ok so it totally is that sI don't trust Sirius and James- but she was really worried that Petunia couldn’t keep her bigoted views to herself. Lily fidgeted by the almost closed door, she had dressed at breakneck speed and now hovered, deliberating what to say to her sister about their guests and how best to avoid the subject of school.


“I wonder Lily managed to keep such a gorgeous sister a secret.” Lily’s mother giggled girlishly at the handsome young man and tapped his shoulder lightly.

“Sirius stop flirting with Mrs Evans, I might start to get jealous.” Sirius grinned and wound his arm around Tia’s slim waist. He whispered something in her ear that made her slap him in the stomach as she laughed and then she shivered as he brushed his lips across her neck.

“Sirius may have been joking Mrs Evans but he was not exaggerating, I’m no longer surprised that a beauty as exquisite as Lily exists.” James held Elizabeth’s eye as he bent his head to kiss the back of her hand. Lily’s mother blushed furiously and shooed him away. “Sir.” James greeted Lily’s father with a firm handshake. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“You too James, we’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Then the odds are stacked against me!” John Evans chuckled amiably.

“I assure you James, it’s all been good.”

“Then your daughter is even more generous than I believed her to be, I only hope I can prove myself worthy of the gift of her friendship.” The young man looked so serious that Lily’s father didn’t know how to respond, the uncomfortable silence was only momentary though as James flashed him a quick smile and moved on.

“And who, prey tell, are you?” James asked, releasing his most alluring smile on Petunia who was sat on the love seat with her lump of a boyfriend. He made his voice smooth, deep and mellow and his eyes twinkled with amusement when she seemed incapable of answering.

“She is a soon to be married woman.” Vernon said aggressively shifting in his seat, his skin starting to flush.

“Then you are a very lucky man, Vernon, is it?” Dursely seemed shocked that James was not intimidated by him. “At your service miss…” he said bowing low and flustering her further when he looked up from under his long ebony lashes with a grin “Sorry, I still didn’t catch your name.”

“James quit dazzling the girl, it’s Petunia and you know it!” Tia admonished. James grinned and stood straight again, flicking his head briefly to Tia to establish just how annoyed se really was.

“I just wanted to hear an angel speak.” James winked at her and Petunia pulled in a gasping breath, apparently, her own name wasn’t the only thing James had made her forget. James laughed and the rich sound rolled through the room, Lily couldn’t resist pushing the door open to see the mirth light his face, James laughing was one of her favourite sights in the world.

“Honestly James, you’ve been in the house five minutes and you’ve already charmed my mother and my sister into puddles at your feet. What were you having a competition with yourself to see who could be most charming?” Lily placed her hands on her hips to look stern. James laughed again but seemed to choke when he caught sight of Lily for the first time. That’s it, remember who you’re really here to see.

“He’s done no such thing Lily Evans.” Elizabeth protested, although the tinge of pink left in her cheeks contradicted her. The infamous Evans blush, better than a lie detector test, one gene I really wish she hadn’t passed on! Lily raised her eyebrows at her Mum as her Dad wrapped an arm around his wife’s shoulders and pressed a kiss to the top of her head,

“Seems it’s you who’s got James speechless darling.” Lily blushed a little herself not blushing…glowing. Really, I couldn't have gotten Dad's olive skin?
“How do I look Dad?” Lily twirled, her high ponytail flicking out behind her.

“Pretty as a picture darling, perhaps a little too so, none of the other girls will get a look in!”

“You look great Lily, but then I dressed you so you needn’t even have asked.” Tia joked, smiling at her best friend. Sirius ever so eloquently wolf whistled and James just nodded and gulped

“What they said.” Lily laughed at that, not so charming now are you hmm? Lily grabbed his arm, his dumbfounded expression turing into a grin and chuckling with her.

“See you later Daddy, love you Mum.”

“Have fun kids, stay safe.”

“Don’t worry Dad, I have my wand.”

“Ok see you tomorrow then sweetheart.”

“Tom-“ Tia cut Lily off by pushing her put of the door and shouting behind her,

“Bye Mr Evans, bye Mrs Evans!”

Elizabeth laughed at her enthusiasm, “Bye Tia dear.”

As the door shut behind them they heard a scream from inside the house “They were wizards?!! I can NOT believe you let those-” Lily winced, James and Sirius had been so careful not to provoke her, she was mortified! Stupid stupid girl, why did you have to mention your wand?? Couldn’t have just said, “Yes Dad” and left it at that could you? No, Eurgh! What must James think…
“Stop it, stop it now.” Tia hissed at her as she linked arms with her and they strolled down the lamp lit street.

“Stop what?” Lily snapped.

“I know what you’re thinking, it’s not your fault, Petunia’s a bitch and James doesn’t care. So, deep breath, forget it happened and let’s start having fun ok?”

“Ok. So…?”

“Oh yeah, you’re staying at mine tonight.” Tia said grinning and fluttering her eyelashes.

“So where are we really staying?”

“James’ house, I know your Mum’s cool with us clubbing but I didn’t think your Dad would be so keen on you sleeping at a boys house.”

“Good call, so your Mum…”

“Thinks I’m staying at yours yes. She wouldn’t be bothered but I just didn’t have time for the boy talk that was bound to ensue if I told her how serious me and Sirius were getting.” The girls grinned and spun to walk backwards so they could look at the boys as they spoke to them.

“So James, after all these years looks like you’ve finally got me to agree to spending the night with you.” Lily winked at him cheekily and he grinned back.

“Don’t say that Lily! You’ll give him ideas and he’s only just got his voice back.” Tia teased. They flipped back around giggling.

“How do they do that in those shoes?” Sirius asked, James shrugged, he had no clue how they stood in five inch heels let alone walked backwards.

“Just enjoy the view Padfoot.” James whispered and Sirius laughed and slung his arm around his friend’s shoulders. 

“I’ll take Sirius, you grab James and I’ll meet you there in a few?” Tia suggested.


“Sirius?” Tia let him catch up so he was stood under the broken street light with her and then wrapped her arms around his neck. “Hold tight.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice" Tia gave him a quick peck on the lips and then the two of them disappeared from view.

“Ready James?” Lily asked holding her hand out to him. Hm… wish body contact wasn’t necessary… much higher chance of getting splinched when James is touching me…
“I was just wondering if what you said to your Dad was true?”

“What do you mean?” Lily asked, still walking down the street to keep warm

“That you have your wand.”

“Of course, with things as they are I’m not about to leave the house without it.”

“So where the heck do you have it hidden.” James asked looking her up and down in a completely different way with a confused look on her face. Lily grinned at James’ genuinely curious expression, bless him he really does not have a clue…
Lily stopped walking and placed a hand on his chest to stop him too. She took a step back as she trailed her left hand down her side, across her hip and down to the edge of her skirt at a teasingly slow speed. Slowly she slid her fingertips back up her thigh bringing the material with them. James glimpsed a deep blue garter very briefly and then her right hand had whipped across her body and pulled her wand from the silky scrap of material and as quick as lightening she had the tip pressed to the base of his neck.

“Bang bang you’re dead.” Lily whispered throatily, she threw back her head and laughed as James gulped. She quickly tucked the thin strip of wood back into the garter in case any Muggles happened to be watching from the windows. “Come on James, they’ll be wondering where we’ve gotten to.” She grabbed his hand again and they ran down the street together. The two teenagers entered the shadow of a large elm tree at the same time but neither came out the other side and the girl's laughter echoed before being swallowed by the night...

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