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I sighed nervously putting a hand through my hair. Yes, I, Sirius Orion Black, was nervous as hell. Laili, the love of my life and best friend since the mere age of two, was waiting for me in the meadow nestled in the Forbidden Forest for me.

Me. Sirius Black. Oh circe help me.

You see, the whole ‘I like you and want to be with you’ speech thing? Ha ha, yeah, not my thing. I was completely used to girls throwing themselves at me. I’m not sure that I’m ready for this.

In fact, no guy was ever ready for this. I don't know how girls pluck up the courage to do this to me every single day of their lives since they entered Hogwarts.

“Meeting Laili?” Remus asked as I paced in front of the door, leading out of our dorm.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked.

"You never pace unless it has something to do with the girl, so yes. Yes it is obvious. Nervous?"

“You have no idea.”

Okay, just for the record- in case I didn't make the message clear:  I’m not ready for this. I know it now, not just thinking. I know I'm not.

Remus laughed softly. “Good luck, mate. Sweep her off her feet.”

“You make it sound so easy,” I complained.

“Maybe it is. You will never know if you don’t get your butt out there,” Remus warned.

Maybe he was right. I mean, Remus was right about James and Lily. And my dear werewolf friend would never lead me astray, now would he?

And he was the smartest of the Marauders, so he must be right. And he's a do-gooder, he wouldn't do something bad to me.

“I’ll see you later, Moony,” I grinned, rushing out of the room and soon out of the castle. I was sprinting by the time I reached the Forbidden Forest. My adrenaline pumping, I dodged tree branches and the like to the meadow full of flowers, weeds, and grass alike. Laili loved the meadow.

What was I thinking? Of course he would.

“Hey, Sirius, in a hurry for something?” Laili asked teasingly as I stood at the entrance of the small meadow panting hard.

“Just wanted to get here before you thought I stood you up,” I choked while urging my lungs to take in more oxygen. Jeez I was out of shape. Note to self: take a few laps around the field tomorrow.

“I’d never think you’d stand me up,” Laili sweetly answered. How she put up with me all the time, I’d never know. 

But I do know that she would keep on waiting on until three am until she fell asleep, but she'd never leave the meadow till I came. Just like when we were five and I was having trouble escaping my house to meet her at the sandbox at the park.

I grinned and rolled my eyes good-naturedly.

“Do you doubt me?” she asked, grinning as well. She got up from her spot on a large boulder to in front of me.

“Of course not, oh wise one,” I said, poking her finely freckled nose. I now understand James’s obsession with Lily. Especially their freckles. There’s so many of them and all the girls think they’re horrible and need to be covered up but to tell you the truth… they’re so darn cute.

“Good,” Laili smiled brightly. Did I ever mention how amazing her smile is?

“Well, I have something I need to tell you,” I said, gulping. Now or never.

“I do too,” Laili said, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“You go first then,” I said, the ever-gentleman I am. Okay, no, I admit I was hoping she was going to say she liked me first so I didn’t have to.

“Well, its kind of embarrassing,” Laili said, blushing slightly. I’d say her blush was adorable but I won't in fear of being called just as bad a James.

“It can’t be that bad, Li,” I replied. I took her small hands in mine and twirled her in a small circle in place. She grinned up at me.

“Well, its like this… I kinda likeyoubutifyoudon’tthat’sokaytoo,” Laili rambled at an incredibly fast speed.

“Uh, what? Repeat that please?” I said, officially confused.

“Do I have to?” Laili asked.

“Yes, I dare say you do,” I said. With her hands still in mine I turned us around so the boulder she had been sitting on was directly behind me. I sat on it so we were eye level.

“Promise me you won’t make fun of me or anything?” Laili asked.

“Promise,” I said in what I hoped was a comforting tone.

“Its not serious,” Laili said nervously.

“Of course not,” I chuckled. “I’m Sirius.”

“Circe, that’s so cheesy,” Laili laughed.

“But you love me,” I said confidently.

“Yeah, I do,” Laili said. “That’s what I was going to talk to you about, actually.”

I tilted my head to the side, sizing her up. You’re kidding, that could not happen. Circe does not love me enough to do that.

“I kinda like you…” she said slowly.

Huh. After all these years Circe finally gave me a break.

“That’s good, because if you didn’t I couldn’t do this,” I said softly before pressing my lips to hers.

I was wrong when I imagined her kiss, it was much better than any fantasy I could have come up with in Potions class.

It was short and chaste, but it meant more than a million ever would from another girl.

“What was it that you were going to tell me?” Laili whispered as the kiss ended.

“I think you pretty much covered it,” I said with a grin.

“Ce n'est pas?” Laili asked in French. We had taken some kind of summer French class together and she had immediately loved it.

“Of course not.” I leaned my head in for another kiss. Remus was right, that wasn’t so hard.

((HEY GUYS! Ahhhh! My first fic in foooooorever. In 2009 too. Don't you guys feel special? This was in response to The Spanish and French title raffle challenge. The title means Its Not Serious in Francais.))

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