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A/N I do not own Harry Potter or Twilight


They both left the owlery before separating to go their own ways, Ginny to tell Harry and her brothers to keep their minds blocked; and Alice to tell her brothers and sisters that the others had arrived. During the time they both spent in the owlery close friendship had begun.


Chapter four


Ginny walked back into her houses common room thinking about what Alice had said.

‘Keep you mind blocked at all times’

“Hey guys” said Ginny, seeing that Ron and Fred where playing chess and George and Harry where playing exploding snap, “I have a message from one of the new kids coming here”

With this all four boys looked towards Ginny.

“We have to keep our minds blocked at all times, and we cannot mention Hermione’s name. I think they know her somehow”.

“What? How can they know our ‘Mione?” said Ron,

“Ron, Hermione did have a life before Hogwarts remember” said Harry hitting Ron on the back of the head.

“Has anyone every asked Hermione about her childhood” asked Fred curiously

“She knows all about ours but we don’t know anything about hers” finished George

“I know a few things but I am not telling, it not my place to say” said Ginny, “Well I’m going to bed”

After the girls’ dorm door shut Harry turned to face the three Weasley boys, “you do realise that she is doing that so we don’t question her”

“Yep” said the twins, while Ron sat trying to figure out what Harry meant.

********* Other side of Hogwarts

Alice bounced back into the tower which had been given to her family.

Edward and Bella lay on the floor in front of the fire staring into each others eyes. Rose sat on a chair painting her nails while Emmet sat in the corner in a huff.

“Guess what?” said Alice a grin on her face

“Go away Alice, why are you so cheery” moaned Emmet, “there is nothing to do here and my PSP isn’t working”

“Oh poor you Emmet” replied Alice sarcastically

“Where you been Alice?” asked Bella, seeing that Alice was back

“Went for a walk, meet one of the other kids that are here, she’s nice. Her name is Ginny” replied Alice

“How many of them is there?” asked Edward, whom had started to play with Bella’s hair.

“I don’t know.” said Alice, “it was only Ginny I meet”

“Is she good looking Alice?” asked Rose after finishing her nails

“Yep, we will have to bring her here, give her makeovers…..” Alice said numbering things off on her hands

“Another Barbie doll for Alice” laughed Emmet”

******** Cullen house

“Hermione, how does your throat feel?” asked Jasper looking into Hermione’s eyes

“Like it is on fire” said Hermione, her red eyes darken slightly

“Well then” said Esme standing up, “I think we need to all go hunting. I myself are feeling a little hungry”

“That sounds splendid; Maya you can raid Alice’s room for something to wear”

“Alice has left an outfit out” said Jasper laughing

Everyone else in the room started to laugh as well.

“That’s Alice for you” smiled Carlisle, “well let’s all get changed and meet back here in 10 minutes”

With this Jasper pulled Hermione of the bed, and took her to Alice’s room.



Hermione walked into Alice’s room. Lying on a king-size bed lay a pair of short black shorts and a green, brown and black army style tank top along with a par of black and white low top converse shoes. Along with the clothes Alice had out makeup, a hair bobble and brush and even underwear.

Jasper turned around and faced Hermione.

“Alice thinks of everything” he grinned before leaving the room so Hermione could change.

As Hermione changed her clothes her mind raced. She thought about the Cullen family, about her friends at Hogwarts, her adopted parents, her real parents and what she is now.

Ten minutes later, Hermione found trees whizzing passed her as she ran with Jasper, Esme and Carlisle through the woods of Forks. Before long Hermione stopped, a scent of warm fresh blood had reached her nose; she could hear a heart beat, coming from beyond the trees in front of her. Slowly Hermione walked around the tree. There standing in the middle of the trees was a large brown grizzly bear.

Hermione stared at the bear’s neck as Jasper walked up behind her.

“What do I do?” asked Hermione, her eyes now moving

“Let your instincts take over” said Jasper moving back a little too where Carlisle and Esme stood watching.

Hermione ran to the bear, just feet in front of it Hermione bent her legs and jumped into the air. Grabbing the head of the bear she pushed the head out of the way before using all the force she could to bite down onto its neck and drinking the bear dry. After finishing feeding, Hermione jumped off the bear landing in front of the others.

“Wow” said Esme, “I have never known a new vampire to feed so cleanly or to take a grizzly down like that”

“You done that quicker and cleaner than Emmet can” added Jasper.

“I did?” asked Hermione

“Yes, you didn’t even spill a drop, how do you feel now?”

“Full” said Hermione, “will we head back now?”

“Yes, Mia. You and I will.” said Carlisle then turned to Esme, “you and Jasper finish hunting then come home”

******** back at Cullen house

Hermione and Carlisle took a seat in the living room after they got back from the hunt.

“Hermione,” said Carlisle, “we are going to have to find out who your true family it. Therefore I am going to have to ask to tell me everything you now remember. It may help us answer a lot of questions.”

“I know” answered Hermione moving so she was lying on the couch.

“I can see my mothers face, I’m around the age of three. She has black blue curls that reach down her back; her eyes shine a magical purple blue. I am sitting next to her. In front of me I watch two boys playing with toy brooms.”

“Brooms?” asked Carlisle

“Oh my.” gasped Hermione realising what she saw, “I grew up around magic”

“Hermione describe the boys” said Carlisle letting the girl go back into a dream like state

“They are both around my age. One has black hair but it is not as dark as my mother’s one has white blonde hair. The black haired boy had dark blue eyes, where as the blonde has stormy gray. A man has now entered. He has the same eyes and hair as my mother, a brother I think. He smiles to me. ‘There’s my beautiful niece.’ I smile back just as another male entered. He like one of the boys, he has white blonde hair”

At this Hermione shoot up and gasped.

“Mai what’s wrong” asked Carlisle dashing to Hermione’s side.

Hermione looks to Carlisle. “I know the two boys and one of the men”

“What do you mean?” asked Carlisle, “you remember their names”

“No, yes. I go to school with them, the dark hair boy is

“You said that the dark haired man is you uncle, predicting that

“I am related to

“Yep, that was what I was thinking”

Hermione sat in silence thinking about what Carlisle had just said. He himself had got up to get a notepad and pen so they could write down everything.

“We’re back” said Esme walking into the living room

“Maya what’s wrong?” said Jasper feeling many emotions pouring from the girl.

“We have managed to find what my mother’s maiden name may be” said Hermione in a bare whisper, “I go to school with my cousin”

With this Carlisle walked back into the room.

“Carlisle what have you done?” asked an angry Esme

“Nothing dear,” said Carlisle writing on the notepad.

“I only asked Hermione what she remembered. She remember about being in a room with her mother and two boys, then two men came in. after she recognised one of the men and with the other said to her, she was able to name the people. Well apart from the first names of one of the men and her mother” said Carlisle filling the others in.

Jasper sent waves of calm towards Hermione, to cam the mixed feelings coming from her. She looked towards jasper with a smile on her face, showing that she was thankful.

“Do you want to continue Mai” asked Esme sitting next to Hermione. Hermione nodded.

Hermione laid back on the couch, her head now on Esme’s lap and her feet resting over jaspers’.

Hermione took a deep, an unnecessary, breath.

“I can hear voices arguing, I am hiding in a small dark cupboard. I can hear a woman laugh.

‘Greg you know the rules, I have to kill the child.’ she said

‘Don’t you even think about it Jane, I’ll have to kill you first if you go near my daughter or wife. She is not like us’ replied my father

I hear someone else enter the room. I think it’s my mother. I hear her scream in pain.

‘No’ the woman named Jane laughed ‘this is too much fun’

‘You’re killing her’

‘G-G-Greg, I love you and M-M-Mai. Ke-eep her safe’ my mothers says through her screams

The screaming has stopped.

‘Until the next time Greg’ says Jane before I hear a door shut”

Hermione sat up and cuddled into Esme as dry sobs fell from her mouth. Jasper came up behind her and cuddled her. Carlisle then joined in. Hermione looked towards Carlisle; she could tell from his face tat he knew something.

“Who is she?” whispered Hermione in a coarse voice

“She is a vampire like us, she can make someone feel like they are in pain” said Jasper into Hermione’s hair.

“We have run into her a few times, we all want her dead” said Carlisle in anger.

Blaise Zabini ad the blonde Draco Malfoy, the blond man is his father, Lucius Malfoy.”Blaise is his son means that.”Blaise. Find them, find my name?”Mariposa!’ screamed my father, “Jane stop it! Stop it now!’

“Come on lets take a break, why don’t you and Jasper go up to your old room, it is exactly the same as you left it” smiled Esme

Hermione looked at Esme, “I think I will”

Hermione stood up. Jasper grabbed hold of her hand for comfort and both walked to a room at the far side of the house.


A/N this chapter is not a favourite of mine, but I had to write it to get some background information about Hermione’s past in. in the next chapter Hermione’s boyfriend/mate will be, is revealed. Please review on how you think it will be and about what you thought of the chapter

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