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 Hello, I'm not JK Rowling. Sorry to disappoint.

Mary and Remus parted ways in front of Mary's bedroom door. After watching Remus climb the flight of stairs she walked into the musty room. She threw herself onto the nearest twin bed and wept. She didn't know what to do other than trap herself in her room until it was time to talk everything over with Harry. Eventually she fell asleep. She woke every hour or so, thinking Severus' patronus had come to tell her he was safe at home. It had yet to come. She refused to allow herself to get out of the warm blankets until she had to.


Remus walked up the creaky flight of stairs towards Sirius' bedroom. He heard a door click shut, knowing Mary had finally gone to rest. He knocked on the wood door and heard Sirius walk towards it.


Moony! How are you, mate?” he said hugging his best friend. Remus looked around the large room and shifted uncomfortably. Sirius was obviously in a better mood than he had been since before Azkaban. Though he knew it was the logical decision, Remus didn't have the heart to talk to Sirius about Mary's situation. He took a seat in a large leather armchair Sirius motioned for him to take.


You're rather...jolly.” Remus finished lamely. He looked up as Sirius' handsome face broke into a huge smile.


And for good reason, my friend!” Sirius replied handing Remus a glass of firewhiskey. Remus took it and took a couple sips. “Remus Lupin! I have very excited news.” Sirius exclaimed as Remus choked on the fire whiskey.


Ahh and what may that be, Padfoot?” Remus said with mock interest.


I have finally bagged a woman and it was none other than the love of my life!” Sirius said with an excited look on his face.


Good one, ol' pal” Remus continued his false emotions. “Uhmm may I ask you who then?” he questioned.


Mary, you fool!” Sirius smiled. He jumped up and paced the room. “I'm glad you're here, Remus.” Lupin looked up at the use of his real name. “I need to ask you a favor..”Sirius said seeming unsure.


I'll do anything I can for you, Sirius.” Remus finished, confused. He had no idea what Sirius Black could need so badly.


I need you to buy a ring for me,” Sirius replied.


A..A ring?!” Lupin exclaimed, quickly finishing off his fire whiskey. “What for? Why would you need a ring?” he finished.


Well I've been trapped for a decade and I want to catch up. I want to marry to love of my life. I'm going to propose to Mary.” Sirius said as his face split into a huge smile.


Uhh..oh my! Uhh so soon? I mean you just saw her again. Shouldn't you hold out?” Remus replied sinking into the worn leather of the chair. “I mean that would be the logical idea. Like try and just be together. Don't jump right into marriage, mate.”


No. My mind is made up.” Sirius said evenly. “I won't wait around.”


Oh..” Remus knew that once Sirius Black's mind was made up there was no going back. “well Uhh see, I just came up to tell you Mary wants to talk to Harry later in the evening. I'm a little tied up today, with the Order, and I won't be able to run out to the jeweler. Sorry mate.” He jumped out of the chair and quickly walked to the door. “Yeah uhh 7 in the study. Harry. Mary. Talk. I'll see you there.” Remus walked out of the dusty bedroom and flew towards the 2nd floor and Mary's room.


Mary woke up to a pounding on the door. “Mary! MARY!” Remus Lupin's nervous voice was muffled through the thick oak of the bedroom door.


“Yes? Come in! Come in!” Mary jumped up. She opened the door and let Remus come in. “Remus what happened? Harry?! What's going on?” she said breathlessly. Remus shook his head and put a hand on her shoulder.


“Sirius is going to propose to you. I couldn't tell him the truth. You have to, it's between the two of you.” Remus explained. Mary fell to the ground.


“What am I going to do?!” she groaned. “I..I don't know what to say..”

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