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A/N: Yes I am eventually back! Sorry for the long absence but apparently university takes over your life before you even get there! Silly A level exams. Anywho just wanted to warn you that this is the shortest chapter of In Emerald Eyes yet but before you complain the next chapter is quite possibly the longest and will be arriving on your screen within the next couple of days. In the meantime enjoy this (theres also an extract from a possible sequel to IEE on my authors page if you fancy a look). Cheers for reading my ramblings and I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Lily woke the first morning of the Christmas holidays with a smile on her face. She stretched and rolled over before deciding to get some breakfast and bring it back to bed. She paused at her desk to stroke the soft wool of the scarf James had given her yesterday then headed down to the kitchen.

It was ten thirty, her Mum would have left an hour ago to do the shopping and her Dad and sister were at work. Lily popped some bread into the toaster and pulled the marmite down from the cupboard above her head. On the way to the fridge to get the margarine and apple juice she noticed a letter with her name on the envelope and a note on top.

This arrived with a handsome tawny owl as I was leaving. I’m popping in to see Mrs Welsham on the way back from shopping so I won’t be back until after lunch. Tinned soup in the cupboard,
Love Ma x 

Lily finished prepping her toast and started to eat as she picked up the letter and broke the seal.

Day one of missing you

Been awake since & o’clock, apparently my body isn’t quite as up for celebrating no lessons as my mind is.
Sirius is still snoring away and now that the traditional breakfast is over with, I’m bored.
Mum suggested I read a book and that got me thinking of you. Wonder if you’re awake yet? Are you commencing the holidays with a slice of toast with the infamous marmite spread on it?
I’ve just realised I have nothing else to write, I’ve done nothing news worthy since I saw you… 21 hours ago.
Don’t think you have to reply to my mad rambling,
James X 

Lily quickly finished her toast and downed her juice; she grabbed the letter from the side and threw her plate in the sink before dashing upstairs to grab parchment, quill and ink.


I slept in until 10.30, there’s really nothing like your own bed! As much as I adore my four-poster at Hogwarts I love being back in my own room even more. Although there’s no Tia to giggle with there’s no snoring Agnes either and no disapproving Jane.
I did have marmite toast for breakfast but I must admit to not tasting it much, I wolfed it down in a hurry to answer your letter- don’t get ideas; I just know what happens when James Potter gets bored!
Thinking of you too,
Lily x 

Lily sealed the letter and ran back downstairs. She flung on a pair of flowery wellies and headed out the back door and round to the side of the house to the owl coop in her pyjamas. Both Shadow her Mums owl and Pearl were fast asleep, heads tucked under their wings.

“Ok guys, who wants to go see James?” Shadow opened one eye before resolutely turning her back to Lily and retreating back under her wing to sleep. Pearl fluttered her wings and stuck out her leg. “Thanks Pearl.” Lily watched the bird fly away before returning to the kitchen for another slice of toast I’ll savour this one. 

As it’s now been over twenty-four hours since I saw you last I’m counting this as day two of missing you.
And just what do you mean by that? I’m perfectly capable of entertaining myself without getting into trouble thank you very much! However today I chose not to exercise that ability…

It started like this:
Me: Mum I’m bored.
Mum: go read a book.
Me: writes letter to favourite redhead
Me: there’s nothing to read.
Mum: well go to the shop and get yourself a magazine then… something about milk.
Me: buys cool muggle magazine about motorbikes… nothing about milk
Mum: shouts about milk
Sirius: wakes up, why isn't there any milk?
Me:shows Sirius cool magazine
Sirius: understands why there is no milk
Me and Sirius: discuss how cool having a motorbike would be
Sirius: buys a motorbike
James and Sirius: get in lots of trouble for not thinking and just randomly buying a motorbike 

It was a fun day! Tomorrow we’re going to teach the bike to fly.
James X

You can’t “teach” things to bikes. You’ll need to use some moderated form of the wingardium leviosa charm- but if anyone asks I did not encourage this in anyway.
If you are going to do it you’ll need someway to disguise the bike, I don’t know if you’re aware but most muggle bikes are incapable of flight. Try a disillusionment charm.
Try not to kill yourself (or get kicked out of school) - I’d have no one left to make fun of!
your favourite redhead x

You didn’t tell me what you got up to today.

You didn’t ask.
L x

Lily smirked as she sealed her reply and attached it to James’s waiting owl’s leg. She wasn’t going to tell him that she’d spent most of her day wondering what he was up to even if it was true.

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