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A/N: the 15/10 for irrational realisations comment is credited to Smiling Ghost :) 

when I woke up that morning I instantly knew something was seriously wrong, for one thing Alicia was sitting on her bed staring at me and grinning like a maniac, something that would generally tip any reasonable person off that something was wrong.

“Morning....” I said cautiously.

She continued to grin ominously “morning Scarlett, I was just thinking about you.”

I blinked and got out of bed “are you alright? Because I think I should get Angelina.”

She grinned and shook her head “I'm going to help you get ready!” she said with a gleeful grin “I'm giving you a makeover!”

“Alicia…” I said backing away nervously “just put down the wand…”

“Sorry,” she said with an angelic smile “I can't do that.”

I ducked behind my bed and picked up my Herbology book to shield me “seriously put down the wand!”

Angelina looked up from her book “stop being such a baby Scarlett.”

“You’re supposed to help me!” I whined.

Alicia took advantage of my distraction to fire a spell at me. I shrieked and ducked but it was too late. I felt a tingling in my scalp.

“What did you do?” I demanded.

Katie smiled at me “it looks good,” she said comfortingly.

I glared “what did you do?”

“I like it!” insisted Angelina.

“What did you do?”

Alicia sighed “stop being such a baby I just fixed your hair.”

“What did you do?”

“Just look in the mirror,” said Alicia impatiently. She gestured towards the bathroom.

I sprinted into the bathroom and stared into the mirror.

“Aah!” I shrieked “what did you do?” my hair was silver.  

“You should show Richard what house you are supporting,” said Alicia firmly

I glared “Well I'm not bloody likely to be supporting Slytherin am I? Besides silver is the Slytherin colour you nitwit!”

“you're hair isn’t silver,” said Alicia with a long suffering sigh “it's white blonde!” she sat down on top of the bathroom counter and surveyed me “it needs one more thing…” before I could stop her she whipped out her wand and fired another spell this time at my eyes.

“Aaahhh!” I shrieked again “I'm blind what the hell did you do Alicia I'm blind!”

“Alicia!” scolded Katie “you could have at least warned her.” She turned to me “Scarlett open your eyes!”

“No!” I sniffled “I'm blind! She blinded me!”

“You’re not blind!” said Alicia impatiently “open your eyes!”

I shook my head “no!”

Angelina squeezed her way into the crowded bathroom and leaned against the shower “Scarlett Lillian Summers open your eyes right now!” she commanded.

I opened my eyes warily.

“Wow!” said Katie sounding impressed “nice spell Alicia.”

“Thanks,” said Alicia smugly “I thought it would work.”

“Scarlett look in the mirror,” commanded Angelina gently “you're not blind and it actually looks quite cool.”

Again I warily turned and looked into the mirror. I blinked “Alicia! My eyes look ridiculous! I look like some kind of demented cartoon character.”

“I take objection to that!” exclaimed Alicia “There is nothing wrong with having blue eyes!”

“my eyes are brown!” I shrieked “and now they look like pool water! I feel ridiculous!”

“Wow,” said Angelina “you should keep them that colour.”

“No!” I said stubbornly “I want my normal eyes with my normal hair!”

Alicia rolled her eyes “yes because who doesn’t want enormous impossibly blue eyes and blonde hair.”

“She’s going to distract the players,” said Katie jokingly “Richard won’t be able to look for the snitch.”

“Fix it!” I hissed.

Alicia slid down from the counter “can’t,” she said with a winning smile “they last a day.”

I glared “what is it with people making changes to my body that won’t go away? Do I have a sign on my back that says ‘please screw with’?”

Alicia grinned “no, but you do have one that says ‘denial’ in large bold print.”

I glared indignantly “what am I supposed to be in denial about?”

Alicia shrugged “That you want to do Oliver.”

“Come on,” said Katie clearly trying not to laugh “we’re going to be late for the match.”


As we walked down to the pitch I sent Alicia a glare “people are staring!”

A fourth year Ravenclaw walked by me staring so much he walked into a pole. Alicia snorted with laughter.

“See!” I exclaimed “people are getting hurt!”

Angelina rolled her eyes “Scarlett stop being neurotic…” an evil grin broke out on her face.

“What?” I asked narrowing my eyes.

“Wood is coming,” said Angelina gleefully, “and so is Richard.” She gave me a push in their general direction only to have me trip over the heels Alicia had forced me to wear. I nearly nose dived into the pavement before a strong pair of arms caught me.

“Whoa,” joked Richard “if you wanted me to hold you all you had to do was ask.” His grin faded slightly when he looked up “Wood,” he said flatly.

I looked up as well and met Oliver’s glare “jeez,” I muttered “who rained on your parade?” Oliver abruptly turned around and stormed off.

Richard gave me an uncomfortable look “maybe he really thinks I did kill his grandma…”

I snorted “either that or he is just an insane fascist Nazi with an attitude problem…”

Richard grinned “yep, it's probably that one,” he lowered his lips to my ear “have I mentioned how much I love the new look?”

I smirked “I thought I should get into the spirit.”

“Screw the raven,” said Richard cheekily “you're our new mascot.”

I grinned and struck a pose “can you see me on the banner?”

“Totally,” Richard ducked down and kissed me on the cheek “I have to go and get changed; I’ll see you after the match?”

I nodded “kick some Slytherin ass for me.”

He grinned again “well considering the captain is still wincing and looking like hell every time he sits on a broom it shouldn’t be too hard.”

I smirked “good.”


As Richard jogged off I looked around for my friends. When I was unable to find them I began to walk down to the pitch. Until that is I was yanked behind a tree.

“Wood?” I demanded “what the hell do you think you're doing?”

“That’s funny,” he commented leaning against the tree “I was about to ask you the same thing.”

I blinked “what?”

He smirked “you know your eyes are really less effective when they look like an overly chlorinated pool.”

I glared “go to hell.” I turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm.

“What the hell are you playing at Summers?” he demanded.

“That’s funny,” I parroted “I was about to ask you the same thing.”

His glare grew more pronounced “Sykes is not a good guy. Anyone who would ask you to change this much” he gestured at my clothes and appearance “is a creep.”

I smirked “that’s not a nice thing to say about Alicia.”

He looked confused “what?”

“Oh?” I said innocently “you didn’t know, Alicia attacked me this morning and almost blinded me. Richard had nothing to do with it.”

“He still isn’t a good guy,” repeated Oliver stubbornly.

“Why the hell do you care Oliver?”

He looked torn for a moment before he muttered “to hell with it.”

Before I could question him he slammed his lips against mine. I blinked and was lost in the sensation for several seconds until with a start I remembered who I was kissing. I pulled away. *crack* the slap echoed eerily. 

“What the hell was that for?” demanded Oliver rubbing his cheek.

“What the hell are you playing at?” I said stunned “after everything you put me through you don’t get to touch me!”

“I didn’t put you through anything!” snapped Oliver “and as if I would want to touch you!”

“Well you just did!” I said triumphantly “so there!”

“Why would I want to touch a sarcastic annoying bitch?” yelled Oliver stepping closer to me.

“Again!” I yelled “you just did! And I'm not a sarcastic annoying bitch!”

“Yes you are!” he yelled.

“No I'm not!” I said “I'm not sarcastic or annoying I'm just hilarious and cooler than you.”

“You’re still a bitch!”

“I'm not a bitch,” I said sweetly “I just don’t like you.” I turned around and flounced off towards the match. 


“What did you do?” hissed Alicia as we watched the game.

I looked at her indignantly “I didn’t do anything!”

“Then why does Oliver look someone killed his grandmother?” asked Alicia.

Several seventh years turned around and shushed us before turning back to the game.

Alicia rolled her eyes at them “we all know who’s going to win anyway,” she said with a roll of her eyes “considering the Slytherin captain winces every time he sits on the broom.”

“Why do you automatically assume Oliver is upset over something I did?” I asked guiltily.

Angelina responded without taking her eyes off the game “because it's always something you did now what happened.”

“He kissed me,” I mumbled.

Angelina and Alicia jumped to their feet “what?” they shrieked. The seventh years turned around again angrily.

“Sorry,” said Alicia carelessly. She turned to me “what did you do?”

“I slapped him,” I said embarrassed.

“Why?” howled Alicia shaking me “why would you do that?”

The stands suddenly erupted in cheers and we all looked up. Alicia tapped one of the seventh years on the shoulder “what happened?”

“Ravenclaw won!” he cheered “I could kiss the person that injured Flint!”

I grinned and raised my hand “right here!”

He grinned in return and vaulted his seat before kissing me sloppily “you are my hero!” he yelled before he ran off after his friends.

Alicia raised an eyebrow “oh so he can kiss you but Oliver gets attacked?”

I stuck out my tongue “random boy didn’t kick me off the team.”

“Well there’s one way to fix that…” said Katie hopefully.

I glared “I can't tell him because then he wins.”

“No…” said Angelina slowly “you would be back on the team and then you would win. Plus we as a team would also win. Everyone would win! It's win freaking win!”

“But then I'm giving in and I can't do that because it's a matter of principle!” I explained stubbornly.

Alicia rolled her eyes “well 15/10 for irrational rationalisations there Scarlett.”


“Hey!” yelled Richard as he jogged off the pitch.

I smiled “hey.”

“Did you see it?” he laughed “how freaking awesome was that catch?”

I laughed “pretty err… freaking awesome.”

“I know!” he said with a lopsided grin “and…” he kissed me quickly “that is for injuring Flint.”

I laughed “believe me it was my pleasure.”

“I’ll see you later I’ve got a victory party to attend,” he said with a smile.

I smile back “awesome sounds fun.”

He blinked “oh it's just…”

“Oh… sorry I thought you were inviting me,” I said confused.

“No no,” he said quickly “I would it's just…”

I was starting to feel annoyed “just what?”

“You just look a little… ridiculous,” he blurted.

I glared “well that’s not my fault Alicia attacked me! Besides it's only temporary.”

“My friends don’t like you,” said Richard flatly.

“And I don’t like them but if you really liked me what they think would be irrelevant!” I snapped “plus my friends hate you too! so guess what? You can take your win and stick it up your conceited ass you conceited ass!”

I turned around and stomped off towards my own common room. 


“Hey Summers.”

Fred and George sat down on either side of me as I stared moodily at the fire in the common room.

Fred grinned “We heard you ditched Sykes.”

“Actually technically he ditched me,” I pointed out.

George waved my comment away “unimportant details, point is the guy was a jerk.”

I grinned “thanks.”

Fred smirked at me “we heard Oliver kissed you.”

I groaned “is there anything that goes on in the school without you two knowing?”

“No,” they said in unison.

“Well learn to mind your own business,” I said sticking out my tongue.

“But it is our business,” said George with a mischievous grin “we’re on the team, and if the captain is sticking his tongue down the seekers throat…”

“EW!” I exclaimed “stop it that’s just gross.”

“We heard you slapped the poor guy,” said Fred “kissing you seems to be dangerous, Flint is still walking funny.”

I glared “Well both of them kissed me without asking…” I said.

George snorted “remind me to never kiss you… by the way how is our reward coming along?”

I blinked “your reward?”

“Our dates with certain chasers” prompted Fred “our bribe for our silence.”

“Oh!” I said “it's coming along…”

“Good because Oliver will probably crucify us and speak of the devil…”

Our conversation was rudely interrupted by a livid Oliver Wood.

“What the hell are you playing at?” he yelled.

I blinked then I realised what he was talking about “ok…” I said calmingly “I can explain…”






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