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The next morning Lily was at breakfast and eating a proper meal for the first time in over two weeks. James was grinning all the time and Sirius continuously pestered him until he finally admitted that he had told Lily he loved her. Sirius whooped and high fived James saying cheekily

“It was about time, you’ve been moping around and looking pathetic for weeks now.”

“You can’t talk, what about you and Rose snogging every chance you get!”

After the death of her parents Lily and James became inseparable, rarely seen without each other. The four Marauders sat with Lily and Rose in every class. Lily and James next to each other and Sirius and Rose on the other side of them. Lily and Rose were now included in the planning of pranks on the Slytherins, though they still seemed to be withholding information from the girls.

One afternoon the group of them were sitting in the Common Room when they heard a tapping at the window. James unwrapped his arms from Lily and went to let the owl in. It stuck its leg out at him and he untied the letter. It was addressed to him. He opened it and recognised the untidy scrawl of his Grandmother.

Dearest James,
I hope this letter finds you in good health. I have heard rumours a certain red haired young woman that caught your fancy back in your first year is finally your girlfriend, the Potter men always seemed to have a thing for red heads. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but last night the Dark Mark was found above your parents house. Aurors investigated the scene and found that You-Know-Who had murdered them for fighting against his cause. Please don’t do anything irrational, especially to those dreadful Slytherins. Let your newly discovered loved one help you get through this. And Sirius, he was always a funny young man and like a brother to you.
Love Grandma.

Lily watched as James read the letter. The radiant look on his face quickly disappeared and was replaced with anger and grief.

“Damn him!” he yelled throwing the letter in the common room fire, storming out of the portrait hole. Sirius made to go after him but she stopped him saying

“No. Please let me go.” The love was evident on her face, so he sat back down. She quickly disappeared through the portrait hole, knowing exactly where to go. She found James five minutes later. She quickly crossed the room and took him into her arms. She felt a tear slip down her cheek. She wished she could take some of his pain for her. Kissing the top of his head softly she asked

“What happened?”

Lily was there now, everything was going to be fine.

“My parents were murdered by You-Know-Who,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Its alright, you can cry. Shhhhh.” She said comforting him. Then he broke down, the sobs racking his chest. Normally he would have been caught dead before he cried in front of a girl, but Lily was different. He loved her and it felt right. He pulled her closer to him his tears staining her shirt. He wanted to make sure she never went anywhere.

Holding James to her chest, oblivious to the tears on her shirt, Lily whispered to him

“I will never leave you James. I will be here forever.” Slowly his sobbing ceased and he looked up and into her eyes.

“I love you James,” she murmured softly and taking him into her arms again they kissed softly. She poured all her love for him into that kiss, so she could show exactly how she felt.

“Guess we are both orphans now,” he said smiling. “Its just you and me. Together forever.”


Lily jerked awake covered in sweat and shaking with fear. She'd had this silly dream that James was murdered right in front of her.... Its fine, everything is fine she told herself as she headed to the bathroom to splash her face. James is in the next room asleep and safe, but who was the baby Harry? Was he hers, she seemed willing to protect him with her life. Acting on impulse Lily slipped out of her dormitory and over to James’. She bent over his bed and he awoke immediately.

“Lily. Are you ok? Is something wrong?”

“I had a nightmare involving us, but I’m ok now.” She said her voice wavering.

“Shhhhh,” he said softly pulling the covers up for her and taking him into her arms. She relayed the dream to him, feeling immensely better afterwards. After all it was only a silly nightmare, nothing like that would happen to them. Their eyes met shortly followed by their lips. Something was different this time, maybe because they were in bed… It was more passionate than before. It was then she realised that life without James wasn’t worth living. She ran her arms over his bare back and muscles continuing the passionate kiss. Pulling apart, they gazed into each others eyes, then she snuggled down into his chest. Dozing off, she felt safe he tightened his arms around her. She was in heaven.

The next morning James woke up and felt surprisingly warm. Then he remembered the night before. Grinning he opened his eyes as Lily stirred in her sleep. Looking across the room he met Sirius’ eyes who winked and mouthed

“About time.” He threw him a dirty glare before returning his attention to Lily who was waking up.

“Morning,” she said softly before opening her eyes to see Sirius grinning. “Oh no,” she said now absolutely mortified, burying her head into James’ bare chest. Sirius could control himself no longer and began laughing.

“See you two were busy last night,” he said wickedly before leaving the room. James turned to see Lily was red and looked as though she were going to cry.

“Ignore him. He thinks his funny. If you let him get to you, he’ll keep going.”

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