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James POV – late August/early September 1978 “No, James.” Lily said as I sat on her bed and opened the book. She was looking at me pleadingly but I was not going to fall for that again! She’d tricked me with that look too many times while I’d stayed here. “Why not? I want to see what my fiancé looked like before she came to Hogwarts.” I said. I sat against the pillows and headboard and rest the photo album on my lap. I looked up to see Lily going slightly red. She had a red curl wrapped around her finger and she was looking at me anxiously. “Please James!” Lily said, “I hate those photos” She sat on the bed next to me and tried to snatch the book away. I pulled the photo Album out of her reach. “James!” She said. She reached across and I just moved the book further away. Lily’s lost her balance and fell on top of me. “Why? Miss Evans.” I said discarding the photo album. Lily grinned and moved herself into a more comfortable position on top of me. “Mr. Potter.” She said. She gave me that smile that made my heart skip a beat and that look that made everything inside me melt. I couldn’t believe she was going to be all mine at her parent’s request. I hadn’t actually planned on proposing just yet because I was so nervous about her parents hating me but I think the knowledge that the Evans’ really didn’t mind me getting married to Lily and the fact that they actually wanted her to get married to me just gave me the guts to propose to her. I hooked my arms around her slender waist and gently brushed my lips against hers, inviting her to explore slightly. “You know we really shouldn’t.” Lily murmured. “Why not?” I asked her, brushing some hair out of her face. “Because we get carried away?” Lily suggested. I smiled and pulled her into a kiss that was interrupted within a second by a loud scream. Lily and I both sat up. “Mum!” Lily shouted. She jumped off the bed and grabbed her wand off her desk. I slid off the desk as well and followed her. I had my wand in my pocket and we both went onto the landing. I started down the steps and looked into the hall, getting my wand out in the process. “Mrs. Evans?” I asked cautiously. “It’s Potter!” Someone said. I turned and saw four cloaked figures standing in the doorway. “Oh crap!” I shouted. I held my wand out. “Stupefy” “Protego.” The deatheater in the front said. The red beam of light bounced off an invisible shield and would have struck me if I hadn’t moved out of the way just in time “James!” Lily said running down the stairs. She glanced at the deatheaters and started in surprise. “Petrificus Totallus!” She said holding her wand tightly. I pushed her behind me to protect her and to try and get her out of the fight. The spell she had cast hit a deatheater just behind the one in front. “Lily, get your parents to safety.” I said in a deeper voice then usual. The barrier that I normally put up when in Auror training was coming up again. My mind was searching for the right spell to use and I was already doing as my mentor had taught me. Take in your surroundings and see how to use them to your advantage. “James, what about-” “Crucio!” one of the deatheaters said. I pushed Lily to the floor and I lay on top of her slightly. I turned and she got up on her knees. “Impedimenta,” I shouted then after I quickly said “Stupefy” The Deatheater in the front dodged it and the spells hit the deatheater behind. I hated those hoods they wore. “Lily, your parents.” Lily nodded and scrambled to her feet. One of the deatheaters disapparated and apparated again right in front of Lily’s path to the kitchen. “Enervate” the person who seemed to be the lead deatheater said to one that I had stunned. The deatheater’s hood fell off and I could see who it was. Jessica Lowe. She shook her head and stared at me. “Hello Potter. What are you doing here?” She asked. The other deatheater took the body binding curse off the other deatheaters. “Stupid bitch.” She muttered. Well it must have been a she because she sounded like a girl. “Go and find the parents, we want them all dead” The leader said. I held my wand. “Don’t touch the Evans family.” I said to them. There was a scuffle and a slight scream behind me and I turned to see Lily trapped in the arms of the fourth deatheater. She had cut across her face and her shirt was torn slightly. “Lily!” I said. “Stup-” “Try it and I’ll kill her.” The deatheater holding Lily said. I recognised his voice. Must have been another Hogwarts student I’d been to school with. I hesitated and looked at him. His eyes on me. “Don’t hurt her.” I said dangerously. I meant every word. If anything happened to Lily, I would never be anle to live with myself. Lily looked at me for help as the deatheater tightened the grip around her neck. “James!” Lily said in shock as I felt a sharp pain slice through my back. I fell to my knees as pain exploded through my body. “James” Lily shouted kicking the deatheater that held her and trying to get to my side. I gripped my wand and tired to ignore the pain so I could help Lily. “Crucio!” The deatheater said. Lily let out a scream and fell to the floor in pain. I felt like it had been me who had received the curse. I could almost feel it. “Lily!” I shouted, starting for her as Petunia suddenly appeared from a room, which I think is like a store cupboard with a tennis racket. She swung the tennis racket at the deatheater that had been holding Lily. “Don’t you dare hurt my family” She shouted. The deatheater stumbled backwards and apparated out before he fell over. I stumbled to Lily’s side as the curse was lifted from her and looked at the other deatheaters. “Get them Potter!” Petunia ordered. I stood up and sent jinxes and hexes at them. They somehow managed to dodge them all and I got hit a few times by stinging hexes. Lily had recovered somewhat and decided to join in as well and managed to knock the hooded female deatheater unconscious as she tried to get to the kitchen, where Lily’s parent’s were. “Leave, her.” Said the leader. “Lowe!” The leader disapparated. Jessica looked at Lily like she was the scum of the earth then looked at me. “Crucio!” She shouted at Lily. Lily was hit, for the second time by the curse. I ran at Jessica and collided into her with my shoulder connecting with her stomach. She was knocked backwards and we both rolled over in a mess of robes and limbs. “Petrificus totallu-” I didn’t finish as Jessica kicked my chin and I bit my tongue painfully. There was a crack and Jessica was gone. I winced in pain as I tasted blood in my mouth. “Mum, dad.” Petunia said turning around and running into the kitchen, leaving Lily lying on the floor breathing heavily with her eyes closed. I scrambled to my hands and knees and crawled over to Lily. “Lily.” I said urgently. “Lily! Ennervate.” Lily’s eyes fluttered open and when she saw me she put her arms around my neck. I put my arms around her tightly, ignoring the pain that was in body from the stinging hexes and my bitten tongue. “Don’t let that happen again” Lily muttered into my neck as I felt a tear touch the skin of my neck. I closed my eyes and held Lily tightly. I couldn’t believe that I’d let Lily get hurt. “You’ll never get hurt again, I promise.” I whispered. Lily nodded and just held me tightly. “Is everyone ok?” asked Mr. Evans as he emerged from the kitchen. When he saw me trying to comfort Lily his eyes moved to where a deatheater remained unconscious in the hall. Mr. Evans went over to the deatheater and pulled off the hood. I was startled to see that the deatheater was Kiana Darcy. Her blond hair was shorter then it had been and her head lolled to the side. Lily turned to look and gasped. “Oh my god, it’s Kiana.” She muttered. I tried to get up but stumbled on my feet. Lily helped me up and looked at me worriedly. “James you’re hurt.” She said, looking at my back. “I’m fine.” I muttered in pain though really I was in so much agony. It felt like the whole of my back had been sliced open. I put a hand in my pocket and pulled out a small silver ring and slipped it onto one of my fingers. “Is everyone ok?” I managed to say through the pain. “Yes, we went into the kitchen the moment we realised it was one of your lot.” Mr. Evans said bravely, “Barricaded the door.” I nodded and April apparated into the house wearing her auror robes. “You ringed?” she said with a smirk. Her smile faded when she saw the condition Lily and I were in. Her eyes widened. “What happened?” Lily nodded to Kiana, who was still unconscious. “Kiana Darcy!” April said slightly alarmed. “James, Lily, Moody is on his way here with Frank Longbottom. Are you ok?” Lily nodded and did something with her wand. I felt the pain in my back subside and my mind getting sleepier. I knew I was starting to fall asleep on my feet. “James, go upstairs and get some sleep.” Lily said to me. I nodded, I only understood sleep and upstairs. Upstairs is where I sleep. Sleep is good. Lily wiped my mouth with a bit of her shirt and pressed a kiss on my lips. “Go to Sleep, April and I will handle it from here.” Sleep. Sleep is good. I turned around and stumbled up the stairs and towards a door that had a small plaque saying LILY on it. * * * * * I stood on the deck of the boat nervously. I was bouncing on the balls of my feet and taking in a few deep breaths. If only I could calm the nerves in my stomach. Everything would be alright. Everything was perfect and exactly how Lily wanted it and how I planned. Even Petunia wasn’t here, which was great because I really didn’t like Lily’s sister. The boat had come to a stop a while ago and the guests were sitting behind us. I glanced at Sirius for support. He gave me a reassuring grin, I glanced at Remus and he gave me a thumbs up. “She’s not going to run away.” Remus said. “She said yes didn’t she?” “Well actually-” Sirius said thoughtfully. My stomach gave an uneasy jerk at this. “Thanks Padfoot.” I said, turning to the minister who was going to carry out the ceremony. Lily had told me she’d always wanted to get married on a boat. The boat I’d managed to borrow from one of my uncle’s friends was like a mini cruise liner and plenty big enough for all our guests, consisting of friends and family. I felt like being slightly ill. I loved Lily so much but I was so scared she’d get cold feet and just leave me. I was scared and nervous. Nervous because tonight would be the night. I’d managed to not sleep with anyone for over a year, mainly because I cared so much about Lily thought of me and then because Lily didn’t want to be touched until she got married. I could hear the guests chatting amongst themselves. Peter hadn’t been able to come because he said there were some personal troubles and because he was severely depressed. I would be depressed to if my girlfriend had been sent to Azkaban, even if it was only Kiana Darcy. I hadn’t seen Lily since last night, Sirius and April had forced me to stay at Sirius’s flat where the boys threw a bachelor Party for me. April had spent the night with Lily and Jenny had joined them this morning. I just wanted to see Lily. “Remus, could you quickly check that Lily is com-” I said turning to Remus but both Remus and Sirius were staring at something behind me with their mouths slightly open. I heard music playing and I turned around as quickly as I could. Lily had just appeared on deck with her arm through her father’s arm. I felt my heart speeding to ten times it’s usual speed. Shit she looked amazing. The white dress that her mum had helped her pick out just made me want her more then I already did. Her veil covered her face. The wind from the open sea blew her hair and veil back slightly like some force wanted her to look more amazing then she already did. She was looking at me with a nervous smile. I swallowed a lump that had formed in my throat and quickly took my hands out of my pockets and let out a calm breath. I suddenly felt a lot better then I had. Behind Lily Jenny and April were smiling at each other. April whispered something and I saw all three girls chuckling slightly. Lily came to where I was standing and her dad lifted her veil. “Thanks dad” She said, giving her dad a kiss on the cheek. Mr. Evans looked at Lily proudly and then went to join Mrs. Evans. Lily turned to me as April and Jenny took their places. I stared back at Lily. She was stunning, breathtaking and now she would be all mine. I didn’t deserve someone like her. I’d never loved anyone so much in my entire life as much as I love Lily now. I was vaguely aware of the minister starting the ceremony but I didn’t notice. It was just Lily and me. She didn’t take her eyes off me either. She had a slight smile on her face but it wasn’t her face that was attracting my attention it was her eyes. “Are you ready to take your vows?” The minister asked. I started slightly and nodded. “Lily.” I started nervously, I looked into Lily’s eyes as I continued. I knew my vows. I would say them without stopping, I hope. “Since the first day I met you I’ve been in love with you. That day on the train all those years ago. And even though you hated me for most of the time we knew each other I never stopped loving you. I will always love you until we die and beyond. I will care for you and look after you no matter what happens. I’ll never leave your side, even if you ask me to. I’ll stay with you forever. I feel that I don’t deserve someone as amazing as you as my wife and that you could have done better. I feel so honoured that you chose me to be your boyfriend, fiancé then husband. I’ll try and make sure you’re not disappointed” I said. I finished. My eyes had gone from Lily’s eyes to my hands. I looked back at Lily. She was smiling happily and a few tears had fallen down her face. She looked so beautiful. My heart was starting to speed up again. “James.” She started. My stomach gave a jerk, I loved the way she said that. “It took me a while to think of my vows but I realised that I can’t express what I feel for you in words, song or by actions.” I think I saw April and Jenny smile at each other but my eyes were on Lily. She blinked and another tear of happiness fell down her face. “There’s nothing on this earth that I wouldn’t do for you. I’d travel to the ends of the earth for you, I’d kill for you, I’d even shed a Peacock of its feathers for you.” I grinned at her as she grinned as well and lowered her gaze slightly. I managed to get a glimpse of April and Jenny, they were both grinning and April was crying slightly. Women, they cry at anything but I was trying to fight down the tears of happiness that I felt. Lily was going to be mine. “But none of that would be able to express the love and happiness I feel when you’re around me. You make me feel happy, peaceful, content and how I felt the first time we kissed. The feeling has never gone away and to me you’ll always be Prongs, the man in the mask, the man that took my heart away and will keep it forever.” Lily said. She looked at me and I gave her a grin. Quickly I turned and got the ring off Sirius and turned back to Lily. I didn’t want to take my eyes off her. I took her hand gently in mine and put the ring on her wedding finger. It fit perfectly. April had helped me chose the ring, mainly because she wanted it for herself and knew Lily would love it. Lily turned around and got a ring off April and put a ring on my fourth finger. The minister said something quickly but all I heard was. “You may now kiss the bride.” The six words I’d been waiting for. It meant that now Lily was no longer Lily Evans but Lily Potter. My Lily Potter, mine forever and ever. I took a step towards Lily. She grinned and I lowered my lips to touch hers. It was like being on several different drugs at once. My lips were tingling, my body was humming. Lily put her arms around my waist and then regretfully we had to break apart. “We did it.” I whispered to Lily. She bit her lip like a young girl. “Come on.” She said. * * * * * I couldn’t take my eyes off Lily as we had the dinner. I couldn’t eat anything, Lily was everything in my life, everything in my world! She kept looking at me as well. I leaned over to her and kissed her gently. She returned the kiss and I felt her hand on my cheek. “I love you.” I muttered to her. “I love you too.” She said, “Just think back on my vows.” She said with a smile. I looked at her and I wanted to kiss her again when there was the sound of metal on glass and Sirius stood up with a half empty glass of wine. Mr. Evans had spared no expense for his daughter’s wedding. “Good afternoon, ladies, Gentlemen, Bride, groom, bridesmaids,” He flicked his eyebrows up as he looked at April and April went red slightly and turned to talk to Jenny. “Old headmaster, Mr and Mrs. Evans, Mr and Mrs. Potter” Sirius said looking at me and Lily. Lily had moved closer and her arm was around mine and she was looking at Sirius intently. “Today is a very happy day, for several reasons but unfortunately I would like us to spare a thought for three people who should be here today but cannot. James family, Andrea, Martin and Ellie Potter.” Sirius said. He stopped for a moment and I felt a small tug at my heart at my family’s names. He was right. They should be here. I could feel them here spiritually but they should be here sitting next to me like Lily’s parents were sitting next to her. Sirius looked up brightly to continue. “Well to those of you who don’t know me I’m Sirius Black, James’ best friend” He said. “How can we forget.” April muttered. Lily and Jenny laughed slightly and those who had come to Hogwarts with us laughed as well. “Thank you April. Well, I would just like to say a few things. For those of you who came to school with us you’d have become accustomed to seeing James chasing Lily. Lily shouting at James and general all out warfare between the two” I saw a few people nodding, including Dumbledore, who had so kindly agreed to come with Professors McGonagall, Hamish and Grout. Our old Transfiguration, potions and Defence against the dark arts teachers. “None of us ever expected Lily and James to get together, even if they were the last people on earth they wouldn’t have touched each other. Well now look at them. They’ve just shown that enemies can be friends. Lily, I’m going to give the big brother speech seeing as I am in fact older then James, I am very protective over him. You hurt him and I swear I’ll kill you.” Lily and I laughed along with some other people. “To the Potters!” Sirius said holding up his glass. “You got the type of sibling wrong.” I said to him as he sat down. “No I didn’t.” Sirius said clapping me on the back. “F O B speech!” Sirius shouted. Lily turned to her dad. Mrs. Evans was trying to urge him up. He nodded and got to his feet. “Well, I certainly don’t know what to say.” Mr. Evans said. “I never thought Lily would be the one who’d get married first, I never even thought she’d find someone while she was so young.” Mr. Evans said looking at Lily. Lily was looking at her dad with a happy look on her face. “James, I’m going to tell you now look after her. Just because we give you permission to be her husband don’t give you a reason to mistreat her but I know you won’t. You’re the son I’ve never had, I’m proud to hand Lily over to you and I’m glad that she chose you. I never thought that she’d find anyone who was worth my youngest daughter but then she dragged you home from her school. Lily, I’m glad you decided to marry James. He’s a good man and your mother and I are so proud of you. I know you’ll make as good a wife as you’ve been a daughter. Remember both of you are always welcome at our home and we eagerly await the sound of small footsteps and baby banter.” Lily blushed slightly and she turned to me. I smiled at her and held her hand tightly. Yep, tonight was going to be special, amazing, incredible. “Look after her James.” Mr. Evans said before sitting down. I could feel the shop moving slowly and I looked at Lily, who was looking at April. “I want to make a speech.” April said. “No.” Lily said. “Please.” April muttered. “The bride said no” Jenny said laughing. April stood up anyway and Lily put a hand to her head in embarrassment. “Oh no.” She said with a smile. I laughed and put my arm around her. “Hello Everyone. I’m April and I’m Lily’s best friend. She doesn’t want me to make a speech because she knows I’ll embarrass her but I’m going to make one anyway. I’m not going to be like Sirius and try and be funny and I’m not going to embarrass you Lily.” Lily put her hand down and looked at April. April gave her a wink and Lily grinned. “Well I met Lily on the train to school. That’s where Jenny and I” April indicated to Jenny, “First decided we wanted to be friends with this random loner girl on the train. She had no choice in the matter of course and in the first few days Lily and I became best friends. I’m sure some of you may have noticed that Lily’s sister isn’t here.” A few people nodded and murmured slightly, “That’s because you’re not looking hard enough. Lily and I may not be related but she is my sister and she always will be. We’ve been through so much, love, relationships, arguments, break ups and school.” April said. “Lily and James, it sounds so natural now but less then a year ago if you mentioned James in front of Lily you’d have your head bitten off. Lily, the perfect student that every guy wanted, James the big headed, ego driven head boy” I laughed with Lily and our friends, I remember the days…I’m so glad they’re over. “Thank Merlin that Our headmaster made them Head students and forced them to get to know each other. If they hadn’t gotten to know each other none of us would be here today. I wouldn’t be dating my boyfriend and Jenny wouldn’t be with Remus. Lily I love you so much and James, I hope you’re happy stealing Lily away from me.” April said with a smile. “Oh, I’m ecstatic.” I replied. A few people laughed and April and Lily hugged as April sat down again. “Thanks.” Lily said to April. “No problem.” April said. “Now go dance you sexy thing.” I whole-heartedly agreed with April. Lily was one hell of a sexy girl and she was all mine. Someone started playing some music and I stood up and took Lily’s hand. She stood up and walked with me around the table and to a small dance floor in front of the small stage where a small band was playing. Lily put her arms around my neck and I put my hands around her waist and pulled her close. I just looked into her eyes and she was looking into mine. “Thanks.” She said quietly. “For what?” I asked her with a smile. “Today is just perfect. I don’t think that Petunia could spoil it if she was here.” Lily said softly. I smiled and brushed away some of her hair with a hand. “She couldn’t.” I told her. “Nothing could spoil anything today.” Lily gave me a nervous smile. “Well I think I can think of something.” Lily said, “I’m not entirely sure about what to do when we-” I put my finger against her lips. “Forget about later. The wedding night is for the night. It’s still only the afternoon.” I told her gently, touching my forehead against hers. Lily smiled and closed her eyes as she gently touched my lips with hers. “Ok.” She said. I caught her lips with mine and put a hand behind Lily’s head. Lily moved her head slightly and managed to make the kiss deeper. I felt a tap on my shoulder after what seemed like a few seconds. I pulled away from Lily and turned to see Mr. Evans standing behind me. “Do you mind if I take this dance?” He asked me with a smile. I let go of Lily reluctantly and let Mr. Evans take her. I was quickly taken by April and she began to dance with me instead of her own boyfriend. “Hello Handsome” April joked. I laughed. “Hi April.” I said, “Nice speech.” I said. April grinned. “I try.” She said. “Haven’t seen you around much recently.” “Oh, I’ve been busy” I said casually, “Work, Lily, homework, Lily.” I said ticking off the list of things in my head. April laughed and we both looked to where Lily was dancing with her dad. “You two make an amazing couple, I’m glad she picked you.” April said to me. I looked at her. Lily never picked me, I picked her…well I suppose Lily could have rejected me again. “Do you think Mr. Evans was serious about wanting us to have kids soon?” I asked April. April grinned. “Mr. Evans never jokes around. He loves kids.” April said. “You’re finally going to seduce my best friend, how does it feel?” She asked. “I’m kinda nervous about it actually.” I admitted. April looked at me with a strange expression. “Aw, that’s so sweet, you’ll be fine.” April said “I’m presuming” she added once she realised what she’d said. I laughed and heard someone clearing out their throat. “Get lost Padfoot, can’t you see your girlfriend prefers me.” I said to Sirius. April laughed and hugged me tightly. “Oi, cheating on Lily already?” Sirius asked amused. “No, we’re just admitting our secret undying love for each other.” April joked. “I love you James.” She said turning to me dramatically. “I love you April.” I said just as dramatically. “I certainly hope you’re joking.” Said Lily from behind me. I turned and swooped her up in my arms and swung her round slightly. “LILY!” I said. I felt so happy now. I was on a high, a natural high that only came after something amazingly good happened to you. Lily laughed and pressed her lips against mine once I’d set her down. “I can’t believe it.” Lily said looking at me as we started dancing with the other couples on the dance floor. “Can’t believe what?” I asked Lily. “Lily Potter.” Lily said, looking thoughtful, “Lily Potter. It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Lily Evans, Lily Potter” She said trying out the different surnames. “Shut up.” I said playfully as I went for her neck and gently kissed it. Lily gave a slight moan at the kissing. “Do you really want to wait until tonight?” Lily asked me. I laughed as I kissed her neck. “We have to, it’s when we’re getting back to the port.” I said looking into Lily’s amazing almond shaped emerald green eyes. “And where are we going after?” Lily asked me eagerly. “I’m not telling you.” I teased. “James, please tell me.” Lily said, “Just give me a clue as to where we’re going for our honey moon.” “Where do you want to go most in the world?” I asked Lily. April and Jenny had helped me plan everything, I was ashamed to admit that they did know Lily better then myself or Lily’s own parents. “Egypt and Asia” Lily said, she looked into my eyes slightly confused. I nodded slowly and Lily’s face broke out into a grin. “We’re going to Egypt and around Asia?” I nodded again. Lily let out a happy squeal of delight and put her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. I laughed and caught the eye of my old head master. Professor Albus Dumbledore. His long silver beard was attracting some interested looks from the Muggles on Lily’s side of the family. We had sucessfuly managed to pull off a wedding where there was no magic involved. Dumbldore’s light blue eyes twinkled with happiness through his half moon glasses. I gave him a smile and he got up slowly. Lily let go of my neck slightly and kissed me quickly. “I love you so much.” Lily said. “Oh, god I really don’t deserve you at all.” “Too late for that, you’re mine.” I said cheekily to Lily. “Forever and always.” Lily said with a wide grin. “Mr. Potter.” Dumbledore said kindly. “Do you mind if I have a quick dance with the bride?” Lily and I laughed with amusement, Dumbledore laughed with us. “Of course not Professor.” I said. “Lily?” “It would be a pleasure.” Lily said with a smile. “Please, call me Albus, or merely Dumbledore.” Dumbledore said holding his hands up like he had just been inspired. We all laughed and Lily went to dance with Dumbledore. It was quite funny, seeing an eighteen year old dancing with a Merlin knows how old man. No one really cared, Dumbledore was someone anyone could trust. I watched Lily as she laughed with Dumbledore and felt a contentment in my body. The holes that had been left when my family died were being filled. It was a nice feeling. Dumbledore had told me, when we had gotten back from St. Mungos after Ellie had died that for each bad thing happens a good thing will happen in return. I’ve lost a family but I will find a family. I found Lily, I’d been accepted into her family, her parents loved me, her sister hated me, not that I cared. Petunia’s opinion wasn’t worth a damn. Even though Lily had taken my name and had effectively made a promise to carry my children I felt like it was the other way round. I felt like I was part of her family, part of the Muggle family, Evans. I watched as Dumbledore spun my wife around and both of them started laughing as they nearly crashed into Jenny and Remus. Dumbledore was like a child with an old man’s body. I smiled and leaned against the table I was standing next to. Everything would turn out right and tonight Lily would really be mine and I’d be Lily’s. I hoped it stayed like that forever. ~*~*~*~ A/N:-this has to be my favourite chapter in the story so far I think. I hoped you liked it. The next chapter will be Family Conflicts or Jenny’s POV. They’re the same thing. Please tell me what you think as usual

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