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Ginny sat on the small sofa with her legs tucked under her. The last few sips of the hot chocolate in her cup were losing their warmth. She was staring, unseeing, into the treat. Her thoughts were focused on the morning to come. 

Since their bonding, she and Harry had been surrounded mostly by family and close friends. The trips to Diagon Alley hardly counted. Each time they had been well chaperoned. The train trip and Feast had hinted at what might be coming. 

Ginny had pretended to be unaffected by the stares and snide comments, but she wasn’t; far from it. The ugly mutterings from the Slytherin table had seeped onto her mind to fester. The looks, even from some in their own house, had bruised as well. 

Now, in the quiet hours of the earliest morning, it all had demanded attention. 

Thankfully, Harry was asleep in the next room. Ginny kept telling herself that she had been forewarned by Lily and her own observations of life with Harry. Still, what if, deep down, Harry regretted the Bond. There were plenty of prettier girls he could easily have had just by the asking. None of them would have been poor or red headed 

And, the comments, snide and cruel, were sure to fly at her tomorrow in the Great Hall and the corridors. 

Ginny took another sip. Unconsciously, she reached out to Harry. Since their wedding night she had found she could sense him and his emotions. Almost immediately she felt a warm glow. She knew he was dreaming about her. She pushed aside her worries for the moment and placed her cup on the tray Dobby had brought earlier. This lightened her mood even more. 

She and Harry had been drawn from their bed by the sound of an argument. Slipping on their dressing gowns, they went out to the sitting room to find Dobby and Corry arguing in front of the fireplace. It seemed both were claiming the right to take care of ‘their Potters.’ Harry had been at a loss at what to do. Ginny had stepped in with the decision that Dobby would serve their needs from the kitchen and Corry their housekeeping. Neither elf was totally happy, but they could only agree. 

Smiling, Ginny turned to the short hallway to their bedroom. As she passed through she heard a moan followed by the sound of thrashing. She didn’t need to reach out to know what was going on. Harry was having a nightmare. 

Ginny dropped her gown on the foot of the bed and quickly crawled in beside him. 

After dodging a flying elbow, she managed to get her arms around him and hug him tightly to her. Just as she had on their first night together two months ago she held and comforted him until he calmed. When she was finally sure he was going to sleep peacefully, she settled more comfortably against him. The earlier worries were no longer a distraction. She and Harry shared something neither could have ever known with any other. Smiling at that assurance, she drifted off to sleep.

* * *

As Harry began to wake up, he could feel the steady pounding from a headache. 

Recognizing it for what it meant, he had flashes of the nightmare that had caused it. 

He and Ginny were walking up the lane to their house. Suddenly they were surrounded by Death Eaters. He grabbed for his wand but blackness overtook him before he could attempt a defense. 

Ginny was across the room from him, chained to the wall. Her eyes were set with determination as he caught her stare. Harry tried to stand to go to her. But he was bound to a column by some magical means. 

“ Welcome, Harry. You’re just in time for the entertainment.” 

This hissing sound of Voldermort’s voice came from Harry’s left. He turned to see his tormentor.” Let her go. It’s me you want.” 

A disgusting, creepy sound meant to be laughter was the only answer. 

“ You’re right Harry. It is you I want. But, that shouldn’t mean we cannot have a little entertainment. Crucio!” 

Ginny’s screams filled the room. It went on and on and on.. 

Harry’s eyes snapped open. After a few panicked moments, he became aware that he was wrapped in Ginny’s arms. A sense of security allowed him to quickly drift off into much more pleasant dreams. 

When next he opened his eyes, it was light outside. He started to turn over and realized Ginny still had him securely bound. Taking a deep breath, he moved so that they were more fully together. As he did, he became aware that they were both still starkers. Hang the nightmare, this was a dream come true. 

A soft chuckle and a kiss on the shoulder told him that Ginny was awake, too.” Finally awake Sleepyhead?” 

“ Yeah. I had a nightmare..” 

“ We got through it, Love. We’re both safe in our bed.” 

Harry thought he might take advantage of their current position and lack of clothes. Before he could, there was a soft knock on the bedroom door.” Damn.” Dobby had clearly followed their directions from the night before. 

Ginny was already climbing out of bed,” Fix me a cuppa while I run through the shower.” 

Harry groaned as he hunted his dressing gown,” Bloody elf, had to come on the stroke of seven just like I told him...” By now he was walking into the sitting room. On the table under the window was a tray with two pots, two cups, milk, sugar, and a plate of buns….just like they had asked for after breaking up the elf war last night. 

Harry fixed himself a cup of coffee and munched on a bun. After about five minutes, he began making Ginny a cup of tea and pouring a refill for himself. He heard the shower cut off as he was setting the two cups on the dresser. 

He goggled at Ginny as she came out of the loo wearing only a skimpy bra and knickers. 

She walked over and kissed his arm as she picked up her cup,” I know just how you feel, Harry. How about we plan on a little time before dinner?” 

He leaned down and kissed her cheek,” Maybe more than a little?” 

“ Get your shower. We have to make our appearance at breakfast.” 

The Great Hall wasn’t crowded. Ginny led him to a seat near the middle of the house table facing the room again. There were plenty of empty spaces on either side and across. 

Harry began filling his plate and Ginny’s,” I can fix my own plate you know.” 

He smiled over at her,” I’m trying to keep you in a good mood so I can have my way with you later.” 

Ginny smiled saucily,” Think I’m that easy, do you?” 

“ I’m hoping..” 

“ Good morning you two.” Hermione smiled as she took the seat directly opposite Ginny.” I take it your rooms aren’t in the tower.” 

“Good morning. Actually they are. We just don’t enter from the Common Room.” Harry passed the plate of eggs to Hermione. 

“ Thanks. Are they nice?” 

Ginny answered as Harry swallowed a bit of bacon,” They are. We’ve a sitting room, a bedroom, and a quite spacious loo.” 

Harry looked up and saw Ron and Neville coming in. He checked out the rest of the Hall as Ginny and Hermione talked about their room. Remus was at the Head Table, but Dora was not. They’re eyes met. Remus smiled and nodded. Harry definitely was going to talk about being left in the dark. 

He nodded to several of the DA members as they looked up. Most smiled; a couple cut their eyes at Ginny and frowned. 

By this time Ron and Neville were taking their seats. Harry answered more questions about their rooms as his two friends filled their plates. He was momentarily distracted by Ginny’s former roommates’ arrival and rapid fire questions and observations of the previous evening. 

“ Mr. and Mrs. Potter, I have your class schedules.” Harry turned to find Professor McGonagall standing behind him. 

“ Err, thanks.” Harry took the parchments and handed Ginny her copy.”Double Charms first. That’s not so bad.” 

Ginny growled, “ But, I have Potions after.” 

As Harry looked down he smiled,” No Snape ‘til Tuesday for me. Defense isn’t ‘til Tuesday either.” 

They all hurried back to the seventh floor to get their books. Harry and Ginny waited for the others and walked with them down to Charms. 

As they took their places, Harry could hear a few surprised comments about Ginny being in the class. Lavender and Parvati had not pried too much on the way down, but Harry was sure Ron and Hermione were in for a grilling later. 

“ What’s she doing here?” Malfoy’s voice carried throughout the classroom. 

“ Mrs. Potter has advanced to sixth year in Charms.” Professor Flitwick had entered undetected by the students. 

“ I suppose Potter’s special treatment extends to his playmate now?” Malfoy sounded disgusted. Harry didn’t bother to look back at him. 

“ Ten points from Slytherin. Take your seat Mr. Malfoy.” 

Now Harry did look. Malfoy’s face was bright red. 

The class passed quickly as they mostly reviewed a few charms from last year. Ginny had no problem with any of them. 

Harry walked Ginny down to Potions. He sat in the corridor floor and made a few notes for a Charms essay while Ginny was in class. 

He heard the door open and a few moments later Ginny stalked out obviously furious. 

“ What happened?” 

“ Shut it Harry. Let me walk some of this off before I hex you or something.” 

Harry might be thick, but he had figured out when not to open his mouth. He reached for Ginny’s bag and gave her time to cool down. 

They were climbing the last set of stairs before the Entrance Hall when she finally spoke,” How have you done it Harry?” 

Caution was imperative,” Done what, love?” 

The look from Ginny told him not to try that again. 

“ Put up with the git without hexing him.” 

Harry felt caution was still in order,” I’m not sure what you mean.” 

Ginny grabbed his arm and led him across the Entrance Hall so that they were well away from the general flow of students going in to lunch. When they were sufficiently isolated, she rounded on him, ” You know very well what I mean. How have you put up with being treated like that?” 

He dropped their bags to the floor and reached for Ginny’s hand,” What did he do?” 

Ginny took a deep breath before answering,” It was the whole class. First he announced that I was there with the fifth years because he wasn’t impressed with how I had spent my summer. Then he sneered and said he hoped our Bond hadn’t caused me to sink to your talent level. From then on, it was snide comments and sneers every time he walked by. We were working on a simple fever potion and everything I did was wrong; even when it wasn’t.” Her face was bright red. 

“ At the end when we turned in our sample vials I had hardly turned away when I heard the sound of glass breaking. When I turned back, Snape had a smile on his face,’ No grade for this class Mizz. Potter. Pity.’” 

Harry was about one second from going back down to the Potions classroom and doing what he had wanted to do for years. 

“ You should have seen his face when I pulled out another vial and put it in the rack myself.” 

Harry was shocked speechless. Then, he started to laugh,” Did you really?” 

Ginny looked smug instead of angry,” I’d heard Hermione talk about Snape intentionally dropping your samples, so I planned ahead.” 

“ If I hug you now will you hex me?” 

She smiled for the first time,” I’m past the random hex stage now. A hug would be good.” 

Harry wrapped his arms around his wife and held her for a few moments,” Let’s get a bite of lunch. We’ve a full afternoon.” 

Ginny gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before stepping back. 

Harry picked up their book bags and followed her into the Great Hall. They found space at the near end of the table and immediately began filling their plates. 

Soon enough it was time for class. Harry again shouldered the two bags as Ginny joined Hermione and Parvati leaving the Hall. 

There were a few whispers about Ginny in Transfiguration, but the Hufflepuffs weren’t ugly, just curious. Neither Harry nor Ginny had any problem with the transfiguration of apples to Quaffles and back, both had done it many times at the Burrow; underage magic be hanged. Hermione took a minute or two and was unhappy not to be first. Apples to pine cones to turtles was harder for some reason. 

Harry handed Ginny her bag as he went out toward the Greenhouses,” Meet you back here?” 

Ginny nodded,” I hope this works.” 

He smiled back at her,” If not, I’ll come back to you.” 

“ Don’t you dare. Professor McGonagall would have your head and mine, too.” 

Harry waved and went down the stairs. He didn’t feel as confident as he sounded. Having a double period for their first separation was not the best trial. 

All through Herbology he would unconsciously rub just below his sternum. It didn’t hurt, but it was definitely uncomfortable. 

“ Alright Harry?” Hermione was looking at his hand. 

“ I’m fine.” 

“ What?” 

“ I mean I can put up with it. It’s just odd.” 

He was the first one out of the Greenhouse. The discomfort lessened with each stride as he hurried up the stairs. 

“ Harry!” 

He looked up to see Ginny coming down to meet him. He stopped and waited for her to get to him. ” How did you feel?” 

She raised her hand to her stomach,” It was bearable.” 

“ I know.” He took her hand,” It’s an hour ‘til dinner.” 

“ Then we’d best hurry.” She was smiling.

* * * 

Both were feeling very relaxed as they made their way down to dinner. Ginny was also feeling just a bit wicked. Not only had they made love in the castle during the day, but no one could actually say anything against it. For just an instant she thought how different her life could be. Other than wishing Tom and his friends to be dead, she wouldn’t change a thing. She let go of Harry’s hand and slipped her arm through his; pulling herself closer to him. 

Ron and Hermione were already at the table when they walked into the Great Hall. 

Ginny sat across from Hermione and Harry ended up across from Seamus who pointedly ignored him. 

Ginny saw Hermione cutting her eyes back and forth from her to Harry. After a minute a smirk appeared on her face. 

Hermione leaned forward,” Let me guess what you’ve been up to.” She raised her eyebrows. 

Ginny nodded and leaned closer,” Every chance we get.” She waggled her eyebrows at her friend. 

Hermione blushed brightly and giggled. 

“ What?” Ron was looking at the two girls. 

“ Trust me Ron, you do not want to know.” Hermione had turned and delivered her warning with a serious expression on her face. 

“ Why wouldn’t..” His ears and face began to glow as he caught Hermione’s meaning. 
“ Err, right, let’s eat.” 

Ginny watched her brother concentrate on his plate. Grinning evilly she leaned over the table and spoke softly,” I’ve hardly slept in days. Harry has so” 

Almost instantly Ron was out of his seat and headed for the doors. 

Hermione tried to act angry, but her eyes gave her away. After a minute she was laughing along with Ginny. 

“ What are you two going on about?” Harry was spooning mashed potatoes onto Ginny’s plate. 

Almost in his ear Ginny whispered,” Ron just figured out what we’ve mostly been doing for the past four days.” 

Harry shivered a bit as her breath washed over his ear. At the same time he blushed a little too,” You mean he’s just figuring that out?” 

Ginny shrugged her shoulders,” I guess he’s been in denial or something.” 

Harry picked up the basket of rolls and placed one on each of their plates,” Too bad for him.” 

“When can we see your rooms?” Hermione appeared a bit too interested, but what could they do? 

“ How about after dinner. Give us the password and we’ll come get you.” 

“You could give me yours and not have to come for me.” 

Ginny leaned in, her face deadly serious,” Forget it. Even McGonagall told us not to give it out if we ever wanted any privacy.” 

Hermione frowned but nodded,” Lionheart.” 

“ Good, I’ll send Harry along when we’re ready.” 

“ You’ll send me along?” Harry was a little incredulous. 

“ But of course, Love. I shouldn’t be out alone in those dark corridors a night. It’s much better for my brave husband to go instead.” 

Harry “ humpffed” but nothing changed..other than Hermione laughing at him. 

They had just started on pudding when a second year Hufflepuff interrupted,” Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter, I have a message for you.” The girl looked nearly scared to death as she passed a piece of parchment to Harry. 

Harry turned to face the small girl,” Thank you for bringing this over. Please, in the future call me Harry and her, Ginny.” 

The girl nodded but fled back to her own house table. 

Harry unfolded the parchment and read the message,” Dumbledore wants us to come to his office after dinner.” 

He noticed Ginny looking at the Head Table,” He’s not there, should we go on?” 

Harry nodded before he rose and held out his hand to Ginny,” Might as well.” He looked over at Hermione,” Hopefully this won’t take too long.” 

“ I’ve plenty to keep me busy. Come get me when you can.” 

Harry followed Ginny from the Hall. They were almost out the door when a few comments from the Slytherin table washed over them..” Fell for the ‘I’m pregnant’ line Potter. What a fool..Finally found some money, eh Weasley. Earning it on your back I guess..Who’s really the father Weasel.. Bet the baby looks like Corner..” All were followed by snickers and laughter. 

Harry reached for his wand. 

Ginny gripped his robes and pulled him through the doorway,” Don’t Harry. If we ignore them, they’ll soon stop.” 

Harry was grinding his teeth together,” You don’t have to listen to that…” 

Ginny stopped and turned to face him,” Do you love me?” 

Harry fumbled for a moment, but finally answered,” Of course I do, but..” 

“ Do you think I’ve tricked you in any way?” 

“ No! Err, no I don’t. You’d never..” 

“ Then ignore them. We know the truth and our friends do, too. This is no more than those scum do everyday. It just happens to all be aimed at us right now. If we don’t react it will cease to be fun and they’ll stop.” 

Harry took a deep breath and nodded,” Alright, but maybe if I hexed a couple of them, I’d feel better.” 

Ginny grinned,” May be, but you’d get detention and I’d have to go, too, since we can’t be apart. If that happened, I would be very unhappy with you. You don’t want that do you?” 

Harry smiled at his wife’s stern expression,” No, ma’am.” 

“ Good. Now let’s see what Professor Dumbledore wants.” 

The Gargoyle moved aside after Harry said,” Jelly Belly,” and they stepped onto the moving stairway. 

“Jelly Belly?” Ginny looked confused. 

“ I have no idea.” 

They heard,” Come in Mr. and Mrs. Potter,” as they reached the door. 

As they entered, they found the Headmaster seated behind his desk. He was smiling as he watched them over the top of his half moon glasses,” Please sit and get comfortable. We’re waiting on the others.” 

The words had hardly escaped his mouth before Remus and Tonks came through the door. 

“Sorry if we’re late. Dora needed to be sure Mr. Malfoy was properly started before we left. Hello Harry, Ginny.” 

“ Wotcher, you two. How’s married life?” 

Harry looked at his two friends,” We’re kind of feeling left out. You both forgot to mention that you were teaching this year.” 

Before Remus or Dora could respond Professor Dumbledore spoke up,” That was my doing actually. I asked that they not tell anyone prior to start of term.” 

Harry must have had a questioning look on his face,” Once the term starts, it’s much harder for anyone to interfere.” He smiled,” Minister Fudge and his advisors might have tried to prevent Professor Lupin and Professor Tonks from teaching; although for entirely different reasons.” 

Harry mulled that over for a few moments before nodding. 

The Headmaster nodded and continued,” I wanted both of them here to help you Harry, and Ginny.” He picked up two pieces of parchment,” Here are schedules for both of you to receive extra training. By dividing the Defense Against the Dark Arts classes between two professors, they each will have time to work with you.” 

Harry took the parchments and passed one to Ginny. With a sinking feeling, Harry realized his once relatively light schedule was actually going to be packed. At least nothing was set for the weekends. He looked at Ginny. She was frowning at her page as well. 

“ What about our staying near each other?” Ginny had finally looked up. 

“ We have identified rooms nearby for your training. Our two professors have been casting wards and charms so that no one should be aware of what is actually going on.” He turned to Dora,” Professor Tonks will meet you in the Entrance Hall before your Potions class to show you to the room. Ginny will work alone until you can join her. Harry, Professor Lupin will meet you at the Greenhouses tomorrow afternoon.” He smiled again, ” One or the other will instruct you where to go on Wednesday.” 

When Professor Dumbledore said nothing further, Harry took that as a sign the meeting was over. He held out his hand to help Ginny stand. Tonks and Remus stood and followed them from the office. 

They stopped in the corridor at the foot of the stairs. 

Dora had a mischievous smile on her face,” Surprised to see you out of bed.” 

“ Dora!” Remus seemed more embarrassed than outraged. 

Harry was embarrassed. His face felt as though it were glowing it was so hot. He checked Ginny. She had a little pink in her cheeks. 

“ You’re just jealous it’s not you..yet.” Ginny was grinning as she looked first at Dora, then at Remus. Both quickly developed a bright glow and carefully avoided looking at each other. 

“ Yes, well, I’m sure you both have work to do. Perhaps you should head back to your rooms.” Remus was trying to sound professorial rather than embarrassed. 

Harry bade both good night and took Ginny’s hand. When they were out of earshot he chuckled,” You do realize we have to go to class with them don’t you?” 

Ginny nodded,” Yes, but that gives us plenty of opportunities to work on them; not counting our extra work.” 

Harry stopped and waited for Ginny to turn to him. Since she was a step higher on the stairway, they were almost nose to nose,” Ginny, you’ve so much work already for your O.W.L.S. do you think you can do all of this other?” 

She leaned forward and lightly kissed him,” If we don’t win, then, the O.W.L.S. won’t matter much will they? We’re together in this, remember?” 

He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer,” If it weren’t for you, I’d probably have given up by now.” 

Ginny leaned back and stared hard into his eyes,” No, you would not have given up Harry. You don’t have it in you. But I intend to make sure you win. We’ve lots of things to do together.” 

Harry swallowed a lump in his throat and nodded. After a moment he smiled,” All those red headed, green eyed boys and girls?” 

Her eyes widened for a moment before she smiled back,” Maybe one or two with black hair; hopefully none of the girls get your messy mop though.” 

Harry kissed her on the cheek,” We can only hope, I guess.” 

A few minutes later they found Hermione studying at a table in the Gryffindor Common Room.

* * * 

Ginny showed Hermione around while Harry called Dobby to bring some pumpkin juice and something sweet. They both regretted leaving dinner before finishing 

“ Ginny, don’t be offended, but how is everything so neat? I’ve lived with you and seen Harry’s room here and at the Burrow.” 

Ginny hesitated. 

The girl wasn’t the ‘brightest of her age’ for nothing,” Dobby?” 

“ No, Corry.” 

“ But, I thought I heard Harry calling Dobby.” 

“ You did, but Dobby only brings things from the kitchens.” 

“ You have two?” 

Ginny smiled,” We really don’t have a choice.” She explained the house elf argument from the night before. 

“ Don’t let that get around. Everybody will want one.” 

Ginny nodded then led their friend back out to the sitting room. 

Dobby had already delivered a tray of pumpkin juice and Treacle Tart. The three friends served themselves and took seats in front of the fireplace. 

“ What happened to Ron?” Harry had virtually inhaled his sweet. 

“ He claimed he needed to work on Quidditch plans up in the dormitory.” 

Ginny suppressed a giggle,” Was I really that bad?” 

Hermione smiled,” Not really, no. He has been avoiding thinking about you actually acting like you’re married. He kept telling himself it was a matter of you being together, but sort of platonic rather than romantic.” 

Harry snorted as Ginny laughed out loud,” I’ll explain to Ron that there is nothing platonic about my feelings for Harry.” She looked at her husband and smiled,” And Harry definitely feels the same about me.” 

Hermione was blushing,” This is coming very close to too much information.” 

“ Sorry, we’ll stop.” Ginny took another bite of the Tart and didn’t look at Harry. 

“ What was going on in the Entrance Hall today at lunch?” 

“ Snape decided to give Ginny the ‘Potter’ treatment in Potions. I was trying not to get hexed in his place.” 

Hermione was nodding her head,” Two or three people thought you two were having a row, but then you certainly didn’t act that way in Transfiguration.” 

Ginny set her plate on the small end table by her chair,” Has he treated Harry that way for five years?” 

Hermione cut her eyes toward Harry before answering,” What way exactly?” 

“ Always sneering and nothing you do is right; making comments about him to the rest of the class; intentionally breaking his samples?” 

“ Yes.” Hermione looked reluctant to answer. 

“ Ginny, I’m sort of used to it. I’m just sorry you have to put up with it now.” 

“ I haven’t decided if I’m going to ‘put up with it’, or not.” Ginny felt the anger building again,” Let’s see how it goes for you tomorrow. If he’s at least civil, I’ll learn to get along.” 

Hermione stood up,” I need to get back and do some work before I go to bed. Thanks for letting me visit.” 

Ginny gave her a hug,” I won’t lie and say you’re welcome anytime, but you are most of the time.” 

Harry was blushing as he stepped up to hug their friend,” Thanks for coming. We’ll probably spend some time in the Common Room if you’ll let us.” 

Hermione let herself out a moment later. 

“ I got a start on Charms, did you?” 

Ginny shook her head,” No, and I need to work on Runes also.” 

They each sat at their desks and began working. Harry finished first. 

Ginny noticed him pull a sheaf of parchment from his desk drawer and begin making notes,” Can I ask what that is?” 

Harry nodded as he looked up,” DA lessons. The more things we learn, the more I want to add.” He sat there looking at her for a minute,” How about we turn our desks back to back? That way we don’t have to turn our heads so much.” 

Ginny thought that was a capital idea. 

They pulled the desks out and moved the bookcase to one side. The desks matched up perfectly when they moved them back. Now if they looked up, they were facing one another. 

It was fairly late when they finally made it to bed. Both were asleep in moments. 

Ginny heard the soft knock on the bedroom door. Harry didn’t budge. Smiling she leaned over and blew softly in his exposed right ear. He shifted a bit and raised his hand to swat away the imaginary pest. When he settled again, She lowered her lips to his ear ,” Time to get up, Sleepyhead.” 

With a groan he rolled over on his back,” Can’t I just skive off Potions this morning?” 

“ Not going to happen, Potter. I went yesterday. You suffer today.” 

He cracked open an eye,” Can we at least shower together first?” 

Ginny smirked,” Nice try, Love. Go fix my tea while I get started.” 

Another groan followed her from the bed. 

After a quick shower, she dried and brushed out her hair while Harry took his bath. 

The Great Hall was fairly full when they finally made their way down. Finding a couple of empty seats near Willa and Corrine, Ginny talked as Harry fixed their plates. 

She took the opportunity to comment on her two friends’ reaction to her wedding night advice from Fleur and Tonks. 

Much like she thought they would be, neither was the least bit embarrassed. In fact, Corrine asked a couple of whispered questions about the actual events. Ginny was saved from either blushing bright red or hexing her friend by Harry reaching across to pour her juice. She picked up her fork and started eating. 

“ We probably should get going.” Harry was already pushing back from the table. 

Ginny checked her watch and reached for her book bag. 

As planned, Tonks was waiting in the Entrance Hall. She led them down to the Dungeons and past Snape’s classroom. Around the next corner she pulled out her wand and tapped the wall, saying,” Play time.” A door appeared and she pushed it open. 

“ Come back after Potions Harry. You’ll have to do the same to get in.” 

Ginny took a look around as Tonks was talking. It probably wasn’t a good sign that the floor was heavily padded. 

She turned back and caught Harry’s hand before he could turn away,” Don’t let him win Harry. He will if you let him make you react and give any kind of excuse for detention.” 

Harry nodded and leaned down to kiss her. 

“Besides, nothing he did would be as bad as me after sitting in the Dungeon corridor while you served it.” 

He smiled,” I believe you.” 

Ginny watched him walk out. A moment later, the door disappeared. When she turned back to Tonks, the Auror, was smiling in an evil way,” Now Mrs. Potter, we’re going to teach you a handy form of defense known as ‘street fighting.’” 

The first half hour was mostly instruction and slow motion demonstration. The next twenty minutes were very nearly hell. Ginny spent much more time on the floor or in the air than she did standing; thank Merlin for the padding. 

They were taking a short break when Ginny suddenly felt a rush of emotions from Harry. The dominant one was rage. She turned to the door as she felt him come nearer. A moment later he was through the door. 

“ Wotcher Ha…” Tonks stopped most likely because of the raw magical energy that glowed around Harry as he strode into the room. 

Ginny crossed to him and put her hands on his chest. He stopped but didn’t look up for several seconds. In that time, she could feel the hairs on her arms stand straight up from the energy coming off of Harry. She couldn’t see, but the hair that had come loose from her ponytail was also standing away from her head. 

“ I didn’t get detention.” He spoke so softly she almost didn’t hear. 

She raised her right hand and softly stroked his cheek,” Do you want to tell me what happened?” 

At the moment Dora might as well have been invisible. 

Harry dropped his book bag to the floor,” He started by all but saying I was only in N.E.W.T. Potions because he had been forced to let me in. Then he was his old self…asking me questions he knew I wouldn’t know the answer to, then sneering because I didn’t. About every other time he took points.” 

He ran his hand through his hair,” At the end it was about you. He warned the Slytherin not to fall for the traps of gold diggers and said the boys should all learn the contraceptive charms to be safe. He did it in a way that I couldn’t actually say that he was talking about you and me, but everyone knew.” 

He looked at her. His eyes were fierce and a bit frightening,” He’ll pay. I’ll make him pay.” 

Ginny wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her,” It’s just like the Great Hall. Ignore it and do your best. He’ll let up if he sees you won’t take the bait.” 

His anger was flowing into her in a torrent. She concentrated on her love for him and tried to give that back through their contact. Slowly, she could feel him calming. She was caught by surprise when he leaned down and softly kissed her neck. 

“ You’re so good to me.” He was whispering into her hair. 

She tightened her arms and kissed his cheek,” It’s love, Harry. We’re good for each other.” 

He kissed her lightly again, then raised his head to lean his forehead against hers,” I’d be so lost..” 

Ginny saw tears glistening behind his glasses,” Shh, it’s never going to happen. I’m here forever.” 

A few moments later, he seemed to notice they weren’t alone. She saw the flush rise up his face. He pulled away just a little, but didn’t release his hold on her,” Err, sorry Dora.” 

Ginny turned in his arms and looked at the older witch. She noticed her eyes looked watery. 

“ That’s all for today, meet me here tomorrow after lunch, Harry. I’ll show you what Ginny and I were doing.” Dora smiled weakly and left the room. 

“ Ready for lunch?” 

Ginny turned back to Harry,” I used to be a Weasley. I can eat most anytime.” 

That got a smile. They collected their bags and headed up to the Great Hall. 

There was no need to upset Harry further, but this wasn’t over. Ginny seethed inside as she thought of how to make that git pay.

* * * 

Harry was amazed at how Ginny could raise his spirits so quickly. He actually was hungry by the time they sat down at the table. 

As he began to serve Ginny, Neville sat down beside him,” How’s it going Harry?” 

Harry had a flash of anger, but it faded quickly,” Better than it should Neville.” He cut his eyes toward Ginny,” Best thing ever happened to me.” 

Neville smiled,” It shows, too.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“ Words’s out about Snape this morning. Before you would have lost a couple hundred points and had a week or two’s detention.” 

Harry smiled a little,” You’re probably right.” He lowered his voice,” She threatened me if I got detention.” 

Neville laughed,” That would do it.” 

Harry was nodding when he felt a sharp poke in the ribs,” Is this all I get to eat?” 

He turned back and saw Ginny frowning down at her almost empty plate. 

“ Err, no I was just saying hello to Neville.” He reached for the chops and forked one onto Ginny’s plate. A basket of rolls appeared in front of him. He took it and placed one on each of their plates. 

Looking back up he saw a grin on Ginny’s face,” Still some training to do, I guess.” 

Harry leaned over and kissed her cheek,” I told you I’m a slow learner.” 

“ I’ve got time.” She went back to eating and talking to Parvati and Lavender. 

Harry noticed both were smiling oddly at him. He poured Ginny some pumpkin juice, then, began cutting into his chop. 

Ginny was all but tapping her foot as he finished the last two bites of his apple crisp. 
He followed her from the Great Hall up to the DADA classroom. 

* * * 

Dora was an excellent teacher. The class was all Gryffindors and Ravenclaws and every one of them was giving her their rapt attention. Tonks energy and obvious knowledge compelled you. 

Before the end of class Dora had everyone move the desks to the side of the room,” Mrs. Potter, come forward please.” 

Ginny went down the two steps and stopped a couple of metres from the professor. 

“ Some of you wonder why Mrs. Potter is in a sixth year class. A few may believe it’s because of Mr. Potter for some reason.” Tonks moved to one side of the classroom,” Mrs. Potter, disarming, shield, and non injuring hexes only.” 

Ginny smiled. She fully faced the professor and raised her wand. 

“ Expelliarmus.”     

Ginny put up her shield then dodged to the side before casting a tripping jinx. 

Tonks easily blocked it and cast a spell Ginny didn’t know. 

Again blocking it with a shield, Ginny relaxed and began dueling in earnest. After only a minute or so, Dora was mostly dodging and maintaining her shield as Ginny cast spells faster and faster. 

Tonks started trying more advanced spells when she could, but had little success other than making Ginny drop and roll a couple of times. 

“ Stop!” Tonks lowered her wand. 

Ginny did the same. 

“ Any of you who think Mrs. Potter shouldn’t be in this class may come down and duel her next. Form a line if needed.” 

No one moved. 

“ Good. Practice the charm. Everyone will demonstrate their mastery next class. You may go.” 

Harry spent the entire walk down to the Greenhouses bragging on her duel. 

Ginny waited for Harry to walk away with Remus. Rather than entering the Greenhouses, she moved behind a nearby shrub,” Dobby.” 

“ Yes Mistress Ginny?” 

“ I need you to return to Grimmauld Place. In our rooms there is a bookshelf filled with spell books. The chest they were packed in should be there somewhere. Please pack up the books and bring them here.” 

Dobby bowed slightly,” Should Dobby unpack the books?” 

Ginny thought for a moment,” No, just leave them by the desks.” 

The little elf disappeared. 

Ginny hurried into the Greenhouse. Luckily she was still on time.

* * *

Harry followed Remus into an empty room near the Greenhouses. There was no furniture or anything else in there. 

Remus turned and held out his hand,” Give me your wand Harry.” 

“ Why, what are we going to do?” 

“ We’re going to duel; you without a wand.” 

Harry pulled back his hand and tightened his grip on his wand,” I’m not fast enough or powerful enough for that.” 

Remus smiled,” That’s the point. You’re going to be.” 

Grudgingly, Harry passed his wand to his friend. 

Remus dropped it into a pocket and backed away. 

Harry stepped back further to give himself more reaction time. 

Remus pointed his wand at Harry,” Relax and think about directing your magic. We’ll start slow and easy.” 

Harry took a breath and nodded. It wasn’t bad at first. Remus only used basic hexes and spells and Harry was able to block them with the simpler of the shields he had learned over the summer. Soon, though, the speed and power of the attack increased. He began to dodge as much as he defended with magic. A barrage of stinging hexes caused him to lose concentration and drop his shield. It was as though a swarm of bees had attacked. 

Remus canceled the spell and walked over,” That was very good for a start. Why don’t you think about two or three shields and maybe five or six hexes and spells to attack with and just use those for the time being.” 

Harry nodded as he rubbed the his cheek where the hex had hurt the most. 

After a couple of minutes they started again. By limiting his choices, Harry became faster. This time when Remus upped the attack, Harry was able to defend himself much better than before. 

Remus finally checked his watch,” It’s about time for you to meet Ginny. Meet Dora back where she was this morning while Ginny is in Potions. Both of you come back here after classes.” 

Harry nodded,” Is this what we’ll be doing?” 

“ Part of the time. Alastor will work with you on advanced offensive spells and a few other things. Bill is planning to teach some, too.” He must have seen Harry’s confusion.” Bill will be teaching you more advanced spell and curse detection and protection.” 

“ Why?” 

“ Harry it may be up to you in the end, but we want to make sure you get that far…and beyond, too.” 

“ Thanks, I know this must be hard for all of you to plan out and change your 

Remus put an arm across Harry’s shoulders,” Every one of us is a volunteer, Harry.” 

There was nothing to say to that. 

He was outside the Greenhouses when Ginny came out with her friends. 

“ Waiting for someone there Harry?” Willa had an odd smile on her face. 

“ Yeah, in a hurry to get to those rooms I bet.” Corrine looked very similar. 

“ Err, yeah.” 

Ginny grabbed his hand,” Let’s go, Harry. We can give them some more things to daydream about.” 

“ What!?” 

Corrine and Willa were both laughing. 

“ Those two have no life, so they try to put themselves in ours.” Ginny smirked at her friends,” I promise your fantasies don’t bother me; I get to make mine real.” She began pulling Harry away. 

“ Ginny did you have to do that in front of people?” 

She looked up at him as they quickly entered the castle,” From the comments and snickers I’ve been hearing all day, that’s what everyone thinks, so let’s not disappoint them.” They started up the stairway,” But, you’re going to have to shower first. What were you doing?” 

Harry described his session with Moony as they climbed the stairs. 

“ He said we were both going to?” 

“ Yeah. You’ll catch on pretty quick.” 

Harry dropped his bag by his desk. He noticed a chest sitting nearby.” What’s this, do you know?” 

” I asked Dobby to bring our books from Grimmauld Place.” 

“ Any particular reason?” 

Ginny stared hard at her husband,” Yes. This is going to be a very difficult year for our Potions professor.” 

Harry thought about that for a few seconds. Then, he smiled, nodded, and went into the bedroom to undress for his shower. 

He was standing under the spray, letting it soak his hair, when Ginny pulled back the curtain and joined him. 

“ I’ll wash your back if you’ll wash mine.” Her smile made him glow. 

They both worked late trying to stay caught up. Harry finished before Ginny and opened the chest. Pulling out a couple of books he began searching. 

Wednesday was another full day. Ginny was once again derided by Snape and Harry was beaten up by Dora. They both had a hard workout with Remus dueling without their wands. 

After dinner they went to the Gryffindor Common Rom to study for a while. It was pleasant to be around their friends; Ginny sat at a table with her year mates while Harry sat with Hermione and Ron. 

Afterwards, they both spent some time going through the old spell books. Each marked several pages for further study. 

Ginny couldn’t seem to settle down to go to sleep. She was constantly shifting position. 

After a while Harry relit a candle and sat up,” Can I help?” 

Ginny rolled over to face him,” I’m dreading double Potions in the morning. I’m not scared or anything like that. I just know how I’ll be when I get out.” 

Harry moved closer and slipped his arms around her,” I’ve found a couple of spells that might be fun.” 

Ginny nodded,” Me, too.” 

“ Grit your teeth and get through it. I have him after lunch and a double Friday morning.” His kissed the top of her head,” Maybe you should take your own advice about not letting him know he gets to you.” 

She sat up and pulled away,” Don’t do that Potter.” 

Harry sat up and frowned,” What? Did I say something wrong?” He wished he had put on his glasses. 

“ You most certainly did. Don’t you dare try to use my own advice on me; it doesn’t apply.” 

Harry felt a small hand run up his arm and he was fairly sure Ginny was smiling,” 
Alright, I guess. You give the advice and I take it?” 

“ Very good.” She leaned up and kissed his cheek.” Now, you spoon me and let’s get some sleep.” 

Harry was thrashed by Tonks for another two hours the next morning. At least he was starting to see how some of the moves worked and occasionally blocked an elbow or knee. 

He was waiting outside the classroom when Ginny came out. He was relieved to see that this time she was talking to her friends rather than storming out into the corridor.
All three greeted him when he walked over,” How was it?” 

Ginny frowned,” Not as bad as yesterday, but that was mostly because a Hufflepuff spilled his cauldron all over Snape and another Hufflepuff. They got the worst of it for the rest of the time” 

They separated from the two fifth years at the top of the stairs. Willa and Corrine were going to History while Harry and Ginny went to Transfiguration. 

Harry survived Potions while Ginny was abused by Tonks. Afterwards, Harry worked off his anger dueling wandless with Remus; then dueling all out for almost two hours with Moody. 

After dinner, Ginny went over to the Common Room to study with her classmates. 

Harry tried staying in their rooms and found it wasn’t too uncomfortable. 

As they were eating breakfast the next morning, a tawny owl landed in front of Harry. He removed the Owl as Ginny offered some bacon and juice to the owl. 

“ Who’s it from?” 

Harry had quickly read the parchment,” Gornhall. We’re to meet in Gringotts at ten tomorrow morning for Sirius’ will.” 

“ Do you think we’ll be allowed to go?” 

“ Why not? Remus and Dora have to be there, too. They can be our escorts.” 

Harry stroked the owl’s back,” I’ll go check to be sure. Feed this one and I’ll send our reply back.” 

He walked up to the Head Table and stopped in front of Professor Dumbledore. 

“ Good morning Harry.” 

” Good morning Professor. Professor, Ginny and I are supposed to go to Gringotts tomorrow for Sirius’ will.” 

“ I was made aware of that before I came down this morning Harry. Professors Tonks and Lupin will be going as well.” 

Harry nodded. 

“ If you and Mrs. Potter would come to my office at nine thirty in the morning, you may Floo from there.” 

“ Thank you. Professor, would it be alright if we have lunch before we return?” 

“ What did you have in mind Harry?’ 

“ I thought we might ask Gornhall to have lunch after we finished.” 

“ That is a splendid idea. Could Professors Tonks and Lupin join you?” 

“ Well of course. I mean, I had just assumed they would.” 

“ Very well, I’ll see you in the morning before you leave.” 

Harry hurried back to Ginny and pulled out a piece of parchment,” Professor Dumbledore said we could eat lunch before we come back. I thought we might ask Gornhall to have lunch with us.” 

Ginny smiled,” You can be dangerous when you start thinking, Love.” 

“ What?” 

“ That is a very strategic idea. Snape would be very surprised.” 

“ What would surprise Professor Snape?” Hermione dropped into the seat next to Harry. 

Ginny explained what was going on as Harry finished the reply and tied it to the owl’s leg.” Could you take this to Gornhall please?” 

The owl hooted softly before flying up and out of the Hall. 

A few minutes later, the three of them headed for the Dungeons. Harry endured two hours of belittlement and ridicule while Ginny was being roughed up by Dora. 

The rest of the day passed fairly quickly. They had Transfiguration and Charms together. Then, Harry worked with Remus and Tonks while Ginny went to Herbology and Arithmancy. 

Rather than showering, they ran a bath and spent a very pleasant time there before asking Dobby to bring dinner to the rooms. 

The first week was nearly over.

* * * 

Ginny waited a few minutes before opening her eyes after she woke up. She listened to Harry breathe in his sleep and caught the faint aroma of coffee from the sitting room. That meant it was at least seven. 

Next she began taking note of exactly where she was at the moment. That wasn’t very hard. She was laying on her stomach with her cheek both on Harry’s pillow and his shoulder. Smiling to herself, she thought they could probably get by with a much narrower bed. Rarely did either awake not in firm contact with the other. 

Despite Slytherin House and Snape, life was very good at the moment. 

Moving as gently as possible, she untangled herself from Harry and slipped from the bed. She quietly moved to the dresser and pulled out knickers and a bra before heading for a quick shower. 

She let out a surprised squeak when two arms slipped around her waist as she rinsed her face. 

“ Need your back washed?” 

She turned in his arms and put her arms around his neck,” We haven’t enough time at the moment, but maybe later?” 

His kiss still made her knees weak,” Promise?’ 

She nodded and reached for the shampoo,” How about washing my hair?” 

Harry smiled as he took the bottle from her. She turned her back and readied herself to enjoy the attention and the touch that came with it. 

They both wore a set of their new everyday robes they had bought their first day together. Ginny was pretty sure this was an occasion that called for more than school robes. 

There was the normal, modest crowd in the Great Hall for this time on a Saturday. 

Hermione was alone, reading the morning paper, so they sat opposite her. 

“ Good morning you two.” 

Ginny answered as Harry set about filling their plates. 

“ Ron still not up?” 

Hermione rolled her eyes,” Amazingly even the prospect of food won’t get him up on the weekend.” 

Ginny smiled and checked her plate. There was a small bowl of porridge, two slices of melon and two slices of toast, butter and marmalade already applied. 

She cut a piece of melon and looked back at Hermione. She was smiling. 

“ Do you have any idea how odd it is to see Harry doing something like that?” 

Ginny nodded,” Yes, but isn’t it a wonderful change?” She checked Harry. He had picked up the paper and was reading as he munched on a piece of bacon. 

Hermione lost her smile,” I almost can’t believe it.” 

“ Can’t believe what?” Harry chose that moment to join the conversation. 

Ginny wasn’t sure how to answer, but Hermione plowed on,” How happy you are now. How you’ve changed since the start of summer holiday.” 

Ginny watched to see if he would crawl back in his shell a bit, or not. 

Instead he chewed for a moment then nodded,” It started with Ginny and Mum. Now it’s still Ginny, but all of you in our family, too. You’ve all been so good to us.” He looked down for a piece of toast and went back to the paper. 

Ginny watched Harry for a moment before turning back to Hermione. She found their friend with a half smile on her face. 

“ I told you he does things like this.” 

Hermione nodded and looked down at her almost empty plate. 

Ginny picked up her spoon and started on the porridge. 

“ What Potter, dressing up for the weekends now?” 

Ginny clenched her jaw and looked at Harry. He was still chewing toast and reading the paper. 

“ Going deaf too, Potter?” 

Harry laid the paper beside his plate and turned. 

Malfoy was standing behind them with Goyle and Pansy. Crabbe wasn’t there. 

“ You know Malfoy, your only approaching me from behind really says something about you. Like father like son, I guess. Why don’t you run along now before you get tiresome?” 

Ginny laughed as Malfoy’s face grew red. 

“ Your time is coming Potter.” He looked at Ginny,” Yours too Weasle.” 

Out of the corner of her eye Ginny saw Harry turn back to his breakfast. She smiled at the Slytherin, “ I never did hear Malfoy, when’s visiting day?” 

Draco looked as though he was going to burst a blood vessel,” Maybe the Dark Lord will let me play with you a while before he kills you Weasle. I know lots of fun things we could do.” 

Ginny kept smiling,” You do know the whole school laughs at you don’t you. Everybody knows you’re a loud mouthed coward, Draco. Why don’t you try to scare some first years? They might not know about you yet.” 

Not waiting for a response she turned back and took a bite of toast,” Perfect Harry, thank you.” 

Malfoy had leaned down near her ear“ You’ll suffer you little…” 

Ginny’s wand was under Malfoy’s nose,” I really hope you finish that sentence. That will make this so much more fun.” 

The Slytherin’s red face lost the all of its color. After a moment he backed up and walked away. Pansy gave Ginny a look that was probably supposed to be frightening before she turned to follow Malfoy. 

“ Thanks, Harry.” 

He looked over and smiled,” For what?” 

“ For letting me handle that without going all protective.” 

“ Merlin, Ginny why would I think you needed help with Malfoy? He wouldn’t last a minute in one of our training sessions.” He broadened his smile,” Actually, Tonks would probably take points for you taking advantage of such an inferior opponent.” 

Ginny felt a warm rush spread throughout her body. She looked down at her plate for a minute then looked up at Hermione,” I told you.” 

Her friend nodded and smiled,” I know, but it’s hard to get used to.” 

“ Harry, Ginny it’s time to go.” 

Harry turned and found Remus standing in the aisle. 

They followed the other couple up to the Headmaster’s office. 

Dumbldore met them at the door,” Harry, I’ve taken the liberty of reserving a room at 
the Unicorn Horn for your luncheon.” 

“ Thank you sir.” 

“ My pleasure Harry. Mrs. Potter, your brother has arranged a secure Floo connection for the four of you. He says it is the room you used before.” 

“ Yes, sir, thank you.” 

A few minutes later, the four of them had joined Bill in Gringotts. After greeting each other, Harry told Bill about his plans for after the meeting. 

“There will be others in the room with Gornhall. I don’t know who.” 

“If there are other goblins should I invite them to lunch, too?” 

Bill thought for a moment,” Harry, the best course would be to tell Gornhall that he is welcome to invite any others he wants to be there; that he may choose.” 

Bill led them across the main hall and down a narrow corridor. About twenty metres down, he opened an ornate copper door. 

She turned and looked around the room. It contained a rectangular table with seating for ten. Against the right wall was a buffet table with a silver tea service and what appeared to be fine china cups and saucers. Along the wall to the left were several high backed chairs. 

“ Mr. and Mrs. Potter, welcome.” 

Ginny smiled as Gornhall crossed the room to greet them. She shook his hand and listened as Harry introduced Remus and Dora. 

“ Everyone please be seated. We are waiting on others to arrive.” 

Harry pulled out the chair nearest Gornhall’s left hand for her to sit. He took the chair beside her. Remus and Tonks sat in the same seats on the opposite side of the table. 

Harry leaned slightly across her,” Gornhall, if there are others you would like to have join us for lunch, we would be honored.” 

Ginny watched the goblin’s eyes widen for a fraction of a second before he made his face impassive again,” If it is agreeable, Mr. Weasley and another of my associates will join us. And, Mr. and Mrs. Potter, so that you understand, I am here today as your representative, not Gringotts.’ Your solicitor has been briefed about the findings and has agreed they benefit you. If you wish to have him present, I will be happy to call him.” 

Ginny smiled, “ Thank you.” 

Harry said the same thing almost on top of her words, then added,” We’ll trust your judgement.” 

There was a soft knock at the door before it opened and another goblin entered followed by two wizards.A second goblin entered last and closed the door. Ginny had never seen one of the wizards before, the other she knew far too well. It was her brother Percy. 

“ May I introduce my associate Cormat, Mr. Edvers representing Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange, and Percy Weasley representing Minister Fudge.” 

Ginny tried to convey to her brother just how much she loathed him as she stared down the table. Percy seemed oblivious. 

Cormat took the place at the other end of the table; Percy and Edvers sat opposite Bill. 

Cormat placed a sheaf of parchment on the table,” We are here today to settle the estate of Sirius Black. This has been delayed by matters outside our control.” 

He paused and looked around the table,” I see the primary beneficiaries are present. We shall begin. The Minister of Magic, represented by Mr. Percy Weasley has objected to these proceedings by asserting that two of the named parties are not eligible to receive any benefits under Wizarding Law. Narcissa Black Malfoy and Bellatrix Black Lestrange, through their representative Mr. Edvers, assert that as direct relatives of the deceased they are by law entitled to a portion of the estate.” 

Cormat picked up several sheets of parchment from the table,” Our solicitors have determined the following: 

First, the contested parties should not be disqualified. Mr. Lupin’s condition does not allow him to be either the sole or primary beneficiary and for this estate he is neither. 

Mr. Potter has been alleged to be mentally incompetent. To date the Ministry has provided no evidence for the allegation, nor have they asked the full Wizengamot for a formal hearing. 

Second, the assertions of Mr. Black’s cousins that they are by birthright entitled to a portion of the estate has proven to be correct. We have amended the final distribution to reflect this.” 

Ginny felt Harry begin to get angry. She was distracted by a piece of parchment thrust in front of her. There was a short message: 

Mr. and Mrs. Potter,
Do not object at this point. All will become clear.

Ginny turned back to the goblin as she tapped Harry’s arm. Gornhall was nodding his assurance. 

Harry read the note, looked at the goblin and nodded. 

“ Cormat, the Minister strongly objects to your finding in this matter. Your rush to settle the estate has left the Ministry insufficient time to act. We demand…” Percy was at his officious best when the goblin interrupted. 

“ Mr. Weasley, the Ministry had delayed this proceeding for more than a month. If it had any basis for its objections it would have put them forward. We will proceed.” 

Cormat picked up another piece of parchment,” There is a great deal of standard legal language here and each of you will be provided a copy. The actual terms of the will are quite simple. They are as follows: 

* To Nymphadora Tonks go thirty percent of the cash assets 

* To Remus Lupin go thirty percent of the cash assets plus the use of his current dwelling for life if he chooses 

* To Harry Potter, the remainder of the cash assets, plus the investments currently a part of the estate and all property, both residential and business, currently owned by the estate and all personal and family items contained in the Black Family Vault and residences.” 

Ginny felt her jaw drop. She peeked at Harry; he was stunned. 

“ As noted earlier, Mr. Black’s cousins have been determined to be legally entitled to a portion of the estate. To accommodate that requirement the distribution to Mr. Potter is to be reduced sufficient to allow the claims of Mrs. Malfoy , Mrs. Letrange and Mrs. Tonks. 

As a result, Mr. Potter will pay from his portion of the estate to each of the additional claimants the sum of one galleon each; said sum to be paid within thirty days of this date.” 

Edvers was on his feet,” You can’t get away with that…” 

Cormat stared coldly at the wizard,” This amendment meets the letter of estate law.” 

He passed the angry wizard several sheets of parchment,” I think you will find the research to be irrefutable.” 

Edvers grabbed the parchment and stormed from the room; Percy followed. 

When the door had closed behind them Cormat appeared to smile,” The gold is being moved as we speak. Should the Ministry try to act, all they can do is demand we seal the Black vault. Within fifteen minutes it will be empty. 

Gornhall cleared his throat,” Mr. and Mrs. Potter, I have several documents for you to sign.” With that he began passing parchment to them. Some were a single sheets, others were quite lengthy. 

Across the table, Ginny saw Remus and Tonks each signing somewhat smaller stacks of parchment handed to them by Cormat. 

The final item passed from Gornhall was a dragon hide folder containing several long sheets of parchment,” This is a summary of your assets as of this morning. The first page is the Potter family estate, the second the portion of the Black family estate just conveyed and the third page summarizes all of the figures into a single total. Behind that it a list of all of the combined investments and the amounts and/or the percentage owned. There is an additional list of all of the properties.” He paused for a moment,” We didn’t include the three galleons for Mr.Black’s cousins.” 

Ginny read with Harry the numbers on the three pages. She swallowed a bit loudly and looked at Harry. His eyes appeared the size of dinner plates. 

He finally looked up and smiled,” Owl your aunt and tell her we are going to be alright financially.” 

Ginny was shocked, then the absurdity of the statement hit her and she began to giggle. A few seconds later the giggle turned into a full laugh. After a moment, Harry joined her. 

When all of the parchment had been signed they went to lunch. Ginny had never been in this restaurant before. It was very elegant with fine linen tablecloths and shining crystal and silver on every table. 

They were shown to a private room. After the first course was served Gornhall asked what had been so funny. 

Ginny explained about her Aunt Muriel. The goblins appeared to see the humor in things; Bill was beside himself. 

Over the main course Harry asked about the claims against the estate and how they were dealt with. Cormat enjoyed, perhaps a bit too much, explaining how the research had been accomplished and the Ministry thwarted. 

By the time pudding was finished it was mid afternoon. The two goblins and Bill said their ‘good byes’ outside the restaurant and returned to the bank. The two couples walked together back to the Leaky Cauldron. They were going to Apparate back to Hogwarts. 

As they walked they talked about the events of the morning. 

“ Why didn’t your mum get something Dora? She isn’t like her sisters.” 

“ Cormat explained that if she got more than a token share, then her sisters would have been entitled to the same amount. Don’t worry, with what Sirius left me, Mum and Dad will do quite well.” 

“ You two continue to amaze me.” Ginny looked over at Remus. 

“ Why’s that?” 

“ The lunch was an excellent idea, but more importantly, the way you both stayed calm throughout it all was very impressive.” 

Ginny smiled at the professor,” One of us almost made a scene.” 

Harry blushed as Remus and Tonks laughed,” But, you didn’t. That’s important.” 

Ginny noticed Tonks was looking around; keeping an eye on things. 

“ Do we need to hurry?” Ginny didn’t want to be the cause of people being hurt if Death Eaters came after them here. 

“Wouldn’t hurt, I guess.” Tonks smiled at her, but her eyes never stopped moving. 

They moved quickly through the Leaky Cauldron and out to Disapparate. 

“ Remus, let me go first while you watch their backs. Let’s meet behind the Three Broomsticks.” An instant later she was gone. 

“ Hurry you two, I’m right behind you.” 

Ginny wrapped her arm around Harry and grasped her charm. A moment later they were in Hogsmeade. 

Dora was waiting, wand drawn. A few seconds later Remus appeared,” Normally, I’d suggest a butterbeer here, but this time I think we need to get back to the castle.” 

The walk back proved to be uneventful. No one was disappointed. 

The two professors left them in the Entrance Hall to go report to Professor 

They changed clothes when they got to their rooms and resumed their research. By dinner they had identified several possible choices. Before distracting each other after dinner in their rooms, they had the basics of a plan. 

Sunday was spent mostly on school work, although the ‘plan’ was discussed. Not enough time could be devoted to it in order to be ready for Monday. Finally, they agreed that Thursday would be perfect. 

At dinner they were with Hermione and Ron long enough to recount all that had happened the day before. Ginny purposefully avoided talking about what was included in their estate now. Hermione was polite enough not to ask. It apparently didn’t occur to her brother. 

Ginny finished her work early enough to get to bed at a reasonable hour. She left Harry still struggling with a Herbology essay on the properties of Yellow Leafed Fairy Ivy.

* * *

Harry read over his essay one more time. He was pretty satisfied with it. Despite what Ginny probably thought, the essay wasn’t what was keeping him up. Rather it was gold.
The amounts on the parchment were staggering. They were also troublesome after the events at the bank yesterday. He was still afraid he was not going to come out of this war on the other end. And, should that happened the Bond would insure that Ginny didn’t either. If that was the case, he had to make proper provisions for what happened after. Pulling another piece of parchment from the desk, he began making notes. 

Well past midnight he finally put down his quill. Several balls of parchment littered the desk top. He read through the letter one more time and nodded. If Ginny agreed, this is how things would go. 

He checked his book bag before going into the bedroom. Confident he could just grab and go in the morning, he began undressing as he walked through the hallway. 

Totally spoiled by Corry’s attention, he dropped things as they came off. He pulled his pyjamas from the dresser and slipped them on before climbing in to snuggle up to his wife. The touch, the scent, the warmth…he was asleep in seconds.

* * * 

Harry was able, not all of the time, to block Dora’s punches and kicks and deliver a few of his own. This was a huge improvement. Three times in the hour he had her on the floor vulnerable to further attack. To this day that had not happened before. Life was getting even better. 

Ginny’s face was grim when she came out of the classroom. Willa and Corrine were on either side of her, both looking concerned. 

“ What happened?” Harry moved to cut them off. 

“ Not here.” Ginny kept moving towards the stairs 

Harry trailed behind the three girls up to the Entrance Hall. 

Ginny’s friends both said something to Ginny before turning for the Great Hall. Ginny walked to the place they had talked the week before. 

Harry followed and took her bag from her shoulder as she turned to him.” Now, what happened?” 

Ginny’s eyes didn’t seem to focus for a few seconds. Finally, she acted aware that Harry was there in front of her,” It wasn’t just Snape this time. He started in on me and my potion and how I had added the ingredients wrong. He said I might do better if I spent more time in the library than in bed with you.” 

Harry was so angry he saw spots before his eyes,” He said that out loud…in class?” 

Harry was unaware and Ginny took no notice of the halo of energy radiating around Harry. That was not the case for several others. 

Ginny shook her head,” No, he was behind me; leaning over my shoulder. Willa didn’t even catch it all. After he said it he waited for me to do something; he wanted me to react, so I just kept stirring.” Ginny was growing red in the face.” He pulled away and criticized how I was stirring. Anton Woolard, he’s a Slytherin, laughed and said I was better with another type of wand. Snape looked at me and smirked and didn’t say a word about Woolard. That must have made them think I was fair game. The rest of class, there were comments coming from the Slytherins.” 

“ What kind?” 

Ginny flared up,” What do you think!? The same as I’ve been hearing ever since we got here. The same I hear everywhere I go.” Her eyes were blazing. 

Harry opened his mouth to answer. Then, he remembered Ginny’s comment about not giving back her own advice. So, instead, he wrapped his arms around her and began rubbing her back.” Tell me anything I can do to help. I’ll hex some of them, or we could use our new muggle fighting skills and rough them up a bit.” 

He was surprised a few moments later when Ginny pulled away. She was smiling,” What a wonderful idea.” She turned and headed for the Great Hall. 

Harry followed with their book bags. Instead of heading for the Gryffindor table, Ginny walked straight to the Slytherins. Harry thought this wasn’t going to turn out well for someone. 

“ Woolard!” Ginny had stopped less than half way down the table. 

Harry saw a black haired boy of medium size and build look up. He had an arrogant sneer on his face when he saw it was Ginny. 

“ What is it Weasle, tired of Potter already? Want to see what it would be like with a real man?” 

Ginny ignored the taunts,” I’ve listened to your filth as long as I’m going to Woolard. Come outside and let’s settle this.” 

“ What, a duel? You’re mad.” The Slytherin turned to his friends, laughing. 

Ginny kept staring at him as she drew her wand. 

Harry saw several people flinch, and a few reach for their own wands. 

Ginny calmly passed her wand to Harry,” Not a duel. I just want to hear it to my face.” 
With that she turned and started walking to the doors. 

Never taking his eyes from the wands at the table, Harry followed. 

At the doors Ginny stopped and looked back,” Coming you little coward?” 

Harry saw Woolard and nearly a dozen other Slytherin get up to follow. A couple of minutes later they were all out on the front walk. 

Harry stayed behind Ginny and watched for anyone trying to pull something. He noticed a crowd of students from the other houses had followed as well. 

Ginny stood in front of Woolard. He was quite a bit larger than her and not at all intimidated. Harry thought that might be a big mistake, but he wasn’t about to point that out. 

“ Now you slimy little coward, here’s what we’re going to do..You’re going to say to my face what you were muttering in class. Every time I hear a lie, I’m going to hurt you.” 

Woolard laughed as did his friends,” You? Maybe you mean your boyfriend over there will try something, but I doubt you can do anything.” 

Ginny never looked away,” Harry, stay out of this.” 

He was a bit nervous, but he knew not to disagree,” Any thing you want, dear.” 

That brought snickers from all around the throng of students. 

Ginny squared her shoulders, “I’m waiting.” 

Woolward’s eyes grew hard,” Alright, the poor little blood traitor found a way to move up by laying on her back.” He started to smirk at his friends when all the air in his lungs suddenly burst out. 

As soon as the words were out of the Slytherin’s mouth, Ginny had pivoted on her left leg and aimed a closed fist punch straight into his solar plexus. 

Woolard gasped for air as he stared at the small witch in front of him. His eyes turned murderous as he heard the laughter from the non Slytherins gathered around watching. He quickly drew his wand and pointed it at Ginny. 

Harry watched in admiration and amazement as his wife stepped to the side and grasped Woolard’s wrist in both hands. She again pivoted, twisting the wrist cruelly. 

With a cry of pain, Woolard struggled to free his arm. Continuing her motion, Ginny whipped her right foot around and caught the inside of Woolards left knee with her shoe. He gasped as he dropped his wand and fell to the stone pavers. 

Ginny calmly picked up the wand and tossed it off to the side,” Now I believe you had a few other things to say earlier. Shall we get on with it?” 

“ What is going on here?” 

Harry saw Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape coming down the front steps. It was Snape who had spoken. 

“ Mrs. Potter what have you done to Mr. Woolard?” 

Ginny looked up innocently,” Why, I disarmed him after he drew his wand.” 

That caused an immediate response from the Slytherin. They were all saying Ginny attacked their housemate. 

Snape looked at the Headmaster,” Professor, we all saw Mrs. Potter incite Mr. Woolard to come out here. I demand that she be punished appropriately.” 

Dumbledore appeared disturbed,” Mrs. Potter, would you like to explain?” 

The smile on Ginny’s face made Harry’s blood run cold,” Perhaps Professor it would be better if I gave you my memories in the Penseive. This all started in Professor Snape’s class.” 

Harry bit his cheek to keep from laughing. 

“ I hardly think that is necessary.” Snape quickly answered. 

“ I believe Mrs. Potter’s suggestion sounds like the best course of action. I think we should view the memories Headmaster.” Professor McGonagall obviously smelled something good in the air. 

“ Perhaps this was all a misunderstanding.” Snape stared at Woodard,” Wouldn’t you agree Mr. Woolard?” 

The boy looked confused at the turn of events. 

Harry watched Professor Dumbledore consider the options. He was surprised when those bright blue eyes bore into his own for a few moments,” I must agree with Professor McGonagall. Professors, Mrs. Potter, and Mr. Woolard follow me if you will.” 

Ginny’s face was radiant when she turned to Harry. He stepped over and gave her a quick kiss,” You planned for this didn’t you?” 

She plucked her wand from his hand,” I have no idea what you mean.” 

Harry watched her bouncy step as she followed the professors back in to the castle. 

He was waiting outside the Headmaster’s office when she finally returned; still bouncing. 

“ What happened?” 

Ginny reached up and kissed him,” After Professor McGonagall finished shouting at Snape, Professor Dumbledore gave Woolard and two others a week’s detention with Professor McGonagall. Snape has to apologize to me in front of the entire class. I get to judge if it is adequate.” 

“ You do know how scary you can be don’t you?” 

She smiled sweetly,” You have no reason to worry if you behave.” 

“ Yes, ma’am.” 

“ Would the two of you care to join us for class?” Professor McGonagall swept by. 

Harry thought she may have been smiling. 

As they found their seats Harry leaned close,” You didn’t get any punishment?” 

Ginny looked very sad,” I have to serve detention with Professor Lupin this afternoon.” 

Harry snorted, then, caught himself before he ended up with a detention,” You mean our training session?” 

“ No one else has to know that, do they?” Ginny was pulling out her parchment. 

Harry turned his attention to Professor McGonagall. He couldn’t help but think, as he had many times the past two months, that he was in way over his head with little witch sitting beside him. 

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