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A/N: Ok so this is it. This may be the end of my first fic ever. I say may because I may add another chapter. It would be the epilogue. That’s up to you, though, my lovely readers. I don’t know exactly if the story needs and epilogue, so I will let my audience help me decide if they’d like to. I’m just asking for you wonderful readers to drop a review and let me know. If this indeed is my last chapter I just want to say thank you to all my readers, especially those who reviewed, and my beta/ banner maker/ chapter image maker- xtimexturner. Without her none of it would have been possible. So thanks and enjoy-

Disclaimer: I really am not J.K. Rowling and none of her characters or her franchise is mine. Happy? I admitted it! (This goes for the whole story in case I forgot any chapters- like 4 for instance)

“Okay so first, before I begin my monologue about Potter,” Nigel said as the two continued their stroll. “I want to know what you hate about the bloke and then I want to know what you think a guy should be like.”

“Well, the first one is easy- I hate how he runs his hand through his stupid hair. I hate his arrogance. I hate how he thinks he owns the school and how he thinks it’s ok to put other kids down because he’s better at something. I hate how he thinks he can show off because we are tied for top in our class and he’s decent at a stupid sport. I hate how he knows he can have any girl in school, and I absolutely HATE that out of all that bloody girls that love him he had to pick me to annoy the most.”

“Well, aren’t you a little ball of hate? And I take it that’s not all” Nigel laughed when she shook her head. His amusement in how fired up she got was familiar. “Okay, so half those things he does is in our guy code book under ‘How to Impress Chicks: Just be Stupid, They Like That.’ He thinks that acting like an idiot can get you the attention you want. Actually, I should say he thought, because he hasn’t been doing anything stupid lately. It’s been a while since an infamous Potter Prank hasn’t it?”

Lily could see what he meant. It was obvious the boy wanted her attention and she realized that if she looked at the situation in another way, James really wasn’t all that conceited anymore. After telling Nigel her mini-epiphany, he continued.

“You see the poor bloke isn’t so bad. Now give me the best qualities you look for in a guy.”

Lily began listing her favorite characteristics of the perfect boy: smart, caring, respectable, sweet, chivalrous, funny and witty, clever, honest, unique, loyal, and modest were just a few…

“Ahh, a few alright, well let’s make my job easy. First, I know you’ve seen him be chivalrous, smart, funny and witty, loyal to his friends, and caring. He does it everyday in school. You also said yourself that he is one of the smartest in your class. He obviously cares for you. As for others, well let’s just say on Sundays, he’s up early volunteering to tutor kids like me who have trouble in Transfiguration.

“Sweet and respectable are already covered. Potter really only cares for his body for two reasons, and neither are girls- health and Quidditch. Potter doesn’t care what other girls say or think about his body except you. He doesn’t flaunt it as much anymore because he knows you don’t care. This doesn’t exactly make him modest, but everyone has a flaw or two.

“Some key points: honest and unique- James does not sugar coat, especially on the pitch. And judging by the pranks and million ways he asks you out, I think it’s safe to say he’s unique. The guy is really a nice person, it just take a chance to know him. Have you ever given him that chance, Lily?”

Lily just looked at Amos incredulously. This was the second time someone asked her that question but this time she guilty answered, “No.”

She felt horrible for judging him so quickly, but then she realized that this was the boy who spent all his time doing these things for her and that he truly deeply cared for her. Nigel was right, about everything.

“Nigel, how did you know all of this?” she asked looking up at him, but instead of seeing a smile or a chuckle, he grimaced, as if he wished she wouldn’t have asked.

“Well, I seem to overhear things a lot. I’m kind of invisible to others.”

Lily snorted and just said, “Eavesdropper”

Nigel faintly said “observant” and started fidgeting with his finger. Lily looked up at the real crescent moon hanging above their heads. She had so much to think about, but her main concern was if she’d ever get the chance to hear him ask her out again. It seemed as if he’d given up a few weeks ago. Just then, as if he had read her mind, Nigel said in a low voice, “Would you say yes?”

“I don’t know. He may not even ask me anymore. He hasn’t in a while. I think he has given up”

Nigel told her that he highly doubted that and apologized for adding to her confusion.

“Oh please, it was the perfect distraction the wake up call I needed. Thank you for everything,” Lily said getting up and giving the boy a hug. She thought she heard a faint plop! But she ignored it. The clock struck twelve and Nigel said, “I hate to be the Cinderella, but I really have to go. I’ll see you around.”

Lily just nodded and watched as he walked away, but she quickly remembered a question. “Oi! You never told me how he was clever!”

Nigel just smirked and called back, “You’ll see.”

She smiled faintly and looked down to pull her mask off her face, but then something in the water glimmered and caught her eye. Bending down to pick the small, round object, everything suddenly made sense- Nigel and James’s weird behavior, Peter’s absence, Nigel’s knowledge, James’s cleverness.

Lily laughed to herself and the called to the retreating figure, “You dropped your ring…James.”

A/N: awe I love the ending to this story. Please leave a review and thank you for reading. Don’t forget to lemme know if you think there should be an epilogue and if you’d like just explain why so I know. Questions- Comments? Leave them in the square below. Thanks Again!

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