Early the next morning, Harry was awaken by his servants, and they left him to get ready for breakfast. As he got ready, he wondered what Merlin would be teaching him. Harry decided to ask Merlin when he saw him next. In the dinning room, the King and his knights were not there, and Harry's servants told him that they ate early to make their rounds, and had decided to let Harry sleep late. Luckily Harry didn't mind and made light talk with his servants. After breakfast, Harry learned he had some time before Merlin would start training him. He asked his servants to show him around. As Harry was shown about the castle, he was convinced he was back in Hogwarts. He saw many similarities in the two buildings. The design of the castle, and much of the interior, reminded him very much of Hogwarts. The only difference was that this castle was white, inside and out, and Hogwarts was darken with age. As the time of the training neared, Harry’s servants took him to a large courtyard, so that he and Merlin could train outside. Merlin met Harry as he was sitting with his servants. His servants promptly left him alone with Merlin. "So how are they treating you Harry?" Harry grinned at him "Just fine, but I’m going to have to get use to having people serve me." Merlin chuckled. "You don't have servants in your time?" Harry shook his head. "Well not like this, we have people who work for us, but they don't wait on their bosses, like the girls do." Merlin nodded. "Very interesting concept, but let’s start on your training." Harry nodded and they went to work. Merlin first had Harry review the spells he knew. Then they went into spells that Merlin knew that would greatly help Harry. After about an hour of this, they went in Merlin's study to work on portions. Harry would write down some potions he was taught that Merlin didn't know, then Merlin would show Harry some potions he knew that Harry did not. About a hour later they had lunch. After lunch, Lancelot, one of King Arthur’s head knights, taught Harry some sword fighting techniques. He taught Harry with a wooden sword. After Harry had been taught the basics they began to practice battling eachother. "Good form Harry, but don't close your eyes when you swing. Always keep your eyes open." Harry nodded and swung at him, but Lancelot dodged it. "Hey! I thought you were going to show me how to block." Harry asked. "If you can dodge it, then you don't need to block" Lancelot explained as he swung at Harry and Harry dodged it "Good, now try this," he swung upward at Harry, and Harry barely dodged it. "Hey you almost hit me!" Harry yelled. "Harry, how would you learn if neither of us get hit?" Lancelot said. Harry groaned. An hour later Harry was with Merlin, his hands still hurting. "It will take some time to get use to it. Then hopefully you will get stronger, and this won’t be a problem". Merlin brought Harry an oily liquid and put Harry’s hands in it. "Feel better?" Merlin asked, and Harry nodded. "Now for your finale lesson for the day." Harry looked worried. "What now?" Harry thought. "Don't worry, I thought you would need horse riding lesson. After that you can do anything you want, but keep the servants with you, to help you around the castle, since this castle is big. They will know all the interesting places." Harry nodded and they headed out to the stables. Harry was given a beautiful light brown horse. As the stable hand gave him the reigns he said, "He is yours when you learn to ride properly. King’s orders." Harry thanked him. Lancelot came over to Harry, riding his own horse. "All right, get on." Harry nodded and got on without any problems. Harry was able to learn all the commands and kept up with Lancelot as they rode around the castle. "You are a fast learner, but you still need work on your swordsmanship," Lancelot joked, as Harry grinned. "I'm not sure I really need that, if you ask me, since I got magic, no one can get close enough to attack me with swords," Harry said, as Lancelot shook his head, in disagreement. “ You know you can't rely on only magic. Merlin doesn't, he has been seen using his sword now and then in battles." Harry looked at Lancelot surprised. "He can use a sword?” Lancelot nodded, "He's good, he can beat any of us, even the King, and doesn't use any magic unless he has to." Harry nodded "If he can do it, then I will also learn" Lancelot smiled. "Race you!" he said as he rode past Harry. "Hey! No fair! You got a head start," Harry yelled and rode after him. After a week Harry seemed to get stronger. He blasted away stuffed dummies with blasting spells. "Good Harry, if you can send five pounds at least fifty feet, it should be enough to break any shields." Harry sighed, the last one went only twenty feet, almost twice as far as last week. "All right let’s try the heavier one, the ten pound dummy" Harry nodded and fired a strong spell at it. The second it hit, Harry cast another spell to deflect the first spell in the other direction. "What’s wrong Harry?" Merlin asked, as Harry ran until he reached a small ditch. "Are you all right?" Harry asked, his servants were in the ditch. "Yes, we are." Merlin stepped up. "I thought I told you to head back to the castle," Harry said. The servants looked apologetic. "We just wanted to watch." Harry sighed. "Alright you can, but you have stay behind us, if it all right with master Merlin," Harry said, as Merlin nodded. "But one more interruption, and you three will be cleaning dishes for a month," Merlin warned them and they quickly nodded and went to the side as Harry got ready to fire his spells. It took three weeks for Harry's hands to become used to handling the wooden sword, and another week to properly defend himself against Lancelot. "Not bad, you can almost defend yourself now." Harry grinned. "Almost, are you holding back?" Harry said scornfully. "Alright then let’s fight for real." He then swung his more expertly then before, and Harry could barely keep track of what Lancelot was doing to defend himself. "Now you know why I was holding back." Harry didn't answer as he started his own attack, using well placed swings and dodging as fast as he could. "Not bad, not bad at all," Lancelot said as they battled it out. At the same moment, on the castle walls, Merlin was grinning. He looked on as Harry fought. "He doing well, isn't he?" Arthur said, coming to Merlin’s side. "Yes he is, I think in a month or so, he will become a top rate wizard." Arthur nodded. "If only he was older then I would not be so adamant against sending him off with you," Merlin said, as Arthur nodded. "You are right, but the bandit problem is getting worse, and we can use all the help we can get. Because of his age I would keep him as far away as, to just fire spells at them. It would be better then nothing." Merlin nodded. "It would be a good idea, his swordsmanship is still in question, but his spells should make the bandits think twice before going after him." Arthur grinned. "Then in month I want him to come on one of our expeditions to a far off town that is being threaten by bandits. There will be time for him to continue his training before we get there." Merlin nodded as they left for the castle.

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