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Disclaimer:  I do not own anything you recognize.

Disney quotes used:
“Without you, I‘m just Aladdin.”-Aladdin

"A hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart."-Hercules

Without You

An elderly Ronald Weasley walked though the cemetery, looking for one headstone in particular.   He walked with a cane and looked like one good wind could knock him over, but he insisted on going on this journey alone; he needed to do this for himself.


Once his destination was found, he conjured up a chair for himself and sat down.  He sat for ages just staring at the name written on the marker in front of him.

Harry James Potter

July 31, 1980 – September 16, 2101

"A hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart."

The quote was one that Hermione had insisted be put on the stone, everyone agreed, having nothing better to describe their friend.


            Ron sat and reread the tombstone many times before standing back up and setting a small envelope on the ground with the words Harry Potter written across the front.


Ron walked away slowly, back to his wife and son who waited outside the gate for him to finish.  He looked back and felt a small tear roll down his cheek at the memory of his best friend.


James Sirius Potter strolled into the churchyard to the one tomb he really wanted to see, a bouquet of flowers in his fist.

He found the stone he intended to find but found something he did not intend to find at the base.  As he looked at the envelope, he considered reading it.  It wasn’t addressed to him, but the man it was addressed to could not read it himself.

He picked it up and began to read what the single piece of parchment said.


Dear Harry,


I never imagined that you’d be gone before me.  It’s hard to deal.


We all really miss you a lot; Hermione says that she wishes you were here almost every day (it’s getting a bit annoying to be honest).  I’ve been thinking more then usual lately about you. 


I’ve noticed how without you, I’m just Ron Weasley.  Just another Weasley...

Without you, Harry, I’d’ve never met Hermione and I never would be as happy as I am.

If I’d never met you, my life at Hogwarts would have been boring.  No one ever wants to have a quiet year at Hogwarts.

James laughed a little when he read the last part.  Life was never quiet at Hogwarts, even after the war was settled.


Without you, I never would have realized how I am as good as my brothers.

Without you, I bet my sister would have never been married.


James laughed again.  Only one of his uncles would say something that true out loud, or even on paper.


My whole life has been changed by you, Harry, I miss you incredibly, we all do.


Please say hi to everyone while your there.  We miss you all so much.  And mum, I love you too.


Harry, you were always exciting to be friends with.  I’ll never forget that.  I haven’t let anyone forget it either.


Love from your best mate ever,



P.S.  You just got another grandson from Lily and Scorpius, congrats. He really looks like you; he even has a little cut on his forehead, only that’s from his big sister starching him with a quill.  You should have seen little Lily’s face when that happened.


James slowly folded the letter and put it back in the envelope.  He never thought of his uncle and father as children.  He never even thought about life without them meeting. 

He pulled out his wand and tapped letter, sealing it so the paper wouldn’t age and put the letter back on his father’s grave.

Walking out of the graveyard, he remembered what an amazing man his father was, and he never even knew him during his glory days.



  A/N:  I have a little bit of a cry-lump in my throat right now.  This idea popped in my head when I was reading through the Disney quotes again and landed on “Without You, I’d just be Aladdin”-Aladdin and this just started writing itself in my head.  I hope you like it.  Please review and tell me what you thought.


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