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After a while, the sobbing subsided and Lily looked up into the boys eyes. People always said she had the most stunning eyes but compared to his blue ones she didn’t know if the title fit anymore. He felt her move and looked down.

“I’m sorry for ruining your dressrobes, not to mention your night.” She said softly.

“You didn’t ruin my night. She did. As for the dressrobes, its just a piece of cloth. Are you ok?” the boy looked very concerned.

“I’m fine” she replied wiping a tear of her cheek and pulling the loose strands of hair behind her ears. She was finished crying for him, the scum. Though, she did feel bad for...for... “Look we never got to formally introduce our selves. I’m Lily Ev-“

“Evans- I know. Actually who doesn’t know?! James Potter goes around school proclaiming his love to you everyday”. This made Lily blush but if he noticed he didn’t show it. “I’m Nigel, Nigel Crempton. I think we have Herbology and Ancient Runes together.”

“Really? I mean, not to be offensive or anything, I just never really noticed you in any of my classes. Maybe my friends were right, I do live in a bubble” Lily laughed softly and she could see a twinkle in the boy’s eyes. Was she really that blind? Ironically the boy pulled out a pair of thick brown glasses from his pocket.

“You may remember me with these. I just recently got contacts…you know what those are yea?” he continued when she nodded, “but I still carry these just in case.” Lily recognized him immediately from the minute he put the glasses on. He was the very quiet, yet intelligent boy in most of her classes. Nigel…she had never bothered to find out his name.

“What house are you in? I remember you, just not all that much. Forgive for sounding that rude and conceited but it’s the truth” Lily said quietly. She was big on honesty right now.

“Well…er… I am actually pretty ashamed to say this thanks to Amos the A-hole, but I’m in Hufflepuff.” He ducked his head sheepishly.

Lily smiled ruefully, “I think I can forgive you, maybe not him, but you…I think so. Actually, it’s pretty funny you mentioned that name. I’ve never heard anyone but James and Sirius call him that.”

Nigel raised his eyebrows and asked surprised, “Really? I’ve heard loads of people say it. I mean Amos isn’t exactly popular with some people.”

“There goes me and my bubble again” Lily laughed, but she hit another realization, “Actually I haven’t heard either of them call him names like that since… well, since I got the date. I wonder why...”

All of a sudden Nigel burst out. “You! You were the reason!” Then he began to redden in embarrassment and frustration. “What I mena is…erm…you were…oh bollocks. Yes, you were the reason he stopped because he knew it would make you unhappy so he didn’t say anything. He also knew you wouldn’t believe anything if he told you.”

Lily thought about and the more she did, she realized he was right. There was no way in hell, Lily would’ve have trusted James. She would have blamed it on jealousy.

“Wow, that’s respect on a whole new level. Who knew that James could be sweet?”

“Um, everyone? Ok I’m kidding, but you’d be surprised at how much you didn’t know about him.” Nigel was smirking at how fast her expression had changed from shock to disbelief.

“Oh, really?”

“Yes really, I mean there’s a lot more to the guy than a handsome face and brilliant quidditch skills.”

“Then why don’t you date him, Nigel?” Lily rolled her eyes, but smiled. She has heard all of that before.

“Ehh he’s not exactly my type. I’m more of a lady- lover.” This caused Lily to laugh but it gave her a fantastic idea.

“You know what? I am so tired of hearing what a good bloke Potter is. I want to see it. I want proof. Can you do that Nigel? Can you prove that Potter is a good guy?”

Nigel turned to face Lily. He broke into a handsome grin so wide, it could have given the Cheshire Cat are run for its money, and he said to her, “You bet.”

A/N Okay, so all I ask right now is that you lower your wands and hear me out. To all of you who noticed, I am sorry that the Chapter 3 repeated. I was updating it and I forgot to change it- I know I’m terrible. I’m very, very, very sorry. I am also sorry I made you wait so long for this chapter and that it’s a taddd short. It is partially up because I wanted to procrastinate for my midterms this week, but I have been loaded with work for school and extracurricular that I haven’t gotten a chance to retype this chapter (it got deleted :’( along with chapter 5). Good News though!- I had originally planned to end the story in the next chapter but if I get some reviews (or I just really feel like it) I will make an epilogue and extend it one more chapter! Thanks to all my readers and especially to my reviewers- this one is for you guys. Now for those of you who bothered to even read this very long and boring note – please review!!!

A/N 2: and for those who decide to skip that- please read and review!!!

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