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After everyone had finally left the ball I made the slow climb back up the stairs. Sirius had showed up at the ball mere moments after my mystery man left. Coincidence? I think not.


Terri and I climbed up the steps side by side; our shoes gripped in our hands.


“I think I’m going to soak in the bathtub,” I said as I leaned my head on Terri’s shoulder. We were walking down our hallway now.


“Oh great she’s going to take forever in the bathroom.” Sirius said.


“Well, it’s payback for taking the longest shower in the universe.” I said.


Sirius chuckled and rubbed my head. I swatted him away.


When Sirius showed up at the ball he was wearing a black mask. But I still believed that he was my mystery man; I just knew he was.


Tomorrow he was going with James and Remus into town to have a guy’s night. Who knows what they’re going to do, but it was the perfect time to do our investigating.


“Good-night everyone,” I said as I walked into my room. I chucked my shoes towards the wardrobe. I quickly changed out of the dress and walked into the bathroom.


I locked Sirius’ door and turned the knobs on the large bathtub. I walked back into my room and grabbed a tank-top and slipped it over my strapless bra. I unclasped the necklace and put it on the nightstand.


I walked back into the bathroom and turned the running water off. I got undressed and stepped into the warm water. It felt so good; I can’t remember the last time that I took a bath but I should take some more often.


After my very long bath I got dressed into a tank-top and sweats and crawled into my bed.


The moment my head hit the pillow I was asleep. No dreams came to me that night; none at all.




The next morning I was awaked by Lily and Terri pounding on my door.


“Tori! Wake-up!” Terri yelled.


“What?” I asked as I rolled over.


“The guys left three hours ago!” Lily yelled. “They could be back who knows when.”


“What?” I asked.


I sat up just as Lily and Terri walked into my room.


“We can’t investigate as much as we wanted to,” Lily said. “Since someone decided to sleep in.”


“Okay sorry,” I said. “Alright you guys ask Aunt Julie and Uncle Shawn about the mystery man.”


“What are you going to do?” Terri asked.


“I’m going into Sirius’ room.” I said.


“But you don’t know what could be festering in there.” Lily said.


“That’s exactly why I need to go in.” I said.


Terri put a hand on my shoulder and looked me deep in the eyes. “Good-luck,” She said. I smiled.


“Thanks,” I said.


Lily and Terri left my room. I bolted out of my bed grabbing the snowflake necklace as I did. I clasped it around my neck as I walked into the bathroom.


I had only been in Sirius’ room once and that was when we were six. I had no idea what could be behind this door.


I breathed deeply and put my hand on the door knob. I turned it and pulled the door open.


I was amazed at what I saw; a clean room. I stood in shock, everything was in its place; no dirty clothes no random pumpkin pastries or chocolate frogs. Nothing.


I stepped in and began looking around starting with his desk. Random pieces of parchment and books, but nothing that could tell me that he was the mystery man.


I moved to the wardrobe and began digging around in there. I saw a couple of shirts that were ripped, probably from Remus’ transformation; or Sirius does some weird stuff in his free time.


I closed the wardrobe doors and moved to underneath the bed. I ran my hand frantically around underneath the bed. I didn’t find evidence but I think I found pudding, maybe, it was cold and gooey, that’s all I got.


I stood up and sat down on Sirius’ bed. Maybe Sirius wasn’t my mystery man.


I looked up at the bathroom door; his dress robes were hanging up on the door.


I stood up and walked over to them. I passed my hand over the front and quickly flipped open the coat. The inside pocket! I moved my hand around inside the coat searching for the inside pocket. I found it and dug my hand inside.


I gripped around something and pulled it out. It was the dark blue mask that my mystery man had been wearing. I stared at it in my hands. The small material looked back at me; I could almost see the black eyes.




I whipped around, not bothering to hide the mask. Sirius stood in the doorway looking at me confused. Realization washed over him as he saw the mask in my hands.


“Tori, I…” He began.


“Why didn’t you just tell me?” I asked.


“I just…I don’t know,” He said looking down at his feet.


I threw the mask down onto the floor. He looked up at me and I shook my head; holding back tears. I wretched the bathroom door open and stormed back into my room.


“Tori?” Sirius said as he followed after me.


We were in my room now. I turned to face him. “Why couldn’t you just tell me? Instead of doing this?” I asked yelling.


“Because…” Sirius said.


“Because what? Because you didn’t want me to be just another girl?” I asked.


Sirius looked down.


“That’s it…isn’t it?” I asked. “You thought that by pretending to be someone else I wouldn’t be just another girl?”


Sirius shook his head.


“No?” I asked. “Than what is it?”


“I’m not the only one who likes you!” He yelled. I was taken aback by his sudden rage. “There are other people out there who you love and care about who are having the same feelings I am.”


“Like who?” I asked.


“You’re so smart and yet you can’t figure this out?” Sirius asked.


I thought back to all the people. Everyone I danced with at the ball. My eyes widened.


“Mooney?” I asked. I stood back horrified.


“Yeah, Mooney,” Sirius said.


I wanted to cry and just yell and scream but I couldn’t speak; I couldn’t move.


“Tori?” Sirius asked.


I moved back hitting my back up against the wall.


“Tori? Are you okay?” Sirius asked as he walked over to me.


I pushed him away trying to get away. I had to leave this place. I made my way for the door.


Sirius gripped my arm and turned me around. I went to push him out of the way but his lips crashed into mine.


Just like the kiss at the ball it was so full of passion. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my back pulling me closer to him. He bit my lip and slowly let his tongue into my mouth.


The kiss got more passionate and hotter as he leaned me onto my bed. Pressing his body against mine.


He tugged at my shirt as I tugged on his; the only few pieces of fabric in the way of our skin making contact. He broke the kiss but moved down to my neck kissing and licking; tickling me slightly.


I stifled a moan as he found my sweet spot; but he knew that he found it. He kissed it again and again.


“Sirius…” I said softly my voice just barely a whisper.


“What Tori?” He asked looking at me his voice was ragged and uneven.


“I don’t know if we should…” I began; he cut me off with his lips. I was going to kick him in the ass for that later.


“Don’t worry,” He said as he moved to my neck. “We won’t,”


I breathed in and out trying to make it as even as possible. I was both relieved and disappointed.


In the next instant my tank-top was off. I don’t know when it happened or how it happened but it was now on the floor and I was just in my blue and white polka-dot bra.


“Love the bra,” Sirius said as he kissed my collar bone. I laughed. “Have I ever told you that I loved your laugh?”


“No,” I said. He kissed me full on the lips.


“Well I do,” He said breaking the kiss.


I pulled him back in for another kiss. I flipped him over and was now straddling him.


“So you are this kind of girl?” Sirius asked.


“Shut up,” I said kissing him.


He chuckled into the kiss. I tugged at the black t-shirt and I broke the kiss. He practically ripped his shirt off as if he was the incredible hulk. I laughed.


“What are you laughing at?” He asked.


“Nothing,” I said. He chuckled and flipped me over. I grunted as my head hit the pillow. “What’s the point in this? It’s just going to be a battle of us flipping each other over.”


He chuckled and kissed me again; pulling me closer to him. His rock hard abs burned against my skin.


He moved his hand down my side and down my leg to my knee. He squeeze my knee; which he knew was one of my tickle spots. I yelped and pulled away from the kiss.


“Jerk,” I said hitting him on the arm.


“Ow, that hurt,” He whined.


“Aw,” I kissed his arm where I hit him and moved up to his shoulder to his neck and to his jaw line. I moved back to his lips he pushed his body against mine.






Sirius broke away and flung himself off of the bed. Terri, James, Lily, and Remus were at my door.


Lily and Terri looked somewhat happy, James was torn between emotions, and Remus looked so hurt.


“Mooney!” Sirius said from the floor.


Remus looked from Sirius to me. He looked at me disgusted. He ran from the door.


I bolted from the bed and chased after him.


“Remus!” I yelled just before he went down the stairs. “Stop!”


“What?” He asked he sounded so angry.


“I’m sorry,” I said.


“Sorry?” He asked walking over to me. “For what?”


“For hurting you,” I said. He looked at me.


“Hurting me, you’re not hurting me,” He said.


“I know…Remus…I know how you feel.” I said.


“He told you huh?” He asked. I nodded. “And yet you were doing whatever it was you were doing with him.”


“It got…carried away.” I said. “We weren’t going to do anything,”


“You weren’t going to do anything?” Remus asked. “What the hell were you doing in there?”


“That’s not what I meant,” I said yelling, tears began to sting my eyes.


“Mooney, it wasn’t…” Sirius said as he stepped out of my room.


“Shut the hell up you backstabbing asshole!” Remus yelled. “And as for you…”


He looked at me; those cold blue eyes staring me down; and me without a shirt on.


“Your not even worthy to be called a backstabbing bitch.” He said. “You’re so much lower than that, you’re not even worthy of Snivellus.”


I felt like somebody had just ripped my heart out. Remus turned and jogged downstairs; James followed.


I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I dropped to my knees; tears stinging my eyes. I felt like someone had stabbed me repeatedly, and I cried into my knees.


I felt arms wrap around me.


“It’s okay Tori,” Lily said.


“Yeah, you’re going to be okay.” Terri said. “James is going to make sure he doesn’t leave.”


I cried harder; staining my sweats. What just happened? I screamed as loud as possible. I covered my ears; just screaming. After I was out of breath; I rolled over and pulled my legs into my chest. I closed my eyes; wishing everything was back to normal.


Lily hated James, Ian hated me, and Remus and Sirius were just my friends. Nothing more, nothing less. But it wouldn’t. I felt someone pick me up and take me back to my room.


I looked up at Sirius; he looked hurt too. He laid me down in my bed. He kissed my forehead and left.


I cried into my pillow. Wanting nothing more but to have things back to normal. Nothing could be back to normal, everything had changed, nothing could be normal again. 

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