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Disclaimer: I don't own anything relating to Harry Potter. I only own the plot.

Ten Things I Hate About James Potter
1. I hate that you bully Snape
2. I hate that you get away with anything
3. I hate that you ask me out
4. I hate that you embarrass me
5. I hate that you care about your hair more than anything
6. I hate when you think you are always right. 


A/n: Short but still an update. =]

“Wait,” Potter said, looking at the next one I had written. “Isn't that a good thing?”

“Not to me it is,” I said, glaring at him. I dare him to question me.

I dare him.

Potter is going to die.


Do you really need to ask?

He turned my hair blue.

And not even light blue, no, electric blue!

He is soooo dead.

He's a twelve year old, he needs to grow up already!

“Potter!” I yelled, him and his friends turned at my shout.

“Hello, my flower,” James said, smiling sweetly

“Don't hello me!” I said, poking his chest at each word. “You stupid...boy!” He smiled in amusement as Black snorted in laughter.

Okay, so that wasn't the best thing to say if you wanted to insult Potter. Oh, how I wanted to wipe that smile out of his face.

“Ouch!” He yelped, rubbing his forearm where I just pinched him at.

That could work.

I smirked at him as his face was wiped of that annoying smirk. 

“Change it back,” I said, glaring at all three of them as they all sprouted a look of confusion on there faces.

“Change what back?” They asked in that creepy of theirs. You know when twins say things at the same time without thinking about doing it, there did the exact thing except the not only said at the same time but they also had the same facial expression.

Yeah, weird.

“My hair, you idiots!” I said, pointing towards my blue hair. They all turned their attention to my hair and they all gaped at it.

“Holy shit,” Remus muttered, looking at it as if fascinated.

“Aww, come on, why didn't we think about that?” Potter muttered, glaring at my hair as if it was its fault. 

“Woah, Evans, what the hell happened?” Black guffawed, not knowing to be angry like Potter was or laugh at the pure ingenious of the prank.

“Potter, stop joking around! Reverse it!” A sudden panic was building up inside me praying that Potter did this or else...

I'll be in deep shit.

“I don't know how to.” He shouted back, still bitter that he didn't do it.

“What spell did they use? I never seen it before.” Even at twelve, Remus was Remus always needing to know how something was done.

“I don't know,” I snapped at him, I so didn't need his curiosity right now, “That's why I'm asking you!”

They glanced at each other before the shouted, “Mystery!”

“After watching Sherlick Lock, I've always wanted to solve a mystery.” I look blankly at Potter before I said, “You mean Sherlock Holmes?”

“No, Sherlick Lock.” He said in that annoying confident voice

“Sherlock Holmes!” How was he going to tell me? I grew up watching Sherlock Holmes!

He glared at me before he said, “Nooo, Sherlick Lock.”

“I'm pretty sure its Sherlock Holmes.” I said with gritted teeth.

“Well, you're wrong because it's Sherlick Lock!”

“Sherlock Holmes!”

“Sherlick Lock”

“Sherlock Holmes.”

“Sherlick Lock!”

“Sherlock Holmes, and if you say Sherlick Lock one more time I'll...”

“Sherlick. Lock.”

That's it.

“Now, if you do that, Evans, you'll regret it.”

I don't care.

“Ouch! What the fuck, Evans?”

“Wow, who knew Evans packed a punch”

“Ms. Evans!”


“That is not how a lady should act... detention for a month.”


“Told you so.” Potter said, happy that he had been right about hitting him, he then turned around and began to leave his friends behind him.

“Wait!” I yelled panicked remembering why I sought them out

I ran towards James and jumped in his arms kissing him madly and we lived happily ever... 

“Stupid Potter!” I yelled at Potter for interrupting him from the real ending “That didn't happen, you...idiot!”

Well, at least, it wasn't as bad as 'boy'.

“Ouch, ouch!” Potter yelled as I assaulted him with hits on the head, trying to knock some sense into him. “I'm sorry! I thought it sounded better than the original! Ouch! Stop hitting me dammit!”

Wait!” I yelled panicked remembering why I sought them out “My hair, you asses, you forgot to change back my bloody hair!”

“Oh, wow, that was so much better.” Potter said, sarcastically,

“You're just mad you got hit by a girl...” I said, smirking, “Twice.”

“I don't hit girls.” He muttered in response 

Good cover.

“Or boys.” I said, as an afterthought, ignoring the glare he sent me as I thought of the other time he was annoyingly right.

“I would say I told you so but I don't think its needed this time.” Potter whispered finding me on top of the astronomy tower. I quickly wiped my tears away and took a deep breath. Before turning towards him and shooting him a glare.

How did he find me?

“Shove off, Potter,” I muttered, I so didn't need him shoving this in my face.

“No, I was right wasn't I? Tell me, I was right.” He said with such force that it made anger well up inside of me. 

What happened to not telling me so? Stupid prick.

“You were right!” I yelled at him, throwing my hands in the air. I glared at him as I whispered, “You. Were. Right.”

Did that give him some joy?

“You prick.” I muttered, wiping my tears away “You freaking prick.”

Merlin, just kill me now. Nothing is worth this.

Have I not suffered enough?

“I told you.” He whispered, his voice sounded closer, did he move closer? “I told you that when he left, I would still be here. I told you so.”

But I wanted him NOT you.

I blinked as he took my hand into his and open my palm. I glared at him.

“I told you, when he was gone. I would still be here, I would still send you this like I've always have since we were fourteen.” He closed my palm and I now held something inside of my hand.

I shot him one more glare before I glanced down and saw the familiar flower that he had always sent me.

A lily.

“I still hate you.” I said, looking at the flower. I would throw it away as soon as I reached the dormitory.

Just like the others.

Without looking up, I knew he was smiling that stupid smile of his as he muttered, “No, you don't” before he left.

He was right. Not one bit. 

I blinked.

He blinked.

“Can I take that as a postive view on me?” He asked and I thumped him across his head.

Thank Merlin I only did a brief summary of that memory. Ugh, just the thought of that stupid grin on his face makes me mad.

“Aww, I thought I was acting sweet that time. You know, comforting you after losing your boyfriend.” Potter muttered before adding, “Hey, how did you even remember that day.”

I gave him a blank look, was he stupid? “Potter, that was last year.”

“Oh, right, I knew that.” He chuckled, nervously,

I rolled my eyes before saying, “Anyway, moving on...” I took the paper and pen and began to write the next one. 

“Woah, wait!” Potter shouted and I glared as he took the pen from me. “That's it? Nothing else?”

“I think that's enough, I've proven my point. You're annoyingly right.” I gritted my teeth as I snatched my pen before I widened my eyes in realization, “'re getting nervous because we're almost there. Four more and I'm done. You're getting scared that I'll actually win!” I could have jumped for joy at the thought. He only glared at me which proved my point. 

With a new flourish in my writing, I continued, “I hate...”

A/n: Short, I know! But still an update! I'm sorry if someone was expecting more. Please review though if you liked this little part.


7. I hate Sirius

“That doesn't count” He objected glaring at him

“Yes it does. He's like the reason why you act the way you do and he makes you do weird things.” I said, it may have been lame but it was still a valid reason.

“Name one!” He challenged.

“When you both stumbled out of the broom closet, hair mussed, shirt untucked...” I smirked as he tried to shush me, looking frantically around in fear of someone hearing.

“Okay! Okay! Geez, tell the whole world why don't you. It wasn't what it seemed, anyway,” I raised my eyebrows.

Of course not, especially when two boys come out of a broom closet looking throughly shagged. 

Hope that quenches all of you guys' thirst for more (or just strengthen your want for more.) Review please!


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