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It snowed that morning, one of the coldest days of fall  and even though the chill stayed long after the snow left two girls could still be found, knee deep in the black lake, fishing nets in hand.  These two girls were rather exceptional, if any other student had spotted them they would have asked ;

‘Who are those two idiotic girls out in the lake ?’ or ‘what sane person would do such a thing?’

But once they got a good look at these girls and noticed that it was Nicole Lamoure and Skylar Sullivan they would shake their heads and be on their way, not thinking about any longer for it wasn’t odd for these two to be doing such crazy things.  They weren’t alone, they had been joined by the rest of the seventh year Gryffindors. It had been awkward at first, especially with James and Eric glaring at each other every few seconds but it went well.

Peter jumped a foot in the air as the girls screamed, Nicole had just caught a beautiful blue fish. Smiling proudly she put it in the bucket that was already filled with water and fish they had recently caught.

“Can you tell me once more what your doing ?” Frank asked amused.

“We’ve decided to re-decorate the girls dormitory. “ Skylar said smiling at Dorcas, Alice and Emma, a smile which meant ‘we don’t need your permission!’.  The girls and Frank only shook their heads in response.  “ And a fish tank is an absolute awesome way to groove a room.” She finished, wiggling her eye brows.  For the next ten minutes the girls caught four more fish to go with the three other ones as well as the star fish they had already caught, during that time their friends talked and James and Sirius tried to do Skylars brow wiggle but they simply couldn’t master it. 

“Where are you going to put them , you haven’t even got a fish tank.” Lily said. The girl exchanged smiles, it was always good to have the redhead around for she always thought of the things they often forgot.

“Right, thanks for offering to go.” Nicole said, her smile bright.

“Wait! What? I’m not going - “

“Take James with you” Skylar said. Both James and Lily sent her a pleading look but the girls ignored it. “ Right hurry along, we’ll need that tank as quick as possible.” Glaring at her friends Lily fallowed the Head boy while wondering if her friends were only there to make her life miserable. James happened to be thinking the same thing about the girls as he glared at them, it only annoyed him further when they ignored him .

After James and Lily had left, Emma left also saying she had to do some research in the library and Peter offered to help her, saying he had tutor lessons soon anyways.  Before anyone else could leave, the girls enlisted the rest of their roommates as well as Sirius, Remus , Eric and Frank. They smiled proudly, it was the first time that the majority of them had hung out all year. They handed the two buckets of fish to the boys, who tried to look strong as they carried the heavy buckets to the Gryffindor tower, in the mean time the girls raced, the last one would have the duty of feeding the fish and taking care of them until James and Lily got back.  Sadly it was Dorcas who was last, she growled as she went into the washroom, they had decided to put the fish in the bath tub for the mean time, trying to ignore her roommates.

“First things first, we’ve got to decide on the wall color.” Nicole said as she pulled out her wand.

“How about an animal pattern ? “Alice suggested. A second later she was jumped by Skylar who kissed the top of her head while muttering ‘your so brilliant.

Chuckling , Nicole raised her hand and said “ Everyone in favor of pink and black leopard print say ‘Nicole is the best person in the entire world and purple monkeys rock!’.” Everyone stared at her oddly, she smiled. “ Or say aye..” Sighing everyone said aye and she quickly changed the walls.  To go with the walls she changed all their comforters and pillows into animals prints such as zebra and Jaguar. 

They all contributed ideas and worked together, as James and Lily walked in, accompanied by Emma and Peter, they were shocked to see all their friends, close and not so,  working together and getting along. Lily silently wondered if she and James would ever get along, it always seemed to be her hating him or him hating her, there was never any peace.  They congratulated their friends on the terrific work while Dorcas grudgingly  went to work on the fish tank, she was surprised when Eric offered to help but didn’t let his offer go easily.

The room was funky, hip and pretty awesome. Sirius had suggested shaggy carpet, which was multicolored,  their was a juke box in an empty corner which was playing some wizard music. Remus had put up some paper lanterns with some sort of Chinese symbol on them, they gave the room a comfortable and chilled glow.  Their was also some magic butterflies that flew around the ceiling which had been magically turned into the sky by Remus.  On the girls makeup stand was an endless supply of nail polish in which Lily had bought. To finish off the room were paintings that the group of them had made and some cookies and peppermints.

Skylar and Nicole smiled triumphantly, they had managed to put together an awesome room as well as bring their friends together without having a fight break loose, they were extremely proud of themselves.

“ Actually..” Skylar said, breaking the conversation everyone was having. “ there was more then one reason why we had decided to re-decorate, we thought that we could all have a party / sleepover.”

“In which the boys are invited to.” Nicole said in response to Lily’s horrified look, the small brunette smiled up at her friend cheekily.

“Fine.. But no drinking.” She bargained, smiling both Nicole and Skylar nodded and they had all kept their promise to stay sober.  The girls had scooted the boys and Lily out of the dorm, requesting for them to hurry and get change into their pajamas. Once again Lily was slightly nervous about being alone with James, it was odd, for they had lived together for a couple months already but yet she had a hard time being alone with him.

The rest of the girls hurried around the dorm, looking for their cutest PJ’s.  But once again Skylar and Nicole had a surprise up their sleeves, they called the attention of the other three girls and, with large smiles on their faces, pulled a bag from under Dorcas’s bed.  Inside was five pairs of cute and colorful pajamas and in the Head dorms Lily would also find a nice pair of being pajamas with red hearts and vines.

There was all sort of pajamas, night gowns, long sleeves, pants, shorts, tank tops. The girls ended up mixing and matching and in the end looked extra fabulous.

When Lily and James arrived the boys were already there dressed in their out sleep wear, which mostly consisted of flannel pants and muscle shirts or  long sleeves in Remus’s case.

Not to long later the large group had split up into teams and started playing some sleepover party games, it  sounded corny to Emma’s ears but as she paired up with Dorcas, after she had picked the girls name out of  a hate Remus had conjured, inside were the names of six of them written on a piece of parchment, the corniness didn’t bother her much.  Though she had lived with other girl for more then six years she had hardly gotten to know her, they were mere acquaintances and this was an excellent chance to get to know each other.

As she thought this she was super proud of Nicole and Skylar, for they had pulled them all together no matter who was feuding or those who hardly talked. They meant to bring all of them together and she suspected, seeing as it was their last year, that the two girls and possibly others amongst the group would do the same thing before the end of the year.

Nicole and Skylar had chosen six, randomly, to pick out of the hate, the next was Alice. With rosy cheeks she quickly picked out a piece of folded parchment, no one but Nicole noticed the shy glance she cast towards Frank. Her face fell slightly before picking up once more into a large smile.

“Peter!” Her smile was bright but the look in her eye was one of disappointment. Nicole didn’t believe it was because she disliked Peter, in all truth Alice was happy to be with Peter for he was funny and kind, but instead because she didn’t receive her hearts desire to be with Frank.

Lily hesitated as she pulled out a piece of parchment, she also wished for her hearts desire but unlike Alice who had already captured it outside the game, the dorm and the foolishness of that night, Lily hadn’t received what she so long wished.  She looked down at the name for several moments before smiling up at the boy with dark locks and a goofy smile.

“Sirius.” The boy smile, wrapping her arm around her shoulder her walked her over to Dorcas’s bed where they sat, thinking up a name for their group. The girls thought it would be fun if the groups made up their own names and flags, it would be a moment for the team mates to bond.

Nicole looked up with cool eyes at Remus who approached to picked his partner. Looking down at the crumpled paper  he blinked, once or twice. With a small smile he showed her the one he had chosen.

“Nicole” she sighed silently before looked up at James with a smile.  His smiled was large as he picked Skylar, he hugged the small blond and gave her a high five.  Their was no need for Frank to pick his partner for their was only one left, Eric.

Both boys were neutral over their partners, they, like Emma and Dorcas, had never run in the same social circles. Frank hung out with a lot of the Hufflepuff’s and Ravenclaws and even some Slytherins and Eric seemed to remain alone. Nicole and Skylar saw this as a great bonding time for their friends and themselves.  They hoped that in the end, feuds would be solved, friends would be made and maybe even a great memory would create itself from this day.

The groups separated for several minutes as they thought up their names  and made their flags, Lily had taken everyone’s wands away and left then in the drawer of Nicoles bedside table.  They thought it would be more fun to do it the muggle way, with markers and crayons and even sparkles, glue and pictures from magazines.

Finally they were done and they all showed each other their excellent naming abilities and their flags, which showed great artistic talent.   The team names ranged from the Smokin’ Rockets to the Wise Mutant Monkeys.  Finally they started their first game.

“The name of the game” Nicole giggles before continuing. “is Panic word. In the middle there is a pile of cards, each one with a word on it. You’ve got to make you partner guess the work, you can’t do actions or say the word. Team One.” Emma stood up and took a card from the middle of the circle, she smiled and turned to Dorcas.

“In a wedding you have -”

“A bride?” Dorcas guessed cutting her team mate off, Emma shook her head and continued.

“A bridge and …”

“Groom?” Emma smiled and picked up another card, they still had plenty of time.

“ feeding ,  taking care of … umh… bringing up…” Dorcas’s face was one of confusion and it was obvious that Emma was having a hard time trying to figure out how to explain.  Her face cringed as Sirius bellowed -

“TIME UP!” putting the card with the used cards she took a seat and the next team went. It continued like that, some words came out to be rather easy and foolish but others were almost impossible, it was an aggravating game yet still fun and in the end the winning team promised, James and Skylar, decided to buy everyone drinks during the holidays in which they had all made plans to come together for a night. 

They continued playing all sorts of games Not-so-Beauty pageant were everyone did their makeup and dressed up without look in the mirror, the team with the most points would win. In the end Frank and Eric won, closely fallowed by Lily and Sirius and Alice and Peter.  They also played games like Truth or Dare, Piggly Wiggly and Spin the secret, which was a lot like spin the bottle but when you go into the closet you tell the person a secret.  At first the girls were unsure about this game, it could be devastating but also a good bonding technique with every one else. Seeing as they had ran out of fun things to do they decided to play it.

The first person spun the empty bottle of butter beer and the game began. Secrets were told, some embarrassing, some coming from the heart. Sometimes people had to go twice or a third time, in which they had to tell yet another secret.  In the end, everything they told meant something to them and it scared them and made them feel vulnerable to tell someone such things.

“Gryffindors are supposed to be brave yet… I’m afraid of my future, afraid of what I’ll become, of who I’ll be and if I’ll have someone with me. Most of all I‘m afraid I‘ll become like the rest of my family, if ill finally live up to my name…. I don‘t want to be a black. ”

“I’m in love with her but.. Yet…. I don’t want to be with her. I feel like my mind and my heart are going in separate directions, pulling me apart. I want Lily to feel what I feel. “

“I’ve seen death eaters…. And Peter.. I’m afraid that they know and they’ll come after me. I cry at night just thinking of a dark hood man coming through the window. Some time I wonder if I’ll ever have a future. “

“Nicole, I know you know about me and Alice’s relationship which is why I’ve chosen to tell you this secret. I’m going to ask her to marry me during graduation….”

“Skylar, I know about your addiction… I saw you… talking to Remus..”

“I feel as if I don’t belong to the marauders, sometimes I imagine a different life for myself. Where I am the popular one….. Where I’m the one people admire.”

“Sky, my baby is a werewolf…..”

“James, this may not be the best secret and you may scoff but … for the longest time by head has been telling me to hate you and my heart as been pulling for you….. I guess I just let my heart win..”

“I’m in love with Frank but…. My parents don’t like him…. He’s a wizard… a weird boy…  I haven’t told him and I’m afraid to go against their wishes. “

“ I’m in love with Nicole. I’ve been in love with her since third year.. “

“I want to make my mom proud Sirius….. I’d do anything to make her proud..”

“Sometimes at night I cry…. And I wonder how my life, everyone’s lives are going to turn out. I think of my dad and I wish he’d love me like he loved my mom…… I wish he’d stop hurting me..”

“When I was a kid… I burnt down a forest…. My family was in it.. I guess that’s why I like to be alone… I don’t want to hurt anyone.. Dorcas I’m afraid I hurt you, I’ve revealed you to them and I’m not sure if they saw us.”

Nicole spun the bottle , it spun and spun and finally it stopped. Pointing directly at Remus. Nicole sighed, standing up she fallowed the boy into the bathroom where he would then tell her a secret. She didn’t suspect it to be so big.  Remus didn’t take his time… he didn’t dawdle but instead came out with it.

“Nicole.. I’m a werewolf.”


Hello Everybody.

Exams are approaching so it might be an odd occurance if i post another chapter for a couple weeks. I know i haven't added any to any of my stories lately but i'll try to fit some it before a start to study.

Thanks for reading my story and i would greatly appreciat it if you'd review after reading.



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