Peter – late August 1978 I stepped out into the garden of the small house that I’d bought with the money my parents had given me. It wasn’t a big house, more like a small cottage in the middle of the countryside in a small and quaint Muggle village. They seemed fully aware that there were witches and wizards in their small community and welcomed it. It was a bit nerve wracking but at the same time a relief that I didn’t have to keep the magic secret from them. It was also slightly awkward as a lot of Muggles seemed to follow me to try and get me to do some magic. They just seemed to make my hatred for Muggle kind and mudbloods in crease. So infuriating! I held a tray of drinks in my hands and went to the garden where Remus and Sirius were sitting. “So, full moon tonight. Where’s Jenny?” Sirius said to Remus. “St. Mungos” Remus said casually. They were sitting in the sun, on Muggle sunloungers with their shirts off. Sirius was already a nice brown colour but Remus was still a bit on the pale side. I had to admit that even I was a bit pale. “What happened to her?” I asked, sitting down on a sunlounger and handing drinks to Sirius and Remus. “Nothing, she’s training to be a healer remember.” Remus said. “Oh yeah.” I said, of course she was, how thick was I? It was nearly the end of August, turning into September and it was just the three of us who hadn’t found Jobs yet. April was kept busy putting my slightly nastier friends in Azkaban. Apparently she’d been put forwards in her training to be an Auror. Jenny was spending all her time in St. Mungos or the Magical Library that was hidden in some undisclosed place. Only Aurors, unspeakables and Healers had access to the library. I’d tried to tease the location out of Jenny but it didn’t work and we ended up having a water fight. It’s amazing how immature we can be at times. I’m not exactly that close to any of the girls but Jenny’s different. I used to hate her simply because she liked the Mudblood but now that I’ve gotten to know her she’s different. Lily and James, well those two no one has heard from so I really don’t know how to comment on them. James has been kept busy in Auror training and Jenny rarely sees Lily apparently. “You heard from Prongs?” Sirius asked, voicing my thoughts. “No. The girls haven’t heard from Lily either.” Remus said. “Strange.” Sirius said. “You’d expect them to say something, do you think Lily’s parents have killed James yet?” He asked with a grin. “No, not yet.” Remus said with a smile. I laughed along with the others. Since I had gotten away from school I’d been feeling more my old self but I still had the feeling of hatred against Muggles and anyone with any Muggle Blood. I was so glad I didn’t have to be around the mudblood twenty four seven with James but I did miss the excursions with my friends. We hadn’t gotten together as the Marauders since Christmas, when Jenny had joined our group. I took a sip of my cold drink and glanced at Sirius. “So have you got that Motorbike yet?” I asked him. Sirius looked vaguely disappointed. “No, Dung Fletcher has decided he’s not going to sell it to me.” Sirius said. “Really annoying, I really wanted that bike.” Remus smirked. There was still one more person missing I felt and that was James. Once James was here the group would be complete. I closed my eyes for a moment and heard a crack. “I’m here!” Said a familiar, outgoing voice. I opened my eyes slightly to see a tall blonde girl being pulled into a hug and several kisses from Sirius. “April!” He said happily. “Ow, Sirius, be careful. I’m not in full health” She said very matter of factly. I sat up and looked at her, as did Sirius and Remus. “What happened?” I asked. “Death eater attack, look, right here.” April lifted her T-shirt to reveal a gash across her stomach. “Jennifer Chang here yet?” She asked. “Nope.” Remus said. “Ok, how about the Potters?” She asked. “Potters?” Sirius asked. “You know James and Lily?” April asked like it was an obvious thing. We all looked at her slightly confused. What about them? Potters? I thought Lily’s surname was…no I knew Lily’s surname was Evans. “What about Lily and James?” Remus asked. There was another crack and Jenny appeared. Long black hair flowing down her back, her eyes sparkling. She turned and saw April. “Oh Merlin did you hear about Lily and James?” Jenny asked excitedly. “I know, Lily told me straight away.” April said just as excitedly as she and Jenny hugged. “I just bumped into Lily at the library, she told me there.” Jenny said quickly. The girls seemed to be in a frenzy of happiness and excitement. “GIRLS!” Sirius shouted as he got to his feet. The girls both turned to look at Sirius. “What about Lily and James?” April opened her mouth in amused shock. “They haven’t told you yet?” April asked. “Told us what?” I asked them. Jenny grinned and went to Remus. “Owls, flying this way. I guess those will be the invites.” Jenny said. She kissed Remus but he seemed a bit reluctant to return the kiss. I looked up and sure enough there were owls flying towards us holding white envelopes in their beaks. “What invites?” He asked as the first owl flew down and landed on Sirius’ seat. Sirius went to the owl and took the letter. He looked at the front of it. “Sirius Black.” He read. He tore it open and pulled out a small invitation as April got an owl, Jenny and Remus got owls and an owl landed on my shoulder. “You have been invited to the Wedding of James-” Sirius stopped and looked at the rest of us. “When did Lily and James get engaged?” He asked. April waved her hand. “Oh, ages ago. It was actually Petunia’s fault they’re engaged though, not that Lily’s complaining. When I spoke to her a few weeks ago-” April said quickly until Sirius interrupted. “You said you hadn’t spoken to her.” Sirius said. “Oh, I haven’t spoken to her for long but I’ve kept in touch with her but when I saw her she told me all about it. Her parents actually sat down and talked to her and James about it after Petunia noticed Mrs. Potter’s ring on Lily’s finger.” April said, like she was spreading some gossip, like we were a group of girls. “But yeah, she pointed it out and Lily’s parents sat her down and spoke to her about getting married and stuff. Lily told them she wanted to get married to James one day and they were like, why wait because they love James,” April said throwing her hands in the air. “Though Lily said James has really been putting on the charms for her parents. So naturally, James and Lily got so ecstatic because, you know, they’re getting married and everything and it’s made Petunia really jealous-” “Who’s Petunia?” I asked. “Lily’s sister.” Jenny told me. “They’re always arguing and fighting and squabbling-” “And getting at each other’s throats about various things but Petunia is really jealous because their parents are helping to organise Lily and James’ wedding and not hers. But I thought they’d told you, or is it just me?” April asked. She looked at us all innocently and I think she really meant the look and not rub it in but she knew I was a traitor so I couldn’t trust her. Well she didn’t know it was me who was the traitor but she knew one of us was a traitor. She had obviously decided it wasn’t Lily or Remus but she’d been a bit distant from the rest of us. Including Sirius. “I was never told.” Sirius said. “Neither was I.” I said to April. She looked at us surprised. “Ok, right.” She said. “Um, well they’ve been engaged for just over three weeks now. Must have slipped their mind and did you know that Lily’s parents are letting them share a room.” April said jealously. “My parents won’t let me in a room on my own with Sirius for five minutes at my house.” “I know, Lily’s parents are so trusting.” Jenny said, “Remember when she told them we were just going to the cinema-” “And we ended up wondering around London drunk. Yeah, I remember.” April said wistfully. I felt a slight burning sensation on my arm, where the dark mark was beginning to show through. It turned out that you didn’t get initiated with it, it just came to you if you felt the presence of you-know-who. “Ok” I said. “Well, why don’t we go round there now?” I asked. Keep up pretences, I cannot believe I just suggested going to visit Lily Evans! “Oh, that is such a good idea.” April said. “Are you ok?” Sirius asked her curiously. “Why shouldn’t I be ok?” She asked, turning to him a bit over dramatically. Even I noticed that her speech was incredibly quick. She had barely taken two breaths when explaining what had happened between Lily and James since we left school. “You’re really-” “Hyper? I know, I’ve been like this for a while now. I think it was because of that curse that this deatheater gave me. I don’t know who it was” I do, so that was who the auror was. “But I think it was a he” It was “but he just stood there and I had him cornered with my wand in my hand down an alleyway” Such a liar “And then I was about to put a spell on him to make him come quietly when suddenly POOF” April said throwing her hands in the air again, “He did this thing, sent a curse at me, I went flying through the air, hit the muggle bin thingy, can’t remember what it was but then he disappeared and since then it’s like I’ve had too much caffeine, I need to do all sorts, I’ve been dancing, that didn’t work and then when I tried to seduce you the other-” Sirius put a hand over April’s mouth as she continued to jabber away but no one could make out her words. Sirius looked at Jenny for help. “You’re a healer.” Sirius said. “I am not ill.” April said pushing Sirius away and pretending to look offended. “Of course not.” I said with a smile. April looked at me and grinned. “Thank you Peter. He believes me” April said waving a hand in my direction. That night had been quite fun actually. I didn’t know it was April that I was hitting with the curse, I thought she was just some random Auror that was after me. That’s when Kiana, Snape and I had to split up because we had quite a few aurors on our tail. “Finite Incantatum.” Jenny said pointing her wand at April. “Jenny I am not-” The spell hit April and she staggered back slightly into Sirius. Sirius caught her and she winced. “Jenny!” April said. “AH!” She put her hands to her head as she fell out of Sirius’ hold and to the floor. “Put the spell back on!” she screamed. “Uh oh.” Jenny muttered. “I don’t know what spell it was.” Everyone stood up and went to April’s side. I knew what was happening. The dark Lord was trying to get into her mind. He had been trying to convert her for some time she had some very useful skills and was apparently very powerful but her mind was incredibly strong. The Dark Lord had only managed to crack into her mind during the NEWTs when he’d been trying since the Full moon the girls were attacked. I didn’t know his purpose for trying to get into their minds but I had a vague idea. Growing up with clever and bright people did have an affect on me. “Stupefy!” Jenny said pointing her wand at April and rendering her unconscious. April slumped to the floor and Jenny looked at us apologetically. “Sorry, it was the only thing I could think of to get April out of that pain.” Jenny said regretfully. “Please don’t tell me you do that in hospital.” Remus said to Jenny. “Because if you do, I’m not letting you treat me ever!” Jenny hit Remus playfully before going to April. Sirius was at April’s side and got his wand out. “Ennervate.” Sirius said gently. April’s eyes fluttered open and she looked at Sirius. “I thought I’d stopped him” April said to herself. She got to her feet and looked at Sirius. “I stopped him from entering my mind and he’s back! Sirius!” Sirius looked at her helplessly. It seemed that April wanted Sirius to have all the answers. It was quite amusing watching them. “April, I don’t know what to do.” Sirius said. April looked like that wasn’t the right answer. “April, what’s been happening?” Remus asked. April then turned to Jenny. “Do you hear him?” April asked, “Do you hear him talking to you?” “Hear who?” Jenny asked. She pretended to look confused but she wasn’t doing a good job. I knew she heard him too, all the girls did. “Voldemort!” I shuddered at his name. None of the others had flinched and I quickly pretended that I was cold in case they’d notices. “Um…” Jenny started to say. “You do! Lily hears him as well.” April said. To the others April must have sounded crazy but Jenny had gone pale and Remus and Sirius just looked downright confused. I tried my hardest not to smirk. “What does he tell you?” Jenny asked. “We have to speak to Lily.” April said. “Uh…” Jenny managed to say before Sirius interrupted. “Ok, as important as this is don’t you think we should leave Lily and James to be happy for a while, they’ve just gotten engaged.” “Not really, they’ve been engaged a while apparently” Remus said, “Ok, but it’s news to me. As worried as I am about the sanity of you, April, why don’t we go over there and have a celebration then send a letter to Dumbeldore explaining the situation?” Sirius said. April looked at him. “You did have the answer!” She said crossing her arms. Sirius went to her and kissed her forehead. “Why aren’t you an Auror?” “Because I failed Potions” Sirius said with a smile. “Yeah well” April said. “We’ll send a letter then tonight, me and you.” She said putting a finger to Sirius’ chest. Sirius grinned and nodded. I tried not to roll my eyes. Why were all my friends so smitten with love. Kiana and I had the perfect relationship. Talk, kill people, sleep with each other, talk a bit more, kill a few more people then spend the night together again. It had worked really well recently. “Lets go and see Lily and James then.” I said, clapping my hands, trying to be enthusiastic. “Do you mind if I miss this out, I’m really not feeling so good.” Remus said. “The blood from your cut is really getting to me.” April looked slightly put off. “Um, ok. I’ll explain that to the Potters.” April said. “I’ll stay and look after Remus.” Jenny said, “Ok.” Sirius nodded. “We’ll see you guys later,” He Apparated away with April. “You guys know where everything is don’t you?” I asked them. They nodded and I apparated to that Mudblood’s house. I was in the hall, Sirius and April were in front of me by the door. “So? Where are they?” Sirius asked. April put a finger to her lips and we heard a soft moaning coming from a room to the left. Well it was a mixture of male and female moans, very quiet and I could only just pick them out “Parents are out obviously.” April said. She was about to go to the door when a girl, probably a few years older then us, walked into the hall from, what I guess was, the kitchen. She had a thin bony horse like face. Not exactly the prettiest of girls. She was quite tall. “What are you doing here May?” She asked April, her eyes so narrow I was surprised she could see us. “Here to see your sister.” April said calmly with a smile. “Oh, Petunia, this is Sirius and Peter. Guys this is Petunia, Lily’s sister.” The muggle, Petunia, stared at us and gave a stiff sigh. “The slut’s in the living room.” She said. She pushed the door to the room on the left open so hard that there was a loud bang as the door hit the wall. “Petunia!” Lily screamed at her. “Your friends are here.” She sneered. “Get Out!” Lily shouted. “It’s my house as well.” Petunia said, closing the door. “Petunia, please just leave the room.” James said. “Shut up Potter.” Petunia snapped. “I was just asking you nicely” James said coldly. “Petunia, just leave the room!” Lily said testily. April looked quite surprised and looked at us. We just stayed in the hall. “Probably not a good idea to interrupt Petunia and Lily’s arguing.” April said. “They can get a bit heated.” “Fine I will Potter but at least Vernon and I have some respect for the people who actually live in this house.” Petunia snapped. “We do have respect for others and it’s my house too!” Lily said. Sirius was looking increasingly curious and I looked at April for some kind of answer. She had taken to curling her hair around her finger, like she was bored. “No you don’t have any respect you-” James came tumbling out of the room and closed the door. He put a silencing charm on it and Petunia and Lily voices were cut out. I looked at him curiously. He had his shirt in his hands and his glasses were slightly wonky. His hair wasn’t in any better condition either. It looked like he’d just got out of bed and had thrown on the closest things. The three of us looked at James curiously. April had a slight smile on her face and Sirius was grinning. What was James doing? No wait I think I can guess but how could he be brave enough to do that in his girlfriend’s house? Some times I envied his coolness and bravery. “What was that about?” April asked. James got to his feet and quickly did up a button on his jeans. “Oh, nothing.” He said quickly. He sounded slightly out of breath and he was breathing heavily. “I swear, the sooner I move out of here the better.” He said. “Why is it that bad?” I asked him. I would hate to live in a Muggle home. Lack of magic and all these strange things that worked on those holes in the walls. “No, it’s great, I guess what I’m meant to say is I can’t wait until Petunia moves out. Merlin, her and Lily argue almost all day everyday.” James said rolling his hair. He pulled his shirt on and his glasses fell off. “So nice sister-in-law then.” Sirius said with a smile. James grinned. “Padfoot, Wormtail!” James said holding his arms out wide and pulling Sirius and I into a brotherly hug. I tensed slightly while Sirius happily returned the hug. “Long time no see.” “Yeah,” I said. “You’re so busy with work and your fiancé that you forgot to even tell us you’re getting married to Lily.” Sirius said casually. “Oh, I didn’t tell you?” James asked, smacking his head. “I knew there was something I meant to do.” “Instead of trying to screw my best friend?” April said quickly then coughed. James looked at her and smiled. “No, she happens to be trying to screw me.” James said “Whatever Prongs.” Sirius said. “So, how is she?” “How is who?” I asked. Who were they talking about now? “Lily, how is she?” Sirius said. “In bed or generally?” I asked. Sirius rolled his eyes with a smile. I knew he thought I was dumb, why didn’t he just come out and say it. He’d thought I was dumb since fifth year. Sirius turned to James. James put his hands into his pockets and shrugged. “She’s not been getting along with Petunia, did they used to argue when-” James started to say as he turned to April. She cut him off. “Oh, all the time” she said waving a hand in the air. “It happened when she first went to Hogwarts. Petunia got so jealous with Lily. She actually nearly broke Lily’s wand a few years ago to stop her from returning to Hogwarts.” “Thank Merlin she came back.” James said with a smile. The door opened and Lily stormed out clutching her wand tightly and doing up the top few buttons of her blouse. “The fucking bitch.” She muttered as she went to James. James gave her a kiss and Lily seemed to calm down slightly. She turned and smiled at us. “Hi.” She said. Even I could tell her smile and happiness was forced. Sirius went to give Lily a hug while April looked into the living room. “Um, what did you do to Petunia?” April asked. I went to the door and looked in. There wasn’t anyone in the room. It was decorated in that paper that the Muggles glued to their walls and had muggle pictures everywhere. There were quite a few of Lily at various stages of her life and a few of her sister. There was a nice coffee table in front of some beige sofas. “I turned her into a nice little coffee table.” Lily said with a smile “Teach her not to call me a slut and a whore.” She added bitterly. “I swear her and Vernon are just as bad, if not worse. They actually-” “Lily.” James said gently. “Could we not talk about your sister for once?” Lily looked at him and smiled. “Sorry it’s just that-” James looked at her with raised eyebrows and Lily laughed. “Sorry.” I felt a throb on my arm. I tried not to clutch my arm in pain. “Uh, guys, nice to see you but I have to go now. I’ve got to go and meet someone.” I said to them. “It’s not that Slut is it?” April asked coldly. “Which one? Darcy or Lily?” Sirius asked with a grin. Lily hit his stomach and Sirius shook his head. “No, neither one.” I said quickly “See you.” I gripped my wand and everything went black for a few moments. At the same time there was a loud CRACK. A few seconds later I was standing in a dark and murky looking room. There was a faint smell in the room like it hadn’t been aired in a while. I could almost smell the dust. “Here at last” sneered Lucious Malfoy. I turned around quickly and saw the tall blonde haired man standing, almost on top of me. I looked at him defiantly. “I was busy. I can’t just apparate away from my friends while we’re in the middle of something. They’d get suspicious.” I said to him. I tried to sound brave and hold my own but I could hear the nervousness in my voice. Lucious narrowed his eyes and turned. “The meeting’s begun.” Lucious said. I followed him through the dark room and through a doorway that led to a small room that was had a few people in it. I recognised some of them. Jessica Lowe, fiddling with her hair in the corner, she brushed some invisibly lint off her clothes and looked at me coldly. Cole Kilroy, a well built boy who was the same age as me. He had been in the same year as me in Hogwarts but was a Slytherin. I never knew he was a death eater though I supposed I could have guessed that he was a death eater, he was one of the Slytherins that bullied Lily. He was standing next to Kiana. Kiana looked quite bored and seemed to be staring at the opposite wall. Kiana and Cole were cousins, I knew that, but they hate each other more then anything, well Kiana hated Cole, he was a bit protective for a cousin and she hated it. “Here at last Wormtail.” You-know-who said coldly. “Sorry Master I had to try and get away from the Mudblood and her friends.” I said humbly. Whenever I was in front of You-know-who I felt like I was nothing, I was just another pawn in the battle between good and evil and even though I knew this, I felt a desire to serve You-know-who. I knew I could help his cause. “Any news on the Mudblood?” He asked. “She is getting married to James Potter in September” I said, my head bowed slightly. I felt the others in the room look at me. I could particularly feel You-know-who’s stare. “They are?” You-know-who asked. “Yes my lord.” Peter said. “I only found out today. Not even the blood traitor knew about it.” I dared to look up. You-know-who was looking away and looked at Jessica. “Kilroy, go and find out what you can about this wedding. I need to keep a close watch on the Potters. The youngest unfortunately slipped through my fingers.” You-know-who said. Cole Kilroy nodded “Yes master” he said in his deep voice. There was a crack and Cole was no longer there. Kiana glanced at me and caught my eye. She gave me the slightest of smiles before looking at You-know-who again. I felt my stomach tingle slightly when Kiana had looked at me. I looked at You-know-who as well. “I can’t believe that bitch, obviously getting James isn’t enough for her!” Jessica muttered. You-know-who gave us all a thin and evil smirk. “Do you hate her enough to kill her?” You-know-who asked Jessica. Jessica looked at her. Kill her? Lily? “Just give me the order.” Jessica said. Kiana smirked as well. “It’s time the Mudblood got her comeuppance.” Kiana said, “Thinking she’s better then us.” I had to admit the sooner Lily was out of the picture the better. I could maybe get the others onto this side, try and convert some of my friends over to this side. This was the winning side and I didn’t want some of my friends to die. Get rid of the Mudblood get rid of the half breed and then the others could come to our side. “What are you planning master?” I asked You-know-who. He smiled and pressed his fingers together. “You will stay here until tonight. Malfoy will lead you into the final stage of your initiation. You will be given your robes and you will go to the Evans house and kill anyone you see.” He said, his voice becoming more evil with every word. Jessica grinned and Kiana gave You-know-who an admiring look. I smiled as well. Finally the mudblood would be gone. Why had it been Lily Evans, a mudblood who had my friend smitten for her, became head girl, beat every single witch and wizard in their OWLs and NEWTs. “Though it is a pity the girl isn’t a pureblood, she would have been a very good asset to our cause.” You-know-who said. “You are all dismissed” He said. I left the room pleased with myself and with the mission I was going on. I was finally going to become a proper Death eater and all I had to do was to kill Lily and her family. Just that and I was in. I was a deatheater and I would be able to live while all my ‘friends’ died at the hands of the people I worked for. I was on the right side, I know I am.
* * * * *
I pulled the cloak around my shoulders and fastened the catch around my neck. It was a small silver catch with a small skull with a snake coming out of its mouth. I took a few deep breaths. After thinking about this I knew I was doing the right thing. So what if everyone mourned for a while, it would be for the better. “Meet us outside her house.” Lucius said. “Jessica you come with me. You two follow in a few minutes. The ministry gets suspicious if more then three people apparate to the same place at the same time” I nodded and Lucius apparated away. I turned to look at Kiana who was spinning her wand idly. “So, what do you want to do after?” She asked with a smirk. She walked over and put her hands around my neck. “Anything you want.” I said to her. “But, I think Remus will be at my house today, Full moon and everything.” Kiana didn’t seem fazed. “We could do it here quickly.” “I want to kill Lily quickly.” I said, giving her a quick kiss. She smiled. “So do I. She’s a thorn in everyone’s side. Do you think we can go now?” Kiana asked as she let go of my neck. I shrugged. She nodded and looked away. There was a silence between us for a few minutes. Kiana’s forehead twisted in a frown like she was thinking. I felt curious as to what her thoughts were about. Kiana wasn’t really one for thinking. She had nothing to hide from anyone special. “I think it’s time to go.” I said quietly. Hesitant about breaking her thoughts. She turned and looked at me. A serious expression on her face. I frowned slightly, “What’s wrong?” I asked. Kiana opened her mouth to say something but decided against it. Now that aroused my curiosity. “Forget about it.” She said. “I haven’t heard anything to forget about.” I told her. “Just don’t get hurt.” She said. She sounded like she’d had to force it out of her. I smiled and kissed her cheek before we apparated to Lucius Malfoy’s side. He looked at us and pulled his hood over his head. I followed suit. The hood covered all of my face and had two holes for my eyes. The house we stood opposite of had all the curtains drawn, it was quite late at night and the lights were all on. It was quite dark. I could see two figures in the room above, where I guessed was, the living room. The shadow of a boy and a girl just messing around. They didn’t look like they were doing anything rude, more like they were selecting something like a book. The bottom of my stomach just dropped. I had completely forgotten that James was living with Lily right now. Part of me was telling me I had to back out. I couldn’t go in and kill my friend. Another part was telling me that James wasn’t my friend. He had betrayed me the moment he kissed Lily. “Come on.” Lucius said. He headed towards the house and put his want to the door. I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t. No, I had to. If I wanted to prove to You-know-who and Kiana that I was supposed to be a death eater. Why was I having doubts now? “Alohamora” Lucious said. The lock shone slightly and he slowly opened the door. ~*~*~*~ A/N:-Ok, what did you think? bit disappointing 2 reviews for the last chapter but oh well. The nxt chapter will be James, can any one possibly guess what his chapter will be about, lol

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