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The next morning I sprinted into the bathroom hoping that yesterday had been a dream and I was not really stuck with what the Weasly twins had done. Unfortunately it had not been a dream and I still looked like I had balloons taped to my chest.

As I got dressed Angelina patted me on the back “only 24 hours left,” she said comfortingly.

“Bloody Fred and George,” I muttered.

“What have we learnt?” asked Alicia sternly.

“Not to let Fred and George mess around with my body,” I parroted dutifully.

“We should give them breasts and see how they like it,” mused Katie.

Alicia and my faces lit up “that is not a bad idea,” said Alicia thoughtfully.

Katie looked horrified “no I wasn’t serious!”

I grinned “well I am.”

Angelina looked thoughtful “they have been getting a little full of themselves…”

Alicia snorted “a little? Last week they turned us all into canaries!”

I tapped my chest “don’t forget these!”

“I don’t like this,” said Katie “it seems mean.”

Angelina raised an eyebrow “and the Weasly twins deciding to turn Alicia’s hair blue last month was nice?”

“Well” said Katie reluctantly “I suppose they have been a little out of control lately.”

“So we’re agreed?” asked Alicia, a wicked grin on her face.

Angelina’s grin matched “agreed.”


As the four of us walked to breakfast I raised what I felt was an important point “and exactly how are we going to get them to take their own pills?”

Angelina grinned “someone will have to distract them while Scarlett slips the pills into their food.”

I blinked “why me?”

Angelina shrugged “because if you try to distract them they will know what's happening, you're the one they expect to take revenge, plus you’re the only one of us sneaky enough to get the pills into the food.”

I wrinkled my nose “I'm not sure I like what you're insinuating about my character.”

Alicia rolled her eyes “please Scarlett, we love you but you're evil.”

Katie patted my back comfortingly “it's true,” she said “but it just adds to your charm.”

“I'll add that to my list of traits,” I muttered “right next to deer eyes and the temperament of a blast ended screwt.”

Alicia grinned “when you put it that way you do sound rather unappealing.”

“Don’t forget charming,” said Katie “you may be a blast ended screwt but you do have a weird kind of charm.”

I blinked “thanks… I think.”


Alicia and Angelina remained in the entrance hall as Katie and I slipped inside to breakfast. The Weasly twins were sitting down with Oliver Wood heartily tucking in to scrambled eggs. I breathed a sigh of relief unsure of what I would have done if they had been eating toast or some other solid food.

“What do we do about Oliver?” hissed Katie.

I shrugged “hope he is distracted by Angelina and Katie.”

When we sat down I flashed Oliver and the twins my best smile, I was unsure if it was the smile or the fact I looked like I had balloons taped to my chest but Oliver looked slightly disarmed.

“Morning boys,” I said brightly taking some eggs of my own.

“Is the prospect of training tonight so exciting?” asked Oliver.

I smiled “why yes it is.”

Oliver’s eyes narrowed “what are you up to?”

“Nothing,” I said innocently widening my eyes.

Oliver continued to look suspicious but he was distracted when Alicia and Angelina burst in

“George Weasly!” said Angelina loudly when she reached us.

The twins turned around to face her “yes,” said George.

“I am passionately in love with you,” she avowed.

George blinked “huh?”

“And I'm in love with you Fred!” said Alicia in an equally loud voice flipping her blonde hair dramatically.

The boys looked thunderstruck and Oliver looked amused. Quickly I slipped the crushed pills into the boy’s eggs and sat back with a grin. When the girls saw I had done what I was meant to they immediately stood up off the boys laps.

“We’ll see you after breakfast,” said Angelina breezily.

“What?” asked Fred.

Angelina and Alicia speedily exited the great hall, but to Katie and to my dismay the twins followed them leaving their eggs untouched.

Oliver grinned “women eh?” he laughed.

He went to reach for more eggs but the plate was empty. He scooped some off Fred’s plate and ate it. Katie shot me a horror struck look.

Oliver’s eyes immediately grew wide “argh!” he yelled looking down; a set of breasts slightly smaller than mine had grown.

Everyone in the hall looked up attracted by his yell when they saw what had caused it the Gryffindors looked stunned but immediately the Slytherins began to laugh.

Oliver immediately turned to me “what the fuck did you do?”

“I didn’t mean to” I babbled “you weren’t supposed to eat them!”

“Well I did!” yelled Wood.

I grinned cheekily “don’t worry Wood, they only last 48 hours.”

Wood looked as though he could cheerfully kill me. I made a speedy exit.


“Oh my god,” breathed Alicia struggling to contain her laughter as I hid behind them from a furious Oliver.

“We are so screwed!” said Katie “he's going to kick us off the team!”

“Relax,” I sighed “he only blames me.”

Angelina looked stern “Scarlett there is no way we are letting you take the blame!”

“Well he already thinks it's me!” I said “he blames me for everything.”

Alicia snorted “well in his defence you are usually behind everything.”

Angelina looked thoughtful “Scarlett has a fair point, Oliver is unreasonable harsh on her.”

“See!” I said “thank you!”

“We are not letting you take the blame,” agreed Alicia.

I sighed “no matter what you say he won’t believe you; he is determined to blame me.”

“Maybe if we apologised,” said Katie tentatively.

“We gave him breasts,” said Alicia “I doubt he would be very forgiving.”

“Plus the Slytherins laughed at him,” I added “he may kill you.”

“Well he may kill you if you take the blame;” countered Angelina “there’s safety in numbers.”

“I'm smaller than any of you,” I said “and faster, plus I have deer eyes.”

“Your eyes aren’t going to help much,” said Alicia bluntly.

Katie looked thoughtful “Oliver does seem to be affected by her eyes.”

Angelina shrugged “most men are.”

I blinked “I wasn’t serious about the eyes.”

Alicia grinned “do that stupid lost baby deer look of yours and he won’t be able to kill you.”

I snorted “thanks.”


“What did you do?” demanded Oliver when he finally caught up with me as I was about to go into DADA.

I looked sheepish “I'm sorry about those.”

“Do you know how stupid I feel?” demanded Oliver.

I nodded “yes considering the same thing happened to me.”

Oliver turned red “it was not the same thing!” he yelled “you had them anyway!”

“Well that didn’t make it any less humiliating!” I retaliated “anyway we weren’t trying to get you!”

“Well you bloody well did!” yelled Oliver his Scottish accent thickening.

“I'm sorry!” I wailed. Angelina was behind Oliver gesturing wildly to me signalling her eyes. I caught on and widened my eyes

“I'm sorry Oliver!” I said batting my eyelashes madly.

Oliver glared “damn it!” he yelled “don’t do that?”

I widened my eyes again “do what?”

“Do the deer thing to distract me!” he said “it's not going to work.”

 “Are you sure?” I asked hopefully as I batted my eyelashes a couple more times for good measure.

“Very,” said Oliver flatly “you gave me breasts!”

I tried the eyes once more “come on,” I said sweetly “now we match!”

“They’re breast not shoes!” said Oliver.

I tried not to laugh “well it's only for 48 hours.”

Oliver once again looked murderous so I decided it would be a good time to make my escape I reached up and kissed him on the cheek

“Bye!” I said quickly and ran into the classroom.


Alicia looked amused “what was that?”

“What?” I asked innocently.

Angelina cut in “don’t give us that, you just kissed Oliver.”

“I was trying to distract him,” I said indignantly.

“Sure…” said Alicia sarcastically.

“The guy just got breasts,” I said loftily “I think he deserves a little compensation.”

Fred grinned from the seat behind us “hey Summers, if I get breasts do I get a kiss?”

I stuck out my tongue “no.”

“Come on,” wheedled George “Oliver is mad at us as well because he thinks we provided you with the pills.”

“Serves you right,” said Angelina sternly “you two have been insufferable lately.”

Fred looked indignant “we have not!”

Alicia snorted “have so, last week you flew Angelina’s bra from the top of the Gryffindor tower!”

The Weasly twins fell silent for once in their lives and I couldn’t help but grin at the effect Angelina and Alicia had on them.


Dinner that night was rather subdued no one besides the quidditch team seemed to understand why Oliver and I had felt the need to acquire DD’s. Oliver spent the meal glaring at me over his Shepards Pie. Fred and George attempted to lighten the mood by joking about quidditch practice which was happening straight after dinner but everyone seemed too wrapped up in their own thoughts to laugh.

As we got up to head to practise I grabbed Oliver’s arm “I'm sorry!” I said desperately.

Oliver glared “go away.”

“I'm sorry!” I repeated stubbornly.

“Who does that?” demanded Oliver “who gives innocent people breasts?”

“I'm sorry!”

“and another thing…” said Oliver, then he sighed “you're just going to keep saying that over and over again until I forgive you aren’t you?”

I nodded “yes.”
Oliver sighed “and you promise they are only for forty eight hours?”

I nodded “yes, at least I think so; the Weasly twins made them; mine should be gone by tomorrow afternoon.”

Oliver winced “I'm never going to live this down you know.”

“if it makes you feel better everyone thinks you're doing it as a prank not because you're gender confused,” I said.

Oliver snorted “wow you sure know how to make people feel better, do me a favour and never ever try and comfort a sick person. Ever.”

I stuck out my tongue and Oliver rolled his eyes “I have to run and open the change rooms,” he said “practise starts in five minutes and remember what will happen if you don’t show.”

I rolled my eyes at him as he jogged off towards the pitch “bloody Wood,” I muttered.


As I walked down an empty corridor I heard knocking from inside a broom closet. Thinking perhaps the Weasly twins had trapped some unfortunate person in there I opened it and stepped inside to check. To my horror the inhabitant promptly grabbed me and stuck his tongue down my throat.

“Mph!” I protested.

The person grabbed my inflated breast with one hand

Again I “mphed” in protest.

A husky male voice responded “come on Daph,” he panted “don’t be like that.” He slammed his mouth against mine again.

“I’m not Daphne,” I tried to say but I'm not sure the words were legible.

“Don’t be mad, I wasn’t really looking at Woods little slut,” he panted “yours are much better.”

All of a sudden I understood that the Weasly twin’s stupid pill had gotten me mistaken for Daphne Greengrass.

Once more I tried to tell him who I was but again I was ignored. His hand began to move up my shirt I slapped his hand away.

He pushed me back against the wall again “come on Daph, this hard to get thing is getting old!”

“Damn it!” I muttered, I raised my knee into his groin. He fell to the ground with a groan

“What the fuck Daph?”

“I'm not Daphne!” I shrieked.

He looked up and for the first time I was able to identify him “you?” he muttered.

“Yes Flint, me!” I snapped “and I'm not ‘Woods little slut’ so there!”

“Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t Daphne?” he demanded “not that I care who you are.”

I glared “I tried to but you were to busy sexually assaulting me to notice! Now I have to get to quidditch training… oh shit!”

 I sprinted out of the closet leaving Flint on the floor still. I was sprinting through the entrance hall when I was stopped by professor McGonagall

“Miss Summers kindly don’t run about like a bezerker,” she said sternly “you may injure someone.”

“Yes professor,” I said distractedly but as soon as she was out of sight I was sprinting again.


By the time I reached the pitch I was more than half an hour late.

Oliver glared at me coldly “you're late.”

“Ok I know this looks bad,” I panted “but it wasn’t my fault!”

“It never is,” snapped Oliver “but you clearly don’t care enough about this team to make it your priority!”

“That’s not fair!” I snapped “I have a perfectly good reason!”

“What’s not fair is that everyone else turns up on time,” said Oliver furiously “and you don’t!”

“Aren’t you even going to ask why I'm late?” I demanded “I could be emotionally scarred for all you know!”

“Frankly Summers, I don’t give a damn,” said Wood “you're off the team.”

“What?” I shrieked “you can't do that!”

“Actually,” said Wood “I can.”

“Come on mate,’ said Fred from behind him “that’s kind of harsh.”

“I'm the captain!” said Oliver stubbornly “it's my call.”

Alicia looked furious “that’s bullocks!” she yelled “where are we supposed to get a new seeker? We have a match in a month!”

“It’s better to have a reliable seeker,” said Oliver.

“I'm reliable!” I protested “I catch the snitch every time!”

“There’s more to seeking than snitches!” yelled Oliver “how do we know that next time you won’t be late to a game?”

I narrowed my eyes “because I always show up to games on time!”

“I gave you fair warning!” said Oliver “you're off the team.”

“God you're suck a prick!” I yelled “you have no idea why I'm late,” I turned around and stomped off.


“Scarlett?” Katie asked me looking worried “what happened?” Alicia and Angelina joined her sitting on the end of my bed. They were all still in their quidditch kits and had clearly skipped the showers to come and check on me.

“We tried to talk to Oliver,” said Alicia “but he's being stubborn.”

Angelina looked at me seriously “did you have a good reason for being late?”

I nodded tearfully and explained everything that had happened with Flint.

“Go and tell Oliver!” encouraged Alicia “he would let you back on if he knew… and then probably go and kill Flint.”

“No!” I said stubbornly “he didn’t want to listen when I tried to tell him.”

“We’ll go tell him then,” said Angelina firmly “he’ll listen to us.”

“No!” I exclaimed “if he didn’t listen the first time then I'm not going to go crawling back!”

“But you love quidditch,” said Katie “and we need you!”

“Swear you won’t tell him!” I said stubbornly.

Alicia sighed “we promise, but I think you should!”

I shook my head “no!”

“Scarlett,” said Angelina in a warning tone.

I glared “just leave it please Ang; I'm too tired to think now. I promise I'll get back on the team before the match.”

“Oh,” said Alicia “and how do you plan to do that? Your eyes aren’t getting you out of this one.”

I shrugged “I'll figure it out I always do.”

“I know,” said Katie.

Angelina looked sceptical “how?”

Katie shrugged “I mean this in the nicest way possible Scarlett, since we love you to death and all but you are extraordinarily manipulative.”

“jeez thanks,” I muttered before turning off the lights.

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