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Chapter 1

Who Are The New People

Legend has it that three people will come together to defeat the evil that plagues our world. One will be a girl who has the power to slay vampires and demons and has strength and skills to defend herself. A boy who has been seventeen for over a thousand moons, he can read minds and moves at unfathomable speeds. And another boy who had survived the unsurvivable curse.

These three teens will come together and must face the danger of their legacy that they must face together as one being. They have to fight to save the world and the ones they love; Buffy Summers, the slayer who will fight for that cause along side of Edward Cullens, a vegetarian Vampire and Harry "The Boy Who Lived" Potter.

Welcome to their world of pain and suffering, I, Ginny Weasley, will tell you of this legend because I have a lot at stake in this.

It all began during my fifth year at Hogwarts after Harry Potter had given me a passionate kiss telling me that he had feeling for me. I told him that I had always been in love with since the day I first met him. “Harry James Potter,” I said as I kissed his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck.

He smiled at me in a sweet way, “Ginny,” he said as he led me into the Room of Requirements so that we could be alone. I couldn’t believe the way he looked at me; it was the way my father would look at my mum. But before we could even share another kiss we were summoned to the headmaster’s office for a meeting. Part of me wanted to scream and tell them to wait a bloody minute, but I knew that I couldn’t do that.

Headmaster’s Office

“Come join us,” Albus said as he motioned for us to come in, I noticed that there were people in here that I never seen before. But there was one person that seemed familiar but it couldn’t be because he was supposed to be dead. “Now that you have come here I would like for Ms. Granger to read a passage from a book that she has found.”

“But sir what does this have to do with us and those people that we have never met before?” Harry asked as he was looking at the young man who was trying to hide his face from him.

“Harry all your questions will be answered after you hear the passage,” Albus said as he nodded to Hermione.

“The way to defeat the evil that plagues the world is for the girl who fights vampires and demons, a boy who will never age that has the gift to hear people’s thoughts and move with great speed, and the boy who has survived the killing curse because of a mother’s love. When these three come together as one being they can defeat the, they alone are the protectors of the magical and muggle world.” Hermione read as she closed the book she noticed the look on my face and Harry’s face.

There was another prophecy out there that meant that Harry didn’t have to defeat The Dark Lord alone, but the thing I didn’t understand was how they would become one being. “Now that you have heard it I would like to introduce you to the slayer Buffy Summers who will attending this school to learn how to be able to work with you Harry,” Albus started to say and nodded for Buffy to introduce herself.

“Hi I’m Buffy,” she smiled as she noticed the look Ron, the twins, and Bill was giving her. But she couldn’t help but to look at the other boy who was saying anything or even looking at her.

“Now this is Edward Cullens and he will be here as well, but not as student but as a teacher,” Albus smiled as he ate a piece of candy.

“Sir he looks like Cedric,” I said as took another look at him.

“Yes he does, but he isn’t Cedric,” Albus said as he stood up to walk over towards us. “He is Cedric’s great-great-great grandfather, and he is the vampire that is going to help us in the war. He will be teaching a class about the different clans and families of vampires out there.”

“Hello everyone,” Edward said as he stood up came over to the group. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him having to live his life watching his family die, and yet he is still alive out living them.

“Now that is settled I would like to have Buffy sit here while I place the sorting hat on your,” Albus said as he placed the hat on her head.

“Yes we have a brave one here, but yet this one is very cunning but she fights like a lion as well,” Sorting hat said as Buffy was getting upset that the hat was taking it’s sweet time sorting her into a house as she was ready to get some rest after her long trip. “You will be placed into GRYFFINDOR!!!”

“Now can you ladies show her to her room, while I show Mr. Cullens’ to his room?” Albus said as we headed out of his office.

Buffy’s Room

Hermione and I had helped bringing in Buffy’s things we noticed that she was tired so we decided that we would ask questions tomorrow, before we could walk out the room she started to ask us questions. “So where do you keep the phones here?” Buffy asked.
“Phones?” I asked, which I never hear of those things expect for the one time dad was trying to figure out how they work.

“Gin, it’s a muggle way to talk to someone in another house or state,” Hermione explained to me. “Buffy we use owls and the floo network to communicate with our families.”

“Ok, can you two please explain to me about your world?” Buffy asked.

“Sure, but could you do me a favor and tell me more about a slayer?” I asked as I at next to her on the bed while Hermione sat across from us in her bed.

I can tell that this was going to be a very interesting year at Hogwarts; I just pray that no one dies.

A/N: Who are the new students? And how are they connected to Edward? Who is the new DADA teacher?

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