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Okay, so my computer went PFFT and got me mad so here I am again, re-putting this here. Grr, man. GRR!
Anyways, after this Lucy Potter chapter is out of the box (which means is readible) I'm gonna head over to visit Lexi before her readers rise up and attack me (just kidding. I think). Poor Lexi only has, like, four chapters! I owe her, so, yeah. But no, I couldn't help adding one more before I start updating Lexi. I'm trying, readers, honest I am.  I don't want to get you all psshtimidumphy so here's the chapter! Enjoy!
(Oh yeah, and I'll still be working on Lucy while updating Lexi. Pinky promise!)
Somewhere deep, deep in the Forbidden Forest, four animals were making their way through the Forest's deep foliage. The smallest animal was a light brown rat, currently making its way across the Forest floor, intent on keeping up with the three larger animals. One of the larger animals, a big, shaggy black dog, was keeping his ears alert for any signs of movement. He was padding along the Forest floor quietly, intent on preventing the four from meeting up with anyone. The next animal was a strong-looking stag. It's horns were not fully grown in yet, but were obviously very powerful.

And there, in the center of the quartet, in between the dog and stag, was a werewolf. It wasn't a fully grown werewolf, not by a long stretch, but it was still a werewolf. Its dark gray coat was matted with blood from the deep scratches it had given itself in the beginning of its transformation that night, under the full moon. Its long, sharp claws were out, its nose high in the air as it sniffed for something to prey on. Two rows of razor sharp teeth bared when it caught a scent in a fierce, sneering grin. Drool began gathering in its mouth as it raised its head high into the air and howled, a long, blood-curdling howl turning the other three animals' blood to ice, even though they knew that the werewolf could do nothing whatsoever to them.

The werewolf began running at top speed the instant it lowered its head, the dog and stag just barely having time to run with it. The rat was scurrying after them as fast as it possibly could, sure that it would not loose the trail, as the werewolf was crashing through the dense foliage, leaving a rather large trail behind. The dog and stag tried desperately to turn the young werewolf off course, but it had gone mad, an untamed, animalistic gleam in its usually warm, honey brown eyes.

Why were the two other animals trying so desperately to run the young werewolf off course? What thought could be so terrifying to these two, to make them challenge the werewolf such? They had never seen this look in the werewolf's eyes before, but both animals knew instinctively what it meant.

The young werewolf had smelt a human.

Just as the young werewolf crashed through a thick clump of bushes, a young girl who looked about eleven whirled around, eyes wide in terror, face pale. Both the stag and dog rammed into the werewolf, knocking it over momentarily, then turning around just as fast to see what the werewolf had been after. If the two animals could've screamed in shock and terror, they definitely would have. As it was, they had to get the werewolf as far away from the girl as possible. The werewolf recovered its balance and hurled itself at the girl, growling deep in its throat, aiming for hers. The werewolf flew through the air, the stag and dog just barely stopping it. In normal circumstances, the werewolf would've turned on the two animals for attacking it, but this was not normal. This was a human. All the werewolf's instincts screamed at it to attack the human, the werewolf's own mind no longer in control of its body. So the werewolf lunged at the girl again.

Now was when something odd happened. The girl, having been momentarily paralyzed, finally reacted. She raised both arms to cover her face, backing up as she did so. A great pillar of light shot out of her arms at an alarming speed and force, slamming into the werewolf and ramming it into a tree on the other side of the clearing. The girl stared down at her shaking arms, two pillars of smoke curling out from them. The girl quickly rubbed her arms, obliterating the smoke from view, as if snuffing out a candle.

The werewolf, which had been shocked into being still, burst into action yet again, running at the girl even faster than before, intent on reaching her this time. The stag and dog jumped at the werewolf again, trying to turn it on them. The werewolf raised a paw and slashed both beasts, knocking them far away from it. It turned to the girl again. She seemed weak now, shaking and pale, unable to move. The werewolf began stalking around the confused Gryffindor slowly, attacking the stag and dog each time either of them tried to get in its way. Finally, when both the stag and dog fell to the ground, too much blood taken from them to move, but not enough for them to slip from consciousness, the werewolf approached the girl, raising its right front paw high in the air, claws gleaming menacingly in the moonlight, prepared to strike without mercy...............

The girl looked up at the paw, then back at the werewolf, curly hair falling out of the way to reveal a pair of wide blue eyes, speckled with green and gold. The werewolf froze in place, its own honey eyes widening slightly. When the girl took full notice of the werewolf's eyes, all the blood ran out of her face, leaving it white, her eyes wider than ever before. The girl had time to mouth one word, before the werewolf's instincts took over and it attacked.



The next day Lucy woke to a white light so bright that it was painful. She blinked and squinted for a time, trying to adjust her eyes to the light, before finally giving up and letting her eyes fall shut. She could vaguely sense that she wasn't in her own bed, but at the same time she felt safe from whatever sent her here................ Wait a minute................ What had happened the night before, to land her in this strange bed? Lucy tried to focus her blurred thoughts, causing herself a monster headache in the process. Lucy found it slightly harder to breathe, finally taking notice of all the bandages wrapped around her.

And boy, were there a lot. There were bandages around her head, her arms, her torso, her head............. there were even bandages around her hands and feet.

Lucy sat up slowly, painfully, eyes finally adjusting to the harsh white light of the room she was in. Lucy pulled off the blanket covering her to find that she was wearing a hospital gown. She also saw all the bandages she had felt. Lucy inspected her feet, legs, hands, arms, and torso carefully, knowing that her back was tightly bandaged as well. She reached up to touch her forehead, which sent a bolt of pain searing through her, blinding her. Lucy shouted out in surprise and pain, as well as her temporary loss of vision. When Lucy was able to see again, she saw a woman standing over her.

"Are you okay? What happened? How long were you up? Where do you hurt?" Lucy blinked up at the woman, confused. How had she gotten there so fast?

"Huh?" Was all Lucy could manage, voice rasping. The woman's eyes softened some, fear draining out of them.

"Here wait a minute, dear." The woman took out her wand and conjured a bunch of pillows, helping Lucy prop herself up on them. "Better?"

"A bit." Lucy admitted, nodding. "Who are you? And where am I?"

"You're in the Hospital Wing, dear. I'm Madam Pomfrey." Lucy smiled up at the nurse, then winced in pain. Madam Pomfrey looked worried. "What happened to you, Miss Whitaker? One moment all is quiet, and the next you're shouting............." Lucy gestured to her bandaged head.

"I touched my forehead and it hurt like crazy. I think I almost blacked out again." Madam Pomfrey nodded soberly.

"Ah, I should've guessed as much. I recommend you not touching there again if you want to remain conscious, Miss Whitaker. You took a hard hit to your head there, and it's still pretty raw." Lucy nodded quietly, digesting this bit of news. She was beginning to recollect her memories from the night before, albeit slowly, but didn't want Madam Pomfrey, or anyone else, for that matter, find out.

"I see. If you don't mind me asking, how did I get here?" Madam Pomfrey looked both shocked and confused.

"What do you mean? Don't you remember?" Lucy shook her head, once again gesturing to her head wound.

"As you said, it's still pretty raw." Madam Pomfrey nodded, obviously relieved.

"Of course, of course. You just had a little accident, my dear, nothing to worry about. All of those cuts and scratches are very shallow. You shouldn't have any scars or............... reminders. Of your accident." Lucy nodded innocently, acting as if she hadn't noticed the hesitation in Madam Pomfrey's voice. And Madam Pomfrey, like every other adult here at Hogwarts, believed her act thoroughly.

"Oh, okay, Madam Pomfrey. So everything's gonna heal fine, right?" Madam Pomfrey shook her head, happy that Lucy wasn't questioning her further. Before either could speak, a third voice was heard.

"Mum? I have those potions you asked for."

"Bring them here, Poppy." A girl entered the room, looking about twenty-two or so. She came over and handed Madam Pomfrey two potions. Madam Pomfrey put one of the potions on Lucy's bedside table, measuring a half cup or so out for Lucy to drink.

"Right then, you'd best be drinking this one first, Miss Whitaker. This'll take the sting out of most of your wounds, especially the bigger ones." Lucy shrugged and nodded gratefully as she drank the potion. Madam Pomfrey smiled slightly at the face Lucy made as the after taste hit her before handing Lucy the second vial. "This one will help your more minor injuries heal faster." Lucy took the potion without question, the first already doing wonders for her head. After she'd finished, Madam Pomfrey inspected her carefully, finally deciding that Lucy could leave the Hospital Wing after dinner. "But you are to stay in bed for the next couple of days, do you understand me? Don't even get up for meals. I'll have the house elves deliver them to you instead."

"Okay. I feel too terrible to go to classes for awhile, anyway.............. Next time I want to skip some classes, maybe I'd better just pretend to have the flu, huh? What a kid will do to stay out of History of Magic............ " Madam Pomfrey laughed at the joke, shaking her head.

"I hope you keep that sense of humor once you've been trapped in bed for a few days." Lucy grinned.

"With all due respect, ma'am, this sense of humor couldn't be beaten out of me."

After Madam Pomfrey left, Lucy fell into a deep, potion-induced sleep. Oh, she had been planning to take a nap, but the potions made her sleep longer than she would have. As a result, Lucy woke up hours later, in the middle of the night. She sat up groggily, rubbing her eyes tiredly. First the Forest, then harsh white light, now dim darkness? Lucy could never get used to life in the Hospital Wing, that's for sure.

Lucy stretched, yawning widely, and looked around for the first time since she'd woken up earlier that day. She noticed that, out of the fourteen other beds in the Hospital Wing, one of them had a curtain drawn around it. Lucy furrowed her brow, puzzling over the bed. It was obvious someone was on the bed, but who? And why the very last bed, far away from all the others? Who was hiding there?

Lucy yawned as she rose to her feet, wobbling unsteadily as she did so. She had to grip the metal bar that held up the curtains tightly to keep herself balanced. Holding onto the bar hurt her hand some, but Lucy ignored it as she made her way over to the bed, noticing as she did so that her bed hadn't been too far away. Only two beds separated her and the person in the last bed. Again, Lucy felt puzzled. Who was hiding them? And why? Sudden realization struck as memories of the night before flooded in, clearer than ever. Every detail played in her mind, up until the very second she'd passed out.

In a flash, Lucy knew exactly who was being hidden behind that curtain, and why, but she had to see it for herself. Hands shaking some, Lucy finished making her way to the last bed, pulling the curtain carefully.

There, looking as if on his deathbed, lay Remus.

Lucy's hands screamed in protest as her grip on the curtains doubled instantly. She started down at one of her best friends, looking weaker and much sicker than she'd ever seen him before. There were only a few scratches on his pale face, much less than on Lucy. For a brief moment, Lucy wondered why, before remembering the reason why so many of her cut were shallow, the only real injury being the one to her head. Lucy put a careful hand to her head automatically, and without thinking about it. Lucy touched her bandage gently, only just brushing her fingers over where her wound was. Even that little touch sent a jolt of pain through Lucy's body, but it was a small shock of pain, just strong enough to jerk Lucy back into self-awareness.

Lucy shook her head softly to clear it before looking back down at her friend. The pain in her hands numbed, and it was only then that the pain in her feet began.

Lucy immediately dropped onto the bed next to Remus' to alleviate the pain she was feeling in her feet, glad for the release of pressure. She rubbed them gently as she continued thinking over the night before, about the things that had happened, as well as the secret she'd unwillingly learned about Remus.

She had always known, deep down, what Remus' secret was. After all, there was no way his aunt could get so sick every month, could there? Lucy had noticed the patterns all last year, as well as this year. But Remus wanted his condition to be a secret, so Lucy wouldn't let herself acknowledge it without him telling her first. Lucy guessed that she must've had a mental block over the whole situation. Any and all information that could tell her his secret to her was quickly disposed of, buried away in the darkest corner of her mind, and forgotten. Lucy respected Remus and cared about him a lot.............. knowing his secret without his permission would be the worst kind of betrayal.

But now what could Lucy do? There was no forgetting what had happened, not now, not ever. There was no way that she could make herself forget this, short of a potion, which Lucy did not want to try. No, magic was not something Lucy liked to associate with her mind.................Well, it was, but not as a shortcut, or a cheat.

"Lucy?" Lucy jumped, startled out of thought by a hesitant voice in the doorway and glad she'd moved back to her bed just a few moments ago. She had been sitting tailor-style on her bed; arms wrapped around her legs, which were pulled up close to her chest, lost in thought, remembering everything, replaying it over and over again in her mind.

There, standing in the doorway, looking shocked and horrified beyond belief, stood one Lily Evans.

"Oh, hey, Lils. What time is it? Shouldn't you be in class?" Lucy looked around for a clock. Lily ran over to Lucy's bed.

"Lucy! What happened to you?!" Lucy didn't answer right away. She seemed to be lost in thought again, rubbing the bridge of her nose fiercely.

"I had................... an accident." She finally answered.

"I should say so!" Lily looked incredulous. Lucy smiled weakly.

"Yeah, guess it's kinda obvious, huh?" Lily stared at her bruised and battered friend a wide mouth and even wider eyes.

"What happened to you, Lucy?!" Lily repeated. Lucy ran a hand through her hair, obviously agitated.

"I.................. can't tell you." Lucy finally answered, after a long silence. "It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I don't think I have permission."

"What?! You need permission to--"

"Lily, please, just listen................. What happened was all my fault. I walked right into it like an idiot. I should've used my head more, but I didn't. I................... guess I deserve this, a little bit. It was supposed to be a secret. I was never supposed to get hurt................. I wasn't even supposed to know! I just................ I can't tell you, Lils. I can't. I'm not even supposed to know!"


"And I'm not going to let anyone know that I know, either!" Lucy continued. "It's going to stay a secret.......................... forever if that's what it takes!"

"But Lucy!"

"No Lily! This is something I gotta do......................... This is right. I just can't make things worse than they already are! Everything will sort out in the end, and everything will go back to normal. So, please, just let this go. I'm fine, and I'll be fine long after this whole ordeal is over. It takes more than a couple scratches to take me down!"

This got a small smile out of Lily.

"Fine, Lucy, you win. I get what you're trying to say." Lucy smiled.

"Thanks, Lils...................... Now, why are you here again?" Lily laughed.

"I was in class when, all of the sudden, some kid comes in saying that you're in the Hospital Wing, and I'm allowed to see you. I came right over."

"Really?! You didn't even finish taking notes?!" Lucy asked, feigning shock. Lily laughed, shaking her head.

"C'mon, Luce! You know you're more important than a grade!" Lucy raised her eyebrows at her friend, a small smirk on her face.

"You used that spell I made up to charm a quill and parchment to take the notes for you, huh, Lils?"

It wasn't a question, and, based on how red Lily became, Lucy was right.


A couple days later, and Lucy was able to go back to classes, although she had strict orders from Madam Pomfrey, delivered by her daughter Poppy, to take it easy. Or else. Though Lucy guessed that Poppy had added the 'or else'. She looked like someone who wouldn't hear a sneeze without strapping the poor person down to a cot. She'd make a good nurse later on, for the next generation.

Lucy had returned to her usual, bubbly self. Frequent questions about all the cuts on her face only got a cheery shrug and a subject change. Everybody figured out that she wasn't gonna talk, so people began making up their own stories. None of them made sense, though, so the rumors were quickly killed, replaced with only wonderings.

James, Sirius, and Peter had cornered Lucy the second they saw her after classes when she was released from the Hospital Wing. They had asked her casual questions about what had happened, and if she could remember anything. Though they acted casual, Lucy could both see and sense their fear. They were afraid she knew.

Lucy hadn't told them the entire truth, but it was truth nonetheless. "I don't think I could tell you what happened that night at all, you guys, even if I wanted to." Lucy had told the plain truth................. she couldn't find the words to describe what had happened, even if she wanted to. It was something that would stay deep within her until Remus, and only Remus, allowed her to retrieve it. But in order for her to be able to find the words to speak of her accident, Remus would have to tell her his secret. Himself.

A few days after Lucy was released from the Hospital Wing, so was Remus. Of course, he wasn't 'released'. He was coming back from his 'aunt's house'. James, Sirius, and Peter had long decided not to tell Remus what had happened to Lucy. It would be hard enough for him as it was, and besides, Lucy didn't remember, and her cuts were already nothing but small, thin lines, barely visible. In a few days they would all disappear, Remus being none the wiser. Of course, that didn't stop the rumors.

"Hey, guys?" Remus asked one day, after hearing some rumors about all the cuts Lucy had all over her face. "What's up with all the rumors going around? About Whit? Was she in an accident or something? Everyone's saying that she had all theses horrid cuts all over her face for a while. Apparently they were all but gone when I................ got back." James, Sirius, and Peter looked uncomfortable.

"Well............. Moony............."

"Fox!" Lucy ran into the room just then, going straight to Remus and giving him a huge bear hug. She was always like this for a couple days after Remus came back.

"Hey, Whit. What's up?"

"I'm glad you're better! I was so worried!" Remus looked confused.

"What do you mean?" Lucy didn't answer right away.

"I can give you copies of my notes, if you want." She said instead, changing the subject. Remus noticed this and frowned, but didn't say anything about it.

"Hey, Whit, what's going on with all these rumors?" He asked, also changing the subject. This time it was Lucy who looked confused.

"Huh? What about?"

"You." Remus stated simply. "Something about cuts all over your face.............." Lucy paled instantly, but covered it up well.

"Rumors are rumors, Fox." Lucy said easily, shrugging. Remus wasn't convinced.

"Oh really now?" Lucy nodded. Remus leaned in closer to her face, eyes narrowed slightly. "Because the entire school can't be lying. Even rumors have some truth in them. The entire school can't be wrong, Lucy." Lucy sighed and began rubbing the bridge of her nose fiercely, in a way that reminded James strongly of his father.

"I was just in a little accident, Remes." Remus' face paled.

"What kind of accident?" He rasped, fear etched in his face. Lucy shrugged, pretending not to notice.

"Nothing of any importance. I'm all better now." Lucy gave Remus a hug and was gone before he could speak again.

It was silent in the room for a long moment after Lucy's abrupt departure. Remus sat watching the door, as if he could force Lucy to come back to them and answer his questions. James, Sirius, and Peter exchanged worried looks behind Remus' back. They knew all to well what would happen now.

"Prongs. Padfoot. Wormtail." Remus said, slowly swiveling in his seat to face his three best friends. Not even James could answer the look of questioning accusation in Remus' eyes. None of them said anything, averting their friend's eyes, giving Remus all the confirmation he needed to start panicking.

"What?! She doesn't know, does she?! Did I do that to her?! What happened?!" No answer met his ears, causing him to become even more frantic. "Answer me!" Remus shouted, half getting out of his seat. "Answer me, you guys! Tell me what happened! Now! I need to know!" Nothing. "Answer me!"

"Moony, nothing--"

"The truth! Tell me the truth!" The silence that met this outburst was deadly, the air in the room suddenly threatening to choke the young werewolf. James, Sirius, and Peter looked up at Remus slowly. He wore a truly horrified expression, as if they were about to tell him that he had tried to Avada Kedavra Lucy.

"Moony..............." James began hesitantly. "I think we'd better go to the ROR to talk about this." Remus' face grew even more horrified. He didn't answer James, only able to nod, his speech temporarily disabled.

The Room of Requirements was something that the four boys had found on one of their adventures. Argus Filch, the caretaker, along with his 'evil' kitten Mrs. Norris had been out prowling the halls. The demonic duo had almost caught up to the frightened four. A door had appeared in the hall only seconds before Filch came round the corner, the four boys dashing into it without a second thought. Luck was on their side that night, as both Filch and Mrs. Norris left without even trying the door. The four boys had continued going to this same place, finally figuring out how to work it. The Room of Requirements, or ROR for short, quickly became their secret meeting place for when even their room wasn't safe from listening ears.

AKA; Lucy.

The four of them hadn't told Lucy about the ROR. It was the one place that she couldn't find them. And, even if they felt guilty about it, they were grateful she didn't know. Especially now, when they were going to talk about Remus and his 'problem'.............. Of course, they didn't know whether or not Lucy knew about the ROR herself, but they guessed not, even though she was smarter than every single Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, even the seventh and eighth years. Lucy did know about the ROR, or at least she had an idea about where the quartet continued disappearing to. But, being Lucy, she stayed out of it, preferring instead to give them space and let them tell her.

As she herself said before; Lucy was too nice to them.

"Now, Moony................" James began, closing the door to the ROR behind him. "This may upset you a bit-"

"Or a lot." Sirius interrupted, preferring the news not to hit Remus too hard. If Remus was even the least prepared for what they were about to tell him, maybe he wouldn't go to crazy. "In fact, I'm pretty sure it'll be a lot."

The four of them told the story of the last full moon slowly, bit by bit, as if Remus would loose interest if they went slowly enough. Remus had demanded full detail from them, under the threat of Veritaserum, and full detail is what he got. Every second from his transformation, to his attack on Lucy. Remus looked like he was going to be sick as they told him Lucy was standing in the clearing, apparently wandless. He looked like he wanted to Avada Kedavra himself when they said that they couldn't stop him.

"Stop. Wait a minute." Remus croaked hoarsely, just before the boys could mention Lucy's amazing retaliation, starting with the white light.

"What is it, Moony?" Remus shook his head, eyes closed. He rubbed his face roughly, as if trying to rid himself of so much dirt.

The three boys sat in a respectful silence, watching the young werewolf recollect himself. When Remus could look at them again, his eyes had a haunted look to them. James, Sirius, and Peter all knew that he was already thinking about the next full moon, something he hadn't done ever since they'd found out his secret.

"Tell me the rest." Remus said, displaying every bit of the bravery that had landed him in Gryffindor.

"Shall we................omit some things?" Sirius asked hesitantly, though it had been James who had been doing most of the talking. Remus shook his head determinedly, Gryffindor bravery again showing as never before. He knew that what would be said next would probably be the most horrible, painful thing he'd ever heard, yet he still chose to hear it. James, Sirius, and Peter felt a great respect for their friend then.

After a slight pause, James launched into the rest of the story, seemingly eager for it all to be over. But, once all of the details fell in Remus' lap, he could see that amazement was what had James talking so fast. Remus' eyes widened as he looked to Sirius and Peter for confirmation of the facts that James was presenting to him. Both boys nodded, they being as stunned as Remus in hearing it all over again. It seemed that Lucy had done some quite impossible magic that night, against Remus................ and without a wand, to top it all off! James kept talking faster and faster, as if he himself couldn't believe a word spilling out of his mouth, though the other three boys could practically see him watching the fight all over again, each detail playing out just behind his eyes.

When James finally finished, silence swallowed the three boys, each of them waiting with mounting trepidation for Remus to speak.

"Everything you said................ all of that was true?" He finally asked, voice sounding slightly strangled. The other three nodded. "But................ does she remember?" Relief spread over his friends' faces as they were presented with a question that had a good answer.

"No, Moony, she doesn't! Whit doesn't remember a thing!" James crowed, happy to be in safe waters again.

"How do you--"

"Know?" Sirius asked, grinning. "We asked!" A look of horror spread across Remus' face. Sirius shook his head rapidly. "We didn't tell her, Moony! We just asked her what happened to her, if she remembered--"

"And she didn't!" Peter said excitedly, jumping into the conversation. Relief spread across Remus' face, though it didn't reach his eyes.

"What................. about....................." Remus didn't need to finish his question. James, Sirius, and Peter all stilled instantly, the question that had been plaguing them now being forcibly acknowledged.

"We don't know, Moony." James said quietly.

"I guess we'll find out next full moon, huh?" Sirius asked, not looking at Remus.

"Oh no!" Peter suddenly exclaimed, drawing all three of his friends' attention. Peter looked horrified beyond belief, fear etched into his face.

"What?! What is it, Wormtail?!" Remus asked, thinking that Lucy was indeed as he feared. Peter shook his head, eyes wide.

"Whit!" He choked out. "A werewolf! Merlin, help us all!"


The next few weeks were so full of tension that Remus could practically taste it. He, James, Sirius, and Peter had all been extra careful around Lucy, none of them even thinking about pulling pranks. Lucy had been throwing them odd looks for a good while before finally cornering them in their room, just as they were heading to bed.

"Okay, guys. You're gonna tell me what's going on, and you're gonna tell me now." Lucy demanded, quite uncharacteristically. The four boys had been acting so strange that Lucy had been forced to take action, as she hadn't gotten any sleep for a good while, worrying about them. To the boys, though, this was a sign. A bad sign.

None of them looked at her, instead choosing to look at the floor. Lucy slammed the door fiercely, making the four boys jump and look up at her in terror.

"Tell me what's going on!" Lucy repeated angrily. "Why are you four acting so weird, huh?!"

"Wh-wh-what do you--"

"Don't try to pull one over on me, James Potter!" Lucy interrupted him. "I know when you try to lie, and you know it! Now tell me!"


"Sirius Black, don't even think about lying to me, either!" The room fell silent. Lucy exploded. "What is the matter with you four?! You're all acting weirder than ever! Even Lily thinks something must be wrong! You haven't pull a prank in ages! Not only that, but you haven't asked me for my homework or my notes or anything! I--"

"Whit--" Remus began, Lucy cutting him off without thinking.

"It's like you four are walking on eggshells around me! It's driving me insane! You barely say anything to me, you don't joke around half as much as before, and not only that, but you four are acting as if you ran into a Dementor or something!

"Well?!" Lucy asked when none of the boys said anything. "Are you guys gonna tell me, or what?!" Nothing. "Argh! Don't think this is over! I'll be back later!" Lucy slammed the door even harder than before as she left, knowing Lily would come soon to drag her to bed. Not that she'd be able to sleep.

Even when Lucy's pounding footsteps were out of earshot, the room remained silent. James and Sirius were staring at their bedspreads as if the red and gold coloring could tell them that nothing was wrong, that Lucy was perfectly fine. Peter was staring, horrified, at the door, looking as if he wanted to throw himself out of the open window. And Remus? Well, Remus was shaking so violently that the very bedposts were trembling.

And why? Why all of these odd reactions to Lucy's outburst? Simple. Lucy had been looking a bit feverish lately, she had bags under her eyes, and the outburst was nothing like her normal self.

Oh, and the full moon was soon.


Lucy tossed and turned in her bed that night, unable to sleep. Again.

"Lucy?" Lily asked sleepily, propping herself up on an elbow.

"Did I wake you up again, Lils?" Lily nodded.

"Yeah, don't worry about it though................... Lucy?"


"Go talk to them. Please."


"You know who I'm talking about. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. You're driving yourself crazy with worry. You haven't slept in forever, either. Just go wake them up. Let it all out.................. Then maybe you can get some sleep." Lucy laughed.

"You sure you're not worried about me disturbing your beauty sleep?" Lily laughed.

"You know perfectly well that if you were really bugging me, I could've hexed you ages ago." Lily and Lucy exchanged grins. "Now go talk to them."

"But Lily," Lucy said, eyes wide in mock horror, "it's against the rules."

"Forget the rules!" Lily exclaimed throwing a pillow at Lucy with an amazing amount of accuracy for someone who was half-asleep. Lucy laughed.

"Lily Evans not caring about rules?! Be still my beating heart." Lily rolled her eyes, unable to stop the grin from spreading across her face.

"Yeah, well, when you're finished, go talk to them. I know it'll be hard getting through Potter's thick skull, but--"


"But it'll be worth it when you can actually sleep for a night!"


"Lucy! I need to sleep!" Lucy shook rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Okay, okay. I get it. I keep you up too much, anyway. Go back to sleep, Lils." Lily smiled gratefully at her friend.

"Thanks................... And remember, you need sleep as much as I do." Lucy shrugged noncommittally, before getting up out of bed and stretching.

"I'll keep that in mind, Lils. Go back to sleep."

"Don't need to tell me twice." Lily muttered, getting comfortable.

"I believe I just did." Lucy said with a grin. Lily threw another pillow at her, laughing. Lucy left and Lily went back to sleep.

Lucy didn't bother knocking on the boys' door. She'd been in there at night enough times to just let herself in. The guys usually slept in pajama pants when they either knew, or thought Lucy was coming, sleeping in boxers when they thought she wasn't. It wasn't like any of them fancied her or anything, or she looked at them, the boys just got embarrassed sometimes. Not that they got out of their beds, anyway.

Lucy wondered how she should wake the guys up. She cleared a spot on the floor and sat herself down in the exact center of the room, cross-legged, head propped up in her hands. She began humming to herself, a song that she remembered from so long ago that all that was left from it in her mind was the tune. It was an old Indian lullaby, magic woven into each letter of the song, each note of the tune. It was beautiful; happy and sad, fast and slow, haunting and comforting.................... It was everything, and all at once. Lucy suspected that her real mother sang that to her when she was a baby, but, try as she might, all she could remember was the humming.

James stirred in his bed, ears pricking at the sound of the tune. He kept his eyes closed as he listened, his half-asleep mind recognizing it from long ago. A picture formed in his mind. His mother sitting in a rocking chair in a light blue room with a beautiful wooden door, long unopened by anyone at his house. She was holding a baby, his little sister, humming the same tune she'd hummed to him every night. James made his way into the light, cheery, airy room directly beside his own. "Mummy?" James asked, looking down at the little baby in her arms. "Is this her?" His mother nodded, eyes shining.

"Yes, James, dear. This is her." James smiled up at his mother before moving some hair out of the baby girl's face. The little girl opened her eyes and looked up at him, face breaking into a huge smile at the sight of her older brother.

"Can I hold her, Mummy?" James asked, smiling back at the little girl. His mother nodded, carefully standing from the rocker. James clambered into it before his mother could tell him to, sitting with his arms out expectantly. James' mother laughed but said nothing, gently placing the little baby into her big brother's arms.

James' arms curled around the little girl automatically, with no thought on his part, and no instruction on his mother's. It was the first time he had held his little sister, although she'd been with them for a few months, yet she fit in his arms perfectly. He wasn't worried about hurting her at all, and began humming the same tune his mother had been. The baby smiled up at him again, blinking sleepily.

"This is our special song, baby sister." James whispered softly, breaking off his humming for a moment. "Just us, okay?"

Though his mother hadn't seen it, James was sure the little girl nodded, her smile growing even bigger. James smiled at the little girl and began humming again, continuing long after she had fallen asleep in his arms.

The song faded into the silence of the room so slowly that James could hear it going on for a few moments after it had stopped. The picture in James' mind melted away with it, leaving him confused and disoriented. The memory was so foreign that it felt as though it belonged to someone else. But he remembered it quite clearly, also remembering his lost little sister, taken away from him and his parents when he was only two. It still hurt whenever James thought about her, so he made it a practice not to.

James sat up to find the hummer surprised to see Lucy sitting in the middle of the room. He smiled upon seeing her, though, never admitting, even to himself, that she had long taken the place of his missing sister. James loved her as much, if not more, as he would a sister. He frowned when he looked at her expression, though. She looked lost and all alone, sadness written all over her face. Before he could do anything, though, Lucy stood, turning to the door abruptly. She stood facing it, hand grasping the knob tightly.

"Lily won't be happy to know I chickened out. But how can I yell at them? Whatever's going on, they'll tell me sooner or later. Right? Right?" Lucy asked the door softly, as if it would answer her. She banged her head against the door once, knowing that she wouldn't wake any of the boys by doing that. "I'm talking to a door." James' lips quirked up in a small smile at the note of hopelessness mixed with laughter in her voice. "Well, door or no door, you're still a magic door, right?" No answer. Lucy slapped a hand to her forehead and opened the door, pausing in the doorway. "G'nite Peter. G'nite Sirius. G'nite Fox................ G'nite big brother. Everything will be back to normal in the morning................ right?" Lucy laughed. "Here I go, talking to the door again." Lucy closed the door carefully, silently making her way back to her room.

James sat up in bed for a long time that night, thinking.


"Dear Mum and Dad, It's me, James. Everything is going fine over here at Hogwarts, don't worry. I'm not in risk of getting expelled or anything, so don't worry. Remus is doing fine, even though the full moon is in a couple of days. Peter is freaking out a bit, but he always is afraid of one thing or another. Still, he has more reason to this moon than before. Sirius sends his love, as always. How are things over at your end, by the way? Good I hope. Tell Bear and Twinkle I said hi. School is fine................ Which means I'm not failing yet. Little joke, don't worry.

"Sorry if I'm not making any sense, or if I'm rambling, but my mind's not working like it should be right now. I mean, it's working but............... I mean............... oh, just forget it.

"The reason I'm not making any 'logical sense', as Evans would say, is because of what I'm thinking about................. Do you guys--of course you do--I mean............... You remember Baby, don't you?" Mr. Potter stopped reading James' letter at that, both he and his wife shocked beyond belief. James never talked about his little sister, ever. It had been unbearably hard on him to loose his little sister like they did, maybe even harder than Mr. and Mrs. Potter themselves. He and his sister had been kindred spirits, the bond between them so strong that not even Albus Dumbledore could explain it.

James' letter had arrived just that morning, as they were eating breakfast. Twinkle, the house elf that had been meant just for their little girl, had given it to them after taking it from the owl. Twinkle spent most of her days helping the other house elves in the kitchen, as well as cleaning, but she, too, missed her young master greatly. Twinkle cleaned the little girl's room daily, the only house elf who bothered, seeing how the room was, basically, off limits to everyone. A preserved memory.

The Potters had been surprised to get James' letter, that was for sure. It wasn't that he didn't send mail, no, he mailed them quite regularly. It was just that the last letter they had gotten from him was from a couple weeks ago, almost a month, and he usually wrote them every few months or so. It was odd, really. Though his letters came on almost the same day each time, there was still that feeling of inconsistency. And not only that, but this letter seemed to have a rushed, unplanned air around it. Mr. Potter had opened it immediately and began reading out loud.

"Of course you remember Baby," Mr. Potter began again, voice shaking slightly, "I mean, how could you forget her? I know I haven't, no matter how much I want to. It's really hard, you know? Everyone tells me how lucky I am to be an only child, and how much they'd love to get rid of their siblings, but.............. I'm not an only child. And I just want to kill every single one of them. They don't appreciate what a gift they are! Especially the younger ones! Having a little sister isn't a bad thing at all! I just want to ram my fist into every guy in my year that complains about what 'pains' their little sisters are!" James' handwriting grew quite sloppy then, as if he were writing very quickly, to release everything he was feeling and thinking before it left his mind.

"I want her back! I want her back more than anything in the world! I really do! I mean, I know I don't act like it, but it's true! It kills me every time I pass by her room door! You guys probably think I'm lying or something, but I'm not! The only person that keeps me from going over the edge is Whit!" There were a few drops of ink on the paper after that, as if James had paused in his mad rush for a bit, just to think. His handwriting grew much neater, more in control, after that.

"I love Whit. To be perfectly honest, she's................ replaced Baby for me. Not completely, since that would be downright impossible, but as much of my little sister that she could be, Whit is. I worry about her, think about her, want to protect her.......... I don't fancy her, as we've already cleared. She's my............ little sister. There's not way I can make that sound any better. Whit just............. she's a special case, you know? I mean, how can I not see her as my sister?

"I won't go into details; you've met her. I just............. I feel so confused. And guilty. Why should I get a sister, if Baby probably isn't even............... never mind. But she is. Whit's like my sister now, and I can't change it. I keep thinking about Baby now, ever since a couple days ago, especially when I'm around Whit. It's so confusing, Mum, Dad. Whenever I think about one, the other is there too. It's just so hard for me to deal with this all. I'm only twelve! I shouldn't be thinking about this stuff! I should be pulling pranks with my friends, causing trouble, making jokes, helping out Moony.............. But I can't! All I can think about is Baby and Whit. Why is this so hard for me?

"Why is everything so hard?

"Love, James.

"P.S. I didn't tell anyone about Baby yet."

The silence that ensued after Mr. Potter had finished reading James' letter was one that had never before been heard in the Potter household. So quiet were the two elder Potters that they could hear the house elves in the kitchen, down below them, far away, in the center of the house. So quiet that their breathing could not be heard, even by they themselves. So quiet that, upon hearing the soft pop indicating a house elf's entrance, the two Potters nearly jumped out of their skin.

"Bear is sorry, masters! Bear did not mean to scare masters!" Bear was James' personal house elf, as Twinkle had been his little sister's. Bear had taken care of James since he was born, and James had a great deal of respect for the little house elf.

Who was now beating his head into the side of the table.

"Bear! Bear, stop that this instant!" Bear froze at Mr. Potter's command, a rather grateful look on his face.

"Thank yous, sir." Bear said gratefully, rubbing his head. "Did Bear disturb masters?" Bear looked worried, as if he would have to beat himself again if he did.

"No Bear, you didn't disturb us." Mrs. Potter said hurriedly, to which Bear smiled. "Is there something you needed from us."

"Yes. Twinkle found rather interesting things and ask Bear to tell masters." Now, this was confusing. Twinkle and Bear got along perfectly fine, yes, but house elves usually didn't ask other house elves to deliver messages. What could possibly be so interesting that Twinkle couldn't tell them herself?

"Okay then, Bear. Could you take us to Twinkle?" Bear nodded happily and began leading them throughout the house. The Potters were so lost in thought that they didn't notice where Bear was leading them until they were there. Standing in front of their little girl's room. Both Potters' breaths hitched for a moment. They knew Twinkle spent a lot of time in there, how could they not? But they themselves had not been able to enter the abandoned room in a long time.

"This............... this is where Twinkle wanted us to come to?" Bear nodded, eyes sparkling. Whatever was in there had to be good.

"Masters will be happy with Twinkle! Masters will be happy with Bear!" Bear looked brighter and more animated than before, now that the three of them were so close to the mysterious thing Twinkle had found. The good mysterious thing, apparently.

Bear opened the door for them, the first time it had been open in over ten years. The door creaked slightly, as if in protest of having to move again after so long.

And there was Twinkle, standing in the middle of the room, looking happier than she had in over ten years. Happier than the Potters had ever seen her to be, in fact. Her eyes were watery and she beamed at the Potters when they walked through the doorway.

At first neither Potter could see what Twinkle and Bear so obviously wanted them to see. They looked at Twinkle, confused, refusing to look around at the once-nursery.

"Masters, please, look!" Twinkle begged.

"At what, Twinkle?' Twinkle's eye widened in disbelief.

"Masters don't know?! Masters need to look, now!" The Potters were surprised, to say the least. Twinkle was usually a quiet, submissive elf. There were only a few things that she would speak up about, even fewer to the Potters.

"Look at what, Twinkle?" Twinkle looked as if she wanted to yell at them. Bear stood by her side, mirroring her expressions of utter disbelief and incredulously.

"Masters do not see what Bear and Twinkle see?" Bear asked, shocked. The Potters shook their heads furiously. "Look around!"

Ah, there was a more direct approach. Well done, Bear. The four of you may have been standing there for quite a while, had you not spoken up then.

There was a great tension in the air as the Potters lifted their eyes from the two house elves to look around the room. There was an odd feeling hanging in the air. Something was different............ very different............. but what? It was then that they noticed the bed. Where there once stood a crib, which could never keep their daughter in there if she chose otherwise, now stood a bed, much like the ones at Hogwarts. The Potters were at the bed in an instant, each needing to feel it to make sure it was real, and not just a figment of their imagination.

When they were finally able to tear their eyes away from the marvel that was a simple bed, they began seeing other changes, so slight that only a house elf could catch. As it was, the Potters eyes had to go over the entire room twice before they could see the changes that Twinkle had noticed in an instant.

The curtains, the dresser................... it was all changed, but only in the barest sense of the word. A slight change in color, a change in design.................. only the most miniscule changes could be found, sans the bed, which was just plain obvious.

"What........... How.............. Twinkle, did you do this?" Twinkle shook her head rapidly, floppy ears making slapping sounds as she did so.

"No! Twinkle didn't and Bear didn't either! Bear come to find Twinkle when not at kitchen during breakfast! And-"

"Bear find Twinkle in baby master's room, everything different!" Bear said, finishing for her. He seemed to be as excited as Twinkle.

"But how is this possible?! This room can only change if............... if--" Mrs. Potter couldn't finish what she was going to say, so Mr. Potter did for her.

"This room can only change if............... if Baby changes it. We don't even know if she's-"

"Do not say it, Master!" Twinkle suddenly shouted. "Do not even think it!" It was an outburst that even Twinkle could not control, and she was soon beating her head into the floor, oblivious to the fact that a soft carpet was cushioning the blows. The Potters stopped her before she realized this and went for something harder.

"Twinkle is right, Masters!" Bear said furiously.


"No House Elf able to change room without permission from a master!" Twinkle exclaimed.

"No House Elf able to change magic room at all!" Bear added.

"Room do itself!"

"No House Elf touch this room!"

The Potters stopped the two little elves before they could continue.

"Okay Twinkle, Bear. If you didn't do this, than explain to us how it happened." Mr. Potter said carefully, looking to see that his wife was okay.

"Easy." Bear said, as defiantly as a house elf was able to. "Room change when it occupant want something different, yes?" Nods.

"Or when occupant grows out of something." Twinkle continued.

"So magic room no need nothing but cleaning."

"Which Twinkle has been doing."

"But if room occupant not around--"

"--or is died--"

"--the room stay same as before."

"But room is not same. Twinkle is here every day, cleaning, and room changed."

"And if room change, means that baby master must be around, yes? Somewhere close by, enough for room to begin?"

"What about link?"


"Link, yes. It possible for link to be opened to house?"

Twinkle and Bear, who had been taking turns talking to the Potters, turned to face one another and began to talk in earnest. The Potters listened on, sure that they had been forgotten. Bear and Twinkle half-argued back and forth about a possible link, the room's changes, and other things concerning their youngest master. When they finally finished their talk, it had been decided that, though such a link had never before been done, it was possible. They all remembered the bubble-wand incident perfectly, after all.


The full moon was tonight. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were, quite literally, on the edge of their seats. The four of them had seen how tired and snappish Lucy was, although she hid it with a great deal of effort. If Lucy wanted to, she could stare down a basilisk no problem, and right now it was evident that she was keeping herself from ripping someone's head off. Those who didn't know Lucy well would just think that she was sick and tired, but would notice no difference. Those that knew Lucy--namely Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter--could see with complete clarity that Lucy was fighting a loosing battle to regain control over herself.

Lucy was able to keep herself from snapping at anyone, though, which resulted in making her even more stressed and irritable. Most people stayed away from her, now more than before. Especially people who had seen her on the train ride home at the end of last year. They didn't want to be around if--and when--Lucy went berserk.

Right now, Lucy was sitting in a dark corner in the common room. To someone passing by it looked as if she were just working, to someone who looked more closely it looked as if Lucy were trying to destroy her parchment................. Which, in all truth, she was. But no one needed to know that, now, did they? Well, as least that was what she told herself as she ripped at her paper with a sharpened quill. She had a lot of pent-up anger boiling up close to her limit, a thing she didn't know she had.

Lucy reduced the parchment to shreds in mere seconds, the whole roll. When she noticed how much of it she destroyed, she banged her head down on the desk she'd conjured there. Once, twice, three times now. Lucy repaired the parchment, anger flaring up as suddenly as it had disappeared. She repeated the entire process seven times before anyone came anywhere near her.

"Whit?" Lucy jumped as if she had been jabbed by a hot iron. She repaired her parchment in an instant and shoved it into her pocket before looking up. Remus was standing in front of the desk. How had he gotten there without her noticing?

"Yeah, Fox?" Lucy asked, careful to keep her voice under control. Remus' eyes shone with worry, fear................... guilt.

"How are you.............. are you okay?" Out of nowhere, an animalistic anger blew up within Lucy. She shut her eyes tight and gritted her teeth painfully, actually doubled over from her effort to contain it. Her hands were balled into fists so tightly that she could feel her fingernails cutting into her skin. It took a good while for her to look up again, but when she did she could see Remus' thinly veiled horror in his eyes. That, for some reason, sent another unimaginable wave of anger coursing through her, through her very veins. Lucy unclenched her fists, instead holding onto the chair's arms.

"You need to leave. Now." Lucy managed to say, a miniscule amount of her anger attaching itself onto the last word, causing a very noticeable tremor in her voice.


"Leave." Lucy growled, eyes flashing. Evan as she said this, Lucy pushed past Remus and ran, faster than she had ever run before, faster than he had ever seen anyone run................ except himself. During the full moon.

A wave of anger suddenly hit Remus and he destroyed the desk Lucy had just vacated. It was just like any other full moon, with him destroying things. Just your average, ordinary full moon normality. Except..................

There was no Lucy there to fix the desk.


Lucy never went to bed that night. The second she'd left Remus, she'd dashed straight into the Forbidden Forest, found the clearing, and hidden behind the ivy of the little cave hideaway she'd noticed before. She stayed there for the rest of the day and all night. What happened there shocked her beyond belief, as well as confused her greatly. She was late to classes the next day, really late. As in; missed all of her morning classes late. Lucy had shown up to classes sometime late after lunch. Luckily for her it was History of Magic and Professor Binns didn't notice that she was late. He never noticed whether or not kids were late or gone. As long as there was one kid in his room, Binns reported all students with perfect attendance.

When Lucy had gotten to History of Magic, she looked even worse than before. Every bit of visible skin was covered with cuts and scratches. She looked as if she had ran into a group of giants, or trolls. And barely came out alive. She didn't say a word to anyone, only collapsed into her seat and dropped her head onto the table in front of her. Lucy didn't move from that position for the entire class.

Luckily for her, Lucy only had two more classes after History of Magic. She sat through Herbology and DADA with her head on the table. Which, in theory, wasn't that smart, seeing as how they were repotting a certain plant who's scream made people black out. Lucy didn't bother putting on earmuffs, though, and no one could tell whether or not she blacked out. Apparently not, as Lucy stood up and left the second it came time to leave.

DADA was also a bad class to not move in. This year's professor had taken to zapping kids who didn't pay attention, and ended up zapping Lucy for half the class before he finally gave up and left her alone. Partially. He'd still try to call on her, or force her to come to the front of the class, but Lucy was completely unresponsive. It was hard to tell which was more unnerving................... Lucy's lack of movement during classes, or the way she looked at everyone and everything around her.


"Lucy?! Lucy answer me!" Lucy looked up from her book slowly, eyes meeting Lily's after what seemed like an eternity. "Lucy, what's wrong? What happened to you? Why are you acting so weird? Did someone attack you?" Lucy studied Lily silently for a long moment, before turning back to her book. "Lucy!" Lily said sharply. "You need to answer me! You need to get up and get moving, now! You need to--"

"Whit?!" James had just come round the corner looking for Lucy, but now that he'd found her, he almost wished he hadn't. "What happened to you?!" Lucy looked up at James listlessly, eyes all but empty. She stared at him blankly for a long time, before dropping her eyes back to the book she was reading.

James beat Lily to the punch.

"No way, Whit!" He said, sounding as if he were commanding an army. "You're getting up." James pulled Lucy up onto her feet. He half expected her to drop back into the chair, but she didn't move. James took the book out of her hand and tossed it to Lily. "Get that somewhere safe, kay?" Lily nodded and left. As soon as she was gone, James pulled Lucy close to him, hugging her gently.

"C'mon, Whit," he whispered softly, ignoring the fear that crawled through him at her unresponsiveness, "talk to me. Please. Whatever it is, I can help you with it. Let me help you, Whit." James began rubbing Lucy's back, exactly as someone would do to a sick child. "Please. Please, just tell me. You'll feel better if you do, I promise. It's never good to hold things in to the very end. Just talk to me.

"Please just talk to me."

In the end, Lucy did talk to James. She and James went to the clearing in the Forbidden Forest. It turned out that James had never noticed the ivy-covered cave, surprisingly enough. The two of them sat talking there late into the night. Lucy told James everything that had happened during the last full moon.

Lucy Whitaker is not a werewolf. Though she had taken a pretty bad beating that night, she was not a werewolf, nor would she have any of the characteristics of a werewolf, after this moon. Whoever controlled the fate of people seemed to like toying with Lucy, though, as something very odd happened.

Lucy had, in all senses of the word, turned into a wolf.

The full moon had been high in the sky when it had happened. And oh, how it hurt. It felt as if someone had taken a knife to Lucy, cutting, slashing, and ripping her skin apart. Lucy had clawed at herself desperately, trying to make the evil feeling disappear, only to have it increase. Blood was everywhere, her blood. The next part had been just as bad as the first. All that made Lucy human disappeared, melted away, replaced by fur, fangs, claws, and more. Lucy had blacked out from the intense pain she'd gone through, waking very different than before.

Lucy had been turned into a wolf, a gray wolf, same as Remus. The only thing was that she didn't feel like a wolf. She still felt normal, didn't feel any maddening instincts taking over. She was just a wolf. It was an odd feeling. But Lucy didn't want to be a wolf. She wanted to be human. No sooner than she'd thought of returning to her human form--the only thought in her head--than she did.

If it was possible, her transformation back to her human state hurt even more than her transformation to a wolf state. Everything was being ripped out of her, her body was rearranging itself, even her insides felt twisted. It was one of the most horrible things that had ever happened to Lucy, ever. And, if that wasn't enough, Lucy kept turning from human to wolf to human again and again. It didn't stop all night, until she finally blacked out from all the pain. She'd woken up in her cave, very disoriented and covered in blood. Lucy had been too weak to try to jump around the lake, so she just dragged herself through it, which effectively cleaned her robes. She got somewhat lost on her way back, wandering around in the Forest, finally finding her way out when she was dry again. Lucy guessed that some magic had to be helping her, but couldn't be bothered to think about it just then.

Lucy had felt dead throughout classes, unable to speak from all of the screams that tore from her mouth during her transformations. Even if she had been able to speak, Lucy doubted she would've. After a night like that, what words weren't pointless and stupid? None of them could tell exactly how it felt, only describe it in such a shallow sense that it meant almost nothing.

Lucy had been reading a book on Animagus' when Lily and James found her. She'd been trying to understand what had happened to her, since she knew she wasn't a werewolf. Werewolves lost control. They couldn't think, couldn't rationalize. And they especially couldn't turn from human to wolf on whim. Or half-whim, anyway.

Lucy and James could come to no immediate conclusions. James had suggested that it could be possible that Lucy was a wolf Animagus, though it didn't seem possible. The odd thing was that when Lucy tried to become a wolf again, it didn't work. James suggested that she might be feeling too weak to go through another transformation. Besides, he didn't want her to have to go through that pain again. When James found out that Lucy hadn't eaten anything since lunch the previous day, he took her down into the kitchens and scrounged up food for them. He wouldn't let Lucy leave until she'd eaten a whole meal, from a drink to vegetables. Lucy didn't complain, though, knowing that he just wanted to help her. Besides, she was hungry.

After Lucy had finished her meal, she and James snuck back to Gryffindor Tower. Lucy had been feeling so weak, though, that James had decided to carry her, and no amount of protesting could get him out of it.................. Then again, he wouldn't be a Gryffindor if he wasn't stubborn and hard-headed at times, right?

The two of them--okay, Lucy--rested in the common room for a bit. James wasn't happy about letting Lucy walk up the stairs to her dormitory by herself, but there wasn't anything he could do about it................. or was there? James was so close to revealing one of his deepest secrets, that he didn't notice Lucy slipping up the stairs before he got the chance. When he looked up again, Lucy was gone. She went straight to bed and fell asleep immediately, while James went to his room, too lost in thought to worry about sleep. He'd made her promise to take the next day off of school and said that he'd take her to the Hospital Wing if she wasn't feeling any better. She'd made him promise not to tell the guys any of the things he'd just heard. Not that he would anyway.

Not for a million Galleons.


Lucy did feel better the next day, though James took her to the Hospital Wing anyway. Madam Pomfrey looked quite scared to see Lucy there, and Lucy knew that Madam Pomfrey must think Lucy to be a werewolf. She had good reason to believe this, no doubt, as Remus had attacked Lucy last moon, and Lucy looked as though she'd been put through some kind of Muggle war all alone.

James had stayed with her the entire time, making Lucy wonder whether or not Sirius and Peter knew where he was. When she asked him, though, James just laughed and told her not to worry about it. After both Madam Pomfrey and Poppy left the two of them alone, Lucy snuck over to where she knew Remus lay sleeping to look at him.

"You know, don't you, Whit." It wasn't a question. James knew the answer.

"Don't tell him." Was all Lucy could think of to say.

The next few months were an odd time for Lucy. She would camp out in her cave every night that a full moon would be out, only to find herself remaining human each night. Yet she'd wake up every morning after with scratches and cuts all over her, just as she did that first time. It was confusing, but Lucy finally figured out how to put the entire mess into words. She wasn't a werewolf, or a danger to anyone, yet she felt all the pain of being a werewolf. This statement might be confusing to anyone else, but Lucy was used to dealing with pain, thanks to her aunt, and was able to accept it as true. As a precaution more than anything else, though, Lucy spent her nights away from people.

It was impossible, really. Everything about the entire werewolf incident should have been impossible in every way. When Remus attacked her, Lucy should have died, plain and simple. And even on the off chance that she survived, Lucy had gotten bitten. She should've become a werewolf. End of story, right? Wrong. Whoever it was that controlled the fate of people seemed to enjoy toying with Lucy.

After a few long days of thinking about it, Lucy decided to become an Animagus, and begin researching Animagus' as thoroughly as possible. It didn't take long for Lucy to find out how to become an Animagus and begin practicing, though she didn't tell James, as she knew he wouldn't approve of it.

Coincidentally, James hadn't told his little secret yet, either. Even though she knew that Remus was a werewolf, he wasn't sure if the guys would be happy having her know. Or if she'd be happy, either. After all, she had kissed Peter when he was a rat................ Either way, it was only a matter of time before she figured it out.
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