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Chapter 6- A Trip Around The Lake
AN: Sorry that it has been so long! I participated in NaNoWriMo and it required all of my attention. I did not finish, I got 30,000 out of my goal 50,000 words, but I like the story and plan to finish it on my own. Then life got busy and I didn’t have time for anything other than school, bowling team, dog and sleep. And I barely had time for sleep as it was! I know they are all lame excuses, so I will say again, I am very sorry that it’s been so long. Thanks for all of the reviews! Here’s the next chapter! Please read and review. 

The day after the dance was slow. No one got up before ten o’clock in the morning and the house elves only made lunch and dinner due to lack of students at breakfast. Hermione was no exception. The crazy night before had exhausted her, especially since she had stayed up very late with Ginny. They had done all of the typical girly sleepover things. They painted each others nails with mood-polish, a nail polish that reflected one’s mood. They played truths until Hermione lost. They ranked all of the boys in years five through seven in order of hotness, niceness, smartness, date-ability and friend-material. They also played a game called Ultimate Dare. Only one round can be played in any given day, so only one dare is given to each person. They dares must be performed, no exceptions. The girls were feeling particularly silly and weak that night and their Ultimate Dares were merely letting them dye each others hair without knowing what color it was going to turn out. They dye would stay in for three full days, seventy-two hours. Ginny ended up with bubble-gum pink hair and Hermione had freshly-cut-grass green. They looked absolutely ridiculous, but there was nothing they could do about it, since one of the rules they had set before hand was that they could not cover their hair during those three days. 

Hermione and Ginny stayed in the Head’s common room all morning, nervous about going down to lunch. Hermione felt that she had gotten the sore end of the stick. Her green hair looked out of place and weird, but Ginny’s pink actually looked pretty cute! The girls did not encounter Malfoy the entire time they were down in the common room, which was good. He was obviously sleeping in and Hermione was glad for it. She was not entirely sure how she should act around him. He had almost seemed human the day before and she had acted fun and flirty around him. She was much happier not to have to deal with him just yet. 

“How do you think the boys will react?” Ginny asked, referring to Harry and Ron. 

“Harry will totally think you’re hot, since you are! And Ron with probably say something along the lines of, ‘Hermione, how could you? This is my little sister! She can’t look like this!’. You know how overly protective he is!” Both girls giggled. 

“He’ll probably be to busy being stunned to say anything. I don’t think either will be able to believe that you let me dye your hair. They think you’re too conservative for that.” The girls giggled again, anticipating the interesting reactions that they would receive when they went to lunch.

“Speaking of their reactions,” Hermione said, “we should head down to lunch pretty soon.” They ran up the stairs to Hermione’s room and changed into appropriate apparel. They left the dorm and slowly made their way to the Great Hall, getting more and more nervous all the way. 

When they finally entered the Great Hall, they were a bit disappointed. The students were all so tired from the night before that few of them had gotten up yet, leaving the Great Hall mostly empty for lunch. Luckily for them, the prospect of a whole day to play Quidditch was enough to get Harry and Ron up in the morning, even the day after the dance. By the time Hermione and Ginny had reached where the boys were sitting along the Gryffindor table, heads had begun to turn and stare, the few heads that there were. Hagrid guffawed at the sight of them. When the boys finally turned their eyes upon them, their pupils dilated and their eyes were so far open that they appeared to be literally popping out of their heads. 

“What did you do to yourselves?” They asked together. They looked taken aback by the girls’ bright hair. 

“We played Ultimate Dare. No biggy.” Ginny replied. “It will go away in a couple of days. 

“Well, as long as that’s all.” Ron mumbled under his breath with a sarcastic tone as he sat down on the bench and pulled a massive amount of food towards him. He was ravenous from an excess of sleep and lack of breakfast. 

The boys said nothing more during the entire meal, too hungry to do more than just stuff their faces. Hermione and Ginny attracted many stares that morning, as people came down to lunch, but many of them were approving. It seemed that many people liked their bravery and audacity. Plus, Ginny looked very cute with her pink hair. 

Eventually the girls got tired of waiting for the boys to finish eating, so they went for a walk around the lake. When they had made it half way around they ran into Draco Malfoy, skipping stones. When he finally saw them, he stopped what he was doing and turned to stare. 

“What are you doing Granger? First the skimpy costume and now the green hair, are you trying to confuse people and make them think that you are what you’re not?” Hermione’s eyes opened wide. How dare he?

“How do you know that this isn’t who I am? How dare you say that I am trying to make people ‘think that I am what I’m not’?” She did not like his tone of voice in his accusation. 

“Whatever Granger, you know that you are just an innocent little know-it-all. It is very odd for you to be doing such outlandish things. You really shouldn’t act like you’re Weasel here, she can get away with being skanky, but you can’t pull it off.” Malfoy started to walk away, but Hermione’s words stopped him.

“You are such a jerk Malfoy. I can ‘pull off’, as you say, anything that I want to, and Ginny is not skanky! You really should learn manners; otherwise people are just going to think that you really are the little ferret that we all know you hide inside of you.” Malfoy was livid. He detested people bringing up the ferret incident. It was a bad memory for him. He spun on his heel to face Hermione again. 

“Shut up, mudblood.” Hermione nearly gasped. 

“I thought that you had been taught not to be a naughty boy.” She said, patronizingly. “You know that you could get into serious trouble for calling the Head Girl that, even if you are the Head Boy.” Malfoy only smirked and began to walk away. Hermione, despite her outward appearance of tranquility, was very upset at him calling her a mudblood. In retaliation, as she and Ginny returned to the castle she shot a trip-jinx over her shoulder. She smiled, pleased immensely, when she heard a splash, telling her that Malfoy had fallen into the lake.

AN: Sorry it’s such a crappy filler chapter, and so short, but I’m having major writer’s block and thought that I at least owed you guys something. Please review all the same, it might help me get over my mental blockage. :)

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