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Chapter 3

Care of Magical Creatures goes by without any other excitement, and the boys and I walk back to the castle for free period. We arrive at a mostly empty Gryffindor tower, and I immediately flop down on Sirius and Remus’s couch. Laying down I take up the entire couch, and I stretch out. Sirius, James, and Remus laugh.

“Lilly, I don’t know how to tell you this,” Remus says, “but you are on my couch. And I think you might want to move.”

I shake my head, and close my eyes, pretending to go to sleep. Suddenly I feel strong arms on my waist and my legs. I open my eyes to see James and Sirius carrying me over to the loveseat James and I usually share. I laugh, and they smile.

“You know you love us Lils.” Sirius grins. I roll my eyes, and pout.

“Because we love you,” James adds. The words are so good to hear.

“Plus, we’re all awesome, and awesome people always have to stick together.” Sirius says.

I laugh and summon my school bag to come to me. I pull out my Care of Magical Creatures book.

“Lil, stop it. You’ve done enough homework, free periods are for rest and relaxation,” James says.

I flick my wand at him and mutter “Bestia.”

This time he turns into a cat. His fur is as black as his hair normally, and his eyes are hazel as usual. He hisses.

“Silencio” I say.

He pouts, looking at Sirius and Remus. They both ignore him, working on the essay for Potions. James, annoyed, leaps onto our loveseat and curls up against my stomach. He falls asleep within moments. I absentmindedly stroke his fur while reading my latest novel. An hour later I finish a chapter and look down at James. His cat face peers back up at mine.

I smile. “De-Bestia.”

The only problem with this is that he is on my lap, so when I transfigure him back, he goes back to his massive stance of six feet on my lap.

“James, get off now, you’re squashing me.”

“Sorry.” He moves next to me. “Being a cat is quite nice. I like being pet.”

“Well it’s time for dinner now, and it would be quite odd for me to walk down with a cat who knows how to eat with a fork and knife.” I say, standing up.

They all copy me, and, after we send our books upstairs, I link arms with James and Sirius.

Chrissy and Gretchen are waiting outside when we exit the portrait hole.

“Lily, um, we’d like to talk to you.” Gretchen says nervously. Chrissy nods, and I raise an eyebrow.

“Okay. How about dinner?” I say. They nod. “All right, let’s go.”

I let go of Sirius and James and walk with them. James looks at me. I give him a look, and he lets me go.

Chrissy, Gretchen, and I walk down to the Great Hall in silence. We take a seat towards the end of the table, and I notice the Marauders sit as close as they possibly can.

“So, um, how have you guys been lately?” I ask, feeling a tinge of nervousness.

“Good. You?” Chrissy replies.

“Pretty good.” I say.

Gretchen, who, until this point, has been staring at her food silently, speaks up. “Look, Lily, we’ve been talking about it, and we’re sorry for what we did at the beginning of last year. It was stupid and childish; we know the same thing happened to James so naturally you’d go to him for comfort.”

I started crying. James, who has been staring down at us angrily, stands up indignantly. I shake my head at him.

“I’m so sorry that I never went to you all, I was just so messed up and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but it was wrong. I should have gone to you, after all, you were my best friends.”

“Are your best friends.” Chrissy insists firmly.

I laugh. “I’ve missed you guys.”

Gretchen starts crying along with me. “We’ve missed you too.”

“We need to catch up. Let’s blow this butterbeer stand.” I say immediately.

Chrissy grins. “How bout the super secret hiding place of sacredness?”

My eyes light up. “You still remember that?”

The super secret hiding place of sacredness was a deserted classroom we found in first year that we transformed into a girls hangout. It’s disguised as just a regular classroom though. We spent all of 1st thru 3rd year there, and most of 4th and 5th too.

We stand up. Down the table James and Sirius look at us and I mouth, “See you later”.

I love them, of course. But it is time for a girls’ night.


Half an hour later, every food ever created that has little to no health value is spread across the floor of the classroom. The door is sealed shut, and three couches are in a circle.

“So what’s new? Who do you have a crush on? How’s life with the Marauders?” Chrissy asks eagerly.

“Umm, not much, James Potter” I mutter his name as quietly as I possibly can. “And crazy, as you can probably tell.”

“Definitely crazy.” Gretchen says, apparently not noticing my mutter. “So maybe we should start right after your parents died?”

“Umm, sure. So I went over to James’s house, with no home and a lot of money I didn’t want, and I told him what had happened. Basically he cheered me up, and when he found out that I didn’t have a place to stay, he offered to let me stay there. I spent the rest of the summer there, with James and Sirius, and Remus came over every day. I guess they were just different than I thought they were- or maybe I just changed.”

“One thing we noticed,” Chrissy begins, “is that after, well, after it happened, you started relaxing a lot more than you ever did before. You were always so worried about school, and what people thought about you, and what you thought about yourself, and afterwards you just seemed to not care anymore.”

I consider this for a moment. “I guess my parents taught me one last thing- that every day you have is special, and you always have to enjoy every last second because tomorrow is promised to no one. And then I finally understood what the Marauders live by, which seems to be to enjoy your life all you can, and not stress over everything. And even though those boys make me want to pull out my hair sometimes, I love them, and I know they love me and would do anything to protect me. No matter if I want the protection or not.”

Gretchen smiles. “It’s amazing. How you can talk about them like that, when not that long ago you would always complain about them and how obnoxious and annoying they are.”

I grin. “Oh, they are definitely still obnoxious and annoying. I can just appreciate it more now.”

Chrissy and Gretchen laugh. Then Gretchen speaks up. “So when can you hook me up with Remus Lupin?”

I gasp. “Since when do you like him?”

“Actually, I have for quite a while.” Gretchen tells me, blushing. I smile.

“I definitely think that can be arranged,” I say, popping a green Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean into my mouth. Eww. It tastes like grass.

We talked on and on for what seems like mere seconds. It is just like old times, and I realize just how much I have missed them. Too soon, I check my watch and realize that it is time to go patrolling.

“Guys, I gotta go. I’m sorry, but maybe we can pick this up at breakfast tomorrow?”

“Definitely,” They say immediately. I grin. 

James’s POV

“I’m worried about Lily. They hurt her once, they might do it again.” I say, staring at the chess board.

“Prongs, relax. Lils hasn’t had girl time in a ridiculously long time. She needs it.” Sirius says in a bored tone.

“Aren’t you worried about her too?” I demand.

“Not particularly. Lily is a big girl, she can handle herself.”

I stand up and start pacing. “It’s almost time for patrolling. I should go find her.”

“Like I said, Lilly is a big girl. She can check the time and figure out that it is time for patrolling,” Sirius says, again, sounding extremely bored.

Lily chooses this moment to rush in. “Sorry- I’m late. We- just got so caught up talking- and I didn’t realize what time it was until a couple minutes ago. “

“It’s okay,” I say nonchalantly. I’m so slick, I should be an Auror. I’d be amazing at it too. “Sirius over here was worried sick.”

Sirius snorts and rolls his eyes. “Slick,” He mutters under his breath. See, I am slick!

“So are you ready to go?” Lily asks, smiling.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” 

“So what did you all have to talk about?” I ask Lily as we round the first corner.

“Oh, you know. Mostly about the last year and a half and how I’ve been, and how they’ve been. You know, just girl stuff; nothing that would really interest you.”

“Oh really?” I say.

We see a first year Ravenclaw that looks terrified to see us.

“You know that you aren’t supposed to be out of the Ravenclaw tower right now, right?” I ask him.

“Y-Yes,” He says.

“Go off to bed. Don’t let it happen again,” Lily says kindly.

He grins widely- I mean who wouldn’t, given how gorgeous Lily is- and runs in the direction of the Ravenclaw tower.

“First years,” I sigh. “They are so cute and innocent.”

“James, when you were a first year, you set the common room on fire,” Lily reminded me.

“I’m wasn’t exactly your typical first year, though, was I?” I say.

She stops.

“No, you definitely were never a typical Hogwarts student. How you got Head Boy I’ll never understand,” Lily says. I stick my tongue out at her. She laughs.

“But really,” She says. “I really have missed them.”

“Lily, what if they hurt you again?” I ask in the most concerned manner possible.

“They won’t.” She tells me as we turn to another hall. “And we’re doing breakfast tomorrow.”


“Look. I love you guys, and I love hanging out with you and everything, but I’ve needed this. I haven’t had a girls’ day in forever.”


We walk another half an hour and then head back to Gryffindor Tower.

“I’m tired.” Lily says, laying on the loveseat that she and I always share.

“Then go to bed,” I say.

“No, I should work on that essay that is due on Monday.” She summons her books and pulls out her Charms homework.

“It’s Thursday. Come on.” I say.

“No, really, I should work on this.” Lily says sleepily.

I sigh, taking Peter’s armchair and pulling out my Potions essay. Fifteen minutes later, I look over to find Lily asleep on the loveseat. I sigh. I pull out my mirror. “Sirius.”

“Yo. What’s up?” He says.

“Lily fell asleep; can you come do your thingy so I can take her up to her bed?”

“Yeah, just a sec.”

A minute later I see Sirius arrive at the bottom of the stairs. He walks across the common room, does some weird magic I haven’t figured out yet, and sleepily he walks back upstairs.

I lift Lily off the loveseat, marvel for a second how she can eat like a man and weigh practically nothing, and carry her upstairs. I arrive at the 7th year dorm and knock.

Chrissy Brenner, one of Lily’s old friends, arrives at the door. It doesn’t bother any of the Gryffindor girls when one of the Marauders comes into their dorm anymore; they are used to it.

“Hey James,” She says. Apparently all the Gryffindors are sleepy- the seventh years anyway.

I motion to the sleeping Lily in my arms. She nods and lets me inside.

I carry Lily over to the bed I’ve grown to know is hers, and pull off her robe. I’ll let Chrissy do the rest.

“Thanks.” I say to Chrissy, and she nods and smiles.

Life with Lily tends to be something like this. She’s somewhat of a Marauder, but she doesn’t know about our night excursions and I don’t plan on telling her. She’d want to help and I don’t think she could handle that, not to mention I’d be worrying about her the whole time.

I can’t explain it. Having Lily around, I feel so incredibly protective. Whenever she’s out of my sight, I’m worrying about how she is and where she is and who she’s with. I know she’s a big girl, I know she can handle herself, but I can’t help myself.

I guess it comes with having a girl for one of your best friends. I wonder if all guys are this protective of their girl-best-friends, or I’m just some sort of freak.

I bet I’m just a freak.

*End of Chapter 3*


I'm so sorry for not updating! Basically, I have my own laptop now, and I had an entire weekend with nothing to do so I cranked out Chapters 3, 4, and half of 5. (You can expect those quickly)

Also, I wanted to acknowledge the reviews that I know I got. When the site crashed a few months ago, I lost those reviews along with some for other stories. So to those reviewers, thank you, I appreciate it.

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