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Happy 2009 everyone!

Most of my exams went particularly well as far as I could tell the next day. I only had History of Magic and Potions. Okay, so Potions wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be, but at least after the morning sessions we had the entire afternoon to ourselves—and Oliver’s N.E.W.T. schedule worked out the same. Since we had been out on the Quidditch pitch for hours the previous night we didn’t get to see anyone else except for at breakfast when Oliver was reciting his Charms vocabulary and I was imitating different types of stirring.

It was a nice afternoon, chilly in the Great Hall, but I didn’t mind. I just pulled my robes tighter against me and sputtered as a large letter landed on my sandwich. The Gryffindors around me raised quizzical brows about post being delivered after classes and Angelina leaned closer to me to see what it was.

Recognizing the script on the front, I immediately ripped it open and licked the turkey off my fingers.


How’s my Quidditch Star daughter? Well, I hope, after that party. And it better have been one hell of a party considering I gave up a Hogwarts tour for you to be there. Only joking. I’m writing to tell you the things I didn’t get to say at the match. I want to say how proud I am of you. You were always so against Quidditch growing up—okay, that was my fault—but I finally got you to follow a team after your fourth year I think it was. You told me all of your friends played and you were interested, so I got you that subscription to Quidditch Weekly. I think it became your bible after a while, which was fine with me because I finally had someone to talk Quidditch with.

I forgive you for supporting the Harpies, though. Everyone has a flaw, even my daughter.

Your mother supported the Harpies. I don’t think I ever told you that.

But anyway, I’ve always been proud of you. Your grades have always been more than mine could have ever dreamed of being and your attitude on life was something I wouldn’t let you give up for any amount of galleons. The catching the Snitch part was the icing on the cake.

How did you end up learning to fly? You left at the end of the summer liking Quidditch, but you never learned to fly. You looked a little shakey in the air, but it was obvious you’d been practicing a lot. Was it that Oliver Wood bloke? The Captain of your team? He was a right good chap, came and talked to me in the Leaky Cauldron for a while about you. He seems very fond of you—invite him to dinner sometime. Has he been picked up? He better be after the saves I saw him make.

Anyway, Pumpkin, I wanted to say congratulations and I’ll see you in a few days so I can tell you how the Harpies just got knocked out of the playoffs in the first round and how the Tornadoes are still in.

With love,


There were a few tears in my eyes when I finished and folded up the parchment. That was my dad, all right. It was about Quidditch—yet it was never about Quidditch. I always figured I reminded him of Mum, but he sort of confirmed it in the letter. It was a nice feeling, being compared to a woman that chased dragons and supported the Harpies and was a loving mother.

Oliver glanced over with a raised brow. “Hmm?” he said. George was watching us with a look of interest in his eyes. We still hadn’t told everyone.

I handed him the letter and pretended to preoccupy myself with my lunch until he slipped an arm around me.

“Ha! Ha, I knew it!” cried George, pointing at the arm around my waist.

I glanced up. “You knew what?” A few Hufflepuffs were staring and Katie rolled her eyes.

“I knew the two of you got together—I saw some lip stick on Wood and I ruddy knew it.”

Oliver groaned, smirking. “I told you not to wear the shimmer stuff.”

I smiled and kissed him. “And then you told me to put more on so shut it.”

George was positively beaming.

“Your dad’s a good bloke,” Oliver said after a few moments of looking over the letter. “And the Harpies—blimey, I can’t believe there’s another Harpies fan out there.” He shook his head, laughing.

“Get used to it. If I ever have kids I’ll raise them to be Harpies fans too!” I said, chuckling at the look on his face from the news of even more Harpies fans in the future.

“Can we not talk about kids and get on to what we’re doing with the rest of our day?” said George, folding his arms as Katie patted him on the arm. “I’m getting bored sitting around here listening to these two flirt now that I know they’re actually together.”

I rolled my eyes. “And what do you suggest?”

Fred perked up on the other side of the table. “Swimming!”

“It’s too cold!” Angelina countered.

“It’s Scotland! It’s always cold!” Fred argued. “I’m going swimming. Who’s coming?”

George and Alicia both stood up, along with Lee and a reluctant Katie. However, a few people down the table heard as well and there was an enormous crowd leaving to the tower to retrieve swimming clothes that were so rarely used at Hogwarts.

I finished my lunch silently, feeling Oliver’s eyes on me. I kept my gaze focused on my food and Angelina shifted beside me.

“They’d better not get sick,” she muttered. “I swear I’m not pampering them if they do.”

“Of course not,” I said nonchalantly. “Should we go out there and sit on the beach? At least it’s sunny today.”

“Good idea,” she said. “That way I can keep an eye on them.”

I stood up and pushed the bench in. Oliver was still sitting. He was staring at me standing there. “Are you coming?” I asked, motioning to Angelina, who was nearly at the end of the hall.

He smirked. “Torturing outfit, woman,” he muttered, raising a brow at my brown skirt. I found it behind a dress in one of my drawers and had worn it just to make Oliver crazy since he seemed to adore making comments about what I wore.

I let a smile creep onto my lips as I turned, walking out of the hall. I paid a bit more attention to how I walked, careful to let my hips swing a little bit. Before I was even to the other side of the Entrance Hall I felt a pair of hands slip around my waist.

“You can’t do that!” Oliver said, turning me around and pulling me to his chest. “That’s enough to drive a bloke wild.”

I stared into his brown eyes and our faces were inches apart. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I replied innocently.

“My arse you don’t know what I’m talking about,” he muttered and kissed me hard.

“Oh, get a bleeding room!” cried Fred, prodding me in the side as he walked by with a towel draped over his shoulder.

“That’s rich of you!” I shouted back over my shoulder. “The man who snogs Ang anywhere he can!”

“Sorry, Janey, went temporarily deaf—hurry outside or all the good water will be peed in!”

I rolled my eyes and peeled Oliver’s arms off of me. “Are we going to go help Ang police the rogues or not?”

“As long as you’re wearing that, I’ll follow you anywhere,” Oliver said with a trademark wink.

I grabbed his hand and we made our way down the sloping grounds of Hogwarts toward the wide lake. I could see loads of Gryffindors splashing around, Fred making the most noise of all, and Angelina was under a tree with an amused look on her face.

“Jane, come swimming!” Katie shouted, laughing as she pushed pieces of hair away from her face. “It’s actually quite warm!”

I shook my head. “No thanks. I think I’ll stay dry.”

“Is this another one of your wonky secrets?” said Alicia. “That you secretly can’t swim? I swear, Jane, I told you to tell us all of the stupid secrets and get it done with. You can’t go through mean Quidditch-Captains for all of them.”

“Who says I’m mean?” said Oliver, sitting down beside me in the grass. “Did you say I was mean?”

“I’m not sure if I ever used that particular word,” I replied quietly. “But I’m sure I inferred it somewhere down the line.”

“Angelina!” cried Fred before Oliver could answer. “Get your sorry rump in here!”

“My sorry rump is staying up here thank you very much!”

“You’re welcome very much!” said Fred, treading out of the water, dripping wet. He walked over to where we were sitting.

“Fred, be careful,” Angelina said. “You’re going to get me soaked!”

He smirked.

“Fred, if you get me wet I’m going to owl your Mum.”

He stepped over her.

“That’s it. I’m owling her.”

“No, you are not,” said Fred, placing his hands arrogantly on his hips. “You wouldn’t owl her. You’re scared she doesn’t like you.”

“If I gave her a reason to be sour with you, she’d like me just fine.” Angelina smirked ruthlessly and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Fred’s face, however, was not filled with amusement. He glanced over at his twin. “A little help?”

“You’re on your own,” George shouted in return. “I’m not having Katie owl Mum about anything.”

Fred made a face and got down on his knees next to Ang. “Come on—I was only joking. Ha ha, joke. You know?”

“I think I’ll write it with my new quill,” she said halfheartedly.

“Angelina, come on.”

“Do you want to go with me upstairs so I call tell her all about how we had sex by the lake?”

“ANGELINA!” Fred gasped, covering his mouth. “You wouldn’t! You know Mum would have a fit and say I talked you into it and how horrible of a boy I am! You wouldn’t!”

She smirked.

“Ang. Angie. I love you, you know that?”

“Thank you.”

He gaped at her. “Th—thank you?”

“Thanks.” She kicked her feet out in front of her.

Fred’s skin was paler than before. “Angie, come on. I was just kidding. You don’t have to go swimming. You can just—you want a glass of water or something? Sandwich? Mountain range?”

“I’d like to go swimming now, thanks.” Angelina’s smile was so wide I barely notice Fred’s jaw hit the grass.

Then, as I watched in amusement, Fred picked up the struggling Angelina (“I was kidding, Fred! I didn’t mean it! I’ll owl your Mum!”), carried her to the lake, and dumped her in, cloak and all. She screamed and then dunked him, but Fred only continued to laugh. Then, after they both came up for air the third or fourth time, he kissed her. For a while.

So long, in fact, that George ended up splashing them to get them to stop sucking face in the lake.

I chuckled, leaning back onto my hands to watch the fun in front of me.

For a while neither Oliver nor I said anything, but eventually I rolled over, propping my head up on my hand and staring at him. “Oliver?”

“Hmm?” he said, closing his eyes against the sun as the splashing continued in front of us.

“What are we going to do over the summer holiday? Well, my summer holiday, your summer.” I bit my lip. This question had manifested itself inside of my head for the last day and a half and I didn’t even know where Oliver lived outside of the Gryffindor Tower.

“Well,” he said slowly, “what do you mean? Do you want to break up so you can see Davies again because I heard through the grapevine that he’s single.” Oliver snorted.

“Don’t be stupid,” I muttered. “I just mean—I’ll be back home with my dad in London. Where will you be?”

“Well, I’ve got to get a flat, don’t I?” he said, shrugging. “I’m not living with my dad after I graduate. If I get picked up by a team then I’ll just Apparate back and forth for practices since I’m of age. Maybe London will tempt me.”

My face lit up. “You can—I mean, you obviously don’t have to—but you would really…”

He turned his head to stare at me. “I just bleeding got you, I’m not letting you go again. Why did we have to wait so long to realize we fancied each other?”

I thought back to the year—the fighting, the hexing, the accidental snogging. “I don’t know. We’re both rather thick, aren’t we?”

“I suppose so.” He frowned. “Wherever I live I can Apparate so I can see you. But a flat in London would be nice…I’d really liked to get picked up by a British team, but I’m not being picky, you know? I thought about that on the way to Brazil. The fact that I can’t speak anything but English. That would require studying. And I’m about to graduate. Sod off, studying.”

I chuckled. “You tell it.” I stared at the sky for a moment.

“Well, I’m planning on getting a flat in London anyway,” he said and then paused. He sighed dramatically. “That is, if you’ll have me.”

“Haven’t I made it quite clear in the last few days that I’ll have you?” I asked with a laugh.

“A little bit I suppose. I still get nervous you’ll change your mind all of a sudden and start hexing me or walking out on me like you do my damn team meetings.”

“Well, as long as you don’t go on for three hours about my hair aerodynamics, I won’t leave.” I said with a smirk.

“Mental note,” Oliver said and ran a few fingers through my hair. “I really know what the twins were talking about now.”

“What? About my legs—I swear to Merlin—”

“No, no, about your hair.”

“What have they said about my hair?” I snapped.

“About how soft it is—and how good it smells.”

I blushed.

“I noticed that when I had to hold it after you puked in the trash can. You get extra points for that, Jane. I didn’t know so much could come out of a girl your size.”

I narrowed my eyes.

“So since the twins call you Janey, does that mean I should too?” he asked, laughing a bit as he continued to play with my hair.

I scowled. “If you call me Janey then I’m going to call you Ollie. End of story.”

“Another mental note,” he said quickly and he kissed me lightly on the nose. Then he pulled me on top of him and we started snogging with my fingers digging into the grass beside me.

“There is no way the two of you are going to sit up here and snog while the rest of us are getting beat by the girls,” said George, folding his arms.

I glanced up. “Sod off,” I said, my chest pressed hard against Oliver’s.

“No! No!” cried Oliver, sitting up and forcing me to do so as well. “The men are in trouble. George, how much are you losing by?”

“Bloody fourteen!” he said and the girls in the water giggled.

“I have to go help!” Oliver said.

“Erm—Wood?” George said quickly. “You’ve got a bit—it’s the shimmer again, isn’t it?”

Oliver blushed and wiped his mouth quickly. “Thanks, mate.” He looked at me. “Coming?”

“Have fun,” I replied with a smile.

“Oh no, you’re coming too.” Oliver kicked off his shoes and pulled off his collared shirt. I had a mini moment of Zen as I watched him, shirtless, pull off his pants to reveal a pair of striped blue boxers. Not too bad.

“No, I’m not,” I said. “My swimming things are all the way upstairs and the game will be over before I can get them.” I smiled pompously. “Besides, I can watch what I’d like up here.” I nodded at his torso.

“When has something as stupid as a bathing suit ever stopped me before?” he asked, staring me down with his boxers on. Blimey, his stomach was delicious-looking. Then, before I could tear my eyes away from his body, Oliver was taking off my shoes and throwing me over his shoulder.

“Oliver! Oliver, quit it! Seriously, put me down already—this isn’t funny! Oliver, quit! OLIVER I SWEAR TO MERLIN IF YOU THROW ME IN THE—”

A splash was all that was left of me as I held my breath. Once I came up, however, I found my death-wanting boyfriend a few meters away with a huge grin on his face. He wasn’t looking at my eyes and I glanced downward.

“Oh, you’re really mature,” I muttered, sinking down into the water so only my head was above it. Perhaps wearing a light pink shirt wasn’t the best idea.

“Who said I had to be mature?”

I allowed myself a smile as my cheeks colored.

“God, Jane,” said Alicia, whispering it into my ear, “the pair of you really belong together.”

An hour later we climbed out of the lake, soaked and exhausted. I spent a few minutes forcing my wand to dry my clothes and the clothes of others and then sat up.

“What now?” said George, folding his arms in irritation since the boys lost by three.

“I guess we should get back inside and study a bit,” replied Katie, yawning loudly. “I have another exam in the morning.”

I groaned. “Do we have to?”

Oliver kissed my forehead. “If you want to graduate next year you have to. Besides, don’t you lot have Transfiguration? That’ll be easy for you.”

I made a face. “I suppose you’re right,” I said and placed my head on his shoulder and looked up at him.

“What’s that face for?” he said, glancing over at the right moment. “Do I have something in my teeth?”

“No—no, I was just thinking,” I muttered.

“Didn’t I tell you that was dangerous?”

I smiled. “I should have remembered.”

He leaned closer. “What were you thinking about? About how good I look with no shirt, because I can’t blame you there. I think everyone out there was thinking it.” Oliver laughed.

“I know I was,” said Fred and Angelina elbowed him.

“Sure. Shirtless—can’t say it didn’t cross my mind,” I said, my color getting darker and darker as my face grew warm.

Oliver leaned over and kissed me softly.

Fred chuckled. “Geez, the pair of you just don’t quit. Find out you fancy the Quidditch Captain (or the reserve Seeker for that matter) and then snog for a year afterward.”

I was about to say something in reply about how good the snogging was, but I heard a disgruntled snort behind me and turned. The rest of the group did the same and Alicia groaned.

“How’s the boyfriend?” I asked Libby, who was a few meters away next to a tree with her clique of Shriekers. “Has he reached puberty yet?”

The rest of the team shifted on the grass. She looked murderous and part of me wondered if she was going to whip her wand out. I held mine beside me in the grass because there was nothing good about a group of hormone-ridden fifth years.

“I should have known,” she said darkly. “Pfft, I did know. Since bleeding Christmas he was acting weird…that’s good then. You two belong together.” One of the girls next to her had tears in her green eyes.

“You’re right,” I said happily. “We sort of do, don’t we?” I put my hand on top of Oliver’s. “You, however, belong with the giant squid. He’d appreciate your hideous looks.”

That sent her a bit over the edge. It wasn’t my fault—I’d taken so many hits from Libby that year all I wanted to do was push her a bit further. Her wand came up faster than I expected, though I cast a shield charm so I was only blown backward slightly closer to the lake. Fred’s eyebrow ended up singed.

My wand was pointed directly at her. “Libby, what was that? Did you come out here to attack me?”

“You’ve always taken everything I had, Jane Perry!” she shrieked, looking a little maddened. The room grew quiet and I wished they would keep talking.

“What in the—what have I ever taken of yours?”

“Ollie! You took Ollie!”

“You broke up with him!” I cried, gaping at her. Was I really having this conversation?

Libby narrowed her eyes. “Because he wasn’t himself anymore—because he fancied you! We were happy!”

“Libby,” said Oliver forcefully, standing up beside me, “I think you got the wrong idea. Well, I know you did.”

“What are you talking about—you didn’t fancy Jane?”

He rolled his eyes. “Of course I fancied Jane. Since Christmas I fancied Jane (though I really had no idea), but I don’t think you and I were ever happy. Not for a minute. Nor do I think Jane and Davies were ever really happy.” He shrugged. “I wanted a girlfriend to get all of the girls off of my back. I was sick of being followed around. It got annoying when I had to train.”

She looked dumbstruck.

“So put down your wand and go snog your new boyfriend,” said Oliver. He put an arm around my waist from our spot on the grass. “Because I am now officially happy.”

“Really quite happy,” I echoed, thinking of the conversations we had in the past.

“I’m not dating him anymore!” Libby cried. “I’ve got a newer boyfriend!”

“You go through them quite fast, don’t you think?” said Alicia, raising a brow.

“Who is it then?” said Oliver, obviously pretending to be interested.

“Nathan Eston,” she replied, sticking her nose in the air and turned, walking back toward the castle.

I nearly choked. “Eston—the Ravenclaw Seeker that tried to run me?”

Oliver, however, laughed. “Good. They belong together.” He tugged my wand hand back down and placed it to his lips, kissing it. “Don’t you think so?”

“I think so.” A grin formed on my lips and Oliver reached over and kissed me again.

Fred slapped his palm onto his face. “MERLIN, HOW MANY TIMES IN ONE DAY?!”

Ang prodded him. “Fred, cut it out. Let the pair of them snog. I’m sure they broke our record a long time ago with the way they’re going.” She smiled.

“Ridiculous. No way.” Fred folded his arms and put on a pouty face.

Angelina elbowed him. “What do you say we all head back upstairs and hit the books?”

“Good idea,” I said. “I have to review some of those spells.” I kissed Oliver one last time and he made a pouty face while I stood up to join the girls.

“Do you have to?” he whispered.

I rolled my eyes. “You have to study too. You’d better at least scrape an Acceptable in your exam tomorrow with all of this extra time I’m giving you.” I bent down and kissed him one more time and then hooked arms with Katie as we made our way back up to the castle.

“Bastian wrote me again,” said Alicia suddenly when we were out of earshot of the boys. My head whipped around to look at her. “I got it this morning.”

“I don’t remember you—why didn’t you tell us?” said Angelina.

“Lee was there the entire time,” she replied, blushing. “Then we had tests and all that. This is the only second I’ve had alone with you lot.”

“So what did he say?” Katie pressed.

Alicia hesitated, biting her lip. “Well,” she said quietly, “he’s asked me to come visit him in the Brazil over the summer. He said our correspondence worked out great and he would love me to meet his family.”

I gasped. “Are you serious? Holy Merlin—no way!”

Alicia nodded somberly. “Fraid so. He said he tried dating other women but nothing worked out and he wants to see me again—said he was upset Oliver didn’t come play, though, because apparently he was quite good.” She pulled the letter out of her pocket and scanned the it again. “Oh, Jane, here’s a part you’ll be interested in.” She pointed to a section and I grabbed it, reading.

Tell that friend of yours—the nice reserve Seeker—that I think she should date that Oliver Wood bloke. They seem really good together and her and that other bloke are good, but I don’t think they’ll last forever. When they break up tell her to try the Captain. I think they’ll get along good.

I laughed, rolling my eyes. “Oh, Bastian,” I said with a chuckle. “So what are you going to do?” I handed her back the letter and continued past a few trees.

“I’m not sure.”

“Are you still happy with Lee?” asked Angelina obviously.

“Of course I’m happy with Lee.”

“Happier than you were with Bastian?” asked Katie.

“Well, Lee and I have been together longer than Bastian and I were,” she muttered.

“And? Do you want to break up with Lee so you can go to Brazil with Bastian this summer?” said Angelina, tapping her foot against the grass as she stopped.

“No, of course I don’t,” said Alicia loudly, turning to face Ang. “I just feel bad.”

“Well, he said he tried dating other girls and it didn’t work out,” said Katie. “You tried dating another guy and it did. That’s just the way things work.”

“And maybe you can visit as friends,” I said, thinking of Roger.

“I doubt it,” Alicia muttered, folding the letter in half and then in fourths. “I really think it’s over.” She paused for a moment and looked at each one of us. “He really was a great guy—he really is I mean. He’s just not for me. Lee was right—I do have enough personality for two people.”

“The minute Bastian got here you were put on the backburner—to everyone, not just him,” said Angelina. “Not saying he’s not a good guy, because we all loved him. It’s just…not you. You’re happy with Lee.”

A tiny smile crept up Alicia’s face. “Yeah, I am happy with Lee.”

Angelina clapped her on the back. “Good. Now we’re all happy with our boyfriends. Just write Bastian back and tell him the truth.”

“How could I possibly word that?”

I shrugged. “Truthfully.” I drew my robes tighter around me and yawned. “And don’t forget to add in the part about Oliver and I being together.”

“Sure thing,” said Alicia as we started back toward the doors again. “I’m glad the pair of you added the title because if not it would have just been Quidditch players with benefits.” She giggled and I hit her. “Like you would have hated it!”

“I wouldn’t, but still!” I said, laughing.

“But you’re glad you added the title too,” said Angelina, smiling. “It’s nice, you know? Secure.”

“I’m just glad I don’t have to compete with the Shriekers for Oliver-time,” I said warmly. “At times I’m not sure I’d win.”

“Not with that temper of yours,” said Alicia.

Angelina raised a brow. “I disagree. I think Oliver loves Jane’s temper.”

“And only Jane’s temper,” said Katie.

“And her legs,” said Alicia and I nudged her.

It was at that point that I noticed a small group of people walking toward us, more than likely going toward the lake. We were only meters from the stairs and they were about halfway down, but I couldn’t help but notice Mandy Brocklehurst among the clique. She looked annoyed, holding her arms against her stomach.

“I bet Fred is going to get sick,” said Ang thoughfully, laughing to herself. “I told him it’s too chilly to go swimming. He’ll never listen.”

I smiled and mounted the first stair. The girls were nearly to the bottom now.

“You never deserved him, Perry.”

My head whipped around. I wanted her to say something so bad. I had been thinking about it ever since Roger told me about her when we got back together—the way she wanted help with her Charms just to get closer to Roger. The way she threw herself at him in the Astronomy Tower. Even though I didn’t want to date Roger anymore and I was perfectly happy with Oliver, I still couldn’t help feeling irritated that she was the reason I cried myself to sleep for days. It was her.

So, naturally, my wand was pointed at her face before she could sneer at me. “Excuse me?” I replied darkly. The girls stopped beside me.

“You never deserved Roger. You break his heart and then you’re off snogging Oliver Wood the next day—you’re just a little tramp!”

Before any incantation left my lips, Mandy went down, a red gash across her cheek. The Ravenclaws beside her shrieked and one immediately bent down beside her.

I raised a brow.

Alicia smirked from beside me. “That twit has been getting on my nerves since you told me about what she did. I’ve been itching to do that.” She put her wand back inside of her robes and we continued back up to the castle.

Smiling, I hooked my arm inside of Alicia’s as we walked.

Instead of grabbing my Transfiguration book when I returned, I decided to get a jump start on packing. After all, it was already Monday and the train was going to leave on Saturday so I figured the dresses I didn’t plan on wearing could go in my trunk for the rest of the week (probably for longer than that considering once the summer started my dad would make me start working on our roof garden manually until I turned seventeen).

So I started to pack, folding my clothes tidily between books, and finished off my wardrobe. I left out outfits for the rest of the week, but everything else was tucked away neatly. Then I started on the oddities under my bed and grabbed a tote box and the box of tea I had forgotten about. I made a mental note to drink that over the holiday break. I stored the both of my vases (one from my father and the other from Roger) wrapped tightly in t-shirts and then pulled open a drawer to find Roger’s suede teddy bear staring at me with its pretty crystal eyes.

What would I do with it? Could I really keep it after our relationship was over?

I made a face. Nothing horrible had happened. We just faded. There was no way I could keep it though.

But damn it was a cute bear.

I decided to tell Oliver to get me a bear for my birthday.

Then I chucked it in the bin and grabbed a few more books.

Between studying for exams, taking them, and doing the usual things like eating and sleeping, Oliver and I didn’t have a large amount of time for one another during the week. We saw each other during meals and then occasionally at night when we didn’t have an early test, but other than that it was a kiss good-night and a groggy good-morning until the last full day of school.

Nearly everyone’s exams were finished on Friday so we spent the afternoon lounging outside by the lake as Fred tried to convince Angelina it would be a good idea to go swimming again.

“No,” she said flatly. “You had the sniffles Monday night.”

“Allergies!” he shouted. “Look! I’m fine now.”

“No,” she repeated.

“Let’s do something then—how about some Quidditch?”

“No,” I said at once. “No.More.Quidditch.”

“Sick of my sport already?” whispered Oliver as Fred spit out a few more ideas.

“I’ve had the entire year to get sick of it and I daresay I might just be,” I muttered in return.

He was sitting with his back against a large tree and I was leaning my back against his chest, my neck at just the right angle that he would whisper things into my ear without the others hearing.

“But you’re actually good!”

I snorted. “I got lucky.”

“What if I told you that you got lucky with me?”

“I’d tell you to flip the words around and you’d be right.” I smirked.

“That I got lucky with you?” he said, gaping at me and chuckling. “Well, then I would say you’re right.”

I blushed, not expecting that answer. “Well…good.”

“I can be romantic too, Perry,” he whispered into my ear and I shuddered.

“I’m still getting used to that,” I said, smiling.

He kissed my neck lightly and I smirked. “Does this help?”

“Sod off,” I muttered.

“There’s the Jane I fancy,” he said cheerfully.

I smiled. “I still expect you to yell at me about something every few minutes.”

“Speak for yourself—I’m half-surprised you haven’t called me a stupid sodding git or questioned my Captioning abilities.”

I made a face. “Well, you are a git and us dating doesn’t change that. I haven’t called you one lately because the snogging is so good.”

A/N: And there is your chapter 26, tying up some jokes and conflicts and giving you plenty of Jane/Oliver time. I hope you enjoyed it & I hope everyone is enjoying the new year! I can't believe there is only one chapter left and this beast is finished! But the good news is I am working on other things at the moment as well.

I wanted to say a quick THANKS because I can't believe there are 500+ reviews for this story. That is more than I could ever have imagined--thank you all so much! They're all so thoughtful and they really keep me going. So don't stop now--tell me what you think!

Favorite quotes? Character actions? Anyone whoop a little when Alicia took out Mandy? :)

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