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Chapter 11
The Storm

“Hurry up Sirius!” I yelled banging on the bathroom door. “Other people need to get ready!”


“Well maybe you should’ve gotten into the shower before me!” Sirius yelled. I groaned and slammed my back into the door. I slid down to the floor.


I stared angrily at the ceiling; he had to be a pain, didn’t he? I was about to go in the shower when Sirius had pushed me out. I groaned again as Sirius started singing. It actually sounded good; Sirius can sing?


I turned my head and pressed my ear against the door; straining to hear more. The shower turned off but Sirius was still singing. I’m not sure what song he was singing; but it sounded really good.


With that the door to the bathroom opened and I fell. I looked up and saw Sirius with an amused look on his face. He was wearing just a towel and his black hair was wet but still in his face.


“Hello Bushytail,” Sirius said.


“Padfoot,” I said.


“What are you doing,” Sirius asked.


“Oh, you know,” I said. “Just lying around,” He smirked and left the bathroom.


I stood up from the wet tiled floor and walked over to the shower and turned it on. I walked back into my room; the clock on my nightstand read five forty seven. Everyone was going to start arriving in less than fifteen minutes. I groaned and quickly got undressed and jumped into the shower.


A few minutes later and there was a knock at the door. “Come on Tori; I got to do your make-up!”


I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around my body. I opened my door; Lily and Terri were sitting on my bed. Both of them had make-up on and their hair done.


“Geez, cutting it a little close aren’t we?” Terri asked.


“Don’t blame me,” I said. “Blame the asshole Sirius,” I said.


“Alright well get some clothes on; I need to get you ready.” Lily said.


I grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank-top and quickly got dressed in the bathroom.


Lily sat me down on the bed and began brushing my hair.


“I think I’m going to leave it down,” Lily said. “You look really good with it down.”


“You’re the expert,” I said.


She smiled. “Exactly,”


She began working on my face; I had already put my vanilla lotion on so she didn’t have to lotion anything. Something about the smell of vanilla; I love it. She said that even though it didn’t match my dress she liked green eye shadow on me. She applied it, then eye liner and mascara. She applied a very light pink lip gloss on to my lips.


“Okay, I think you can get in your dress yourself.” Lily said. Terri had already left to get dressed. Lily left back to her room.


I looked at myself in the small mirror Lily left in here. I looked surprisingly good.


I sighed and grabbed the dark blue dress hanging on the back of my door. I pulled off my shorts and tank-top and pulled on the dress. I grabbed my silver shoes and strapped them to my feet. Last night; Lily had given Terri, me, and herself pedicures. My toes were a plain with a white tip.


I grabbed Sirius’ necklace from my night stand and clasped it around my neck. I grabbed my mask and placed it over my eyes.


I took in another deep breath. I could hear music from downstairs through the floor. I looked at the clock; six forty three; getting ready took longer than I thought it would.


I gripped the door knob and headed down the hallway and down the stairs.


The ball room was near the pool area; just a little further back. There were six very large steps leading to it. I saw them in view. Everyone had already showed up; I was alone. I couldn’t slip in unnoticed and go find Terri.


I stood; my back up against the wall next to the stairs. I was nervous, why was I nervous? I shouldn’t be nervous; it’s just a little ball. The Potter’s throw one every year; and I go every year; and yet I’m nervous.


I took in another deep breath and let it out slowly. I turned the corner and walked down the six marble steps; each step seeming to echo louder as the heels of my shoes stepped on them.


I felt all eyes on me; I wasn’t concentrating on that; I was concentrating on not tripping on the stairs and making a complete fool of myself.


I made it to the bottom of the stairs. Now where was Terri? I looked around the entire ballroom; but I couldn’t see her. There were way too many people.


Music was still going and people were dancing. It was an upbeat song, I wanted nothing more but to just find Terri so we could drink punch and laugh at nothing.


The song suddenly changed to a slow song. I groaned but tried to keep my face smiling.


Many couples moved to the floor; I saw Lily’s fiery red hair. James was with her, and he looked like he really didn’t want to dance. Lily smiled and laughed at the look on his face.


Aunt Julie and Uncle Shawn moved to the dance floor. That’s when I caught sight of Terri; sitting at one of the tables surrounding the dance floor.


I made my move towards her; sticking to the edge of the dance floor.


“Hey Tori,” I looked around for whoever called me. Remus walked over; very nice dress robes and a dark green masked covering his blue eyes.


“Hey Remus,” I said. “You look good,”


“You look amazing,” I blushed crimson. “Would you like to dance?” He asked.


“Sure,” I said smiling.


Remus led me to the dance floor; he bowed and I curtsied; like you’re supposed to; what a stupid rule. Remus put his hand on my waist and the other in my hand. I moved my hand up to his shoulder. We moved around the dance floor; gracefully; which is an accomplishment coming from me.


The song seemed to end so quickly. I smiled at Remus; he smiled back. I left the dance floor and headed towards Terri again. The next song was fast; thank god.


I made it to the table and sat down next to Terri.


“Nice entrance,” She said smiling.


“Oh, well, thank you,” I said. A house elf brought me a cup of red punch. I thanked him and sipped it gratefully.


“Have a nice dance?” She asked.


“Yeah, it was with Remus so it wasn’t awkward or anything.” I sipped.


“Hey, do you like Remus?” Terri asked.


“No,” I said staring at Terri through squinted eyes. “He’s more of a brother.”


“Oh,” She said happily. Yeah, she defiantly liked Remus. “He doesn’t date that much.”


“He chooses not to,” I said.


“Why?” She asked. It was hard to hear over the loud music.


“Um…” I said. “He…has yet to find a girl who understands him.”


“What do you mean?” Terri asked.


“I can’t tell you,” I said.


“Oh,” Terri said looking down.


“It’s okay, hang out with us long enough; and you’ll learn.” I said patting her on the back. She laughed.


As the fast song ended a slow one began. Terri and I both groaned; than laughed at how alike we are.


“Excuse me,” Terri and I both stopped laughing as someone approached our table.


Snow white blonde hair and amber eyes. “Ian?”


“Hey Tori,” He said. He looked handsome with spiffy dress robes and a red mask around his eyes.


“Oh my god, Ian,” I stood and wrapped my arms around him in a hug. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, the Potter’s and the Crate’s go way back.” Ian said. “My mum owns the dress shop in town.”


“Your mom’s Katie?” I asked. He nodded. “She is nothing like you,”


“I get that a lot,” He laughed, I laughed with him. “Would you like to dance?”

I looked over at Terri; not wanting to leave her alone. “Go ahead,” She said. “I’m used to being alone,”


“I’m going to find you a dance partner when I get done with him.” I said pointing to Ian. She smiled and laughed.


“Come on,” Ian said.


He led me to the dance floor and did the same thing that Remus did. Bowed and took me in his arms.


“You look gorgeous,” Ian said slowly.


“You know I’ve been getting that a lot lately.” I said with a smile. He chuckled.


“I’m glad I got to see you again,” Ian said. “Without Zacharias near by.”


“Yeah, I like you when Zacharias isn’t around.” I said. “It’s a nice change from rude comments and sassy remarks.” I smiled.


“Yeah, sorry about those,” Ian said sheepishly. “It’s just when Zacharias is…”


“Yeah, I know,” I said cutting him off. “You told me the day you kissed me.”


“Yeah, sorry about that too,” He said looking down at his feet.


“It’s okay,” I said laughing. “It wasn’t the worst kiss I’ve ever gotten.”


Ian looked back up at me.


“But than again I’ve only had like three kisses that aren’t family related.” I said looking down; and than smiled at him.


“So I’m the best so far?” Ian asked.


“So far yeah,” I said smiling.


“Well now I have something to be proud of that I can never tell my friends.” Ian said. I laughed.  


The song ended and Ian bowed. “Well it’s been nice seeing you again.”


“Yeah, I’ll see you around,” I said.


“See you,” Ian said.


I moved back to the table and sat down next to Terri. “How are things?”


Terri laughed, “Pretty good,”


“That’s cool,” I said. She laughed as another upbeat song started. “Now to find you a dance partner.”


I looked around the ball room looking from one family to the other. Every now and than I spotted some of the families I knew.


“Hm…” I said looking around. Another slow song started up; we both groaned. “Can they play two fast songs in a row, please?”




I looked around the dance floor; knowing that voice anywhere. A little six year old boy with blonde hair and a light blue mask framing his vivid brown eyes was running through the middle of the dance floor, a tall boy being dragged along with him.


“Sammy,” I said happily as the little boy made it to the table. I looked up at the tall boy following behind. “Ian?”


“Hi Tori,” Ian said.


“You’re…Sammy’s,” I asked. “Wow, why did I not see that coming,”


“Come on Tori, we have to dance!” Sammy said pulling at my arm.


“Okay, okay,” I said. “Ian, can you dance with Terri please? So she’s not alone again.”


“Sure,” Ian said. He offered his hand to Terri. Terri looked at it like it was the evilest thing in the universe; but she took his hand and smiled.


“Come on Sammy,” I said leading Sammy to the dance floor.


I picked him up and he wrapped his legs around my waist.


“Oh, is this our song?” I asked as the music went on. Sammy nodded excitedly. Ever since Sammy had been able to walk he always danced with me at least once during the ball. It was always during the same song; so we dubbed it our song.


“So how have you been Sammy?” I asked.


“Good,” Sammy said. “I heard my brother kissed you,”


“Yes,” I said nodded.


“I was supposed to kiss you first!” Sammy said. “You like me better.”


I laughed, “That is true,” Sammy laughed. “Here I’ll give you a kiss,” I gave Sammy a peck on the cheek. He turned a very bright shade of red; I laughed.


The song ended and I put Sammy down. He ran back to his parents saying something along the lines of ‘a pretty girl just kissed me’.


I walked back to Terri’s and mine’s table; Terri was already back.


“How was your dance?” I asked.


“Quite entertaining,” Terri said.


“Really?” I asked.


“Yeah,” Terri said. “Ian’s very different from most Slytherin guys.”


“Yeah,” I said.


A fast song began playing; Lily came bustling through a crowd.


“Hey guys,” She said as she sat down.


“Hi Lily, how are you?” I asked as she drank the rest of my punch gratefully.


“Oh my god, James is a great dancer,” She said.


“I’ve taught him well,” I said. We laughed.


“Have you guys seen Sirius?” Lily asked. We shook our heads. “James and I have been looking everywhere for him; we can’t find him.”


“Oh, he’ll turn up eventually,” Terri said.


“Oh he better show up,” I said. “He did not spend forty thousand hours in the shower to not show up.” Terri and Lily laughed again.


A slow song began playing; Terri and I groaned again.


“What?” Lily asked.


“Another slow song?” Terri asked.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said. Lily laughed. She stood up and headed back through the crowd of people. I shook my head at her.


“Hello ladies,” Someone said as they sat down across form Terri and I.


“Why hello there stranger,” Terri said. I laughed.


“What are two pretty girls like yourselves doing sitting here during such a wonderful song like this?” The mystery man asked.


“Waiting for someone to come ask us to dance.” Terri said.


The mystery man had black shaggy hair that reminded me of Sirius but his eyes threw me off. Those black eyes that were so cold yet so warm at the same time. Was he the man from my dreams? The man that confused me so?


“Well I can’t dance with both of you,” He said. His eyes crinkled from underneath his dark blue mask. “So who wants to dance?”


“Tori you go I’m going to get some of that chocolate cake over there.” Terri said eyeing the dessert table. I laughed but stood from the table; as I did the mystery man did also.


He offered his arm and I linked mine through his. He led me to the dance floor, bowed, and took me in his arms. The feeling of comfort and safety washed over me.


“So, who are you?” I asked.


“Oh, you don’t know who I am?” He asked.


“Not really,” I said. He smiled. “But you seem oddly familiar,”


“I get that a lot,” He said. I laughed. “But you do know me; a lot more than you think.”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“Hello, I can do magic, I can change my appearance.” He said. “But not drastically; I’m not that good.” I laughed.


“So what did you change?” I asked.


“I can’t tell you,” He said spinning me; he brought me back closer to him. “Or else you’ll figure out it’s me,”


“Well what’s wrong with me knowing who you are?” I asked.


“I think it’ll compromise our relationship,” He said.


“What’s our relationship?” I asked.


“I can’t tell you,” He said. “You’ll figure it out too easily; you’re a very smart girl.”


“Aw, thank you,” I said blushing. He chuckled.


“You look amazing by the way,” He said. I blushed a deeper red. “You always looked good; to me at least; but today you’re just…wow.” I looked down at my little toes trying to stop from blushing.


He hooked his finger under my chin and lifted my head up. I looked into those black eyes. “You have beautiful eyes,” I blushed again; I wanted to look away but his hands kept me in place.


He leaned closer towards me; I felt my breath get caught in my throat. His eyes closed slightly; I moved closer to him my eyes closing too.


His lips met mine in a blissful kiss. It was so different so full of passion even though it was a simple kiss. When he released the kiss I stood in awe; my eyes still closed. When I opened them he was gone.


Terri and Lily came over to me; both had shocked expressions on their faces.


“Who was that?” Lily asked.


“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.” I said.


This mystery man was Sirius, I know he is. Sirius is the only person who can make me feel comfortable in an awkward situation. Sirius Black is my mystery man I just know it!


“Tori?” Terri asked waving a hand in my face.


I looked at her and than walked swiftly back to my seat.


“Tori? What are you doing?” Lily asked.


“Be ready, because tomorrow, we’re doing detective work.” I said.


They smiled and sat down and we all drank some punch.  

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