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[a/n: longest chapter i have ever written yet!! lol anyway i just realise i made a HUGE mistake.. 1943 was when Tom opened the COS and in the summer he killed his family.. he was in his 5th year at the time which makes Hermione in 1945 at the moment! Sorry about that guys... my bad.]

AMAZING chapter image by Jeanie from TDA

Chapter 8

She knew who it was as soon as she smelled that familiar scent. She had perfected self-defense in her 6th year and so she knew it was easy to get away from him but she let herself be dragged by him into an empty classroom nevertheless. She was deadly curious to know what he wanted. Is he going to kill her? Is he going to torture her for information?

He pushed her away roughly after locking the door by magic and the two faced each other. She didn’t feel scared as she looked into his ridiculously handsome face. Every method of torture has already been done to her in the past and every pain there was to feel, she had already felt. There was nothing left for her to lose.

He didn’t know what he was thinking. After the incident in Divination, he hasn’t really been thinking about anything else much but Vane. Ever since her appearance, he hasn’t really been thinking about anything else but this girl in front of him. She frustrated him to no end. The curiosity of her presence and her existence began to fill his whole mentality.

He was able to carefully understand what every person he had every encountered wanted and needed from him. They were all so simple that it was too easy to decipher exactly what kind of person they are and if he would have any use of them. But this girl in front him…It was almost as if she were made to frustrate him to death.

Why did she come here? Why did she have to exist? His plan had no flaws. He did not see anything that will change the path that he will take and the future that he was sure he will have. She could very well be a powerful seer. This girl in front of him… she must be here for his destruction. It was the only answer. She would ruin me.

This was what he was thinking as he walked towards the Great hall when suddenly, she appeared in front of him. Hate has filled his whole existence. His hate for his filthy muggle of a father, his hate for his weak and pathetic mother and for every being that had a pathetic excuse for a human but never has he hated any other person as much as he hated the girl in front of him.

“What is it you want Riddle?” She asked him angrily after waiting for several minutes for him to speak.

Riddle glared at the girl in front of him. She thought she saw a glint of red in his eyes but disregarded it.

“Well?” she demanded.

He has never hated a stranger before but the moment she appeared in his life, he already knew he hated her. The moment he found her in the forest, he hated her. He couldn’t stop himself from grabbing her and pulling her into an empty room with every fiber from his body intending to hurt her very much and yet he just wanted to unravel her mystery.

Suddenly, he knew what he must do now. It was the most obvious choice. “I apologize for the manner in which I have taken to talk to you tonight.”

“Stop with the formalities Riddle. Tell me why you dragged me here.” She rolled her eyes.

He clenched his jaw. He must control it for his plan to work. “I just wanted to apologize for having been impolite to you earlier.”

Hermione did a double take. ‘That can’t be why he hauled me in this room.’

“I apologize… I apologize for losing my temper on you that other time as well as this morning.”

“What are you going on about Riddle?” This was the last thing she expected for him to say or do. She was expecting some questions, wands and blood.

“I believe we started on the wrong foot. I would… very much like to change that. I’d like us… to become acquaintances, Vane. That is, if you don’t mind.”

He must be kidding. He must be out of his mind. Or… he must be planning something.’ “Why? Why should I, Riddle? Why should I believe anything you say? And why should I ever trust you?”

Tom Riddle’s mouth tightened. “I never asked for you to believe me nor did I ask for you to trust me, Vane. I simply ask for us to try and get along better”

“Why? Why  of all things sane would there be any reason, Riddle, for the two of us to get along better?” Hermione asked him incredulously.

“Honestly, Vane, are you not tired of these petty arguments? I myself do not even know the root of all this nor the reason why you suddenly flare up at the sight of me. I prefer not have anybody hold any contempt over me”

“Any contempt I could have for you dishonours me” she told him.

Riddle gave her his most charming smile. The smile he so often used in front of his teachers and peers that which had never worked with just one Professor. “See what I mean? Why the repugnance? Have I done anything in the past to offend you? If I have, then I apologize. Can you really hold a grudge against someone who has saved your life twice?”

Yes, but you’ve ruined it a billion times more.’ She thought inwardly. “And so you want us to be friends only for the reason that you’re sick of having to think of any comebacks?” she smirked.

“I am merely asking us to be civil to one another Vane. And who knows, we might end up being good friends” Tom shrugged. “I can see you’re having a hard time making any. I can help you in that area. I can take you under my wing... Show you the ropes here at Hogwarts, introduce you to some people, help you if you would ever need a hand.”

He continued. “I know every person in this school and I get along well with just about everyone”

Only because they are all too thick to see you for who you truly are’ she told herself. ‘Which reminds me, why was he particularly nasty to me when he’s supposed to be the perfect charming Tom Riddle in this period of time in his life’

It suddenly dawned on her. ‘He’s trying to figure me out. It’s probably because of all those things I said in Divination. He wants to figure out how I have come to know all those things. Of course!’ She smiled to herself. ‘Lord Voldemort, the most powerful dark wizard of all time, stumped over the mystery of a girl who knows too much for her own good.’

The smartest witch of her generation…’ she mused to herself, ‘and I couldn’t even think of this before. Of course! I know so much about him. Along with all the information Dumbledore has given Harry, I have studied every detail of Voldemort’s life hoping we would find something relevant. Why can’t I use this as a weapon against him. Creeping into his life and re-writing history, I can definitely do that. I could become his most trusted alliance knowing every move he makes. If I do that I might…'

“Well, Vane?” Tom extended his hand. “Do we have an understanding? Or do you think it will satisfy you, going through life loathing me?”

‘…I might just find the perfect opportunity to kill him’ She slowly reached for his hand and shook it. “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt me to try and get along.”

Tom Riddle raised an eyebrow as he stared at both their hands. He half expected her to give another one of her biting responses before trying to hex him. He expected it would need more convincing before she can give in. She truly is capricious.

“Good” he smiled. “Why don’t we start by accompanying me to dinner?”

“How about we start getting along tomorrow morning instead Riddle? I’d like to do some reading tonight” She told him and without waiting for an answer, she walked towards the door.

“”Wait” He drew out his wand and began walking towards her. “You won’t be able to open the door, let me—

He was cut off with a loud bang, as the lock was blasted off by the girl before he could even raise his hand. Hermione smiled satisfactorily before putting her wand back inside her robes. “Very gentlemanly of you, Riddle but I can fend for myself.”

“I can see that” he smirked. “You did not have to break the lock though.”

“You did not have locked the door in the first place” she laughed. “And with a special spell to that! Be nice to me or you will never get out of here alive… was that your plan?”

“No... If I had that kind of intention it would simply be ‘Be nice to me or else’” he smirked.

Vane rolled her eyes. “Terrifying… Next time, come up with a better plan.” She smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Riddle.”

“Would you like me to walk you to the common room? Or the library perhaps?” he asked politely.

“Overkill, Riddle. I said I’ll try and get along, I didn’t say I want us to be the best of friends.” She smiled. “You do not need to walk me anywhere. As I have told you, I can perfectly fend for myself. Goodnight Riddle.”

As she left the room, Voldemort smiled to himself, satisfied by his new flawless plan and not knowing it would come to bite him in the ass.

Hermione wasn’t really sure if she had approached her idea the right way. It would be too obvious and fake to him if she suddenly acted as if she liked his company. ‘Besides, I need to stay a mystery to him to keep him interested. What I need is a solid and flawless plan. There would only be two choices really; one is to change him and keep him away from dark arts and the second would be to kill him when the perfect opportunity comes knocking. ’

‘It would be inexcusable not to mention impossible to change him… to give him salvation and change his path. Someone as evil as him… it would be entirely impossible but if I befriend him… wouldn’t it be easier to find the perfect opportunity to defeat him? Killing him would save millions. Yes, I have no choice but to kill him’ she told herself finally before she entered the library at last.


He was sitting with what she guessed was Draco’s ancestor when she entered the Great Hall. The silver-blonde hair is too distinctive that she was sure her guess was right. She remembered Draco talking about his grandfather back in 6th year. ‘Abraxas was it? The first of the Knights of Walpurgis or Death eaters as they will officially be known in just a few short years. ’

Pity they have to wait two more generations before someone decent in their clan arrives.’ She thought as she walked towards the Slytherin table. She absolutely detested their table. It always made her mood sourer than it already was.

She usually sits with Greta and the rest though she never said much. They must think of her as rude and ominous but somehow she didn’t care. They were decent people to her but still, she can’t be attached to anybody in this era that much she knew.

She was heading towards the three when Tom Riddle stood up just when she was about to walk past him. “Its morning isn’t it?”

“Oh well, how nice of you to notice, Riddle. Yes, it is indeed morning.” She mused as she looked above the clear blue skies from the ceiling of the Great hall. “See, usually when the sun is at high and it is particularly bright, it is called morning while nighttime is when—

“I thought we were supposed to be getting along now.” he cut in although he was half amused and half infuriated.

“Did I say anything otherwise?” she smiled. “I was only teasing, Riddle. Isn’t that what acquaintances usually do?”

“Sure” he said sarcastically. “Acquaintances usually tease one another about their intellect. It’s quite customary, as a matter of fact.”

“See? Are you not doing it yourself right now?” she simpered.

“Well well well… Tom Riddle, teasing a girl” Abraxas Malfoy grinned. “That’s certainly a first.”

Tom turned around and glowered at Malfoy but he merely laughed. “Might I introduce myself to the lady first, Tom, before you murder me through your glares.”

“No need. Malfoy am I correct?” she raised her eyebrow at him.

“So you’ve already asked me around. I’m flattered, really.” He smiled at her flirtatiously. “Or is it just my reputation that precedes me?”

“Well, you’re quite the celebrity, aren’t you?” she smirked.

“Indeed, I am” He grinned.

“That wasn’t supposed to be a compliment.”

“Oh it doesn’t have to be. Any words that come out of your mouth, my dear, sound so majestic in my ears” he gave her what she guessed was his most flirtatious and sexy grin. She almost started rolling around, laughing.

Who would’ve ever dreamed that Draco’s grandfather would ever flirt with me’ she thought. “I’m sorry, Malfoy, but you must have mistaken me for one of your, as I guess would be countless moronic sex-slaves. Riddle, I agreed to get along with you but it’s not in the contract to put up with this chauvinistic walking-sex-toy, right?”

Abraxas laughed heartily before shoving bacon inside his mouth. “Sex god did you say? Why thank you”

Tom smirked and ignored him, “I believe it isn’t anywhere in our agreement, don’t worry”

Hermione nodded and was about to walk away when Malfoy said, “Aren’t you going to ask your friend to sit down Tom?”

Which was why, twenty minutes later, she found herself sitting side by side with Voldemort and with Draco’s Grandfather across the table serving her bacon and eggs and flirting with her endlessly.

Just like she had promised him, she tried her best to act as if the man beside her isn’t her parents’ and boyfriend’s murderer. It was hard to act pleasant in front of strangers and a million times harder to act chummy with the person who ruined her life.

“Enough with the bacon Malfoy.” she told him, exasperated. “It’s time for class”

There were a lot of students shocked at the display of ‘the new girl’ eating breakfast with two of the most charming slytherins in the school. Hermione knew they were feared and respected by the Slytherins though the other houses were not aware they were related to any dark arts. Nobody really knew what Voldemort and his followers were capable of, or at least not at the moment. His followers were only known as bullies in school, never as murderers.

The three stepped out of the Great Hall together with all the other students surrounding them, on their way to their respected classes. It was then that she saw him. Her breath was hitched inside her throat.

First, it was the hair that caught her attention. That familiar red head was hard to miss. Next, she saw the shower of freckles across his face. Tears glistened inside her eyes as she pushed her away towards the boy.

“Ron” she cried.

“Nerissa, where are you going?” Abraxas asked, tagging along behind her with Tom Riddle.

She ignored him as she made her way through when finally, she reached him. She almost fainted when she heard him laugh. ‘It has to be him. It just has to be’

“Ron!” she grabbed his arm and pulled it to face her.

The boy in front of her was long and lanky just like the Ronald she knew but somehow his features were slightly different. His nose was longer if that were even possible and his eyes were less distinct. Her entire body ached at the disappointment. She wanted to feel, see and hear something familiar yet she knew it would break her heart in the end.

“Pardon me, but my name is Septimus.” The boy in front of her told her. “Septimus Weasley and not Ron”

Hermione’s eyes widened as soon as she heard what he said. “Weasley? You’re Septimus Weasley?”

“I— yes, yes I am” the boy nodded. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a class to head off to” he smiled at her before leaving with his friends.

She blinked as she watched his retreating back that looks so like Ronald’s. ‘He’s Ron’s grandfather! I should have knows, of course. Septimus Weasley… I wonder if she had already met Cedrella Black, Ron’s Grandmother.’

“Who is this Ron?” Abraxas asked. “And did you know Weasley? It sounded as if you did.”

“It is none of your business Malfoy” she told him. “And no, I know nothing about Weasley.”

“Oh good, they’re a bunch of filthy blood traitors.” He said. “Best not to associate with the likes of them.”

“I think I can sort out who I want to associate myself or not, thank you very much” she snapped. He was exactly like Draco before he fell in love with Ginny that it was almost ridiculous.

“Come now, we have a class to go to.” Tom finally spoke up. He was getting irritated with the fact that Abraxas was giving her endless attention like a love-sick puppy. Then again, he was always like this with his new prospects like waving a shiny new toy towards a child. Abraxas would grow tired of her in a week or so.

Hermione couldn’t help but bitterly smile to herself as they all walked towards Double potions. She was still thinking about Ron through Professor Slughorn’s class, remembering all those times they had spent together.

She knew a little about the life Septimus and Cedrella will soon live after they finish Hogwarts. He was not in any one of her classes so she figured he must be in his 6th or 5th year in Hogwarts. Cedrella was to be disowned and removed from the Black family tree as soon as she announces her engagement.

She must find Cedrella. She remembers Ron telling her she was in Slytherin and she did not hold any unfair views about blood purity. With her sister and brother who, if she can recall from her conversations with the Weasley family, were completely adamant to their belief in blood purity then Cedrella must be having a hard time. ‘It would be nice to help Ron’s grandmother’

As she thought about this, she looked around the room. Everyone's grandparents are in this room or school at this very moment. She must have passed by Harry’s grandparents dozens of times in the halls or Neville’s and Luna’s.

As the day went on, she couldn’t help but observe each and every face that she sees, waiting for a familiar one. It was her very last period of the day when she began making plans to look for for them all.

As she reflected over the idea of searching for them, she shook her head. ‘No, I cant replace my friends for their ancestors. What a ridiculous idea. Besides, I might even change history if I become close to any of them and they may end up not being born in the first place’

Yet still, she began racking her head on who else would exist in this time when finally the answer came.

“HAGRID!” she cried, standing abruptly from her seat.

“Miss Vane?” Professor Binns piped in surprise. It was unusual for anyone to speak in his class.

She suddenly realized she was still inside her History of Magic class. She sat back down and began chewing her lip as she waited in vain for the class to finish.

“Are you alright” Tom Riddle whispered in her ear.

She had almost forgotten he was sitting next to her now. She didn’t know it was in their agreement that she had to sit next to him in classes now too but she was too distracted the whole day to complain.

“I’m fine.” She told him.

Tom examined her face. He had never seen her so energized and eager before. “Hagrid… you mean Rubeus Hagrid, the Groundkeeper Assistant?”

Hermione shot him a glare when she heard him say the word ‘game-keeper’. If It wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t be a game-keeper in the first place. She noticed him say, Assistant and figured he must still be getting trained. She remembers Mrs Weasley mentioned an old game-keeper named 'Ogg'.

She immediately tried to contain her emotions and said, “Yes, you know him?”

Tom smirked. “No. He used to be a student here. He was expelled almost two years ago”

Thanks to you’ she thought bitterly. She had the familiar urge of drawing her wand and blasting his handsome face off or maybe setting his hair on fire. ‘He’s meant to be bald in the future anyway… why not an early start?’ she almost laughed as she thought about this.

She noticed Tom was still staring at her as if waiting for her to do something. “What?”

“Usually this is the part where you ask why he was expelled.” He told him. “It’s been almost 60 years since someone had been expelled.”

“I already know the reason why he was expelled” she told him, waving him off as the class finally finished. She quickly gathered her things, as she planned to run towards Hagrid’s hut. She was almost dying to see him.

“Really now… Who told you?” he asked. “And may I ask why you are in such a hurry?”

“Because I’m off to see him.” She told him. There wasn’t any use to lie. “Goodbye”

“Wait” he grabbed her arm. “If you know why he was expelled, why would you run off to see him when it’s almost dark. He set off a monster in the school, why would there be any reason for you to see him?”

“Hagrid was innocent!” she almost screamed.

“And how could you even be sure of that? You were not even here two years ago.” He told her. “And is this where you have been heading off to instead of dinner every night? To Hagrid’s hut?” he spat at the last word.

He couldn’t understand why he was unbelievably furious. What was it to him who she befriends anyway? It was not as if she was his possession. It was not as if they really were real friends. He only wanted to know her to get the answers to all the questions that were swimming inside his mind for the past month or so.

But the expression of pure eagerness in her face just to meet up with him, unnerved him to no end. It was lucky all the students had already piled out when they started to lose their tempers.

“What is it to you anyway, Riddle?” she asked, angrily. “I agreed to play nice; I don’t remember ever having agreed in letting you decide who I can associate myself with!”

“And so you do want to associate yourself with that big oaf?” he snarled.

“Big oaf?” she shrieked. She could feel it creeping into her veins. She was holding her wand inside her robes now. All she had to do was raise them and speak the two words she has been itching to say but she knew this was not the perfect time that she was waiting for. She has to control her temper. “You know, they have a word for people like you, but I can’t say it in polite company.”

She hastily grabbed her things from her desk. “Have a nice night” she told him in a hard voice before leaving.

Tom kicked her chair as she disappeared through the door. The Professor must have left after seeing the two bellowing at each other. He was all alone in the room.

He balled his fists as he fumed. ‘That wretched girl’ He thought about running after her and showing her just who it was that she was shouting at.

He could not understand this feeling. Even the word hate was too weak a word to describe how he feels about her. He detested her to no end and he knew there would be nothing else that would make him happier than seeing that desolate girl’s end.

He grabbed his belongings and left the room, seething as he made his way to the common room; his appetite entirely ruined.


Hermione ran through the halls of the school, bumping with a student or two. She didn’t stop for anyone or anything. She had to see him.

Finally, she reached the soft grounds outside of the school. She ran through the familiar grounds and finally she saw it from afar. She ran faster and at last, stopped to a halt in front of his cabbage patches.

It was different from the hut that would exist 50 years from now. Somehow it seemed less worn out yet much much smaller. It was getting darker and she noticed the light from inside the hut. How could she ever forget about Hagrid? She slowly approached the hut, careful not to step in Hagrid’s cabbages along the way.

There was a lump in her throat as she stood in front of his door. Tears were starting to well up inside her eyes. She could not figure what she would say to him when she sees him. Of course, he wouldn’t know her.

“What're yeh doin’ down here?” someone asked from behind her.

She almost fainted as she heard that familiar voice. She could no longer control her tears as she let them fall freely across her face. She slowly turned around to face the 15 year old half giant.

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