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Chapter Nineteen


Why Stalking Is Bad




“There is no instinct like that of the heart.” ~Lord Byron



Lily Evans was the epitome of the perfect student, there was no way else to put it. She studied meticulously, practically oozed leadership, was helpful to her peers and could be counted on to be level headed in any situation. However, despite all of this she was at a loss as to what to do with her best friend, Jessie Spring.


“For the love of Merlin Mary, the girl is driving me crazy!” Lily moaned pulling textbooks from her overflowing book bag and piling them on the desk in front of her and Mary, “Its Sirius sucks, Sirius is mean, Sirius is a jerk, Sirius put beetles in my hair, blah blah Sirius blah freaking blah. All we hear about is Sirius did this, Sirius did that; all she does is talk about him! And why? Because somewhere deep down inside she still loves him and cares for him. Could she at least admit she misses being friends with him?” she finished flipping open one of the books from the pile in front of her. She frowned and replaced it with another from the pile on her left.


Mary smirked, “Now let’s see, who does she sound like?”


Lily glared at her and Mary laughed, “In my defense, ask anyone, you were singing the same exact tune a few short months ago.”


Lily crossed her arms and continued glaring.


Mary rolled her eyes and shrugged, “Personally I think she’s absolutely terrified of admitting she loves him. I mean look at it this way,” Lily raised an eyebrow as Mary set down her quill and continued, “Say someone you cared about a lot hurt you really badly, so you hurt them back and the two of you repeat this cycle year after year after year and then suddenly that someone that hurt you realizes, randomly, that what they have done is wrong and that they don’t hate you like they thought they did- they love you. Wouldn’t you be a little afraid to trust that person again? Jessie is afraid that Sirius isn’t sincere, even though everyone and their mother and their bloody grandmother knows he is.” Mary finished. She crossed her arms and looked at Lily.


“Since when are you the voice of reason?” Lily asked and Mary shrugged, “Dating a Ravenclaw seems to be turning you into a regular Confucius.” Mary rolled her eyes.


Lily sighed and began flipping the pages in her book absentmindedly. She tossed her hair behind her shoulders and shut the book, “Its just so annoying. I love her to death, but she’s being so incredibly stubborn. I mean would it really hurt so much to admit that maybe, just maybe she’s wrong.”


Mary let out a giggle, “See that’s the problem. Jessie is as stubborn as a mule and Sirius in no better.”


Lily groaned and laid her head on the table.


“Hello love. How’s the studying going?”


Lily smiled up at her boyfriend. After giving her a quick kiss, James plopped down in the seat next to her and tousled his hair.


Mary smiled at the two of them and pretended to wipe tears away from her eyes, “It’s just so beautiful. Only a few short months ago you were attempting to strangle him while he spurted poems of love and fate in pink dress robes,” she said as Lily and James both raised their eyebrows at her. Lily rolled her eyes and turned to James, “What are we going to do?” she groaned.



James looked at her quizzically, “Do? I can think of a number of things we can do…” he smirked and Lily playfully hit him in the shoulder, “No you moron, what are we going to do about Jessie and Sirius?”


“So now you want them to get together? Wouldn’t that mean you’d lose our bet?” he grinned.


“James,” Lily said exasperatedly, “This isn’t about the bet anymore! Firstly, this is about our friends happiness! And secondly, you and I both know that, that bet was just a ploy to get me to pay attention to you and an excuse for you to speak to me.”


James grinned sheepishly.


“Exactly. Any ideas?” Lily asked. James shrugged, “I dunno… we’ve tried locking them in a broom closet, locking them in the locker rooms at the pitch… we‘ve done that twice, locking them in an empty classroom, locking them in Jessie’s dorm, locking them in our dorm, locking them in my basement, locking them in my broom shed a home over break… nothing seems to work.”


Lily and Mary both gaped at him.


“You’ve locked them up together that many times?” Lily asked shocked. James nodded, “Funny thing is the worst that happened was Jessie blew up an entire corridor of the school and Sirius hexed her hair purple and gave her pussy orange boils. They never came very close to killing one another… the closest they came to that was during Sirius’ little display in the great hall.”


Lily frowned, “Right, because Jessie blowing up parts of Hogwarts isn’t bad at all. When was the last time they were nice to one another?” she asked as she began flipping through a rather large book. Mary looked up at James expectantly.


James scratched his neck and shrugged, “When we were eleven I guess. We were best friends, the three musketeers until this one night at some ministry party…” he trailed off and looked at the girls. A look of dawning comprehension came over his face and he crossed his arms, “You two know something.” he stated grinning at Mary and Lily’s flustered faces. Mary and Lily shook their heads quickly, too quickly.


“Come on Lils tell me,” James asked wrapping his arms around Lily’s shoulders. Lily shook her head and went back to her book, “Lily, come on love, please tell me… please” he begged. Lily looked at Mary who rolled her eyes, “It’s on your head not mine.”


Lily looked back up at James and huffed, “Fine.”


James kissed her on the cheek, “You’re the best,” he sat expectantly and Lily shut her book and turned to him, “ I really hate you sometimes Potter.”


James laughed, “Come on Lils no stalling!”


“Right… well…”




“Stupid men are the only one’s worth knowing after all.” Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 27 by Jane Austen




Let’s just get on things straight, I am NOT stalking Sirius Black. I am following him to get him in trouble; and I do NOT care that he is talking to Jordan Sparks! Not one tiny bit! She just so happened to be talking to him when I decided to borrow James’ invisibility cloak and follow Black around in order to get him in trouble if he does anything.


I am NOT stalking him!


Damn stomach, I think I ate something bad at lunch.


What the hell? Why is he still talking to her? I thought he was over her! Uh hello, Black, assaulting me in the common room to get away from Little Miss Easy ring any bells? Any at all? Ding dong?


I am NOT stalking him! And to answer your next question, I did not enjoy him “assaulting” me in the common room!


Hummm… I think I can hit her with a bat boogey hex from here. Maybe levicorpouse… Slut. Honestly, did she seriously just bat her eyelashes at him? Seriously? Haha, loser. That’s right Sirius, look disgusted.


And I only care that he looks disgusted because its hurting Little Miss Whore. It’s a win, win situation. Sirius gets annoyed, Sparks gets upset.


Well, well, well what do we have here?


Not now Rodrigo! I’m.. err…




No! I’m watching!


Same thing

No, stalking has the connotation that I am obsessed and am enamored with the person. I am watching and spying to get Black in trouble.



Shhh! Your interrupting! That’s right Sparks pout. Merlin she looks like a cow when she pouts…


Your jealous.

Go aw… WHAT?!


Your jealous.

I am not jealous! Jealous of what? There is nothing to be jealous of!


Your jealous of Jordan.

I am not! Why on earth would I be jealous of that easy little… haha that’s right Sirius walk to the door! Away from her!



Denial? Denial! What are you on cricket? Haha, she seriously just stomped her foot! Damn, it’s to bad the heel didn’t break off of her ugly ass stilettos…



Rodrigo, shut up! It is very hard to creep behind Black while I argue with you!


Denial, denial, denial!

Shut up, shut up, shut up! I’m not in denial!




“Jealousy and love are sisters.” ~Russian Proverb



“You have got to be shitting me!” James exclaimed loudly, he gaped at Lily, who just shrugged.


“That’s why they hate one another? That is the most pathetic excuse on the face of the bloody planet! Honestly?”


Lily nodded as she pulled a pile of parchment from her bag.


“That’s why I have had to endure nearly seven years of the two of them attempting to torture the other? That’s why I’ve had to deal with them trying to murder one another with bludgers at practice; with them hexing one another orange, silver and pink; and with having to forcibly take one of them outside at ministry parties so they don‘t cause a scene?” James sputtered as he threw his hands up in the air, “Although their distaste for the Minister’s Palace now makes sense,” he muttered.


Lily nodded again and Mary giggled. Both Lily and James looked at her. She shrugged, “Sorry its just the idea of Sirius and Jessie actually kissing and both consenting,” she looked at both of them, “What? It’s funny!”


“Says the hopeless romantic.” Lily rolled her eyes and Mary shrugged, “It’s okay I’ve accepted it.”


“Merlin, they are just so pathetic!” James sighed, rubbing his eyes, “You‘re right love, it‘s a hopeless cause,” James sighed and began flipping through the pages of his potions textbook.

Suddenly, he grinned, “Wait you know what we could do!” he rubbed his hands together.


Lily raised an eyebrow and shook her head, “No, James. We are not using a love potion.”


James’ smile fell and he pouted, “But…”


“No James.” Lily and Mary chorused.




"My version of falling in love is borderline psychotic. Should be avoided at all costs. Get obsessed. Can't fall in love and function at the same time. All-consuming. Tunnel vision. Euphoric."- Graham Norton




Covered thoroughly by the invisibility cloak, Jessie crouched down behind the ancient teachers desk in front of her. Sirius had just looked directly at the spot where she was standing and Jessie did not like the look in his eye. Besides Jordan was hanging on him again and that was a sight Jessie did not need to see for the sake of both the chocolate cake currently residing in her stomach and her sanity.


“ But Siri! I thought you loved me.” Jordan whined tugging on the front of Sirius’ shirt and opening her black lined eyes as wide as they would go; and although she was attempting to look hurt and innocent, she ended up looking more like a moron than anything else. He shook her off and scoffed, “Jordan I never said I loved you, not once.”


She stuck out her bottom lip and stamped her foot on the ground like a spoilt child, “Siri you need to stop playing this silly little game with the ice bitch and come back to me. Don’t you miss me?” she flipped her hair over her shoulder flirtatiously and giggled, “You know you miss me.”


Sirius shoved her off him and straightened his shirt, “Do not talk about Jessie like that; and I do not miss you.”


Underneath the invisibility cloak Jessie smirked to herself and pumped her fist up in the air; but as she realized what she was doing she stopped and mentally slapped herself.


Jordan giggled again, “Oh Siri you don’t have to keep up your little façade with me.”


Jessie gagged.


Sirius looked at her incredulously and threw his hands up in the air, “Jordan, there is no façade. There is no game, and I am not just fucking around,” he crossed his arms, “I do not miss you. I never loved you, at all. You were just fun to mess around with. I’m over whatever it was we we’re, all right? It’s over. So just leave me the fuck alone. I love Jess and there is nothing you can do about it. So just bug off and go screw Marcus Davies in the third floor broom cupboard, all right?” he brushed passed her and stormed out the door. Behind him Jordan let out a little cry of annoyance and stomped her foot yet again, “Fine. He’s a better fuck than you anyways (Jessie gagged as she peeked over the desk)!” she marched out the door after him, her bleach blonde hair beginning to frizz.


Jessie stood up from her spot behind the desk and shrugged off the cloak. She opened and closed her mouth numerous times before sitting down on the desk. She laid the cloak next to her as she traced the ornate carvings on the edge of her desk with a finger. Her head jerked up as she heard footsteps outside the door. Quickly, she threw the invisibility cloak on over herself and crouched back down. The door creaked open and Sirius walked into the room. He looked around and put his hands on his hips. Jess bit her lip and silently prayed he would just leave.


Ten seconds… twenty two seconds… three minutes passed. Sirius sighed and dropped his arms to his sides, “Or maybe I’m just a delusional moron.” he muttered. Jess stifled a giggle with her fist and silently crept behind him as he walked out the door.


“Sirius Black you are a pathetic idiot,” Sirius muttered to himself. Behind him Jess raised an eyebrow.


“I mean come on, what are the odds of Jazz actually being in the same room with you, let alone her being in the same room with you while you tell Jordan Sparks to fuck off because you’re in love with her.” he said to the empty hallway, “It s about as likely as me walking up to her and saying, “Hey just wanted to tell you I actually never hated you and I’ve actually been in love with since we were like six and I put flobberworms in your hair.” Bloody pathetic.”


Jessie’s jaw dropped yet again and she nearly fell flat on her face.


“I’m going insane.” Sirius groaned running his fingers through his hair. Jessie cocked her head to the side and looked at him incredulously. She gave him one last look of disbelief and turned around. Once she was out of sight, she threw off the cloak, stuffed it in her pocket and began sprinting down the hall. She knocked over a group of second or third years as she rounded the corner and sped off towards the open doors of the library.


“Lily! Mary! I need you!” Jessie yelled as she crashed into Lily, Mary and James’ table. Books and parchment went flying as she grabbed onto the edge in order to keep from fully knocking the desk over. James grabbed her arm to help steady her, “You okay?” he asked.


“Peachy.” Jessie said hysterically, she turned to Mary and hauled her up out of her seat, she then turned to Lily and pulled her up as well, “Flobberworms. Giant ones! They’re eating the furniture in our dorm! You need to come with me before they destroy our bedroom as we know it!” she said hysterically. Lily and Mary both raised they’re eyebrows at her and James just simply gaped, “Come on!” she sang grabbing her friends and dragging them towards the door. Lily shrugged at James and mouthed, “I’ll tell you later” to him as the library doors slammed shut behind them.




“Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.”--Unknown




Jessie dramatically shut the door to the girl’s dorm behind her. Lily and Mary sat down on Lily’s bed and Jessie flopped down on the wooden floor below them. She whimpered.


“So where are these flobberworms?” Mary asked teasingly, crossing her legs. Jessie groaned, “I’m having a bit of a crisis.”


Lily raised an eyebrow, “ Really, we hadn’t noticed. Was that the reason for the dramatics? Care to share why you are acting even more erratic than usual?”

Jessie sighed and rested the back of her hand on her forehead, “I overheard the most awful thing today.”

“What would that be?” Mary asked, “Did you overhear James talking about doubling practice times?”


“Did you hear people talking about how it is mandatory for girl’s to wear dresses to the graduation ball?”


Jessie’s eyes widened in horror, “What…girl’s…dresses…it’s mandatory…” she groaned, “Dresses? Really?”


“Yes.” Lily smirked, “It’s tradition. We‘re going to have so much fun dressing you up!”


Jess banged the back of her head against the ground, “And my day just keeps getting better, and stop smirking like that Lils, you look uncannily like James.”


“He must be rubbing off,” Lily said, “Now tell us about the conversation you overheard.”


Jessie moaned groaned again, “Let me first make one thing clear. I was not stalking him.”


Lily and Mary both crossed their arms and smirked, knowing exactly who “he” was.


“I wasn’t! I was just following him in order to get him in trouble. And I just happened to have James’ invisibility cloak with me. My point is I overheard a very disturbing conversation between him and Sparks. Okay so, I followed them into an empty classroom. Stop giving me that look,” Jessie glared at Lily, who had an amused look on her face and was giggling.


“I’m sorry, Sirius Black… empty classroom… erm…continue…” Lily laughed.


“As I was saying, I followed Little Miss Easy and Sir Manwhore through the door and then they started talking.”


“Oh the horror.”


“Shut up Mary. So Sparks was basically hanging off him the whole time and attempting to convince him that he should and I quote, come back to her. But Sirius wasn’t having any of it. And then he said it.” Jessie sighed and rubbed her eyes, “he told her off and said that, well…”


“Go on.” Mary prodded.


“He said that he…he… loves me.”


“Merlin, its like pulling teeth.” Lily whispered to Mary as Jessie heaved an overdramatic sigh and looked towards them, “ and he was serious when he said it! Sparks even called his bluff and he insisted he was not fucking round!”

“Really?” Lily said in fake amazement. “Oh the horror!” Mary seconded faking shock as she flopped down on the bed in a fake faint.


Jessie glared at them, “It gets even worse though. So I’m sitting in the classroom their after they leave, uncovered by the cloak, and I hear something in the hall. So I whip it over me and no sooner do I shuffle my feet under it than Black creeps back into the room, looking for me because he thinks I am there. But he can’t find any trace of me so he exits and I follow. And here comes the worst part. He starts talking to himself. And then he said something about when we were younger and how he apparently… he apparently loved me even when we were six, or something like that. I mean he said it without someone else being around or with me in earshot, and he sounded so sincere…but he didn’t really mean it- not really. Right?”


Lily and Mary nodded at her and the color began to drain from Jessie’s face. She sat up and scooted towards her bed, “Oh my god.” she breathed as she leaned up against her bed, “Oh my god.” her eyes grew wide and she hugged her knees, “Oh my god.”


“Finally she gets it.” Mary said looking up towards the sky.


Jessie stared at the floor, gaping. She began breathing heavily, “He really…” she bit her lip, “Oh my god.”


Lily tucked her hair behind her ears and looked down at her friend concern etched across her face, “Jessie…”


“Oh my god.” Jessie whimpered, her eyebrows knit together and she knotted her fingers in her hair, “ He was serious. He really…”


“Loves you.” Mary supplied crossing her arms and shaking her head at Jessie.


“Yes that.” Jessie said as she stood up.


“Where are you going?” Mary asked as Jessie tousled her hair and picked up her broom from the foot of her bed. She walked towards the open window across from them muttering to herself.


“Out.” Jess answered as she straddled her broom and shot out the window.


“Sounds like a plan.” Mary laughed. She looked at Lily and the brunette and the red-head began giggling uncontrollably.




“Love is the difficult realization that something other than oneself is real”- Iris Murdoch




I know, FINALLY! Finally, Jessie has had an epiphany or half of an epiphany... Haha… And any ideas as to what James and the girls may do? Sorry for taking so long to update! And as much as I’m sure you all loathe me now due to my lack of updating skills, please review! Please! Hope you all had a good holiday!

-pensive princess


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