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Disclaimer: JO owns everything. I just got the plot.

                          Stunning Chapter Image by the one and only ariana_tithe!

I never hated my birthday when I was younger. To go back now I simply loved it, I mean who wouldn’t? It was one of the biggest, maybe even THE biggest holiday of the year. 

The eldest daughter of the half-werewolf Weasley and French Tri-Wizard Tournament contestant was unfortunately born on the mere hours of the First of January. Well technically I was born at Twelve oh one in the morning. How about that for a sickly cute story for the Prophet? Who knew? I would be on the Prophet when I was less then a week old. I don’t even think Uncle Harry captured that spotlight. Thank God for famous parents. Sometimes.

When I was younger before I started at Hogwarts I simply felt like a queen on
this day. Everything was for me. Grandma Molly would make a huge feast, what I mean huge is that she spent days working on it, well she was going to feed the biggest stomachs in all England I would suppose.

Alone, my father and his brothers ate three hams themselves one Christmas, I don't know how Aunt Ginny survived living with six older brothers. Must have been a pain in the arse I would guess.

Thank God I was the eldest of the Weasley-Delacours but unfortunately I was cursed with this holiday as my day of birth. In fact I was early, my mother says about three weeks early. Every time I complain to Maman about this she says "Well Victoire, you weren't the one who had to go through 36 hours of labor on New Years Eve so I wouldn't do so much complaining ma cherie." She would put her hands on her hips and give me that famous French grin.

Well here I was almost seventeen years later staring out of the cars window out to the houses of Surrey covered in that white wonder that we called snow. I love the cold soft feeling of it against my skin. The soft flowery taste against my tongue. Dominique and Maman couldn't understand me, they hated it. They thought I was off my rocker to love it.

 We were coming back for Winter Holidays. I’m in my 6th year at Hogwarts and Dominique in her 4th year with little Louis in his 1st year. Gosh I can remember when he was just a little baby crawling over the house and making funny faces. Now he seemed all grown up as he said with his supposed Gryffindor glory. We approached our cottage that had been enlarged over the years that we began to grow, but it was still the same old Shell Cottage it had once been during the Second War.

"Its good to be home" sighed Dom as Dad parked the car. We didn't useSide-Apparition because Dom and Louis just didn't seem to like as muchas me and well I would finally be able to do it soon when I turn 17,Dad said he would bring straight to the Ministry department so I could take my Apparition test.

“Welcome Home everyone, now remember Grandma Molly wants us for dinner on New Years Eve."

"Vic, don’t you want to wear something, I don't know more formal? Like a dress or something? It is your birthday and all!" Dom told me and she spectacularly looked at my outfit her gaze going up and down, transferring all this data into her brain.

Not that it was much. I usually just wore a sweater made by Grandma Molly and a pair of comfortable jeans. Dom was more the fashionista taking on my mothers sense of fashion.

 "Yes Dom is right Victoire. Why don't you wear that lovely navy blue dress we got you in Paris? You haven't worn it yet and it’s absolutely divine!" My mother says as she takes the dress I have been hiding in my closet for months.

Its not that I don't like it its really beautiful but not worth wearing. All the boys are my cousins well except for the insanely hot 7th year Teddy Lupin but I couldn't never have him. He only thought of me as a younger sister that he never had.

I had transformed a crush over this broad shoulder; Quidditch-built toned body of his. Well and of course his easy going personality that he apparently had inherited from his Metamorphagus mother. Teddy lived with his grandmother since his parents has died fighting with my Uncle Harry in the Second War. I always felt bad for him, never having his parents but always so loving with everyone.

“Victoire? Ma cherie? Are you going to wear the dress? It is lovely! Plus it is your birthday and it’s always good to have everyone compliment you on your special day!” Maman told me; didn’t she know I got compliments every day? Being part Veela had its advantages but sometimes I was sick of people just thinking I was a pretty girl.

“Okay, fine whatever you want.” I said pulling my sweater off and taking the navy colored taffeta dress off the hanger. It was too beautiful to wear. Its long sleeves and thin strip of velvet along the hem of the sleeves and neckline.   When I finally had done my make-up and put my hair in a messy but nice bun with a ribbon around it to keep it still, I headed downstairs where Louis and Dom were waiting with my Dad. 

“Vic, there you are! You took longer than expected! You look beautiful by the way. The navy color compliments your eyes.” My father told me. He handed me a packaged as my mother entered the room. Even though my birthday was tomorrow we almost always seemed to open presents today, because of the late partying and all.

“Oh Good Bill you gave her the package. Well Victoire, Joyeux Anniversaire.” Maman said in French. I loved it when they gave me my present before we left. I hated when they gave it to me at midnight when all the couples where kissing. No one could admire what I got. And let me say, I Always got something I wanted. I delicately opened the small box and ripped the tissue paper as I looked at my newly found gift. A silver watch. Carefully I lifted it form the box to show Louis and Dom. Louis looked at me with wide eyes and Dom took some steps closer to me to see this delicacy. 

“Oh Vic it’s beautiful! You must wear it to the party. It simply unacceptable if you don’t, I won’t have it.” My younger yet bossier sister told me taking the watch and wrapping it around my left wrist. 

“Thank you.” Was all I could whisper as my parents silently nodded. They had seen me eyeing the watch in Diagon Alley but never had I thought they would actually get it for me. Then Dom passes me another box slightly bigger. I began opening it, eyeing her suspiciously. Dominique may be a fashionista but she could be tricky and pull pranks when you never expect it.

“Don’t worry. It’s not a prank or anything. I pinky swear.” She said pointing out her pinky. Sure Dom, I trust you completely. 

I carefully pull out a picture frame that ha a picture of Teddy, Fred, James, and I when we were babies at the Burrow. Then the picture change and we looked much more mature but now accompanied by Molly, my Uncle Percy’s oldest daughter. Then it changed again but now Dom, Rose and Albus came into the picture. And then Lily, Hugo, and Paige. Then little Louis was in my arms. And finally just a few years ago we were joined by Roxanne, Fred’s younger sister. And this year’s picture Roxanne was in Fred’s arms, while Martina was in mine, Martina was Uncle Charlie and his girlfriend Flora’s daughter. It was a catastrophe when Grandma Molly found out. Teddy was by my side and James by Fred’s. Rose, Dom, and Molly where in front of us. And Lily, Hugo, and Paige were sitting in chairs in front of them with little Louis in the very front laying down with a peace sign forming in his fingers. God I loved all of them. This was the perfect gift. 

Without saying anything I hugged Dom firmly and Apperated to the Burrow. Not caring that she would hate me for making her go through her most dreaded fear. Apperation wasn't that bad Dom just hated getting her hair all messed up.


“Victoire! Let me be the first to say Happy Birthday! Or almost birthday that is.” said my cousin Fred, my favorite cousin, well as a guy. Rose and I carried on very well but she was Dom’s best friend and there wasn’t anyone really my age expect for Fred and James who were a year younger and Teddy who was a year older.

“Thank you.” I whispered as I took my coat off. I felt like 10 degrees warmer then it should be. I ran a hand over my forehead making sure I wasn’t sweating already. How attractive would that look? 

“Victoire, that’s a lovely dress! Did you get it in France? I simply love the velvet lining.” Rose told me feeling the soft fabric that covered my wrist. The she noticed the silver watch I had carefully hidden under it. 

“And this! This is amazing! Is it the one we saw at Diagon Alley together?” she asked me her big blue eyes looking at me. 

“Now kiddies give Victoire space she just got here! How are you dear? Eating enough? Well look at you! You are just a stick, now come on lets have a sit at the table. Maybe I can put some meat on those bones of yours!” Grandma Molly said leading towards the way to big of a table where all my family sat at. 

I was seated next to Rose and my godmother Aunt Ginny, both with their vibrant red hair in up dos. Sometimes I felt jealous of their hair. Mine was just simple platinum hair halfway down to my back. Everyone was seated except for the young Teddy Lupin who always seemed to be late to these things. I guess he took after his mother. Speaking of the devil.

“Wotcher everyone. Sorry I am late. Got caught up at the store.” He said taking his seat right across from mine. His chocolate brown eyes smiled at me and he flashed me that famous Lupin grin that got so many girls head over heels for him. He starts piling food on his plate. Teddy is the only non-Weasley/Potter man that I know who has as a big appetite as my father, and thats why I love him.

 Everyone started eating by then and all you could hear where the sounds of silverware clacking. Once the Weasleys started eating there was no way they could stop. I don’t know how Grandma Molly did it feeding seven mouths and keeping a house in order. 

“I really love your dress Vic. I suits you very well.” Whispered Aunt Ginny. Sometimes I wished she was my own mother. But as Godmother she treated you like her own daughter. She looked like she was still in the Quidditch Mania with her green festive dress on and wrinkle free face though I don’t know how she did it with her fiery temper and James as her son.

“Okay everyone carry on to the living room so we can open Victoire’s presents!” Grandma Molly announced. As everyone got up from their seats and moved as pack towards the living room.

The Potters gave me a stunning pair of earrings. The Weasley-Coles (Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey) gave me a new diary and quill. Uncle Charlie and his girlfriend Flora a dragon leather pouch. The Weasley- Johnsons a bag full of WWW treats much to my mother’s dismay. And the Weasley-Grangers 2 new sweaters. I loved all my gifts and they were wonderful but I felt the airy, lovey-dovey feel of New Years Eve so after cake I escaped the room full of people who were waiting for midnight.

I sat on the lone swing set in the Burrows back yard, swinging aimlessly my feet dragging my feet in the snow. I turned around to see Teddy standing there staring at me with those fierce eyes of his.

“Hi.” I whispered barely opening my mouth. “Hey” he answered back taking a seat on the swing next to me.

"You don't want cake?" he said mentioning the 4 tiers chocolate over chocolate piece Grandma Molly had made for me. I shook my head. Sometimes she went a little too overboard. He set down the plate on the cold grass. The silverwere clanking agaisnt the plate when it hit the floor.

“Happy Birthday,” he said pulling out a small package from his coat pocket.  I took it as undid the bow. The white silky feel of it against my palm felt good.

I opened the box and came across the most beautiful silver locket I had seen. I was old but polished and shiny. I opened it to see that it could hold two pictures.

“Teddy, you shouldn’t have.” I told him looking at him in the eye. I could see he wanted me to have it so I quickly clasped the locked around my neck placing it slowly against my chest blade.

“So, why don’t you like your birthday Vic?” he asked changing the subject. Apparently giving a present to a girl even though it was me made Teddy Lupin blush.

“Its not that I don’t like it, its just I hate my date of birth. You know? Everyone just seems to be into their own lovey-dovey mode and no one seems to care that I have turned seventeen. Plus it is a major holiday. I am not trying to be selfish or anything but I would like to have my own special day.” I answered him in one breath.

Teddy and I kept talking swinging around and discussing matters that were totally random but we loved to argue about.

“I think I would get farther than you. I am lighter and would travel faster and farther.” I argued swinging harder my legs going back and forth so that I would get higher.

“I don’t think so. I have longer legs thus I can get them farther up. You are going to loose Weasley.” He exclaimed as we were about to jump.

“In your dreams Lupin!” I laughed and then started to count “One, twooo, and threeeeee!!!” I screamed as we both let go and jumped into the snow that worked as a soft pillow. Except for it was wet.

I landed on Teddy, legs against legs, chest against chest, my hands on the ground and my head nuzzled in between his neck and shoulder. Well, wasn’t this awkward. 

“Jeez Weasley you weigh a ton!” he said huffing some cold air.

“Thanks Lupin, you really know how to make a girl feel special on her birthday.” I told him scrambling off him and making my way towards the forest. Didn’t he know not to call a girl fat? Boys god! I hate them.

“No, come on Vic! I was just kidding.” He exclaimed coming towards me. Grabbing my wrist and turning me around. By now I had already shed some tears. 

“Now, come on Victoire. You know I didn’t mean anything by it. You know you are perfect as a girl can come.” He said smiling and wiping the tears off my cheek with his thumb.

“Fine. Let’s go.” I said. “It’s almost New Years.” 

“How about we just sit here and wait for the fireworks.” He asked me, his hair turning that turquoise color when he got nervous, I loved it.

“Sure.” I said sitting on the ground. Teddy conjured a blanket under us. Not caring about my dress and how it would get dirty.

We could here the faint countdown from the Burrow. Ten, I hope he looks into my eyes. Nine, I hope loves what I wear. Eight, I hope he asks me to be his girl. Seven, I hope he tells everyone about us. Six, I hope he never lets go. Five, I hope he calls me beautiful. Four, I hope he holds my hand. Three, I hope he kisses my cheek. Two, I hope he kisses me someday. One, I hope Teddy Lupin kisses me now.

I turned around as we heard the “Happy New Year” and face him, but I find my lips crash with his. His sweet wet lips that taste like chocolate. That has to be my favorite candy now. His hand reaches for mine and holds on. His other cups my cheek. “Happy Birthday and Happy New Year,” he whispers softly his breath tingles my ear. Never again will I dread this day.

A/N: I changed a few things and foxed some mistakes. Wow! I wrote this story a while ago and I knid of like it :) Please read and review telling me your thoughts about this!

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