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Chapter Five

Revenge is sweet… like acid pops!

“That cheeky little son of a…” Lorcan hissed angrily, only beating the others to the punch because they were too busy looking shocked.

As always when it came to younger students being harassed, Roxanne’s shocked look morphed itself into a sigh of disappointment that someone wasn’t having the amazing ‘first few days of Hogwarts’ experience she firmly believed everyone should get.

“Poor Hugo!” she murmured, shaking her head. “That must be so horrible.”

The funny thing was, that despite all their shock, they’d all been there. James had the obvious ‘you’ll never be as good as your father was’. Roxanne was the victim of being the younger sibling to a boy who was almost as good a prankster as their father, and the twins… It didn’t need explaining more than Lorcan and Lysander knew better than almost anyone what it was like to be in someone else’s shadow. The Quibbler was a cloud hanging over both of them. The only difference between the two was that Lorcan hated clouds.

“So, I’m thinking we teach the brat a lesson,” James answered, nodding to Roxanne and patting her on the shoulder as she continued to look like a lost puppy. Lorcan gave Roxanne a funny look before hanging his head, gazing down at the empty parchment that should contain his Charms essay… if he’d written it.

For a moment, the four of them stared blankly ahead, all trying to think of something that would destroy the annoying little git who had picked on someone as innocent as Hugo. Lorcan absently scratched his head, flicking the top of his ear with one finger. Lysander ran his front teeth over and over his bottom lip, his arms folded across his chest. James drummed his fingers against the library table, eyes narrowed and lips pursed. However, Roxanne watched Lorcan.

“I’ve got an idea,” Lysander said quietly.

It took a few seconds for James to catch on to what Lysander had said. He slowly raised his gaze and looked at the boy across from him, his eyes slightly wider than they usually would have been, and his eyebrows higher on his head. As Roxanne and Lorcan also caught on, they both seemed to be playing the ‘look like James’ game as they both adopted equally shocked looks.

As much as Lysander was their friend and was intelligent and creative, he wasn’t the kind to use his brains for trouble making. Most of the time it was James, Lorcan, or Roxanne trying to convince Lysander that their idea was not only harm free, but also brilliant. He usually went along with it, but he was never the one to come up with the scheme.

Maybe it was because Lysander had been in Hugo’s position much more than the others had. He’d not only been mocked in his first year like the others (and most first years, actually) but he’d been dealing with it ever since. The fifth, sixth and seventh years still called him a freak when they knew his brother wasn’t around to punch them for it. They still teased him and asked him what imaginary creature he was making friends with this week. James always felt terrible, because as much as he or Roxanne tried to help, it never changed, and Lorcan wasn’t the best person to talk to when it came to defending the Quibbler.

James waved his hand around as if shovelling something towards himself, wanting more information.

“Well,” Lysander began, his cheeks tingeing pink, probably thinking that he was about to be shot down. “We’d need help.”

“No way!” Lorcan answered quickly. “I want to take the little slime ball down, I don’t care if he’s supposed to help us win the cup this year, the brat’s awful! I’m not watching from the sidelines!”

It seemed, as James looked between the brothers, that both had an extra stake in this if Lorcan cared more about teaching Malfoy a lesson than he did about the Quidditch cup. He gazed at his Slytherin friend, wondering if it was because Lysander had been teased so much, he didn’t want anyone else going through it. Shrugging, James looked back to Lysander.

“The point is total desolation!” Lysander retorted, glaring back at Lorcan. “Say you guys pull a prank on him, he’ll be moody for a week. If what I’ve got an idea about works… Scorpius Malfoy could be hiding his face for months.”

“I’m in!” Roxanne answered without waiting to hear the rest, grinning proudly as she moved her chair so she sat close to Lysander.

“So?” James asked. “What is it?”

Lysander grinned almost evilly, and for the first time in a long time, it was clear that Lorcan and Lysander were twins.

“We need Dom!”


It took a lot of convincing to get Dom involved, and it took even more pleading to make her agree to it once the target was named. But when she heard the plan properly, she was in. As it turned out, Dominique Weasley really didn’t like Scorpius Malfoy.

Sitting on one of the benches in the courtyard, all squashed together as they tried to get a good view, James had to bite down on his knuckles to stop from laughing. Glancing across the courtyard to make sure Hugo was there, he nodded to his cousin. He’d not told Hugo why he was out in the courtyard, but he had told him that he’d enjoy the little show they had organised for him.

Seeing the platinum blonde hair of the third year Malfoy boy, James reached over and gripped Roxanne’s hand, squeezing it tightly to let her know how excited he was seeing as he thought if he brought his fist out of his mouth, he’d scream.

The boy talked pompously with some other Slytherin boys as they made their way across the courtyard, noses high in the air like they were better than everyone else. James glanced to the corner of the courtyard, and was surprised to see the look on Dominique’s face. She looked absolutely furious. This wasn’t going to work if she wasn’t nice! James was starting to panic. Lysander’s plan was going to fall flat on it’s ass! But the moment he thought it, the look on Dominique’s face was gone and replaced with the look he knew was every Hogwarts boy’s downfall. (Well, except the ones related to her.)

She walked across the courtyard and every head turned, every boy stopped to stare, and practically every girl either watched on with envy or disbelief… she was going after another one!

Dominique was well known in Hogwarts despite only being a third year. From the moment she stepped off the Hogwarts Express, people noticed her… especially boys. Of course, not many of them knew the reason she was so hard to resist looking at, but James, Lorcan, Lysander, and Roxanne did. Where as her older sister Victoire had refrained from using her Veela charm, Dominique lived off it. Boys did her homework for her, carried her books, even took the blame when she got in trouble with teachers. The more she did it, the better she got, and within two years of being at the school, she was lethal if you were a guy and she liked the look of you.

“Oh, Scorpius?”

Her voice rang across the courtyard and the blonde boy turned to look at the beautiful girl almost floating towards him. Innocently, in a way only Dominique could pull off, she tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled sweetly. Scorpius stood, staring at her in amazement, seemingly unable to break his gaze from her.

James didn’t know what she did next. Maybe he’d never know what she whispered into Malfoy’s ear, but he really didn’t want to know, she was his cousin after all. All James knew, was that Scorpius stepped back, still gazing at Dominique before he turned around and frantically searched the crowd until he found Hugo. Rushing over to him, he took Hugo’s bag and hitched it onto his own shoulder, picked up the books that Hugo had been carrying in his small arms.

"Come on, Scorpius," Dominique said, pouting slightly as she looked at him hopefully. "Say it, please? Just for me?"

Beside him, Roxanne was crying, tears of mirth and disbelief pouring down her cheeks. Lysander was grinning broadly; and Lorcan… well, Lorcan was looking a little nervous, but James ignored it. Lorcan was probably just hoping this would go according to plan.

“I am Hugo Weasley’s Slave!” Malfoy said loudly before looking to Dominique for approval.

All around the courtyard, students were sniggering behind their hands, whispering to each other. People backed away from Malfoy as he made his loud declaration as if afraid to be seen with him. Only Dominique remained close to him, a triumphant yet sweet smile on her face. It was like Acid Pops. They looked and tasted nice… but they burnt a whole in your tongue. Dominique was dangerous like that if she wanted to be.

“Promise?” she asked.

“I promise! I’ll do whatever you want!” Malfoy almost cried. “Please just let me touch your hair!”

Dominique shrugged and turned, ignoring Malfoy as she walked towards James. Malfoy stared after her desperately, his eyes darting around the courtyard as he slowly began coming to his senses. People were laughing loudly at him, others mimicking him begging the Gryffindor girl, some just shook their head in disgust that someone so ‘apparently’ popular would make such a colossal prat out of themselves in the middle of the crowded courtyard.

Through the throngs of people, James watched Hugo march over to Scorpius and snatch his bag back from him, taking his books too before he turned and walked away, the biggest grin on his face that James had ever seen.

James was so pleased that he didn’t even notice Dominique had reached them until she placed her hand on James’s shoulder, staring back through the crowds to where a platinum blonde blur just bolted towards the nearest door.

“Well, I believe you said total social destruction,” she said innocently before smiling happily at each of them, her gaze lingering on Lorcan’s for a moment, and walking away to rejoin her friends.

James didn’t think he would ever be as happy at ruining someone’s popularity as he was in that moment, but as he turned his head to look at his friends, seeing Lorcan staring wishfully after Dominique, and Roxanne looking like she’d drank a dozen Deflating Droughts, his stomach began sinking.

Sure Lysander’s plan had worked even better than they’d hoped for Malfoy, but it seemed to have created something within his own circle of friends. Sitting on the bench and wondering what to say, James could taste acid pops on his tongue.

Author's Notes:
YEY! Malfoy gets what he deserves! He he. Ahh, I love public humiliation.
Anyway, if you've gotten this far, you must have some opinion on the story, whether you love it or hate it, or somewhere inbetween. Reading coz you have nothing better to do?
Whichever way, please please please review!
I will beg like Malfoy! PLEASEEEEE!

Love you all.

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