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They flash of green disappeared just as Harry, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George walked in the kitchen door.

Mum, we’re back” shouted Ron

How’s Hermione?” asked Harry

Hermione is sorry she had to leave without saying goodbye” said Molly, “something had happened at home, she told me to tell you to have a great summer and that she would write soon.”

Chapter three


*************Cullen house

Carlisle’s stepped out of the flames to see Jasper standing in front of the fire waiting.

Jasper is a honey blonde haired vampire, whom is muscular yet lean.

“Carlisle, is this…” asked Jasper as he saw Carlisle carrying a girl through the fireplace

“Yes Jasper it is, let’s get her to the room” replied Carlisle

With their vampire speed both they both ran to the medical room.

Carlisle had just place Hermione onto the white bed when she started to scream in pain once more.

“Jasper try to calm her” said Carlisle, while he raided his shelves’ looking for something.

“It won’t work, she’s fighting me” replied Jasper as Esme walked through the door

“How long has she left Carl?” asked Esme taking a seat on the bed next to Maya’s head.

“I few hours I think and we have no pain killer either” said Carlisle turning from the shelf, with a sad look upon his face.

“She has grown so much” whispered Jasper brushing Hermione’s hair off her face, “Yet she looks no different”

“I know, it seems only yesterday we brought her here, so fragile, like a doll.” said Esme walking over to her ‘adopted son’ and resting her head on his shoulder.

“Edward was so heart broken, when she had to leave” remembered Carlisle, “he sulked for days, constantly played their song.”

“Her voice was so sweet in her young age” added Jasper, “Our own angel”

The three Cullen’s stood watching the girl, her screams died down. Her trashing stopped.

Silence filled the room three hours after they all entered it.

The three pairs of butterscotch eyes watched as Mayas eyes opened. Orange red eyes stared back at them.

“I’ll said to you, we would meet again” spoke Carlisle.



******** The burrow

“Fred, George, Ron, Harry, Ginny!” Shouted Molly, “come here I have something to tell you”

The sound of a herd of elephants came thundering down the stairs, as a black haired and four red haired teenagers came into the living room.

“Yeah mum” said Fred.

“I want you to pack all your school things and some summer clothes please; we are going to be spending the summer at Hogwarts”

“What?” said Ginny in surprise?

“Why?” replied Harry

“Because Albus has some new students starting this year and wishes them to meet some other students in their year before school starts. Now go and pack your things we are leaving soon” replied Molly walking back into the kitchen.

******** Hogwarts

Five bodies’ fell onto the floor of headmaster’s office.

“Welcome to Hogwarts” said Albus smiling at the people on the floor

“Albus Dumbledore?” asked the black haired female, stretching her hand out greeting the headmaster.

“Yes, that’s me, you must be Alice” replied Albus.

“Yep the one and only” smiled Alice before turning around to help her siblings.

“Sir, what do you mean by that we will enjoy it here?” asked the bronze haired male.

“You must be Edward then, and next to you must be the lovely Bella.” said Albus indicating his head to a dark brown haired female.

“Yes that correct” said Edward

“Well what I meant by what I was thinking was that you five, plus Jasper when he joins us in a few weeks, will enjoy coming to this school. This is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And you have all been enrolled into here. I have asked Carlisle to help out within the hospital here and Esme to help out with a few teachers whom will be absent for parts of the year.” said Albus

“But what about feeding?” asked the blond haired female.

“We have our own forest and a few miles away is the muggles forests, Rosalie” replied Albus

“Sorry to asked, but how do you know all our names?” asked the dark haired male in the group.

“And you are Emmet. I now a lot about you all, I have been friends with your adoptive father since I was in my twenties which was a very long time ago, it was before even you where turned Edward. We kept in contact with each other over the years, doing favours for each other.” answered Albus

“Ok” replied Emmet

“Now, I have some friends coming to spend the holidays here, this being so you can learn the goings of this school from their view. I have managed to set up one of the castles towers for your whole family to stay in as I thought you would like to stay together. If you follow me I’ll show you where you will be staying for the year” said Albus walking out of his office with the others following behind him.

*************** Cullen house

Hermione looked around the room in amazement as she sat up. She could see everything, the dust in the air, and the brush strokes on the painted walls, the evening sunrays hitting everything in the room. She then could smell all the different smells, some from within the room, some from outside the room she could also hear every single sound.

After sitting up Hermione looked at the three people that stood next to the bed that she had lay on. She smiled.

“Uncle Carlisle” she whispered an a course voice, “Aunt Esme, Jasper”

“Oh, darling” said Esme wrapping her arms around Hermione

Carlisle looked over to Jasper; in the glance a silent question was asked.

“Her emotions are calm, happy, Carlisle, a little confused but all else is at peace” said Jasper smiling.

Carlisle turned back to Hermione, “Maya, what do you remember?”

“From when?” asked Hermione


“Pain, beyond pain. Fire burning, hot and painful.” replied Hermione, “What happened?”.

Carlisle took her hand and Esme held the other. Carlisle’s spoke, “Maya, you have when through a process known as ‘turning‘. You are now a vampire. No, before you ask. You where not bitten, we think that one of your parents had vamperic blood. What can you remember of your parents Maya?”

“A lot more than before” said Hermione looking into Carlisle eyes, with her fiery red ones.





The Weasley’s and Harry had arrived at Hogwarts and where settling down in their dorms, before meeting up in the common room.

“So why do you think we have been brought here early” asked Harry

“I don’t know” said Ron,

“What’s that Ginny?” asked Fred who was sitting in front of the fireplace.

“A picture of Hermione’s, I found it in my trunk. I am just going to send it to her” said Ginny continuing to the portrait whole and walking up to the owlery.

After ten minutes Ginny approached the owlery.

“Took your time Miss Weasley” said a voice from within the room.

Ginny walked into the room to see a petite black haired girl sitting on the windows edge.

“Your face,” said Ginny, “I’ve seen it before”

“Of course you” have laughed the girl,

“I am Alice. I am in the picture your holding.” said Alice

“You’re the girl Mione was telling me about. You can…”

“See the future yadda yadda” added Alice

Ginny laughed

“I thought you came here to send something” smiled Alice as the put her arm out for an owl to come down

Ginny tied the picture to the owl and then both watched the owl fly away.

“Don’t tell my brothers and sister that you know our Maya. I want it to be a surprise for them. Keep your mind blocked at all times. Tell the others too.”

“We better get back” said Ginny holding her arm out to Alice

They both left the owlery before separating to go their own ways, Ginny to tell Harry and her brothers to keep their minds blocked; and Alice to tell her brothers and sisters that the others had arrived. During the time they both spent in the owlery close friendship had begun.

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