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Disclaimer: I do not won anything Harry Potter. I only own the characters who's names you do not recognize. I don't own some of the plot, but a lot of it follow JK's books.

The first thing you should know before I begin telling you my story is that the core of my existence revolves around three philosophies. First, Purebloods are the only people who deserve to live proper lives. Second, a life of love is a life of lies; Love is not real. Third and final, perfection and nobility are the only ways to live a life of power and purity. Since the moment, I took my first breath people in my life taught me that to survive meant to believe in these philosophies.

Composer, self-control, mannerism, no respect for the lower class, pride in ones heritage, power, wealth, and pure blood untainted by those unworthy, theses are the things that make up a Lewis. My family name can be traced back from as late as the 15th century, possibly farther. We pride ourselves on our purity and our undying loyalty. One of the greatest accomplishments in our history was to produce a male heir without failure. Sure, every once in a century a woman would fail in her attempt to keep our family name going, but the fault never belonged to the Lewis males. My parents always told me, that our blood is cleaner than the blood of other pureblooded families: Black, Lestrange, Malfoy, Rosier, Weasley, Longbottom, and Potters. Despite that my family has allowed (not that they could do much) four of them to continue to stand beside us and marry our men and women. Mother told me that many of their blood relative had begun supporting people with impure blood: Half bloods, Mudbloods, and Muggles. They obviously were erased from the family tree, dropped from all birthrights, and hopefully forgotten. That would be completely acceptable if it was not for the fact that the family allowed the traitors to keep their family name, creating a bad reputation for the better half of the family. At least that is what Mother always said.

Have you heard enough about the way that my family functions? Me too, but this must continue for a little while longer. Allow me to tell you about our pride and our worth.

Oh how I dream of crowns. We all deserve a crown of gold, no silver. I am not a fan of gold, so yes; silvers crowns would be grand for us all. Us meaning my family of course. Of whom else could I be speaking? Crowns lined with jewels. I would want to wear a crown highlighted with gems of aquamarine and emerald. This is because my Mother once told me that we Lewis’ are like that of royalty. That thought never fails to bring a smile onto my face.

I am an only child. For years, my parents have wanted a boy. Father blames Mother for the lack of success. He says it is her fault that a male heir has yet to be born, and that she is incapable of bearing his children. According to him “they are too pure” for her body to handle. I knew that my future would involve carrying offspring for my husband. Women in the Lewis family are raised to birth beautiful and strong children; children with undying loyalties to his or her family and our Lord. He needs people who can represent him, stand in his name, and reflect what he is. Perfection.

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