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Authors note- So I was just playing around with how to make sequel to Damned make more since- and well this happened! A very dark and terrifing start to a six chapter Prequel which not only explains a few characters more but also clears up Hide n' Seek's wholes. But note this story will have lots of blood and from time to time (just not in this chapter) Jarred will appear and you won't quite understand what he's up to until Elijah explains!

Something things you might want to catch: 1-This date of death differents between 1918 and 1964? 2- Elijah's actions toured Paul in the flash back! 3-As well as the realtionship !!WHAT!

!!!!Beautiful image by amoretti!!!!

I sighed having called upon Anastasia once more. Although if she may have fraud I shall never know but the freezing feeling within my gut spoke volumes of which she did not tell. For if which I knew what I know today I would have never asked her to repeat such a tale. I took a deep breathe taking my normal seat I guess you could call it by now placing two glasses full of water *laugh* then taking out my tape recorder and pad which held my black pen in perfect place as my sights came from my pad to the face of a ghostly woman.

“Hello-,” she spoke with a smirk upon her red lips, “Aydan Malloy!”

I smiled placing my hand upon the table showing her the seat, “Anya-,” smiling, “Sit!”

“Aydan we’ve been through this,” she smiled back, “Please call me Lilly!”

I nodded, “Sorry!”

“Quit alright darling!” Lilly tapped my cheek; “Now why do you call at such a late hour?”

Straightening myself, “Well came across this-,” taking a photo from under my pad, “Forget to tell me something?”  Lilly gulped taking the photo turning as the room oddly became cold, “You seem as if you know these people,”

“I do-,” Lilly gulped holding the photo tight.

I was shocked pointing out the date, “This picture is dated April Seventeenth 1962!” I barked, “You’re already died!”

“Elijah!” She cried, “Elijah he-he,”

I rose coming to her side a kneeled down taking her hand, “Lillian I have to know-,” I sighed, “I have to put this case to rest so in order to do that I need you to tell me!”

“Alright-,” Lilly nodded disappearing from the chair and appeared against the wall, “He-he was one of father’s man,” she gulped now appearing beside me, “He led us down into the room-,” taking my hand.

The room was dark, gloomy as the guard entered the room, “It is time!” The family nodded following the man down into the dark basement being lit by only one light.  The man coughed, “I bet or pondering why you’re here?” he laughed as a proper man now more than twenty eight entered the room.

“Elijah-,” Anya gulped, “Your-,”

Elijah smiled, “Yes my love I am behind all this and much more-,” sighing making his way over to his wife, “I was going to let dear Paulie here take all the credit!” laughing his way back as Anastasia looked over at Paul who began speaking, “First Nicholas your three children and lovely wife are to be shot till death!”

He stopped looking to the man to see if they were ready he sighed looked to Paul who was still whispering with Anastasia, “Paul-,” Elijah yelled as he and Anastasia faced him, “You the god sent ruler-,” smiling looking to Anastasia, “Shall be gutted with every last piece burnt!”

Paul felt his stomach tighten as Anastasia took his hands. He turned to find her giving him a warm smile with two tears falling down her porcelain face speaking sweetly, “For what it’s worth-,”

 “I love you more in death than I ever could in life!” Paul chuckled.

She smiled holding his hand tighter, “If we live through this remind me to thank you!”

“For what? “Paul asked as the guard continued.

Anastasia sighed, “For giving me a reason to live!”

“Theodore Dominic Nott I also here by sentence you too death!” Elijah sighed.

Theodore out raged, “What for?” standing tall, “I’ve done nothing against the commune!”

 “For witchcraft!” Elijah smiled evilly watching Theodore become angry.

Theodore rolled his eyes, “Your one to talk!” he yelled, “You’re the oldest vampire in this room!”

 “Be that as it may you’ll still be another that I have to worry less about!” Elijah looking to Lucas, “You boy have been given back your freedom!”

“I have!” Lucas gulped looking to Anastasia then back to the man, “I shall not leave,”

Elijah shook his head, “Get him gotta here!” one of the guard removed him, “Before he leave give him a get well present!” he smiled looking Anya, “Finally we come to Anastasia-,” walking closer to her as Paul stood in front of him.

“No!” Tatiana and Alexandra yelled grabbing a crying Anastasia as the stood behind Paul and Nicholas.  

Elijah angered, “I know I said you get to die with all your children but so sorry Nicky I was promised the girl!”

John, Paul and Nicholas spoke all at once in stereo, “No!”

“Over my dead body!” John spoke through his teeth.

An evil smile appeared upon Elijah’s face, “Killing the last Valcen with my bare hands will taste so sweet!”

John balled his fists tightly. So tightly that they became a red color as his fangs appeared. Elijah gulped, “You’re one of them?” he huffing as he turned his head walking back to the door looking at the family one last time, “Launch the order!”

At the door standing beside him were eight other man, our guards, they began to shoot them. Teddy, Lucas, Paul and John pulled out there wands. They killed four of the eight throwing curses here and there. Although unlike order Paul was the first to be shot in the chest and arm. Then Nicky and Alex as they watched their son die before there fading eyes with Anastasia between it all covered in blood screaming.

“Take her!” He waved as the men grabbed her holding her down as she fought, “Anya-Anya you do realize the more you fight me the harder this will be!” Anastasia crying her eyes out from all this tired more than once to shake them off but it was no use, “Well-,” kneeling down beside her putting her into his lap tracing her white neck, “This will not hurt a bit I promise!” he lied as his crystal white fangs appeared.

Anastasia gulped, “Elijah!” she screamed, “Elijah!” finally perusing into the skin drying every last ounce. Upon finishing Elijah pulled away fast waiting to look over his work and smiled. Removing the blood from her white neck he began unbuttoning her blouse exposing her ivy corset, “Rex Meus,” he smiled, “Domine Potestatem ligandi et super dimitte peccatum quo etiam purgatum a sancto donum tibi!” chuckling, “Immortal hybrid factus erit -,” a smirk filled his face, “Immortal hybrid erit mori excitari meum munus!”  he yelled as a gold light ripped from Anya’s heart as the warmth and color from her soul vanished leaving a shell of a love that once was.

“I hated him for it!” Lilly cried, “Making a sixteen year old girl watch her family die-,” looking to Aydan, “I loved him!” crying harder, “Paul was everything-,”

I began to breathe heavy, “He did this to you?”

Nodding through her tears, “He made me immortal!” whipping her tears, “He crafted the first Valcen from wizard and werewolf blood!” Lilly gulped, “Elijah bonded me-,” looking at the photo again.

“To what Lilly?” I questioned seeing how shaking she became not quite sure if I should continue as she changed. Almost looking human again her hair no longer sunshine gold but sandy like Hermione’s yet with eyes as blue as the sky.

Lilly gulped, “I cannot tell you for I am sworn by that photograph you have there-,” she breathed deep, “Holds the original pair!”

“Original pair?” Not quite sure what that meant.

She nodded, “Paul an-,”

“Oh my god you died that night-,” Finally putting it together, “You and Paul died aboard the ship!”

Lilly cried, “Yes!” nodding, “Paul took me aboard that god forsaken ship to make me forget about the damn lot-,” crying again, “Elijah had other plans!”

“He made his race-,” I gulped.

Lilly became silent not wanting to spoke the term for what now she is. The term always stroke fear upon her soul for Elijah has done more pain than good. She trembled looking into my hazel eyes, “The hybrids!”

I hated to asked, “Are you ready to return to that night over sixty year ago?” she looked to me as if I really did not need to ask that question.

“The crew -,” Lilly gulped, “Had just finished applying the last bit of paint,” she giggled, “I remember the smell of the fresh paint-,” laying her head upon the wall, “And Teddy!”

~~Plot Twist!!Little Anya married Elijah the Original vampire that was crafted by Victor and Nathan! But anyway leave a comment below pour favor and tell me what you think!!


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