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Chapter 10
   The Calm Before The Storm

After I had gotten dressed; I went downstairs into the dining room. Lily, Terri, and Aunt Julie were sitting at the dining table eating breakfast.


“Good-morning Tori,” Aunt Julie said as I sat down.


“Hi, everybody,” I said lazily. A house elf came out of the kitchen and put a plate of pancakes in front of me. “Sweet pancakes!” I dug my fork into the pancakes.


Terri and Lily laughed as I stuffed the pancakes into my mouth.


“Alright, so where are we going for dresses?” Lily asked excitedly.


“Well there’s this absolutely amazing dress shop in town.” Aunt Julie said.


“Awesome,” Terri said.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s great,” I said. I wasn’t really looking forward to shopping especially dress shopping.


“Come on Tori, be excited!” Lily said. “Its two weeks till Christmas and Saturday is the ball!”


“I’m excited,” I said. “Just not for the shopping part,”


Lily sighed and rolled her eyes. I laughed and ate the last bit of my pancakes.


“When are we leaving?” Terri asked.


“Whenever you three want to go,” Aunt Julie said.


Lily and Terri looked at me; they had already finished breakfast and I was on my second plate of pancakes. They glared at me.


“What?” I asked. “I need fuel; I’m going to need all the energy to make it through this day.”


Lily rolled her eyes again and I put more pancakes into my mouth.


“Good-morning mum,” James said as he came into the dining room. He gave his mom a kiss on the cheek. Than gave Lily a kiss on the cheek.


“Aw…” Terri and I said. James and Lily both shot us a glare. I went back to eating while Terri stared off into space.


James sat down and a house elf brought out a plate of food for him.


“Thank you,” James said and the house elf went back to the kitchen.


“Tori? Can you eat any slower?” Lily asked.


“I could try,” I said as I moved my fork very slowly towards my mouth. Lily groaned. “Okay, okay,” I stuffed the rest of the pancakes into my mouth.


I drank some of my orange juice to wash down the pancakes and wiped my mouth on my sleeve.


“Alright let’s go!” Lily yelled standing.


“Alright, get your coats,” Aunt Julie said.


Terri, Lily, and I headed towards the large front door. There was a coat rack next to the door with our coats hanging on the hooks.


I grabbed my black coat and slipped my arms through the sleeves. I grabbed a black hat and slipped it on over my braided pig-tailed hair. I grabbed a dark blue scarf and wrapped it once around my neck.


“Let’s go,” Lily pulled me by my forearm out of the house. I grabbed Terri and she yelped as I pulled her with me.


Aunt Julie came outside five minutes after Lily pulled us out.


“Let’s go girls,” Aunt Julie said as she began walking down the street.


Terri, Lily, and I quickly followed behind her. Her steps were long and fast and ours were well not as long and not as fast.


“How long till we get to town?” Terri asked.


“It’s only a few blocks away from the mansion,” I said.


Terri and Lily nodded. Soon the town was in our view. The town was a wizard town. Only wizards and witches could see it.


“Wow,” Terri and Lily said as we stepped onto the snow covered cobble streets.


“It’s like a bigger version of Hogsmede,” Lily said.


“Yeah, with a candy shop and everything.” I said.


“Candy shop?” Terri asked. Lily and I laughed.


“Come on girls,” Aunt Julie said. She was already half way down the streets.


We ran and caught up with her. Many witches and wizards were walking around the streets in colorful robes. Every now and than there was someone in muggle clothes like us.


“Here it is,” Aunt Julie said opening a large white door. Lily and Terri walked in.


I looked up at the large sign above the door. ‘Dress Shop’; wow that’s original.


“Tori!” Lily called.


I walked into the store and stood in between Lily and Terri.


“Ah, Julianne!” A short woman with ice blonde hair and light brown eyes said as she came from the backroom.


“Katie,” Aunt Julie said hugging the woman.


“I’m so excited for the ball Saturday,” The woman, Katie, said.


“Yes, that’s why I brought these girls,” Aunt Julie said gesturing to Terri, Lily, and me.


“Oh, they need dresses for the ball?” Katie asked. Aunt Julie nodded. “Exciting.”


Katie walked over to Lily. She touched Lily’s hair and circled around her.


“I got it!” She exclaimed; scaring Lily slightly; I snickered. “With your milky skin tone a light pink would be perfect.”


Lily smiled at that.


“And I have the perfect dress!” Katie said excitedly. She went back into the back room. Her grunts could be heard from where we stood. Terri and I laughed.


Katie came back out of the back room. She had a light pink fabric in her hands.


“Here try this on,” Katie said pushing the cloth into Lily’s arms and than pushing Lily towards a dressing booth.


A few minutes later Lily had emerged from the dressing booth. The soft, light pink cloth clung to Lily’s curves nicely. It had spaghetti straps and flowed down to the floor.


“Wow,” I said.


“James is going to love it,” Terri said. We both laughed.


“What do you think Lily?” Aunt Julie asked.


“I absolutely adore it!” Lily said.


“Alright you change out of that,” Katie said. She moved towards Terri. “And it’s your turn,”


Katie walked around Terri looking her up and down. “You have beautiful brown eyes,” Terri blushed. “Hm…” Katie said continuing to circle Terri.


Lily walked out of the dressing room with the dress in her arms. She stood next to me.


“Green!” Katie yelled and went into the backroom. Lily and I snickered.


Katie returned with a dark green dress in her hands. She pushed it into Terri’s hands and pushed Terri towards the dressing booth.


Terri walked out of the dressing room wearing a dark green dress that came a few inches past her knees. The top of the dress was very sparkly and it halter straps.


“Ooo, me likey,” I said


“Me too,” Lily said.


Terri smiled and went back into the dressing room.


“And last but not least,” Katie said walking over to me. She was just a few inches shorter than me. “You’re Tori?”


“Yes, this is Tori,” Aunt Julie said wrapping her arms around me.


“You look so much like Alexi,” Katie said referring to my mom. I smiled. “And I know exactly what dress you need!”


Katie went into the backroom again. She came back into the main room a lot quicker. A dark blue dress was in her hands.


“Here,” Katie said handing it to me. I walked into the dressing room and hung the dress up on a hook.


I took off my jeans and shirt and slipped the dress on. It went down to the floor and flared out only slightly. The top was strapless with sparkles everywhere. My hand went up the necklace around my neck. I quickly took it off and put it in my jeans pocket.


“Come on Tori,” Lily said. “Let’s see you,”


“Yeah, come on out Tori,” Terri said.


I took in a deep breath and walked out of the dressing room. Terri and Lily stared wide eyed at me.


“What?” I asked.


“You look gorgeous!” Lily said. I blushed.


“Is that…?” Aunt Julie asked.


“Alexi’s dress?” Katie finished. “Yes, it is,”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“Back when I was dating Shawn; your mother and I went to one of the Christmas balls.” Aunt Julie explained. “And Alexi rented this dress; that’s when she met your father Oliver.”


“Oh, that’s so romantic,” Lily said.


“Maybe you’ll find your future husband in that dress.” Terri said.


I laughed. “Yeah, that’s unlikely,” I said. Lily and Terri laughed and shook their heads.


“Alright, Tori get dressed.” Aunt Julie said. “I’ll pay for the dresses,”


I walked back into the dressing room and changed back into my jeans and shirt. I put the necklace back on and than walked out of the dressing room.


“We need shoes,” Lily said.


“I have that taken care of,” Katie said. She asked for our sizes and than she got three pairs of shoes. White, black, and silver.


She put the white ones on Lily’s dress, the black ones on Terri’s dress and the silver ones on my dress.


Aunt Julie paid and we left the dress shop and headed to a little café. We sat down by a window and ordered hot coco.


“All we need are masks, and we have our entire outfit,” Lily said excitedly.


“And my friend, Heather, has the greatest little accessory shop.” Aunt Julie said.


“You have like the most amazing hook-ups,” Terri said.


“I need to have the most amazing hook-ups,” Aunt Julie said. “It’s me,” We all laughed.


The hot coco came and we all sipped it gratefully. We talked more about the ball and Christmas as we sipped our coco. We finally left the little café and headed to a small accessory shop. The large sign said ‘Accessories’. This town is so uncreative.


“Heather?” Aunt Julie called.


“Julianne!” Heather said as she walked through a doorway that had beads hanging from it. Heather had thick black hair that fell to her waist and into her dark blue eyes.


“We need masks,” Aunt Julie said.


“Of course,” Heather said. She gestured for us to follow her. We went through the beaded doorway


She led us to a large dark brown cabinet. She opened it; and many masks were sitting inside.


“Pick the one you would like,” Heather said.


Lily walked foreword and grabbed a white one with pick lace on it. Terri grabbed a black one with emerald jewels on it. I grabbed a dark blue one that matched the color of my dress perfectly and it had sparkles on it like the dress. Aunt Julie grabbed a black one with diamonds surrounding the eye holes.


“Do you already have your dress?” Lily asked.


“Of course darling,” Aunt Julie said. We giggled. We paid for the masks and headed back to the mansion.




As we neared the house my feet began pounding. It had been a long day of walking and shopping; I just wanted to go sit in the library and relax.


“Lily!” James yelled excitedly as he ran from the front yard to Lily.


“Hi James,” Lily said smiling.


“Come on, I have something I want to show you.” James said excitedly.


“Tori, can you take my bags?” Lily asked.


I grabbed her bags and she ran off with James. I continued walking with Terri back to the house.


“I wonder where he’s taking her,” Terri said.


“Probably to ‘the View’.” I said.


“What’s the View,” Terri asked.


“It’s this little area overlooking the lake,” Aunt Julie said. “It’s absolutely gorgeous in winter,”


“Yeah,” I said.


We walked back into the house. Terri and I took our things upstairs and I went back down.


“Hey Tori!?” Terri yelled as she came down the stairs. “Is there a library in here?”


“Yeah, I’m on my way there now,” I said.


“Oh sweet,” Terri said.


We headed through the house; we past the sitting room and around a corner and there was a large door at the end of the hall. I opened it and Terri stood in awe.


The library was covered with books from floor to ceiling. There were two desks at either side of the library and four chairs making a square around a small coffee table.


Remus was sitting in one of the chairs; his feet propped on the coffee table and a book in his lap.


The chair across from Remus was occupied; but only Terri and I could see were two pairs of bare feet hanging over the top.


“Mooney, how can you sit here all day?” The person opposite Remus asked. Sirius you weirdo.


“If you don’t like the library than why’d you come in here?” Remus asked.


“Because James is waiting for Lily and Tori isn’t back yet!” Sirius complained.


“Why don’t you go amuse yourself?” Remus asked.


“I tried that already; useless attempts,” Sirius said.


“Hey guys,” I said. Sirius flipped off of the chair. He crawled back on and looked over the back of it.


“Tori! You’re back!” Sirius yelled he ran over to me and gave me a hug.


“I missed you too Sirius,” I said patting him on the back.


“Yeah, I’m just gonna get a book,” Terri said. She began looking around the room.


“Come on Tori!” Sirius said pulling me away from the library.


“I, wait, I wanted, I want to read!” I yelled.


“No!” Sirius yelled as he pushed me against the wall. I stared at him with wide eyes. “You’re going to hang out with me. James is doing something with Lily and Remus is with his books!”


“But, but, but,” I said.


“No!” He said. “You’re coming with me!”


I whimpered in fear. He smiled and than went back to being angry again. I laughed. “Stop laughing!” He yelled; which only made me laugh harder.


“Oh, oh, you think I’m funny?” Sirius asked. “Do you think I’m funny?”


I was laughing so hard I could only nod.


“Yeah, well want to know what else is funny?” Sirius asked. “Tickle fight!” I stared wide eyed as his fingers began tickling my sides.


I yelped and started laughing. I slowly slid to the floor while trying to push Sirius off of me.


“Haha!” Sirius yelled as he I tried to crawl away. He gripped my ankle and pulled me back and began tickling me again.


“Stop! Stop! Stop!” I kept saying as he kept tickling me. I pushed him over and straddled his hips. “Stop!” I regained my composure.


“Oh, Tori, I never knew you were this kind of girl,” Sirius said. I rolled my eyes.


“You want to know something about tickle fights,” I said.


“What?” Sirius asked.


“You shouldn’t start them when you’re ticklish also.” I said. I began tickling Sirius.


“You fiend!” Sirius yelled in between laughs. I laughed manically. “That’s it, no more mister nice guy.” He flipped me off of him and I crawled as fast as possible.


“Where are you going?” Sirius asked. I looked back; he was standing. I got to my feet and ran upstairs as fast as possible.


We passed Aunt Julie on the way.


“Don’t break anything,” She said.


“Will do,” I said.


I bolted to my room and jumped on my bed. Sirius jumped up too.


“I don’t think you want to have this fight, Mitchell,” Sirius said.


“Bring it on Black,” I said.


He grabbed me by the waist and slammed me down. Using my feet I pushed him off of the bed. He pulled me down and I rolled away. He rolled after me; he grabbed my wrist and began tickling my sides again.


“Ah!” I yelled as loud as possible. I rolled over and straddled his hips yet again. “How is it that we always end up in this position?”


“I’m not sure, but does it ever last long?” Sirius asked.


“No, not really,” I said. With that he flipped me over; I yelped. I climbed back onto my bed and went to flip onto the floor but Sirius sat on me. My head was hanging off of the side of the bed.


“Tori,” Sirius said.


“What Sirius?” I asked looking up at him.


“We have company,” Sirius said. He was looking over at my door. Terri and Remus stood in the doorway. Terri was turning red from her building laughter and Remus watched amused.


“Hey guys,” I said.


“Padfoot, why are you sitting on Bushytail?” Remus asked.


“Because she wouldn’t stop moving,” Sirius said. I laughed.


“Padfoot, get off of Bushytail,” Remus said.


Sirius pouted but stood up onto my bed. With a yelp I fell onto the floor. And that was all Terri could take. She took one look at my awkward position and began laughing. She was laughing so hard she had to use the door frame to keep herself from falling to the floor.


“Are you going to be okay?” Sirius asked as he hopped off of my bed.


Terri shook her head and fell to the floor. I looked at the position I was in. My back and head were on the floor and my legs were on top of the bed. I started laughing.


“Oh no,” Sirius said. “They’re both laughing; this can’t be good.”


“What do you mean?” Remus asked.


“They could end up laughing so hard that their entire body shuts down and they will never be able to move; ever again.” Sirius said. That only made Terri and I laugh harder.


“Well than we must stop them from laughing,” Remus said. “But how?”


“I have no idea,” Sirius said. Terri and I laughed harder.


“Tori, we need…to stop…laughing,” Terri said in between laughs.


“I can’t…stop…” I said laughing.


“Me…neither…” Terri said.


“Alright, I’ll get Tori, you get Terri,” Sirius said. I hadn’t noticed but Remus and Sirius were whispering about something.


Sirius walked over to me and picked me up by my waist. “Sirius…what are you doing,” I asked still laughing.


“Curing your laughing fit,” Sirius said. He lifted me over his shoulder and Remus did the same to Terri.


“Tori, do you have any idea what’s going on?” Terri said still laughing.


“No…” I said laughing.


Terri and I began laughing again. We headed down the many stairs and onto the first floor. We went the opposite direction of the dining room. It was than that I knew where we were going.


“No! Padfoot, Mooney, NO!!” I yelled; but still laughing. What the hell was wrong with me?


“What’s going on?” Terri asked laughing.


“They’re taking us,” I said.


“To the pool,” Remus finished as he opened the few doors leading to the indoor pool.


“Oh no,” Terri said as she giggled.


“Oh yes,” Sirius said. “Have a nice swim,”


Sirius ripped me from off his shoulder and threw me into the freezing pool water. Remus did the same to Terri.


I surfaced and Remus and Sirius were laughing.


“Oh, I hate you,” I said climbing out of the pool. Sirius pushed me back in. I grabbed his arm and pulled him in. He yelped as he splashed into the water.


Remus began laughing; Terri was already reaching for Remus. She gripped his wrist and pulled him into the water. Terri and I began laughing. Our laughs echoed off of the walls.


Remus and Sirius surfaced and glared at us. Terri and I laughed some more and climbed out of the water.


“That was fun,” I said sitting at the edge. My feet were still in the water.


“Yeah,” Terri said doing the same as me.


“Yeah, that was so much fun,” Remus said sarcastically as he climbed out of the water. Terri and I giggled. “Sirius, get out of the water,” Remus sat next to Terri.


Sirius was standing in the middle of the pool. Looking up at the ceiling.


“Sirius, what are you doing?” I asked.


“I don’t know,” Sirius said. I giggled.


The glow from the water reflected over Sirius. He looked absolutely amazing. His white tank-top was soaking through so you could see his amazing body underneath.


I shook the thoughts out of my head and stood up.


“Where are you going?” Terri asked.


“I’m covered in chlorine water; I need to take a shower,” I said.


I walked out of the pool area and headed back upstairs to my room.


I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wrapped my hair into it. I took off my clothes and stuffed them into the hamper. I walked into the bathroom; locking both my door and Sirius’ door. I turned on the shower and unwrapped my hair from the towel. I stepped into the warm water.


A knock came from Sirius’ door. “Tori? You in there?”


“Yes Padfoot, I’m in here,” I called.


“Okay,” Sirius said.


I laughed and shook my head. I squeezed some of my vanilla shampoo into my hand and rubbed it through my hair. I finished my shower and turned the water off. I wrapped a towel around my body and my hair. I unlocked Sirius’ door and walked back into my room.


I grabbed a pair of sweats and a blue t-shirt that hugged my curves. I walked back into the bathroom just as Sirius walked in. I brushed my hair and pulled it up into a ponytail. Sirius turned on the shower and waited for me to leave.


I smiled at the look on his face and than left the bathroom. I grabbed the snowflake necklace and clasped it around my neck. I headed back downstairs and into the kitchens. Laughing uncontrollably really makes you hungry.


“Hello Miss. Tori,” One of the hose elves said.


“Hello,” I said. “May I please have a grilled cheese sandwich?”


“Right away Miss. Tori,” The little house elf said.


I sat down at the round kitchen table. The little house elf put a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich on it in front of me.


“Thank you,” I said. The house elf nodded and went back to making dinner. I took a bite out of the grilled cheese and the cheese melted into my mouth. It was delicious.


I finished the sandwich just as James and Lily got back from “The View”.


“Tori, come on,” Lily said gripping my arm and pulling me upstairs. “Where’s Terri?”

“She’s probably in her room,” I said.


Lily ran faster up the steps. She burst through the Terri’s room. Terri was sitting on her bed reading a book. She had just taken a shower.


“Terri, come on,” Lily said. Terri closed her book and got up off of her bed. She went into my room and sat down on my bed. “I have to tell you what happened.”


Terri and I sat on my bed and Lily began the story. Apparently James had taken Lily to “The View” to ask her to be his girlfriend. Because they weren’t official; and now they are.


“What did you guys do while I was away?” Lily asked. Terri and I looked at each other and than started laughing hysterically. “What?”


“It was weird,” I said. “There were tickle fights and…pool water.” Lily started laughing.


“Never mind, I don’t want to know anymore,” Lily said.


“Good, because we don’t want to explain it,” Terri said. “I don’t think we can really explain it,”


“No not really,” I said with a smile.


“Yeah, I still don’t want to know,” Lily said. All three of us laughed.


All of sudden the door to the bathroom shot open. Sirius, James, and Remus were in a conga line; Sirius in the front. We watched them as they paraded around my room. They went back into the bathroom; it was a few moments of silence then we all started laughing.


They could be so stupid sometimes; but it was always entertaining. “Alright everyone; it’s time for dinner!” Aunt Julie yelled.


“Come on; we’re having spaghetti!” I yelled.


I jumped off of the bed and ran to the door. I opened it and the guys were standing around my door.


“May we help you?” I asked as Lily and Terri walked up behind me.


“Let’s go to dinner,” James said.


“Can we skip?!” Sirius asked excitedly.


“No, Padfoot, we’re not going to skip,” Remus said.


“But we always skip to dinner,” I said.


“You, James, and Sirius,” Remus said. “Not us,”


“Fine, then we’ll skip to dinner,” I said gesturing to James, Sirius, and myself.


We linked arms and began skipping down the hallway and downstairs.


We walked into the dining room and sat down at our spots; waiting for the rest of the household to come. Aunt Julie came from the kitchens and sat down; Uncle Shawn showed up shortly after. Lily, Remus, and Terri finally made it downstairs and sat down. The House Elves came from the kitchens and put plates in front of us. I smelled the plate of spaghetti and meat balls. It smelt delicious.


I dug my fork in and spun the noodles and put it into my mouth. I watched as everyone ate.


It was almost Saturday, today was Thursday. Even though today was crazy and all over the place; Saturday was going to be so much crazier. I know it; I can feel it. Today was just the calm before the storm. 

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