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A/N: I would really like some more feedback on this fanfic. I used to get quite a few reviews and now I'm not. I don't know if anyone is still liking this fanfic or not. I would just really appreciate some more reviews. :)

Vita knew with utmost certainty that if she were to see Cedric in the Hospital Wing in the morning, his friends would be there and would become suspicious of her intentions towards Cedric. It was only a few days ago that Cedric had been the same typical jock from the years before: teasing her and tormenting her about her appearance and lack of friends. However, he had started changing for the better, actually liking Vita and wanting to be in a relationship with her. The problem was, Vita had no idea how many people actually knew that Cedric and her had become closer.

Deciding to test whatever type of relationship Cedric and her might have, Vita decided to visit Cedric in the Hospital Wing in the morning. She entered the Hospital Wing to see a group of people around Cedric. Most of them were people on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team with him and were the same people who looked at Vita weirdly after she had rushed to Cedric’s side from his Quidditch accident the day before.

She knew it would be a difficult situation, perhaps even embarrassing, but Vita walked over to Cedric’s bed and stood next to it. “Hey.” She greeted him quietly, ignoring his friends around him, if she could even call him his friends. She wasn’t too sure about that.

“What are you doing here?” One of his friends spat at her before Cedric could even respond for himself.

“I thought that was pretty obvious.” Vita said sarcastically, knowing that it might annoy his friend.

His friend glared at Vita. “Cedric, tell this freak you don’t want her here.”

Cedric looked at his friend and then he looked at Vita. “You should go. You don’t really belong here.” He said it as if he didn’t mean it, but it pleased his friends nonetheless.

“Fine. When you grow up, come talk to me again.” Vita said before leaving the Hospital Wing and heading to the Great Hall for breakfast. She didn’t feel that hungry after what just happened but at least now she knew Cedric would never change. He would always want to keep up appearances so he would never be with her. It stung her a little, but deep down she knew this was the way it would be anyways.

On her way to the Great Hall, Vita saw Professor Snape and he looked right at her before stopping in front of her. “May I have a word, Miss Valios?” He asked but it wasn’t really a question. It was more of a request that sounded like a demand.

She nodded. “Of course, Professor.”

“You did not come to my office last night for your lesson.” He stated. “Do you care to explain why?” 

“It’s because of the Quidditch match last night. Everything was pretty hectic and so I guess I just forgot. I’m sorry, professor.” She apologized since she really had forgotten. Cedric’s accident had caused her lessons to slip her mind.

“Very well. I suppose we do not need to have a lesson everyday.” Severus said in his usual monotone voice. “We can meet when the time is convenient. Anyways, this brings me to my next lesson. We’re going to skip around. I know how Cedric’s friends reacted to you running down to the Quidditch Pitch after he fell. I see a lot of things and so I’m assuming his friends do not know that Cedric and you have been seeing more of each other. If he is not willing to make sacrifices, then you will just have to make him come to you.”

Vita wrinkled her forehead in confusion. “I do not understand.”

“Manipulation is one of your lessons, Miss Valios.” He explained. “There are many ways to manipulate; the obvious being spells and potions, but there are different ways to manipulate someone. There is seduction and jealousy, which you could use to make Cedric come to you. George Weasley is friends with Cedric and yourself. There is a Hogsmeade trip tomorrow so you should ask Mr. Weasley and flirt with him. If Cedric sees you with Mr. Weasley, perhaps he will become jealous enough to come around.”

“But I don’t want to use George like that. He’s nice and I guess I kind of like him but I would feel guilty.”

“Any means necessary is a phrase you should learn. I’ll expect to hear back from you later tomorrow. Now, carry on.” He demanded so that she couldn’t answer back.

Vita really didn’t feel like eating at this point, plus breakfast was almost over. She didn’t know how she was going to ask George to Hogsmeade. Her stomach always tied in knots at the thought of asking a boy on anything that resembled a date, or even just hanging out. Using George for personal gain made her feel terrible, but she did like George to an extent. He was the only one who had ever treated her halfway decent before Cedric started talking to her in a polite matter.

Vita decided to skip breakfast since she knew her first class was History of Magic with Gryffindor. For some reason, she doubted George would be there since he frequently skipped the class anyways. She knew learning wasn’t necessarily his thing, but she remembered that he pretty much loathed anything to do with history. Plus she had to admit; Professor Binns was boring even to her. A ghost who just sat there and listed off date after date wasn’t too exciting to anyone.

After a few minutes, Vita entered the History of Magic class and to her surprise, George was already in the classroom. No one was sitting next to him since Fred was sitting at the desk in front of George with a girl. Vita inhaled deeply and decided to approach George. “Can I sit next to you?” She asked politely, her heart beating faster than normally but not quite as fast as it did when she thought about asking him to Hogsmeade.

George smiled at her. “Sure. You don’t really have to ask anyways.” He replied.

Vita sat down quietly and pulled out her possessions she needed for the class. “So what are you doing here so early anyways?”

He grinned mischievously at her. “Fred and I put some clothing on statues near the Slytherin bathrooms that we put the stink bombs in from before. Filch is having a hissy fit since he can’t catch us in the act. Fred and I decided it would be best to get to class early so we would have some type of excuse.”

Vita chuckled slightly. “I bet the Slytherins are just loving all the torment.”

“Oh yeah!” George exclaimed. “We even have one of the statues holding a sign that says ‘Malfoy sucks’.”

She just smiled at him since she didn’t know how to really flirt with a boy. Boys were a mystery to her and of course she had read plenty of books, but in real life, things were more complicated. Plus, she wasn’t exactly a glamorous girl so finding a guy who even paid attention to her was rather difficult.

Vita sat there quietly next to George while the rest of the students entered the class and found their seats. Professor Binns floated into the class and started listing off a bunch of dates and events to coincide with them. Vita tried to write down a few of them but she couldn’t pay attention knowing that she had to ask George somehow.

Coming up with a definite plan, Vita ripped a small piece of paper from her notebook and wrote down, ‘Will you go to Hogsmeade with me?’ on it. Then she slid the piece of paper to George slowly so she wouldn’t look too suspicious to anyone.

Vita’s heart raced as she waited for his answer. She didn’t even look at him to see his reaction or anything. She just saw him slide the piece of paper back to her after a minute or so. She picked it up and read, ‘Yes,’ and there was a smiley face next to it.

A breath finally exhaled from Vita’s lungs. “What time do you want to meet up tomorrow?” She asked in a whisper.

“How about 10 A.M. by the Great Oak Doors?” He questioned quietly.

“Alright.” Vita smiled and then she tried to pay to some more random facts.

At the end of class, Vita and George bid each other farewell and mentioned they would see each other tomorrow. Vita was actually kind of relieved that it had been so easy to ask George to go with her. A smile crept across her lips as she made her way back to her common room.

The next day, Vita dressed in her best sweater, which happened to be pink and fuzzy. She also put on a pair of black pants and didn’t do anything to her hair. She knew that her hair was completely hopeless so she just left it the way it normally looked. Before going to meet George, Vita grabbed her cloak in case it was colder outside than she had anticipated.

Vita walked to her destination and she saw George standing by the doors waiting for her. Her heart skipped slightly when she noticed George was dressed up a bit. He had on a long sleeved dress shirt, one that was black with gray stripes. He wore black pants and his hair was still messy but it suited him.

Vita approached him and he smiled at her. “You look nice.” He complimented.

She highly doubted it and her eyes were fixed on him slightly. “You look really, really hot.” She accidentally let it slip, even though she had been thinking it.

A blush crept into George’s cheeks. “Thanks.” He said before running his fingers through his hair as if he had been embarrassed.

The two just started walking towards Hogsmeade in silence for a while. Vita felt pretty stupid and wondered if she had scared him already.

“So where do you want to go first?” George finally asked.

“How about Scrivenshaft’s?” She questioned. “There is a book I want to check on.”

“Sure.” George replied. “I can see if they have any joke books or anything.”

The two went into the store and Vita looked at a lot of books but not once did George complain. She even lingered when looking at a few books but he was patient and in the end, she only bought two books. When they walked out of the store, Vita felt like she should apologize. “I’m sorry I’m such a bookworm.”

George grinned. “It’s fine. I didn’t mind at all and they had a really funny joke book in there. I might have to check out their joke books more often. Plus, I knew you liked books before we went in there.”

Vita smiled at him. “So do you want to go to Zonko’s since you put up with me in the bookstore?”

“Nah. The stuff Fred and I make is way better than what Zonko’s has to offer. Their stuff stays the same half of the time so it can get pretty boring especially since Fred and I used to always go in there.” He explained. “We can go in Honeyduke’s if you want.”

She smiled at him and walked to the shop that so many students went to for sweets. The two looked around for a while and both bought huge bags of candy before they left. Afterwards, they went to the Three Broomsticks to get a couple of butterbeers and take a break. They found a little table off to the side and sat down quietly after George had ordered the butterbeers up at the bar.

George held up his butterbeer and tapped it against Vita’s gently. “Cheers.” He said before downing a big swig of it. He sat the butterbeer back down on the table before looking at Vita. “So did you have fun today?”

Vita sighed because she felt bad about lying to George. She did like him but felt like it was time to come clean. “I have to tell you something.” She admitted. “I do like you and I liked you before I asked you to come to Hogsmeade with me, but a part of me asked you to make Cedric jealous.” She looked down slightly to avoid his eyes since she felt really guilty.

“I figured as much.” George said. “I like you too so I figured that if I went with you, maybe you’d realize how much better I am than Cedric and you’d want to be with me anyways.”

“Oh I do.” She confessed. “Cedric is a jerk and I don’t think he will ever change. You’re not like him at all.”

George smiled. “So you ready to head back after we finish up our drinks?”

Vita nodded. “Do you want to see the head common room?”

George agreed to see the common room so they both quickly finished up their drinks before leaving Hogsmeade. Vita loved her new common room and a part of her hoped that maybe Cedric would see George and her together if she showed George her new residence at Hogwarts. She didn’t really care about making Cedric jealous anymore. It was more about getting revenge for how he had treated her. He had treated her horribly throughout all of her years at Hogwarts, so making him hurt a little bit wasn’t such a bad idea to her. She thought he deserved it.

After awhile, Vita finally arrived to her common room so she let George in. George gasped as he glanced around the room in awe. “This place is way cooler than any of the other common rooms. You get this whole space to yourself, pretty much.”

Vita smiled and sat down on the leather sofa. “Yeah. It’s pretty nice and really quite most of the time.”

George admired the room for a little longer before he sat down next to her. “So you really did have fun today?” He asked as if he were insecure about it.

“Of course.”

“Good. I’m glad.” George said while he looked at her. Then he slowly leaned in and kissed Vita on the lips.

Vita felt shocked at first but then she went with it. George’s kiss was different then when Cedric and her had kissed. George’s kiss was gentler while Cedric’s was harder and filled with desire. She could still tell that George wanted her, but he kissed in a way that was meant to not scare her. He wanted to make sure it was okay to kiss her and that’s why he was gentler about it, plus George’s personality was completely different than Cedric’s.

George pulled away and smiled at her. “I hope that was okay.”

“It certainly was not!” A familiar voice exclaimed from the entrance of the room.

George and Vita both turned their heads to see Cedric entering the common room. He saw what happened and he looked extremely upset. “I thought you were my friend, George!” Cedric shouted at him while stomping his way over to the two of them on the sofa.

George stood up and shouted right back. “I can’t help it that you treated her like such a jerk so she has to find someone better!”

“If that’s what you think of me, then this friendship is over!” Cedric shouted as he glared at George.

“Fine with me.” George said coolly before turning back to Vita. “I’m going to go now. I’ll see you later.”

George left their common room and stormed back to his own. Cedric turned to Vita. “Look. I’m sorry. I told my friends everything so you don’t have to do this.” He explained.

“It doesn’t work like that. George is different.” She confessed. “I won’t have to worry about him going back on his word or saying one thing and meaning another. I won’t have to worry about him hiding me. When it comes to you, I never know if you’re telling the truth or not or if you’re embarrassed to be seen with me. That’s just the way it is.”

Vita walked away from him and went into her room. In that moment, Cedric knew she was right. He knew he would have to try harder in his attempts to be with her. Not only would he have to prove himself, he was going to have to try and win her back. For some reason, no matter how much Vita was different, she got underneath Cedric’s skin. He wanted to be with her and he couldn’t figure out why so he knew he would have to fix his problems whether she stayed with George or not.

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