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Sam’s glare went straight through me, and I shivered involuntarily. I felt the colour slowly rise in my cheeks and I began to back towards the bedroom. Apart from being caught with Sam's girlfriend, I was worried about my nakedness. I reached out behind me, feeling the cold brass door handle meet my palm.

I grasped it and stumbled backwards through the doorway. Then I shoved my discarded clothes on and checked my pockets for my wand. To my dismay I found no wand. I had left it somewhere safe, no doubt. I cast my eyes around the room hurriedly, not wanting to be absent for too long. I didn't want Sam to think I was a coward. On Victoire's bedside table was her wand, and I hesitated for a split second before borrowing it. She probably wouldn't mind if it ended up saving my life. She could be quite forgiving. Sometimes.

When I returned to the overly cheery sunlit kitchen, Victoire had covered herself with a big old t-shirt and Sam was still standing in the doorway, staring at her; he had lowered his wand slightly, I noticed. But when he saw me again, he pointed it at my heart. Crap. There was a look that passed between the three of us, a moment of  uncertainty. I opened my mouth to speak, but Sam beat me to it.

"Leave," he growled, sounding bear-like. Some part of me (the stupid part) decided to argue with him. "Now, why don't we all just calm-"

"Calm down?" Sam said, his voice still resembling a large furry animal (his face did too, I noted. He needed a good shave). "What gives you the fucking right to tell me what to do? I knew I couldn't trust you! I just knew it... How could I ever trust the son of a werewolf? You're scum, and I want you out of my sight.. Now."

I gaped, not really coming to terms with what he had said. Nobody had ever insulted me with such venom. Then again, I had slept with his girlfriend (three times). Speaking of whom-

"Be reasonable, Sam!" Victoire said, her voice begging. "We can talk about this like adults-"

Sam laughed, and I almost trembled in a manly way. He didnt scare me that much, but he was sure scaring Victoire, who whimpered. "Oh, we're going to talk about this. And you know what, let's have it out now, shall we?"

I was about to protest, but Victoire gave me knee buckling evils, her bloodshot eyes glaring at me. Why did we have to talk about these things? They were in the past now, weren't they? Maybe we should just move on, let go. Yeah, right. I had an inkling that wasn't going to happen soon, thanks to the thunderous look on Sam's ugly face and the stony, albeit defensive, look on Victoire's.

"What were you thinking?" Sam said softly, far too softly, to Victoire. She folded her arms over her breasts, her head hanging in shame. It was like she was a naughty child, and he was the admonishing parent.

"We were drunk-" Victoire started quietly.

"And you're drunk now?" He raised his eyebrows disbelievingly.

"No-" Victoire began.

"How do you think this looks?" Sam gestured towards the two of us. Victoire was standing half naked against the kitchen counter, and I was looking extremely guilty.

“You’ve made a fool out of me, Victoire. You made a fool out of us. How can I ever trust you again? I thought you said that last time was the last time. A mistake, that’s what you said. How long has it been going on? How long have you been lying?”

“It was just last night,” she spluttered.

“And this morning,” I added, rather unhelpfully. It only enraged Sam more.

“That is it! We’re having this out now, Lupin. Man to wolf.”

Sam stepped sideways so that he was directly opposite me, and narrowed his eyes menacingly. His wand was pointing at me, still, and he looked prepared to kill. I sighed. I really didn’t want to fight him. Not because I’d lose; I wasn’t a good Auror for nothing. But I didn’t want to upset Victoire. Violence wasn’t always the answer, I reasoned, and this was one of those times when it wasn’t going to solve anything.

“How about we save it for a rainy-“ I began reasonably.

“A rainy day?” Sam scoffed. “Look outside, Romeo. It’s raining now.”

I looked outside in astonishment. What had happened to the lovely sunshine I had woken up to?

“Ok, not a rainy day,” I said, backtracking whilst trying to hide the discomfort from my voice. A good Auror I may have been, but stupid I wasn’t. People were more dangerous when they were angry. And Sam was way beyond anger. “But another time? Today’s not too good for me-”

“Shut up!” Sam growled, raising his wand so it pointed at my head. “We’re going to settle this now.”

Oh, crap. He really was going to make me do this, wasn’t he? He was going to force me to-

“Confringo!” Sam’s curse echoed in my ears, and I felt a very warm, tingly feeling at my hair line. I stumbled backwards, my hand on my head. When I removed it, I saw the blood that was there and all I could do was blink. That fucking hurt! Then again, I said to myself as I leant against the kitchen wall, it proved that Sam was a weak wizard; his Blasting Curse had had barely any effect on me.

“Sam!” Victoire cried, rushing to my side and kneeling down. I wished she hadn’t, though. Her old t-shirt really didn’t leave much to the imagination… “What the fuck s wrong with you?”

“He deserved it,” Sam said, his deep voice full of contempt. “He’s lucky I didn’t do any more damage.”

I swallowed and removed my hand from the wound on my forehead. I shakily got to my feet and quickly swiped my wand in Sam’s direction, muttering quietly, “Langlock.”

Sam opened and closed his mouth angrily, trying to speak but instead looking remarkably like a goldfish; my hex had stuck his tongue to the roof of his mouth, rendering him mute for the time being. As Sam realised what I had done, he discarded his wand and ran at me, his fists bared. I flinched, but luckily Victoire yanked her wand out of my hand and cast a body-binding spell. Sam fell to the floor with a delightful thunk, and I could breathe evenly again.

“Are you alright?” Victoire said in a panicked voice as a leant against her for support.

“Do you need to go to St. Mungo’s?”

“Not with you dressed like that,” I said shakily, attempting to lighten the mood. My eyes were glued to Sam, who was giving me death glares from his position on the floor.

“I can’t believe you two…,” Victoire said sadly, shaking her head in mine and Sam’s direction. I hoped Sam felt guilty, because I sure did. This, really, was all my fault. I should never have convinced her to come home with me. I should never have…

I knew Victoire didn’t remember what had happened last night, but I still had bits of it engraved in my mind. The moments of pleasure, drunken silliness and the bond that we shared. I knew she didn’t have that with Sam. I didn’t want to think she could have that with anyone else, either. But if it was making her this unhappy… I looked at Victoire now, and really looked.

Tears were forming in her eyes as she bent down to press a cold flannel to my head, guilt written all over her face. I hope mine wasn’t that obvious. Her blonde hair was not brushed and messy, her make up freshly removed. Her old t-shirt was baggy, yet it didn’t cover up the curves that were hiding beneath it. She looked so beautiful to me, but broken. And I knew that was my fault.

I gently removed her hand from my face and stood up. I picked up her long wand from where she had placed it on the floor and summoned my own from the untidy depths of her bedroom.

“I think it’s best that I go, now,” I said gently, kissing her on the cheek.

“I’m sorry, Teddy,” Victoire said softly, the tears falling now. “I’ve really messed up this time.”

“It’s not you, sweetie. It’s me.” I smiled sadly, and left her flat slowly, not daring to look back at the havoc I’d caused. I just reached her door when she called out.

“Teddy? How do you remove the curses?”

I gulped. Part of me really wanted to leave Sam all cursed up and unable to move for the rest of his life… but I wasn’t that cruel. Maybe… I sighed and removed the curses before bolting out of the door.

New Year’s resolutions? I had just the one: stop messing with Victoire.

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