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A/N: Ok I know what you are thinking or at least what I am thinking 'Where is James Potter? I thought that this was a Lily AND James story?' Yeah…well… I kind of got rapped up in Lily's story… so James will be in this chapter plus Diagon Alley too!!! I promise! Don't forget to review!
Oh yeah, and before you say anything, YES I KNOW THESE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT! But I wrote then in 2004 when I first got into ff, so you’re going to have to wait till after ch 23 to get a bit longer chapters. BUT at least I’ll update like every day for a while!
Chapter 3: Diagon Alley

It was July 26th, a young boy with very untidy black hair and hazel eyes by the name of James Potter had just woken up to a tawny owl tapping lightly at his window. James jumped up excitedly and rushed over to the owl. He let it in and practically tore the letter from the owl’s leg, must to it’s indignation. It pecked him roughly on his finger, gave a small hoot, and then flew off out the window. James looked at the letter happily, completely ignoring his slightly bloody finger. Without even opening it, he ran downstairs to tell his parents.

Lily woke up on the 2nd of August happy and completely excited. Today was the day when her mother was going to take her to a place called Diagon Alley to purchase all the things that she would need for Hogwarts. Lily was so happy that no one could spoil her day, not even her sister Petunia. She was so amazed when she had gotten her letter. She ran into her parent’s bedroom shoving it in their faces, while she was jumping up and down. It took her parents a while to realize that the letter was real, they only believed in it when they remembered all of the things that their daughter had done. The levitating dishes, the toupee incident, the boils, so they agreed that would take Lily to this so-called Diagon Alley on the 2nd to purchase her books.

Lily remembered the look on her sister’s face. The hatred, the disbelief, she thought back to all of this and smiled. She couldn't believe that she was finally leaving at last. She was going to a school to learn magic, which meant that she would get away from her sister and even learn some spells to put on her. She thought over all the possible things she could learn to make her sister’s life horrible and her smile grew even wider with the amount of possibilities. It would be wonderful to be able to fight back for once.

Lily got up and got ready. She took a shower and then got dressed. It was 11: 30 now and her and her mum headed for the car. They drove over to a small shopping area and parked in a near by parking lot. Then they walked over to what must have been the Leaky Cauldron.

Lily and her mum looked at it, and then looked at each other both unsure. Lily thought that for the entrance to what should be the great Diagon Alley that the pub didn't look very exciting. The sign was not even legible unless you really looked at it, if you weren't pay attention there would be no doubt you would walk right by it.

Lily and her mum looked at each other again and then her mum gave her a reassuring smile, walking towards the dingy pub, with her daughter following closely beside her. They walked in over to the bartender.

"Umm…excuse me…" Lily said awkwardly.

"Yes?" replied the bartender.

"Umm is this the Leaky Caldron?" She asked unsure.

"Why yes it is," He replied "Hogwarts first year I’m assuming?"

Lily signed with relief. She had no idea if she was in the right place at first.

"Yes," she said "Uh how do I get into Diagon Alley?"

"Ah Muggle-born, are you?" He asked.

"Excuse me?" Lily asked confused.

"Ah right, well let me show you how to get in, here follow me." He said and left from behind the counter. Lily and Mrs. Evans followed as he led them to a backroom.

"Since you have never been to the Wizarding world I should tell you that first you need to go to Gringotts." he said with a smile, staring at Mrs. Evans as her face contorted in confusion.

"Gringotts?" she asked, "what on earth is Gringotts?"

"Ah like I was 'bout to say Gringotts is the bank for wizarding folk. You will need to go there in order to exchange your muggle money for wizard money. Otherwise you won’t be able to get your supplies for school." He said as he came to stop at a wall.

Lily was going to say something, when he started tapping the wall with a stick. Lily looked at him and then at her mum. 'What an earth is he going' she thought to herself but then stopped and just stared transfixed at the wall at it gave a tiny quiver. Then to her utter disbelief the bricks started to move, forming a hole in the used to be solid wall. Lily and Mrs. Evans couldn't move. They just stared at the wall and the now visible shops dumfounded.

"Right, have fun!" said the bartender as he turned and left them.

That seemed to wake up Lily. She looked over at her mum who at also turned to her. All of a sudden their disbelieving faces turned to wide grins. ‘This is going to be one magical day!’ Lily thought to herself as she gathered up her courage and took the first step into this unknown territory.

James walked around the shops. His mother was off buying his books, while he was left to go get fitted for his school uniform. He knew he was suppose to go to Madam Malkin's, but he wasn't he didn’t feel like going just yet. He was heading for Quality Quidditch Supplies when a very pretty red head caught his attention. She was dressed in muggle clothing, looking at all the shops in awe. James had no idea who this girl was, but he found that he couldn’t help but smile as he looked at her. The girl went into Gringotts pausing to look at the sign at the door and then entering.

When she was gone James had to practically smack himself to snap out of it. After a short, momentary second of silence he continued on like nothing had happened.

A/N: What do you think? I was going to continue but I found that that was a good place to stop ever though James has about two paragraphs, but oh well it wasn't any new to him going to Diagon Alley. Anyway that is the end of Diagon Alley, for the first year anyway, next stop King's Cross Station. Oh yeah remember to review, and also that I am just getting started!!! So it will get better...I hope... :)

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