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A/N: This is (or rather was- im reposting it off another site) my first fan fiction story so bare with me, please review and tell me what you think of it so far. There is some funny stuff on this page, well at least I think so I was smiling when I wrote it. Anyway on with the story. I hope you like it!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter… yes I know it stinks but hey life must go on!

Chapter 1: The Magic Within

This story begins in Northern England in a house where a young five-year-old girl lived. Her name was Lily Evans. She was a very pretty little girl who was most noted for her thick, dark red hair that fell just passed her shoulders and her startling green almond-shaped eyes.

Lily was only five when this story begins, but she was a very kind and loveable person. Except to one person who didn't agree and that was her sister Petunia.

Petunia always hated her sister, mostly because Lily was pretty and in Petunia’s opinion got all the attention, while Petunia was considered to be horse-faced and thought she was unequally loved my her parent’s.

Petunia was only three years older than her sister Lily. She always disliked Lily, until one day something happened that made her dislike towards Lily turn into both hate and fear.

One day when Lily was five and her sister Petunia was eight, they were all alone in the house. Their dad was at work, while their mum was out at a friend’s house down the street. Petunia started to take Lily's dolls and toss them out the window of the living room, because Lily was disturbing Petunia while she was trying to watch her favorite television program.

Her dolls landed in a rather large pile of mud. Lily stared at the dolls, tears starting to well in her eyes. Lily turned to her sister slightly defeated, when her sister started to laugh at the sight of her. Lily felt so much anger towards her sister. She wanted to hit her, but she knew that she couldn't. Petunia was much older and larger than she was, if she tried to hurt her, she might end up with a broken body part. However, she could fill the rage continuing to well inside her.

The next thing she knew Petunia was screaming as she flew off the couch and out the window, her legs and arms dangling wildly. She landed in the pile of mud, right next to the dolls. Both of them were so stunned, nobody knew what happened.

Petunia of course told their parents. Her parents didn't believe her, and they grounded her for making up stories. Since then, Petunia has always hated her sister because of her unnaturalness. She only approached her when she absolutely had to.

That however was not the end to the strange things that seemed to happen whenever this young Lily happened to get very angry or upset.

One day on Lily's seventh birthday her and her family had a small celebration at the house. Petunia got angry because her parents were telling Lily how she seemed to grow prettier every year. Petunia never got that compliment from her parents. They always just told her how they were so surprised that Petunia was already blank years old and how time flies.

So when it was time for cake, Lily made a wish and blew out the candles. After they were removed, Petunia went up to Lily as if she was going to give her a hug. When she got to her however she 'accidentally' pushed Lily's face into the cake. The next thing Petunia knew she was covered in gigantic, purple, puss-filled boils that didn't go away for three weeks! Her parents were so stunned when it happened that they didn't even ground Petunia.

After that Petunia learned not to mess with her sister, but just to stay as far away from her as possible and act as if she never existed. That was still not the end to the strange madness that seemed to happen to the little Lily Evans.

For the next few years, there were occasional flying dishes, levitating objects, and a few other strange things. They seemed to happen less as Lily got older and learned how to control her anger. Her parents never knew what to think of their child, but they loved her anyway. Petunia, however, did not.

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