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Chapter Twenty

Patching Things Up


“Oi, Lily!” cried Nancy as she pulled Lily from Snape’s clutches.

“What?” Lily replied, obviously annoyed at being interrupted from her personal activities.

“We have, to go um to see the, um purple monkeys dancing,” said Nancy trying to think of an excuse.

“I don’t have time to see purple monkeys dancing,” replied Lily. “I just want to spend time with my Sevypops,” sighed Lily.

Kate and Nancy pulled Lily by the hand, ignoring her cries of, “Leave me alone with my Sevypops!”

As Kate dragged Lily and Snape to Dumbledore’s office, Nancy ran to the Gryffindor common room.

“She has all the symptoms,” Nancy explained to James and Remus, exasperatedly. The trio broke into a run and met Kate, Lily and Snape at the Headmaster’s office.

“Do you know the password?” asked Nancy.

“Yeah….It’s Cadbury Milk Chocolate,” answered James.


“I think Dumby said it is an Australian Muggle chocolate,” explained James as the guarding gargoyle sprang open. Remus ran and began knocking desperately on Dumbledore’s office door.

“To what do I owe this visit, Mr. Lupin?” asked Professor Dumbledore calmly. “And Mr. Potter, Miss. Evans, Miss Mite, Miss Ryan and Mr. Snape”.

“Well, we think Lily has been fed a love potion,” started Kate.

Professor Dumbledore ushered the six teenagers into his office.

“Miss Evans?” asked Professor Dumbledore.

“Yes?” sighed Lily, staring at Snape’s horrified face blankly.

“Miss Evans, how are you feeling today?” repeated Dumbledore.

“Everything is just absolutely perfect,” Lily answered blissfully.

Dumbledore looked at Lily intensely and then glanced at Snape.

“But whom and for what purpose?” he muttered to himself.

The elderly Professor withdrew his wand from within his robes and performed a series of complex wand movements and spells. Above Lily’s head appeared a pink love heart with two S’s written inside it.

“Indeed Miss Evans has consumed a love potion brewed by Mr. Snape,” concluded Dumbledore.

James sighed in relief. It was definite the Lily’s actions were not of her own doing. Professor Dumbledore conjured a goblet full of a yellow liquid. He handed the antidote to Lily whom immediately swallowed the goblet’s contents. She looked up at her friends and Headmaster confused and bewildered.

“What am I doing here?” she asked.

“Why don’t you go back to your dorm and your friends will answer all you questions,” suggested Professor Dumbledore.

“Erm…Thank you sir,” said Lily awkwardly before leaving her seat and walking out of the office. The rest of the group followed Lily, murmuring their thanks and bidding the Professor goodnight.

“Mr. Snape, please don’t leave just quite yet. I would like to speak to you,” said Professor Dumbledore.

Snape sat back down in his seat.

“I am sorry Mr. Snape but I will have to suspend you until you attend a full scale hearing at the Ministry of Magic as you are of legal age. Depending only on the verdict of your hearing will your readmission into Hogwarts be accepted. Please pack your things immediately and return home now. You will soon be notified of the date of your hearing,” instructed Dumbledore.

Snape nodded and left the Headmaster’s office not saying a word.


*                                                          *                                                     *

“Blimey, Lily,” exclaimed Nancy as she down on a couch in the Head’s common room. “You sure caused a lot of trouble today”.

“No kidding,” said Remus sarcastically. “You got James attempting suicide”.

“Suicide?” whispered Lily. “How can you even think of such a thing?”

James sighed, “I think it’s time to get my pensive out again”.

Using his wand James withdrew a silvery substance and dropped it into the pensive. Lily, Kate, Nancy and Remus entered James’ memories.

“Snivellus! What are you doing kissing my girlfriend? Sexual assault is illegal you know!” shouted James.

“I didn’t force Lily into anything Potter!” retorted Snape.

James walked over to Lily and placed a comforting arm around her shoulder.

“It’s all right,” he whispered quietly. “He’s not going to hurt you. I’m here to protect you”.

Lily shrugged of James’ arm and said childishly, “Go away! Leave me and Sev alone!”

James gaped at Lily.

“You heard the woman,” said Snape. “Go away!”

“But Lily, we’re like toge-“ started James.

“We’re not together! My heart belongs to Sevy. Just get that through you unbelievably thick head and leave me alone!” yelled Lily.


Snape unsheathed his wand and pointed it at James.

“Leave!” he commanded.

James backed away slowly, looking disbelievingly at the scene playing before his eyes. James felt tears pick the back of his eyes and broke into a sprint. He rand downstairs skirting the stares of gossipers and ran out of the castle to the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

“Why?” he bellowed to no one in particular.

“Why me?” he yelled, hearing his voice echo through the forest. “I chased her for seven years and now that bastard steals her?”

James pulled the velvet box out of his pocket and threw it into the lake.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” he said to himself. “I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care!” James collapsed to his knees, trying to suppress his sobs.

“I hate you God! I hate my life, I hate You! It’s not worth living anymore!” James screamed to heaven shaking his fists.

“Just let me die! Please kill me now! Just kill me, please!”

Sirius, Remus and Peter pulled off the Invisibility Cloak and walked to the sobbing James. They sat on the ground next to him, painfully listening to James anguished sobs.

 *                                                     *                                                           *

James punched the wall hard in anger and frustration. He gasped in surprise when he felt how fulfilling the spasm of pain felt. He continued to hit, slap and punch the stone wall until his hands were bloody and disfigured. Every blow, every fracture, every bruise was a physical form of the pain he was feeling inside. James walked around the seventh year boys’ dorm. He stopped by Sirius’ bedside table and gingerly picked up his pen knife. He opened it and found the sharpest blade. He slid the sharp edge of the blade over his wrist, millimeters away from his vein. He gasped at the short, sharp pain of his new cut. He looked at the blade to find droplets of his scarlet blood resting there. James looked at his wrist, watching his blood seep out of the open wound, trickling slowly down his arm.


Lily stepped out of James’ pensive her eyes wet and red. She walked over to James and put her hand on his shoulder.

“I am so, so, so very sorry!” she apologized sincerely. “I did not mean it at all! I was under the enchantment of the potion. I am so, so sorry for causing you so much pain. I’ll never be able to forgive myself”.

“It’s all right,” James replied. “He didn’t mean anything to you, right?”

“Guys, just kiss and make up already!” urged Kate.

“You mean,” corrected Nancy coyly,” kiss and make out”.

Lily smiled at James and kissed him on the borderline of his lip and cheek.

“I know he didn’t mean anything” said James gladly. “You’d never leave me and I’ll never leave you”.

“Promise?” asked Lily.

“I promise,” confirmed James, sealing the vow with a sweet kiss on Lily’s forehead.

“Oi, let me in!” commanded Sirius from outside the Head’s quarters. James and Lily sighed.

“Typical of Padfoot to interrupt a tender moment, eh?” chuckled Remus. He went to open the door for Sirius.

“Everyone," announced Sirius, “I need you opinion”.

“Where have you been this whole time?” asked Nancy.

“Well, I was in Hogsmeade because I needed to but a necklace for a special someone,” answered Sirius.

“Who is the special someone?” asked Peter.

“I’m glad you asked, Peter,” said Sirius walking to the couch where Kate was sitting. He took a gift wrapped box out of his pocket, handed it to Kate and said, “I know you think I’m immature but I’ve been trying hard to change that; for you. Please give me a chance to prove myself to you. I’ve fancied you for a while now and it would mean more than the entire universe to me if you would accompany me to Hogsmeade in two weeks time”.

Kate looked at Sirius, an obvious battle raging inside. She opened her gift to find a silver heart on a chain with her name inscribed on it. Kate traced the letters of her name on the necklace before looking up at Sirius and saying, “Of course I’ll go to Hogsmeade with you”.

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