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“See you in 1978!” With a chorus of “Merry Christmases” the last prefect meeting of the year concluded and James and Lily were left alone in their compartment on the Hogwarts Express.

“Hey, Lily?”

“Yeah?” She said, turning around from where she was tidying up the mess the students had left behind them.

“Erm… Look, I know we agreed not to swap Christmas presents but you were saying the other day about how cold your hands get and how your gloves have been ended so many times and well I saw theses and…Merry Christmas Lily.” He placed a wrapped package in her hands and with a small pink tinge of embarrassment a lingering kiss on her cheek.

Lily undid the red bow and ripped through the gold wrapping paper. Inside were pair of thick, knitted cream mittens made of the softest wool she’d ever felt and a matching hat and thick scarf.

“Oh James they’re gorgeous, thank you.” She exclaimed stretching up to give him a hug. She was touched that he had remembered their conversation but by now not surprised always knew he was a mine of useless information, I just never realised half of it’s about me!

“You’re not mad I broke the agreement then?” James asked with a smile once she’d let him go.

“I’m not mad; it’d be very hypocritical of me.”

“What do you mean?” James asked her as she turned her back to him to rummage through her satchel.

“Well, I kind of went back on our deal too.” James grinned at Lily’s sheepish admittance.

“Come on then.” James invited excitedly, “what did you get me?”

“Patience is a virtue James.” Lily teased, laughing at his enthusiasm as he took the present from her outstretched hand.

“Yeah, the only one I don’t have.” He said as he ripped through the paper.

“You’re such a little kid!”

“Nah, I’m a big kid!” he joked, pausing to look up at her to wink roguishly. Be still my beating heart! No seriously, be still. Lily told her pounding heart.


“If you don’t like it…”

“No way! I love it, it’s so cool!”

“I remembered what you said that night in the astronomy tower.” James examined the object eagerly. From the outside it looked like an old-fashioned gold pocket watch or compass with an atlas engraved into the metal and the same was inscribed on the inside too.

“This top half’s the northern hemisphere and this one’s the south and the stars move to show you the constellations that should be above you. And the stars are all individual pinpricks of light so you can use it in the dark too."

“Lily, it’s amazing, but it must have cost you a fortune.”

“Actually it didn’t cost me anything.” James looked up with an inquisitive expression and Lily continued. “It was my Granddad’s during the war, I was always fascinated with it and he left it to me in his will, I just made some…alterations.”

“You did all this yourself?”

“Well, Flitwick told me where to look for the spells.”

“Lily, I can’t…”

“Don’t, you’re worth it.” Lily smiled as James looked up from his gift and the locked eyes.

“Thank you.” James said sincerely.

“Besides, think of all the effort and breath it’ll save me trying to keep your ego in check. I’d say it was an investment.”

“Oi you!” Lily giggled and shrieked as he lunged at her and she ran laughing down the corridor with James chasing after her. Lily ran straight for the girls bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

“Don’t think I won’t come in there misses!”

“You wouldn’t dare!” she shouted back through the door. Would he? She wondered with a thrill, her heart pounding in her chest with exhilaration.

“Now you’ve done it!” James flung open the door and was met with the screams of the other girls who were primping themselves in front of the mirrors in the deceptively large room. Lily laughed as the girls at the sinks started shouting at him to get out and her belly ached from the hysteria of seeing him splashed in the face with the cold water and the look of utter surprise as he just stood there in shock getting wet.


“What happened to you?” Moony asked askance as James entered the carriage behind a still chuckling Lily, his hair plastered to his head and his shirt soaking and delightfully see-through… James should be wet more often!

Sirius took one look at his mate and burst out laughing. “You don’t want to know.” A drenched James told them, conjuring a towel and beginning to rub his hair dry.

“Oh, I think we do mate, Lily?” Sirius asked. James shot Lily a warning glare but she ignored it and told the story anyway. When she’d finished and the laughter had subsided she turned to him.

“Sorry, but it was just so funny; your face!” Lily suppressed another bubble of mirth.

“Oh you are so going to get it!” and with that he jumped on her, tickling her mercilessly as she squealed in protest. Everyone joining in until it dissolved into an all boys play fight before the four marauders collapsed on the floor in a heap laughing and panting.

“You guys are ridiculous.” Tia smiled indulgently.

“Ridiculously handsome?” Sirius asked.

“No.” Tia said rolling her eyes.

“Ridiculously charming?” Sirius asked crawling along the floor on his knees to look up at Tia sitting on the bench from beneath his eyelashes.

“No.” Tia said with a giggle this time.

“Ridiculously kissable.” He asked with a smile playing at the corner of his lips, stroking the back of her hand with his forefinger and fluttering his long black eyelashes.

“Maybe…” Tia giggled even more and bent her head down to brush his lips with hers. “Just a little bit.” Sirius grinned and pulled her to the floor with him as she squealed and the fight began all over again. 

A/N as I've been so absent of late here's two chapters in one night- hopefully this will make it up in some way.

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