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A/N this does not stick to the plot of the Harry Potter books, for some reason, Harry Potter is not in this story because he would mess up the plot. So any inconsistencies I am aware of, such as the year levels of the characters

It is all intentional.



I sat bolt upright in bed and cursed… loudly. I franticly hopped around the empty dorm room trying to pull on my socks and quidditch uniform simultaneously.

“Shit!” I muttered as I sprinted through the red and gold common room that was deserted at this ungodly hour (7:00)

“Shit!” I muttered again as I dashed through the entrance hall, again consulting my watch (7:15)

I just arrived at the quidditch pitch out of breath in time to see my team mates heading towards the showers.

Alicia Spinnet grinned at me “dead,” she mouthed gesturing to the boy who was leaning up against the girl’s locker rooms clearly waiting for me. And clearly pissed.

“Wood,” I said calmingly “I know this looks bad.”

The aforementioned boy glared at me “no this looks bloody terrible Summers this is the third time this month you’ve been late or missed practise.”

“Well to be fair,” I said “if you didn’t schedule them so early…”

His face turned positively red and I knew that remark hadn’t probably been the wisest thing in the world to say

“The rest of the team manages to make it,” he said, his Scottish accent becoming even more defined in anger.

“The rest of the team is mean!” I whined “Alicia, Katie and Angelina were supposed to wake me! They promised!”

“Hey!” exclaimed Angelina as she exited the showers, tossing her wet braids over her shoulder “you can't blame us for this one Scarlett, we woke you three times, and each time you muttered something about toast and went back to sleep.”

“TOAST!” yelled Wood “you missed my practise to dream about toast?”

 “To be fair it had jam…” I said weakly, but Oliver was having none of it

“That’s it Summers! If you miss one more practise then you're off the team!”

“What?” I yelled back feeling positively outraged “that bullocks! Totally unfair, the Weasly twins miss practice all the time!”

“But they're not the seeker!” yelled Oliver in return “and how hard does one need to practise to swing a bat at a ball?”

“Hey!” exclaimed Fred, by now the whole team had gathered to watch

“What we do takes skill!” continued George

“And finesse!”

“And a really big bat”

“Enough!” yelled Oliver “once more Summers and I swear to god!”


Perhaps I should explain. Oliver Wood and I cordially want to kill each other… only it's not so cordial. We’re a year apart, the same house, the same quidditch team. So we should be pretty good friends right? Wrong.

Oliver is what certain people would call a ladies man, or what I would call a conceited prick. And to be fair to the bimbos at Hogwarts, he does have his appeal. I’ll give them that. And maybe occasionally, very occasionally I may admire all six foot five of him when he takes his shirt off at training. Or wonder how one person’s eyes may be both hazel and gold. Or be annoyed that his hair is smoother, straighter and browner than mine. But he is still a prick.

He is also my Fascist quidditch captain. That pretty much explains it. he’s in his seventh year now and he has this unhealthy obsession with winning the quidditch cup again this year. he’s the only seventh year on the team, the rest of us are all sixth years and before you say that this is unfair to the younger year levels, Wood held his stupid try outs back in October and we all made the team fair and square.

What can I say? we are the best.



“Thanks,” I muttered to Angelina as we walked up to the castle “you could have at least pretended I was comatose and you couldn’t wake me.”

The tall girl simply snorted “yeah, because he would have believed that.”

“He might have,” I muttered mutinously “if Katie and Alicia had backed it up.” I threw a glare to my other so called friends.

Alicia held up her hands in mock surrender “fine, next time you're late I’ll say you died or something.”

“He might be a git sometimes,” said Angelina “but he isn’t stupid.”

“That’s debatable,” I muttered.

“come on Sum,” wheedled Katie “don’t be mad.” Her hazel eyes were pleading.

I grinned “fine, I guess I'll just have to make sure I'm not late again.”

Alicia snorted “well dear god then, you're screwed.”

Privately, I agree.


“I am so hungry!” I groaned, practically salivating at the mouth when we reached the great hall.

“if you didn’t play quidditch you would be fat,” commented Alicia as she watched me drizzle chocolate sauce over my pancakes.

“well then god bless quidditch,” I said through a mouthful of pancakes, only due to the pancakes it sounded more like

“mumpha hwen gwod bwess qkquicidhc.”

Angelina looked disgusted “do me a favour and never ever do that again.”

I nodded shamefaced “I promise.”

“Oliver alert,” hissed Alicia.

My eyes widened and my mind did the first thing it thought of, which happened to be to stick a large wad of pancakes into my mouth. Do not ask my how this was supposed to help.

Oliver looked mildly repulsed “I was just letting you all know that training is on again tomorrow, at five in the morning.”

Without thinking I groaned and Oliver shot me a nasty look.

“and Summers, try to make this one. I really can't be arsed training a new seeker halfway through the season.”

“well gee thanks,” I muttered. But again my pronunciation was hampered by the pancakes.

“don’t eat too many of those,” said Oliver warningly “you're the smallest seeker out of the teams; I need you to stay titchy.”

“oh dear lord,” muttered Angelina.

“you’ve done it now,” Added Alicia.

I whipped out my wand “I'm not titchy!”

Oliver snorted “you're tiny!”

“please,” begged Katie “just stop talking.”

I glared at him and stomped on his foot as hard as I could.

Oliver swore “what the fuck was that for Summers?”

I ignored him and returned to my pancakes.

Angelina elaborated “she is slightly sensitive about her size.”

Oliver continued to look baffled “but she is titchy, look at her!” he gestured at me to illustrate his point.

My eyes narrowed further “I'm not titchy!” I shrieked “maybe you're just so freaking tall” I began to prod him in the chest “that everyone else looks so small from the position of your immensely swelled head!” I jabbed him once more for good measure then stormed out of the great hall.


I stomped down the corridor taking great pleasure in the noise I was making. When I reached transfiguration I was the first student there.

McGonagall looked up “Miss Summers, kindly stop galumphing about like a troll. I could hear you're footsteps all the way down the corridor.”

I blushed and slid into my seat to await my friends.

Katie was the first to arrive. She slid into the seat beside me

“scale of one to ten?” she asked wearily.

I thought for a moment “seven.”

She nodded “Alicia was right then,” she gestured to the others who were waiting outside.

“you don’t have to be so worried,” I muttered as Alicia and Angelina entered the classroom “I didn’t want to attack you.”

“we know,” said Alicia breezily, she sat down in front of Katie and I, “but it's just you're so sensitive about your lack of height that we decided to check the anger scale first.”

Angelina grinned and sat beside Alicia “and we sent Katie in because attacking Katie is like attacking a puppy, and even you wouldn’t stoop to that.”

I wrinkled my nose “excuse me, but are you implying I'm some sort of sadistic animal torturer?”

“I think you missed the point,” said Alicia “what Angelina was trying to say was…” she abruptly quietened down under a glare from McGonagall.

“I'm not that small,” I muttered to Alicia once McGonagall turned away.

Alicia just grinned “of course not.”


As I left transfiguration Oliver cornered me

“I’ve been told to apologise,” he said gruffly.

I looked at him blankly

“Angelina may have mentioned that you were upset.”

I continued to look at him blankly

Oliver snapped “damn it stop doing that?”

I was baffled “doing what?”

“looking at me like that!” said Oliver waving his hands around in frustration “with those big stupid eyes of yours!”

“wait so first I'm short now I have big stupid eyes?” I yelled “jeez way to make a girl feel special.”

“it's your fault for doing that!” he yelled.

Again I looked at him blankly.

“stop doing that!” he yelled “those stupid eyes of yours make me feel like I'm killing a deer or something.”

“I wouldn’t put it past you!” I yelled back.

“I'm a perfectly nice bloke!” said Oliver “you're just unreasonable sensitive.”

“you called me titchy then said I had stupid deer eyes!” I said sarcastically “what girl wouldn’t love to hear that?”

“well if you hadn’t been doing stupid Bambi eyes none of this would have happened.”

 I gave him the same blank look

Oliver waved his hands in frustration “stop doing that!”

“doing what?” I yelled back in equal frustration “and who the hell is Bambi?”

“it's a muggle reference,” snapped Oliver impatiently “a deer whose mother got shot”

“you're comparing me to a dead deer?” I asked horrified.

“no just forget it you're bloody impossible!” he snapped before he stormed off.

“bloody mental,” I muttered.


“so wait?” asked Alicia through her haze of tears “he compared you to what?”

I sighed “a dead deer with big stupid deer eyes.”

This inspired more laughter from Angelina and Alicia

“why a deer though?” I asked “of all animals, and I do not have big stupid deer eyes!”

Alicia thought for a moment “you kind of do,” she said bluntly.

Seeing my furious expression Katie quickly intervened “what Alicia meant to say is that your eyes are very big Sum, and they are a kind of velvety brown, so Oliver wasn’t entirely off the mark there.”

“he compared me to a dead deer!” I wailed “can no one else see why that was insulting?”

“well technically,” said Angelina “he compared you to an orphaned baby deer, not a dead deer.”

“oh well thanks for clarifying that,” I said sarcastically “that makes everything so much better.”

“you are kind of the last person anyone would compare with a deer,” said Alicia “in temperament you're more like a blast ended screwt.”

I glared “thanks you and Oliver should collaborate on ways to insult me.”

Alicia waved an airy hand “please, you and Wood fight all the time. You don’t need to get upset.”

“oh I'm sorry,” I said in an equally airy tone “but when was the last time the captain of your house team compared you to a dead woodland animal?”

“he compared you to an orphaned woodland animal,” insisted Angelina “not a dead one, really Scarlett try and keep up with us.”

I stuck out my tongue “well again. That just makes a world of difference… not.”

“he’s a boy,” said Katie comfortingly “just ignore him.”

“he’ll probably boot me off the team now because deer don’t fly on brooms, or something equally ridiculous,” I said moodily scribbling on the piece of parchment in front of me that I was supposed to be writing my potions essay on.

“the house would kill him,” said Angelina flatly, she gestured around the common room “you may be a ‘stupid dead deer eyed’ seeker. But you're the best seeker in the school, Wood is too quidditch obsessed to jeopardise the cup by booting you off the team, no matter how inconsistent you are. Plus the house would kill him.”

I was affronted “I am not inconsistent! I never miss the snitch, except for that one time in third year and that was because it was raining and I couldn’t see and ended up bashing into the Slytherin stands and getting a concussion.”

Alicia rolled her eyes “are we ever going to write this essay or are we going to discuss Scarlett’s weird mental problems some more?”

Katie shrugged “her psychosis is far more interesting than Snapes essay.”

“I do not have phycoserwatsits,” I said indignantly “I'm not the one who compares people to dead woodland creatures.”

Angelina looked annoyed “for the last time Scarlett, it was an orphaned woodland creature, not a dead one. Now shush!”

I obediently fell silent and continued to stab my parchment absentmindedly.



a/n so what does everyone think? Leave me a review and tell me. I love to hear opinions good or bad,

merry Christmas everyone.  


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