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“Now be careful when you go down this staircase. There is a trick… stair” I sigh as two of the little firsties, that I so stupidly agreed to chaperon to all of their classes, stepped right onto the trick stair that I was just warning them about.

Hmm… I wonder if Lily would be mad if I just left them there and ran away? I mean I’m already late for Muggle Studies…

“Alright then, come on you lot. Help me pull them out” I say - having decided that Lily would probably kill me if I just left them there – before grabbing one of the first years under the arm and attempted to pull them out.

“Gee. You’re really stuck in there aren’t you…” I mumbled to myself as I tried again to pull the girl out.

I nearly fell down the stairs when I heard some say, “Need some help?”

A Slytherin boy was standing three or four stairs down, towering over the group of first years that stood on varying stairs. They were all looking up at him opened mouth. I stood there gaping like an idiot myself, taking in his dark brown hair, green eyes and extremely fit, in more ways than one, body.

Can you say phwoar?!

His smile started to turn into ‘what-in-the-name-of-merlins-knickers-is-she-doing’ kind of look.

QUICK! Say something! Anything!

“She’s stuck!” I practically shouted at him. Oh yes. Reeeeeal smooth. He does have eyes you know!

Regardless of the fact that I was shouting obvious things at him, he smiled and walked up the few stairs so that we were standing so close that I could smell him. And let me tell you, he smells bloody good!

He smiled down at the trapped boy and girl before pulling them each out in turn.

Now why couldn’t I do that? Oh right. It might have something to do with the fact that I have no upper body strength what-so-ever. Dangit.

The two firsties scrambled down the stairs while the mystery boy jumped the trick step and walked up the staircase backwards, still looking at me smiling.

I stared back at him until he reached the top of the staircase and watched as he winked and then rounded the corner. I continued to stare at where he was before I heard giggling.

Blush instantly appearing, I turned around and glared at the first years. They all shut up. HAHAHA! I scare little kids! Oh wait… that’s not a good thing.

“Is he your boooooyfriend” one of the first year boys taunted.

“Okay! Let’s keep moving shall we? Good, now move it you little munchkins”.


“Shaylee! You’re extremely late! This is so unlike you!” Said the Muggle Studies teacher, Professor Verona.

“I’m sorry Professor, I was showing some mun-, uhh, I mean first years to their classes” I said lamely, taking the time to fake glare at Lily who was innocently smiling at me.

“Well don’t let it happen again or I will be forced to take points. Now, you’ve missed out on picking partners but lucky for you Mr Pettigrew had an unfortunate accident and has been taken to the hospital wing. Your partner is… oh here he is now” he said while looking at the just opening door.

Oh. My. GOD!!!

“Ahh Mr Lupin, I trust Peter made it to the hospital wing alright?”

“Yes sir, Madam Pomfrey said he’ll have to spend the rest of the day there but he should be fine” Remus said before giving a body melting smile.

“Good, good. Now Remus, I trust you know Miss Sanchez? She is going to be your new partner”

Remus looked at me and smiled and I nearly melted into a puddle of mush right then in the middle of the Muggle Studies classroom.

As Remus walked to the two person desk next to James and Sirius’s table and took the seat, I mouthed a quick ‘Oh My GOD!’ to Lily who was giving me less than subtle thumbs up. I continued to stand in the middle of the room just gazing at the seat next to Remus. The seat so close to him that I would be able to touch him if I wanted…

“Miss Sanchez? Are you going to take your seat?” asked the Professor.

OH MERLIN! Will the embarrassment never end?

Blushing furiously, I went and took my seat next to Remus.

In the hopes of hiding my blush, I quickly pulled out my quill and parchment and tried to focus on the Professor who was now writing on the board.

“Okay class, for today’s lesson we will be looking at a nifty muggle invention, the toaster” Said the Professor, clapping his hands in excitement, looking around the class in the hopes of finding a student who had a somewhat enthused look on their face… he didn’t find one.

Not deterred by the lack of enthusiasm, he waved his wand and a blue box like thing appeared on the desk in front of me.

“Umm Remus, what’s a toaster?” I asked while poking the box.

Remus looked at me like I was joking… I’m not.

He seemed to catch on quickly and asked, “You don’t know what a toaster is?”

Oh God! Good job Shaylee! You’ve gone and made yourself look even more stupid. Quick! Say something to make it better!

“HAHAHAHA”, why did I think laughing like that would help? It’s only made Remus look slightly alarmed.

“Got you! Of course I know what a toastie is! Ha ha ha…” I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I honestly don’t know what a toast-whatsit is… maybe he will just think I do?

I peek a look at Remus and he doesn’t look convinced. Crap.

Please don’t ask me what it is; please don’t ask me what it is, please don’t as---

“What is it then?” Remus asked me with an amused look on his face.

“It… err… keeps your fingers warm?” I more asked than stated in the hopes that I could by some miracle be right.

Judging by Remus’ burst of laughter, I’m not right. Dangit.

I threw my hands up in the air, “Okay! I don’t know what a stupid toastie is! But I’m not the only one! Look! Sirius is just as toastie savvy as I am… which means he hasn’t the foggiest what it is either!”

“Hey!” Sirius having heard me, “I know exactly what a toaster is! It’s a little box that keeps your fingers warm!” he said with such smugness and confidence. Hey, maybe I was right!

… No I don’t think so. Remus has started laughing even harder.

“Okay then Toast Master! You tell us what it is then” I said while fake glaring at Remus.

Subsiding his chuckles, Remus was about to say something but stopped suddenly.

I was confused for a fraction of a second before I felt it. It only lasted a few seconds; it was as if a small current was spreading from the tips of my fingers to my toes before flowing into the ground.

Somewhat ‘shocked’, I looked around the room and noted the surprised looks of other people.

Haha! I’m not crazy!

“Bloody hell!” James suddenly shouted. I looked over to see him rubbing his arm and death glaring Sirius who was innocently looking away, whistling.

“A problem gentlemen?” The professor asked James and Sirius. James just continued to rub his arm glaring at Sirius while Sirius shook his head no and stifled a laugh.

Ohh! I get it! Sirius zapped James! Now why didn’t I think of that?

“Alright class settle down, settle down. Now what you just experienced was the classroom being fitted with the appropriate amount of electricity needed for the toasters to work. If I could please get one person from each pair to come up and get two slices of bread from my desk and the other person to pick out their preferred condiments, we’ll be able to get underway!” said Professor Verona, clapping his hands in excitement.

“Ohh! I know what a toastie does now! It makes toast! How cool!” I said while looking at the box with slight awe.

This caused Remus to laugh. Even though I’m making a fool of myself, I like making him laugh… I quickly restrain myself from giving a dreamy sigh.

“Didn’t you ever wonder where the toast came from when you ate it for breakfast?” Remus asked me, smiling amusedly.

“I… err… well I just assumed it came like that…” I say blushing, realising how stupid I sound. Shut up now and save yourself!

“I’m going to go get some bread before all the good pieces are gone!” I say before practically sprinting up to the front desk.

After carefully selecting the pieces of bread I return to my desk to see James, Remus and Sirius covered in jam, butter and honey.


“Oh James just to let you know, you have a little something… everywhere” I say smiling and sitting down. James just rolls his eyes. I know deep down he finds me hilarious.

“Okay now, each person put one piece of bread into the toaster and pull down the lever on the side and wait for it to cook” The professor said. He walked past the Marauders and just shook his head.

This toaster thing looks innocent enough… I really hope it doesn’t try and eat my hand.

I picked up a piece of bread and held it carefully over the toasters mouth. What’s with all the wire things in its mouth?

“Shaylee? You okay? It’s not going to eat you” Remus says kindly, having noticed my wary looks.

“HAHA! Of course I know that…” I trail off, before taking a deep breath and quickly dropping the bread into the toasty’s mouth, retracting my hand quickly.

AHA! I still have my hand!

Remus chuckles before putting his piece into the toastie, no problems. He grins mockingly at me.

“Show off” I mutter but secretly smiling.

As we were waiting for our toast, Remus went to help Sirius who was having some toastie problems. I took the time to let the thought of recent events since in.

I still can’t quite believe that I’m talking to the Marauders, let alone being kinda, sorta, maybe friends with them. In a matter of two days I went from having the giant squid as my bestie, to having the most popular boys in school and the girl that is liked by everyone as my friends.

At that thought, I started to have a mini panic attack. What if this is all just a cruel joke? What if they're all just pretending to be my friends and everyone is secretly laughing at me…? AHHHHH!

Wait. Wait. Wait. What if I’m wrong? What if by some complete miracle they actually do like me? I must not start accusing randomly or it will be back to giving Barry, the giant squid, half my lunch each day.

I was in the middle of taking some mental deep calming breaths when suddenly the two pieces of bread popped out of the, what I thought was innocent looking, toastie.

I screamed in freight causing the entire class to stare at me. Stupid toast. Stupid toastie. Stupid Marauders, laughing at me again.

I was just sliding down in my seat, trying to hide my red face, when I suddenly heard the two girls next to us scream as their toast popped up. Ahhh I feel better.


“I am so full of toast” James said contently, patting his stomach.

“You can say that again” Remus said, brushing crumbs off his uniform. I had to sternly tell myself not to stare.

“I am so fu-” James had started to say but Sirius interrupted him by saying, “Don’t”

James just grinned wickedly before saying really quickly, “I AM SO FULL OF TOAST!” and then laughing like a loon.

“I don’t think I can make it to Herbology” I complained, feeling guilty about eating so much toast. “I may have to roll there”

“Roll where?” Lily asked me, having just joined us outside the Muggle Studies classroom.

“Herbology. I don’t suppose you would fancy carrying me there?” I asked hopefully.

“Err, no thanks” Lily said smiling mockingly.

“I wouldn’t mind carrying you somewhere” we all turned around at the sound of a boy’s voice.

Double phwoar and also phwoar times two.

The Slytherin boy from this morning was standing behind us with two of his Slytherin friends.

James, Sirius and Remus instantly moved protectively in front of Lily and I. I almost fainted at the thought of any boy being protective of me let alone these boys.

“Why don’t you clear off McKinnen” Sirius said, in that dismissive boy way.

“I wasn’t talking to you Black, I believe I was talking to her” the boy, or McKinnen as Sirius called him, looked past James’ and Remus’ shoulders to smirk at me.

My stomach did flip flops. He really is well fit.

Sirius was just about to say something but was stopped when Professor Verona stepped out of his classroom. He took one swift look at our little ‘gathering’ raised his eyebrows and looked pointed at the two groups of boys. McKinnen and his mates were the first move off. He brushed past Remus and as he passed Lily and I, he winked.

Whatever it is with this boy and winking, I sure do like it!

Lily and I stared open mouth at him as he and his two friends sauntered down the corridor and around the corner.

Once they were no longer in sight, Lily turned to me at exactly the same time I turned to her and we both said, “Oh My God! Who WAS that?!” and fell about giggling.

I have no idea why we’re giggling; it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Once we had recovered ourselves, I looked to see the three boys staring at us with bemused looks on their faces. This just made us laugh harder.

Somewhere in the middle of our second laughing fit, I heard James mutter, “Girls”. When we had recovered for the second time, we looked up to see that the Marauders had gone but we were not alone.

“Munchkins?” I asked in disbelief. How did they find me?!

Standing in front of Lily and I were the group of little firsties that I had to chaperon this morning.

Lily looked just as surprised as I did. That is before she smiled and quickly said, “Oh look at the time, I must dash or I’ll be late for Herbology” and before I could say anything, Lily had rounded the corner.

Muttering to myself, I turned back to the firsties and sighed. “Alright, what class?”


As the final bell rang, I sprinted from the Transfiguration classroom faster than you can say ‘there goes that crazy girl’.

I pulled out all the secret Auror moves just to make it to the Gryffindor common room without any of the munchkins finding me. I even took it as far as hiding behind walls and trying to blend in with a group of Hufflepuff’s who looked at me weirdly and threatened if I didn’t leave them alone they would curse me. I slowly backed away before high tailing it out of there. You never know what those Hufflepuff’s will do!

I don’t know how the munchkins can find me but can’t seem to find their own classes. I’ve been late to every class today and if I hear one more slightly higher than normal voice ask me, “Are really you friends with Sirius Black? What is James’ favourite colour? Is Remus’ favourite food really chocolate? Is Peter really afraid of flobberworms?” I may just have to stab myself.

They have only been at Hogwarts for two days and they already know just how popular the Marauders are! How ridiculous. Okay, okay so I may be just a liiiiitle bit jealous. Shut up, so is everyone else!

As I reached my room, I was just about buggered. I flopped onto my bed and tried to actually feel what it felt like to breathe again.

That is it. I must honour my promise I made to myself yesterday. I must start to exercise.

With a sudden burst of energy I got up off my bed and started looking through my trunk for appropriate exercise clothes.

What exactly are appropriate exercise clothes?

Having come to the conclusion that I don’t actually have exercise clothes, I improvised and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I was just about to walk out of the room when I realised I didn’t have any shoes on.

Hmm, that could be a problem.

I wonder if Lily would be terribly mad if I borrowed her shoes. I mean they look like something people would wear when exercising…

Okay. Clothes? Check. Shoes? Check. Good. We wouldn’t want any nudie accidents.

When I walked into the common room I saw James, Lily, Remus and Sirius surrounded by the little munchkins.

Remus and Sirius looked up when I was trying to tip toe past the group. I signalled to them to be quiet..

I made it quickly past without any of the firsties seeing me. Once out of the portrait hole I started making my way to the front doors.

I must have been imagining it… but were Sirius and Remus looking at my legs…?

Nahh, they couldn’t have!

Could they? 

Thank you times a million and ten to every single person who has left me a reveiw. I read every single one and will reply to each one when I have the chance. If your feeling in the giving mood, why not leave me a review as a lovely surprise? Only if you want to that is. :) Thanks a bunch for reading! xx

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