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Disclaimer~ I do not own Harry Potter!


After we left King’s Cross Station; Julie and Shawn apparated us back to the Potter mansion. We landed in the living room, right in front of the two large double doors.


“Mansion, sweet mansion,” Sirius said hugging the wall next to the door.


“Padfoot, what are you doing?” James asked.


“I’m hugging the house,” Sirius said. “Tori come hug the house with me,”


I laughed but went over next to Sirius. I hugged the house.


“Doesn’t this feel nice,” Sirius asked in a whisper.


“Yes, Sirius, this feels amazing,” I said. I walked away from the wall. “But I’m going to go upstairs to my room; where my bed is; because I’m tired.”


“We will accompany you,” James said pulling Sirius off of the wall.


“Yes, we shall,” Sirius said. They linked arms with me and we skipped up the stairs.


“We worry about you three sometimes!” Uncle Shawn said from downstairs.


“As you should Uncle Shawn!” I called back.


We laughed as we ran the rest of the way up the steps.




On the third floor of the Potter Mansion was our hallway. Our hallway had our rooms plus two rooms for Remus and Peter when they came. And five other guest rooms.


James’ room was across the hall from mine and Sirius’. Sirius’s and mine were right next to each other. Like Sirius said at school we have a conjoined bathroom.


“I will see you two at dinner,” I said walking into my room.


“You’ll probably see me before than,” Sirius said.


He was right; we were probably going to bump into each other when we both would go into the bathroom at the same time. Those were always fun moments.


I walked into my room and kicked the door closed. My room was the perfect size for me and all my random stuff.


The walls were a light blue color and the carpet was a crème color. All of the furniture was a light brown color that was only a few shades darker than the carpet.


The bed was a full sized four poster bed. Light, slightly transparent, blue material was tied to the four posts. The comforter was light blue with polka dots all over it. The sheets were a light brown color.


One door on the left side from my door was the bathroom that I shared with Sirius. Opposite of that wall was my wardrobe, filled will with all the jeans and t-shirts I ever wanted.


The wall that my bed was up against had three windows, one hanging above my bed and two window seats next to it.


The wall opposite the window wall was the wall I was standing in front of. The door leading to the hallway was there, as was my desk that had many pieces of parchments and quills on top of it.


Sirius’s room looked almost exactly like mine; only his was a darker blue and his furniture was a darker color. We argued about that room; because I wanted it. So instead the Potter’s made me this one. So now all the rooms with conjoined bathrooms would the same color only different somehow.


James’ room was red, and the room next to his was pink. I thought that was funny. Most likely Lily will be staying there.


Remus’ room was green and the one next to his was a lighter shade. Peter’s room was orange and the room next to his was yellow. It was a very fun day decorating the rooms. 


I walked over to my bed and slumped down onto it. I laid down my feet dangling off the edge.


“I’ve missed you bed,” I said. True the beds in the dorms were very comfortable; but I only slept in my bed on rare occasions. I was usually with the guys somewhere.


There was a knock at the door. I groaned but got up and opened the door. Standing in the doorway was a little house elf and my trunk floating a few feet behind him.


“Your trunk Miss. Tori,” He said.


“Thank you,” I said taking the trunk. The house elf walked off down the hallway and back down the stairs.


I opened my trunk and began throwing everything where it had to go. Books and papers were thrown onto my desk; clothes were thrown either in the hamper next to the bathroom door or the wardrobe; I grabbed my stuff for the bathroom. I knocked on the door twice; when there was no answer I walked in.


The bathroom was blue and white; a large bathtub and shower were at the far end. At the wall right next to the doors was a mirror that took up the entire width of the wall; and a counter with two sinks.


I put my stuff next to the sink closest to my door; just as I did Sirius walked in.


“Hello there Tori,” Sirius said.


“Sirius,” I said with a smile. He had already changed into a pair of pajamas. Pretty much a pair of dark blue plaid sweats.


“Good-bye Sirius,” I said walking back into my room.


“See you at dinner,” He said as he waved. I laughed and closed the door.


I grabbed a pair of gray sweats that Lily gave me for the sleepover we had before Hogsmede weekend. I’m not sure whose they were, but they’re mine now. I grabbed a black tank-top from my wardrobe and threw them onto the bed. I slipped out of my jeans and t-shirt and pulled on the pajamas.


I yawned and crawled underneath the covers. The digital clock sitting on my bedside blinked in bright red colors; 4:23. I sighed and rolled over anyway, I need sleep.




I awoke to a loud banging on my door and James’ and Sirius’ yelling voices. I rolled over onto the floor; landing on my ass. I crawled over to the door and slowly stood up.


“Tori! Wake-up Tori!” Sirius yelled.


“Yeah! Come on Tori wake-up!” James yelled.


“I’m up, I’m up,” I said opening the door.


“Come on Tori, it’s time for dinner,” Sirius said.


“Let’s skip, like we always do,” James said.


“Guys, I can’t skip, I can barely walk,” I said leaning against the door frame. Sirius and James looked down with sad faces.


“But we always skip to dinner,” James said.


“Yeah, and breakfast and lunch too,” Sirius said. One look with those puppy dog eyes and I was sold.


“Alright,” I said.


James and Sirius beamed; we linked arms and skipped down the three flights of stairs and into the dining room.


“Hello you three,” Uncle Shawn said. He was sitting at the head of the table; Aunt Julie sitting next to him.


“Hello mum, dad,” James said sitting across from his mom.


Sirius took the seat next to James and I took the seat next to Aunt Julie.


“How did you three sleep?” Aunt Julie asked.


“Magnificently,” Sirius said. We laughed at him. “What? I did,” We continued laughing even as a few House Elves brought out our food.


“Thank you,” Aunt Julie said as one of the house elves put a plate in front of her. We were having pork chops with mashed potatoes.


“This looks delicious,” I said as I grabbed my fork and plunged it into the mashed potatoes.


“So how have classes been?” Shawn asked.


“Great,” We all said at the same time.


“How are you doing in Potions Tori?” Julie asked.


“I passed for the term, thanks to making a perfect love potion,” I said with a smile.


“You perfectly made a love potion?” Shawn asked. I nodded so did the guys.


“Nicely done,” Julie said. I smiled.


“So, what are the theme choices for the ball?” James asked.


“Well we narrowed it down to two choices,” Julie said. “Regular Christmas or Masquerade,”


“We want you three to choose,” Shawn said.


“I like the Masquerade idea,” I said.


“Yeah, me too,” James said.


“Masquerade it is,” Sirius said.


We laughed as Sirius and James told about the year. Dinner was over too soon and we headed back upstairs. I crawled back underneath my covers and buried my head into the soft pillows.


“Good-night Tori,” Sirius said through the bathroom door.


I shook my head while I laughed. The night drew on and my dreams drifted.




I woke-up as the sun poured in through my windows. Remus had come over two days ago. It was only a week until Christmas. Terri and Lily would be coming over today.


“Tori! Wake-up Tori!” There was banging on my bathroom door.


“Shut up Sirius,” I said covering my head with my pillow.


“Fine, than I’ll take the shower first,” Sirius said. “And you’ll have to wait forever to get into the shower.”


I sat up; throwing my blanket off of my bare legs. I had worn shorts and a tank-top to bed that night.


“Sirius, don’t you dare!” I yelled.


I bolted into the bathroom. Sirius was in the shower getting ready to turn it on.


“Out!” I yelled pointing at his door.


“Will do milady,” Sirius said bowing. He walked out of his door closing it, but he popped his head back in. “By the way, nice legs,” He smirked and closed his door.


I quickly locked it before he could pop in and say anything else. I turned the knob in for the shower and hot water poured from the spout. I undressed and stepped into the steaming water.


Instantly I began singing; it was a force of habit now. Whenever I got into the shower I would sing. No matter where I was.


“WOO!! I love this song!” Sirius yelled from his room. I laughed.


“Yeah! Let’s dance!” James yelled.


“You guys are morons,” Remus laughed. I laughed too.


“Come on keep singing!” Sirius said banging on the door. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. Grabbing another towel and dried my hair real quick.


I opened Sirius’s door slightly and peeked just my head around.


“You guys are weird,” I said.


“Tori are you wearing any clothes,” Remus asked.


“Just a towel,” I said. “I think you guys are big boys,”


“I am,” Remus said. “I’m worried about them,” Remus pointed to James and Sirius.


I rolled my eyes and closed the door. I walked back into my room and changed into a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt.


I walked back into the bathroom and brushed my hair and pulled it into a ponytail.


“Tori are you dressed?” Sirius asked as he knocked on the door.


“Yes, Sirius,” I said.


“Good,” Sirius said and walked into the bathroom; James and Remus followed behind.


“Hey, just a quick question, is Peter coming over for the summer?” I asked.


“No, he has family things,” James said. “He didn’t clarify,”


I nodded and brushed my teeth.


“Come on!” I said excitedly after I put my toothbrush away. “Lily and Terri are coming over!”


James beamed. He was beyond excited that Lily was finally going to spend the winter holidays with him. Just as the thought raced through my head; the doorbell rang.


“They’re here!” We all yelled.


James, Sirius, and Remus rammed themselves through Sirius’ door. I stared at them puzzled; than I turned around and went through mine.


“You guys are idiots!” I yelled from the hall.


I sprinted down the stairs and was the first at the door. The House Elves had already let Terri and Lily in.


“Tori!” They yelled when they saw me.


“Terri! Lily!” I yelled.


We all embraced in a hug.


“I can’t believe you guys were allowed to spend Christmas with us!” I said excitedly.


“My parents are working all Christmas,” Terri said. “They’re going to be gone for Christmas,”


“And my sister is getting married to her whale of boyfriend Vernon,” Lily said. Terri and I laughed at her face.


James, Sirius, and Remus finally made it down stairs.


“What took you guys so long?” Lily asked giving James a hug.


“They were having issues getting out of the bathroom,” I said with a smile.


“What do you mean?” Terri asked in a whisper.


“They were trying to get ready as fast as possible,” I said. “And when the doorbell rang they didn’t realize there were two doors,” I held up two fingers. Terri laughed.


“Ah, welcome to the Potter Mansion,” Uncle Shawn said as he came from his Study.


“You’re house is amazing,” Terri said.


“You must be Terri,” Shawn said shaking her hand. “And of course Lily,”


“Hi,” Lily and Terri said.


“I’m Shawn Potter, but you can call me Uncle Shawn,” Shawn said.


“Or us,” Sirius said.


“Us?” I asked.


“Us,” Sirius said. I shook my head.


“Julie is decorating the Christmas tree,” Uncle Shawn said. “Tori, show them to their rooms,”


I smiled and grabbed Lily and Terri by the arms. “You guys got the bags right? Right. Okay.”


I pulled Lily and Terri up the stairs. They were laughing and giggling as we ran.


“Where are our rooms?” Lily asked.


“Yours is next to James’ and yours is next to Remus’.” I said.


“Really?” Lily asked.


“Yes, and no sneaking around in the middle of the night,” I said. Lily blushed.


We came to Terri’s room and I opened the door for her, than I went to Lily’s room and opened the door for her.


“Take a look,” I said standing in between the two rooms. Pretty much at my door.


“I love my room!” Lily yelled. Somehow I knew she would.


“Alright…why…do girls…pack…so much…stuff?” James asked as he threw Lily’s trunk onto the top of the stairs. He laid over it breathing heavily.


“Why didn’t you just use magic?” I asked. James huffed.


“Because he’s an idiot,” Remus said who was holding his wand up; Terri’s trunk trailing behind him.


“He wanted to impress Lily didn’t he?” I asked crossing my arms. Remus nodded as he led the trunk into Terri’s room.


James flicked his wand and led the trunk into Lily’s room. When James came back out he looked down all sad.


“Aw, poor Prongsie,” I said.  


“Aw, it’s okay,” Lily said giving him a hug and a peck on the cheek.


“Aw,” Terri and I cooed.


James glared at us but than turned a bright shade of red. Lily was already completely red.


“Come on let’s go help Aunt Julie,” I said excitedly.


We all bolted down the stairs and into a sitting room area. It was a large room with three couches a fireplace and right now a gigantic Christmas tree.


“Wow, that’s the biggest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen,” Terri said. “Other than the one at Hogwarts.”


“Actually, that’s smaller compared to our last ones,” I said looking at the tree.


“Yeah, it does seem a bit smaller,” James said. We both tilted our heads and looked up at the tree. “What do you think Sirius?”

“Who cares? Let’s decorate it!” Sirius cheered.


“Good, I’ll go make some hot coco and cookies,” Julie said. She gave James a kiss on the top of the head and left the sitting room.


“I like your mom,” Terri said to James.


“Yeah, she’s cool,” James said. “And even though we have House Elves, she still helps out around the house.”


“Yeah, the Potter’s have house elves because Julie is one person and this is a big house.” I said. “And Sirius is here,” Everyone laughed.


“Ha, ha, ha,” Sirius said sarcastically. “You’re so funny,”


“Oh, thank you Padfoot,” I said smiling. He glared at me but than smirked. “Come on let’s decorate!”


We grabbed lights, tinsel, and ornaments and began placing them on the tree. We took a break in the middle because Aunt Julie brought us the hot coco and cookies.


We sat around the fire drinking the hot coco and eating the delicious Christmas cookies.


“Your mom makes delicious cookies,” Terri said biting into one. “This one has chocolate on the inside!”


“I think we’ve found someone who loves chocolate as much as Mooney does!” Sirius said.


“Is that even possible?” James asked.


“I thought I loved chocolate as much as Mooney,” I said. “But this is ridiculous!”


“What? I love chocolate,” Terri said.


“We’ve noticed,” Lily said. “Save some cookies for the rest of us!”


“Sorry,” Terri said nibbling on another cookie.


We laughed and joked around. Sirius did his best impression of Zacharias. James pretended to be me.


“Well, well, well,” Sirius said sounding exactly like Zacharias. “If it isn’t Victoria,”


“Zacharias,” James said sounding like me.


“We need to talk,” Sirius said. I laughed hysterically; he sounded just like Zacharias.


“Sorry, can’t talk, I’m going to hang out with my guy friends and make every girl in the entire universe jealous.” James said. He walked away from Sirius. Sirius gave a sad look and than looked away with an angry one.


We all clapped. James and Sirius bowed.


“Let’s finish the tree,” Lily said standing.


We finished decorating the tree just in time for lunch. We had grilled cheese sandwiches that were absolutely delicious.




“Alright, everyone up to bed,” Julie said when she came into the sitting room. We had had dinner and were sitting around the sitting room; enjoying the Christmas tree; and Sirius’ stupidness.


We slowly left the sitting room and by time we got upstairs to our rooms we were beat. We piled into our rooms; I quickly changed into a pair of pajamas and went into the bathroom.


Sirius was already there brushing his teeth and making sure his skin was pimple free. I brushed my teeth and washed my face.


“Night Sirius,” I said going back into my room.


“Night Tori,” Sirius said.


I closed the door and sat down on my bed. I unclasped the necklace Sirius got me got me from around my neck. I had been very good at hiding it underneath my shirts. No one knew that I was wearing this necklace practically all the time.


I put the necklace in a little box on one of my nightstands. I crawled underneath my covers and stared up at the white ceiling. It was almost Christmas, what surprises would await me than? What would happen before Christmas? And what about the ball?


I rolled over thinking about what was going to happen. I yawned and realized it was later than I thought. With another yawn I was already drifting off to my dreams that have all been the same.


I was standing in a large circular room. Lights were everywhere sending off a magnificent glow. Three people walked into the circle from the shadows surrounding it.


They were wearing nice dress robes and masks over their faces. The one on the left had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes I knew who he was; Remus.


The one on my right had snow white blonde hair and amber eyes. That was Ian for sure.


But the one in the middle confused me. The black shaggy hair made me think of Sirius at first; but his eyes told me differently. They weren’t smoky gray like Sirius’ eyes were; they were dark brown almost black.


Remus stepped forward and bowed before me. I smiled and curtsied and Remus put one hand on my waist and the other one took my hand. We danced around the entire room.


After Remus was done he bowed and walked back into the shadows. Ian stepped forward and bowed just like Remus. He took me in his arms just like Remus and we danced around the room.


Ian finished, bowed, and went into the shadows just like Remus. The mystery man stepped foreword and bowed. He took me in his arms and I felt so safe in his arms. Like nothing could hurt me; nothing at all.


It seemed like we danced for hours but it was only around the room. After we were done dancing he went to go back in the shadows; I wanted him to stay.


He leaned and looked at me with those black eyes. My green eyes stared deeply into those onyx ones. He slowly closed his eyes and I slowly closed mine; we both leaned closer.


“Tori! Wake-up! We’re going shopping!” Lily yelled as she banged on my door.


I groaned and rolled over. Every time; I would get so close to kissing this amazing mystery man and someone would bang on the door.


“Come on Tori, we’re shopping for our dresses!” Terri yelled as she banged on my door with Lily.


“I don’t wanna go,” I said covering my head with my pillow.


“We’re coming in!” Lily yelled.


Terri and Lily burst into my room and jumped onto my bed.


“Come on Tori!” Lily yelled as she and Terri jumped up and down. Maybe if I was lucky they’d hit their heads on the ceiling and I could go back to my dreams.


Instead Sirius came bursting through the bathroom door and began jumping with them.


“Tori wake-up! Come on Tori we’re going shopping!” Sirius said in a high girly voice.


“Alright I’m up!” I yelled sitting up. “Now get off of my bed!”


They all stopped jumping and got off of my bed.


“We’ll be waiting downstairs.” Lily said as they left my room. Sirius went back into the bathroom.


I groaned and rolled out of bed and grabbed a pair of jeans and black long sleeve shirt. I knocked on my closed bathroom door; no answer. I walked in and turned on the shower. It’s going to be a very long day. 

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